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Shelley Smith: Line has potential 'to be really good'

Shelley Smith will be asked to both pass protect and run-block on the Dolphins offensive line -- either at left or right guard, which has not be determined yet -- but make no mistake, Smith loves run blocking over pass blocking.

"For me, a big thing is I try to play hard for a whole sixty minutes," Smith said today. "I try to be consistent with what I do. I'm sure most offensive linemen you'd talk to would say they love run-blocking and I love run-blocking."

Smith is not a certain starter, at least coaches have given him no guarantees. He'll have to earn his spot in a competition. But he's got the added advantage of being a scheme fit, according to the Dolphins.

"We had some knowledge of Shelley through John Benton, our head offensive line coach, who worked with Shelley," said general manager Dennis Hickey. "He had nothing but good things to say about Shelley not only as a player but as a person, which is always important for us. And as we watched the film and say the fit for the scheme we'll be employing under [offensive coordinator] Bill Lazor, we just like the fit."

Hickey noted Smith's "athleticism, his ability to climb to the second level and do a lot of things we're going to ask him to do." Hickey called Smith "an ascending player."

Smith, who visited the Giants and Patriots, said he believed the Dolphins were the best fit for him.

"In the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston, they kind of looked for offensive linemen that maybe were more athletic, that can move and open up the holes on the outside zone by stretching out wide," Smith said. "I could fit there a little bit."

The Dolphins have added two offensive lineman so far this offseason after giving up a franchise record and league-leading 58 sacks last year. So far, so good, Smith said.

"There's a lot of potential," he said, "for the line to be really good." 





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Make it New York from May 8th through the weekend and I'll be a flower girl.

Texas, I do trust you'll be here live for the first few rounds of this draft, no?

I hope to be ... last year I had to close the deal on my house and missed the first round...


Why I said "returner first". He can be used as a "gadget rb". Yes, I know he's flat out raw for the wr position. He's probably a huge project there.

But, he should definitely be able to make some one's team as a returner. If everyone passes him up, I would grab him in the 7th rd.

Carlos Hyde = strongest running back in the draft.

I remember when we spent the 9TH OVERALL PICK on a "Dri Archer clone".

We all know who this is, he came with a family.


I see someone's trying to shove Carlos Hyde bait in my face. Lmao...

Definitely Sam, I would even go as high as the fifth for someone of this skill set if the returns on tape match his physical skills on paper.

This guy looks like a guy that flips field position.

I know it doesn't mean much as a football player for his positon but he benched as much (well 1 less rep) at 173 lbs as Martin did at 310, hahaha, fukkin martin and fukkin Ireland and Philbin for picking that load....

I will be here. I have a newly built "man cave" in the house so the draft will be uninterrupted.

I look forward to it Mark. I work on a couple blogs but mostly Mando's but only because the people here.

I will be here. I have a newly built "man cave" in the house so the draft will be uninterrupted.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 01, 2014 at 02:30 PM

No life??

Me too Texas. I honestly wonder about Mando sometimes but the ones that come here to talk football are as good as I've been able to find.

I tried a couple of others but I always come back to my first, the Herald.

"ACENDING PLAYER"? Very interesting label.

Last time the Dolphins acquired an OG that was about the exact same age as Smith, and could also have the label "ASCENDING PLAYER" placed next to his name at the time, is now a "hall of famer" and Dolphin "honor roller". Larry Little anyone?

I know it's far premature, just saying...

Mark In Toronto

GET A LIFE !!!!!

Well guys, that it for now with me. Peace out...

Yeah there are some arses here but I just stick to Football and talk with the regs or even new folks that talk Football.

I get enough little girl drama from my daughters. I don't need to mess with it here.

Doesn't matter how good the line is when the QB stinks.

I hear you Texas, I mean just look at this little bicch @ 2:44 and 2:35

haha, i guess what we do with our time is that important to them..

Buccaneers signed former Dolphins fullback Jorvorski Lane, according to his agent, David Canter

Did Jackson sign with Washington?

Not yet don't think but I believe his agent is there hashing it out..

Who did Kirby Dar Dar sign with??

In what century do we get a franchise QB?

2 teams twice a backup....comes to the dolphins and he is ascending,riiiiiiiigth

On this Yrs TE Class According to one NFL Personel Exec..

"He's OK. He's completely overrated, and he's a pain in the (butt)," an AFC personnel executive told nj.com. "And don't ask him to block anybody, because he's not going to do it."

Now there's someone who wouldn't touch Ebron with a pick anywhere near as high as No. 9. Ebron has also been projected to the New York Giants at No. 12 by NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah, and No. 17 to the Baltimore Ravens by analyst Charles Davis. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but Ebron didn't even catch the worst of it. Washington's Austin Seferian-Jenkins, potentially a second-round pick, wasn't spared, either.

"He's more overrated and a bigger pain in the (butt) than the other guy," he said. "And he blocks like a wide receiver. I don't want any part of him."

The same exec went on to devalue the entire class at the position, which includes another potential first-round pick in Texas Tech's Jace Amaro, a second-round projection in Notre Dame's Troy Niklas, and a projected second-day pick in Iowa's C.J. Fiedorowicz.

"It's not good at all. I wish it was. But it's not," he added. "It's actually a bad year for tight ends. There's nobody even close to (Tyler) Eifert (drafted No. 21 by Bengals last year). (Eagles 2013 second-rounder Zach) Ertz is better than these guys."

Who did Africa Nigeria Grant sign with?

In what century do we get a franchise QB?

Posted by: Zonk | April 01, 2014 at 03:08 PM

Fogetaboutit. They're way too expensive for our CHEAPSKATE bumbling baffoon owner. He wont even repair his own decrepid stadium without charity from poor taxpayers.

Posted by: Garn79 | April 01, 2014 at 03:16

Sounds like some of the bloggers here#%^*+

Our entire offense is paid less than some of the top QB's!! And some wonder why the offence is so pathetic. THERES NO TALENT!

If WSH were to sign DJax they'd actually have some nice weapons on offence, TE Reed, Helu, Morris, their FB is great on short yd/goal line, Garçon needs another WR there big time. If they could do something on their defence they might actually have something there.

I'd like to see a triple threat like that in our backfield!!

Terrance was head and shoulders above every player he played against in that conference where Towson is. But Towson is way below NFL quality Players. Hmm... 3rd- 4th Rd Player.

I'd like to see a triple threat like that in our backfield!!

Posted by: Garn79 | April 01, 2014 at 03:30 PM

Ross wont spend the money. Gotta wait for the next owner.

Oh, pish posh, Oscar. Pish posh!

Neither Eiffert or Zach Ertz was any good last year although Ertz was coming on at the end of the year,

Texas/Mark, will definitely try to make it here live. Blog is great besides all trolls, but still good for the most part.

Dri Archer I think the latest we could get him would be round 4. We would use him in a Thigpen role and hope he is a superior player. I think having Wallace and Archer out there at the same time could create some serious mismatches with their speed. Throw Miller in there too.

I'm hoping Lazor can bring a spark to our offense.

Hi guys, I haven't been on in a while, did the Phins finally get a QB yet?

Mack,Ross is to cheap to get and pay for a quality QB so the Dolpins are stuck with a care taker as always....

Ross wouldnt even pay Bush, Long, Carpenter or Dansby.

is u'r buddy mack
going to Hawaii wit u?

This Mack in Toledo guy sounds familiar...

Ross wouldnt pay Soliai either. If you get good the Fins are done with you.

c'mon don't
be like cheap ross,
fly every1 out
1st class to Oahu

very familiar

Man, being covered in blueberry syrup sucks.

invite coconut
so he can
make some poi

Man, being covered in blueberry syrup sucks.

Posted by: Flapjack in Toledo | April 01, 2014 at 03:43 PM

Dunno. Sounds good to me.

2 watt, take that up with Dave in Poughkeepsie

So again this a franchise without a face. No player stays on the team more than 3-4 years. And no players for the fans to look up to. So....basically no fans left for the Dullfins.

It sure is looking that Hickey will go with the safe bet, Zach Martin at #19.

The dolphins are a good team

I hope Hickey spends a few days with dashe before the draft. He needs to get this one right.

Posted by: BLT | April 01, 2014 at 02:09 PM

We are,a,great team

How bout our 1st place Marlins!! 2-0 tonight!

I like that most of the free agents that the fins brought in weren't handed starting jobs. Shelly knows that he has to play hard if he wants to start. Same goes for Finny and the Crybaby RB they signed. None of them was handed the staring job.

Unless the guy is a legit pro bowl type player. I agree with not handing them the starting job. Good job so far by the Hick and Philbins.

I thougt Fins had an opportunity to strike some fear in opposing defenses by going after De S Jackson, with him and Wallace on outside, hard to cover.

Agreed with MIT and NeMo. This blog will be a great place to talk "Dolphins Football" if not for the 3 Stooges Salguero lets roam here. He would actually get more blog hits if it weren't for the 3 Idiots. People would actually stay longer to talk football.

Notice that most posters don't even want to come on and blog after a certain part of the day because they know the only people here are "The Butch Squad". 3 Lesbians talking anything but Football.

Out to the Marlins game. Everyone have a good one.

Marios and MIT,

The reason why Evan Mathis is not on the Dolphins is not bc of his salary- it's bc he's still an Eagle and that would require a draft pick to get him. Word is that Philly was a number 3
Pick for him. NO WAY the Dolphins should give up a 3rd round pick for a 32 year old OG. Come on guys!! That makes no sense at all....

Do the people on here that claim Ross is cheap, really think that he is? or is it just a joke? I mean after doing something thats unheard of in paying for the stadium renovations and donating $200 million to MU, paying out $120 million in contracts last offseason?

I like that most of the free agents that the fins brought in weren't handed starting jobs. Shelly knows that he has to play hard if he wants to start. Same goes for Finny and the Crybaby RB they signed. None of them was handed the staring job.

Unless the guy is a legit pro bowl type player. I agree with not handing them the starting job. Good job so far by the Hick and Philbins.

Posted by: Dashi | April 01, 2014 at 05:04 PM

Another stupid post by Dashi, talking just to talk. This is the way it works with all non-high profile players. You bring in Albert, he starts, you bring in someone who hasn't proved themselves, guess what?? They still have to earn it. On any team with any GM.

Dashi stop yapping just to yap. Ya got nothing to say, pipe down.

Also, what's with everyone saying daily what a great job Hickey has done? Huh? Ok, he got Albert, the single most obvious acquisition. Would have happened with any GM not names Ireshmuck. Other than that he has played it safe. Not saying he shouldn't have, only saying it's too early to make any comment about him. HE HASN'T DONE JACK FKING SHYTT YET.

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