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Shelley Smith: Line has potential 'to be really good'

Shelley Smith will be asked to both pass protect and run-block on the Dolphins offensive line -- either at left or right guard, which has not be determined yet -- but make no mistake, Smith loves run blocking over pass blocking.

"For me, a big thing is I try to play hard for a whole sixty minutes," Smith said today. "I try to be consistent with what I do. I'm sure most offensive linemen you'd talk to would say they love run-blocking and I love run-blocking."

Smith is not a certain starter, at least coaches have given him no guarantees. He'll have to earn his spot in a competition. But he's got the added advantage of being a scheme fit, according to the Dolphins.

"We had some knowledge of Shelley through John Benton, our head offensive line coach, who worked with Shelley," said general manager Dennis Hickey. "He had nothing but good things to say about Shelley not only as a player but as a person, which is always important for us. And as we watched the film and say the fit for the scheme we'll be employing under [offensive coordinator] Bill Lazor, we just like the fit."

Hickey noted Smith's "athleticism, his ability to climb to the second level and do a lot of things we're going to ask him to do." Hickey called Smith "an ascending player."

Smith, who visited the Giants and Patriots, said he believed the Dolphins were the best fit for him.

"In the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston, they kind of looked for offensive linemen that maybe were more athletic, that can move and open up the holes on the outside zone by stretching out wide," Smith said. "I could fit there a little bit."

The Dolphins have added two offensive lineman so far this offseason after giving up a franchise record and league-leading 58 sacks last year. So far, so good, Smith said.

"There's a lot of potential," he said, "for the line to be really good." 





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nothing wrong with that oscar

Hickey sure has been doing a great job!


I disagree about your assessment of hickey. I think he improved this team through shrewd signings. MIA is better team today than they were last year, and there are still two OL starters to find! I think the Shelley smith and earl
Mitchell signings are huge. They are system fits and younger and more affordable upgrades to what the dolphins had at those positions in 2012.. Delmas is a physical hitter who allows jones to move back to FS where he was a pro bowler in 2012. The other signings were also solid. Moreno os a 3rd down back at worst, who excels in pass protection. Albert is expensive but fills the biggest need on the team. The only one I question was the price hickey paid for finnegan.

Out to the Marlins game. Everyone have a good one.

Posted by: Dashi | April 01, 2014 at 05:13 PM


Translation: "I'll be selling bags of limes by Gate G."

Two blogs back Armando says they are looking to draft a back. Moreno may not be a super start but he is a bonafide starter.

I won't be surprised if they trade Miller and cut Thomas and Gillislug.

agree frank, solid start for hickey. draft to come

We still need to sign another lineman most likely a tackle

Hickey is exactly what we needed a stable man who comfortable in his own skin

Hickey sure has been doing a great job!
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 01, 2014 at 05:44 PM

I'm still scratching my head on the Finnegan signing. I don't see the "value" there and younger more versatile CBs were available. I mean Browner was available and Thurmond, even Cromartie would have been an improvement.

That said Champ Bailey I available and willing to moe to safety or play nickle corner.

We should resign McKinney

champ bailey is done, hes awful now


You'd have said the same thing in August 2013.

Everyone but Albert and Moreno are question marks. The other guys, seeing is believing. One can't make any assessment of these moves on paper. You never know how a player will fit in on a new team, different players, difference schemes.

Assessments before game 1, whether they are positive or negative, are nothing but fantasy.

Good job Hickey


I'll bet if all your favorite experts put out there predictions for who got better or worse so far, well over 50% of them would be wrong. You just don't know until show time.

Nobody saw KC doing so well last year, nobody saw the Giants doing so bad.

Nobody saw Wilson getting a ring before Luck and RG3.

Nobody saw Trent Richardson being a bust.

Nobody knows. It's nothing but talk to keep the NFL media outlets humming in the offseason.

pretty sure most everyone saw richardson being a bust. kc was predicted by many to get a wildcard last year

The miami dolphins will shock the world

And for the rest of you monkeys. you are too easy. If your lives are so empty well then I'm glad I can give you something to have fun with.

This blog is great training for dealing with children.

Wow almost Yankees time people

they sure did last year marc, lets hope it cant get any worse or it would shock the world

pretty sure most everyone saw richardson being a bust. kc was predicted by many to get a wildcard last year

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 01, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Sure, just like everyone saw RG3 being a bust. Richardson was seen going in the top ten by every mock out there. Of course this is more proof that nobody knows squat.

This is the worst Dolphin team ever. Not one winning season in 7 years. YIKES!



GO GO GO GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankly, dusty, I see nothing special in Zach Martin. I would love to draft a true pro-Bowler once in a while like Jake Long was.

I actually do sit next to a lesbian couple at Marlins games, oddly enough.

Although they assuredly do NOT "swap spit" while getting drunk, lol. One of them runs one of the biggest public relations firms in Miami, actually.


GO GO GO GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the worst Dolphin team ever. Not one winning season in 7 years. YIKES!

Posted by: Cellar Fins | April 01, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Thanks Ross

Has anyone here ever eaten a pelican?

This blog is great training for dealing with children.
Posted by: Puhlease | April 01, 2014 at 06:11 PM

Puhlease don't breed.

32 COMPENSATORY PICKS awarded for the 2014 draft. Beginning "BOTTOM 3RD RD". Do any of you know what this means?

It means beginning with the "TOP OF THE 4TH RD", players that would have been drafted at the top of each rd, will now be drafted "AT THE BOTTOM" of the previous rd.

Example: A player that would have been drafted at the top of the 4th rd, will now be drafted at the bottom of the 3rd rd. This will happen in rds 4 thru 6th.

7th rd is a little different. I think there are like 6 compensatory picks awarded for the 7th rd. Meaning 38, instead of 32 players will be drafted 7th rd. Meaning 6 players that would have been udfa's will now be drafted instead.

Meaning a slightly smaller premium udfa pool too. Overall, the 32 compensatory picks will effect what players are available to the Dolphins, beginning rd 4.


By your own logic, you can't say that Hickey has not done "jack shyte" yet. So signing 7 free agents (including resignings) is doing "Jack shyte"?

I don't recall being on the blogs in August of 2013. You have me confused with someone else.

Has anyone here ever eaten a pelican?

Posted by: Might Be Tasty! | April 01, 2014 at 06:37 PM

Yeah, tastes like cat.

Also means if the Dolphins really love a player, they'll have to trade up, or draft him a "FULL RD EARLIER" than they would have liked to.

Earl Mitchell- bill polian's 5th highest rated free agent in all of free agency. I will take his word over yours puhlease! Shelley smith- system fit. John Jerry- UH F-CKING NOT. Right now- Albert> Jon martin or mckinnie and Shelley smith > John Jerry. Pouncey 2014> pouncey 2013 bc he has been "humbled" and is in a contract year. The line is already 3/5ths in 2014 better than 2013. The other OG and OT can't possibly be worse than Clabo and Ingcognito/brenner.

Dude- what the f-ck are you talking about? Dennis hickey improved this team with these signings. HELLO?

Marlins set an attendance record last night

The Raiders cut gaurd Mike Brisiel. He signed a 20 mil 5 year deal a couple of years ago. He took a pay cut last year becauce they changed from the zone blocking scheme they were in when they signed him. Wonder if the Phins will take a look at him. Sounds like he may be a good fit.

Dimitri Paterson signed with the jets. I hope he is hurt again. The guy can play when healthy. I wish we kept him as a backup.


I agree with you on the whole but I'm not getting too excited until we see how they draft and see if Philbin can get them to produce on the field.

Jets sign cornerback Dimitri Patterson, team announces


That's very interesting info on Brisiel!


Come on, man. When the Raiders "CUT" a player you know he's garbage.

Brisiel formerly with Hou so I'm sure Oline coach is familiar..

Patterson could come back to haunt us big time. Jet, Afc East? Wow!

Frank, Thats why i laughed about everyone flipping out about us not getting all the top O-Linemen at the begining of FA. As i said on here then... other guys will become available.and After the draft a few more quality O-linemen will hit the street when teams know what they got to save $ and get younger.

Sam I hope he doesn't haunt us like Carpenter lol..

Dolfan Rick,

I agree to an extent. On paper they look better. But that idiot was saying that hickey has done "jack shyte"!

Interesting news on Brisiel- he signed two years ago as a free agent OG who specializes in zone blocking from- the Houston texans. Another one of Benton's boys. He is 31 years of age.

Yeah Fins luck Sam. Patterson will be healthy for 16 games and have a solid season.

James Walker says that the Dolphins are going with smaller Gs that can pull and very active in the zone blocking scheme.

SAM, Maybe the Raiders know what Ireland couldn't figure out. You dont keep O-linemen that don't fit your scheme.

Has Philbin been fired yet?


We'll see if the Fin's take an interest in Brisiel. I don' know anything about him other than Rotoworld saying he struggled the past two seasons.

He could be a good add for depth depending on he price tag.

Personally I would like to see us get two beast o-lineman in the draft and quit screwing around with it.

Its time to fill a need for a new helmet for Qbs only.A sackproof helmet which guarantees no concussions for those Qbs that wear it.It will initially only be designed for Qbs as it will be a bit heavier than the current models in the market.

A perfect spokeperson for the new helmet Ryan Tannehill an undergraduate degree in medicine and the QB that was sacked the most in 2013.The new helmet which has already been named but we are awaiting the go-ahead from the NFL before spending a cent on marketing

The one thing i like about Hickey is he doesn't sign an O-Lineman just to sign one and keep the fans happy. He is looking for guys that fit the scheme.So far so good.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 01, 2014 at 07:21 PM




What I DID say Hickey can not be judged either way. Your paper analysis is just that. Everyone thought Wallace on paper looked far better than Wallace on the fins. Nobody can know how any of these players will gel together. New team, new coaches. Time will tell. No assessment can have any validity before game one.

Xavier Su's Filo would be a perfect fit for us. 6'4", 310. Yankey is big as hell, 6'6", 320.


Most GM's draft more horizontal than vertical, especially after the first round. Look at all the better players around the league. Many are from the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds. There is no criteria that says mid 3rd rounders are better than mid 4th rounders. To try to gauge what effect the compensatory picks will have can not be measured by who will now be taken earlier or later. It's just not that cut and dry.

Wouldn't be totally shocked if Sua'Filo was our pick at 19 Oscar. Especially if Martin is gone.

He's projected to go in the bottom of the first rd but he's the best guard in the draft.

I'm with Puhlease. People get suckered into the draft hype and ratings every season. By mid season most of the original mock analysis rings hollow. Polian in his couple of years as an analyst has changed his mind several times on a player. He did with Wallace. First he didn't like the acquisition. Then he reconsidered and did. Whatever. It's the media game.It is nothing but showtime to keep your interest.

I don't know why many of you can't see through all of that. Every season it is the same charade. At the end of the day, the mocks and pundits get very little right.

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