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Shelley Smith: Line has potential 'to be really good'

Shelley Smith will be asked to both pass protect and run-block on the Dolphins offensive line -- either at left or right guard, which has not be determined yet -- but make no mistake, Smith loves run blocking over pass blocking.

"For me, a big thing is I try to play hard for a whole sixty minutes," Smith said today. "I try to be consistent with what I do. I'm sure most offensive linemen you'd talk to would say they love run-blocking and I love run-blocking."

Smith is not a certain starter, at least coaches have given him no guarantees. He'll have to earn his spot in a competition. But he's got the added advantage of being a scheme fit, according to the Dolphins.

"We had some knowledge of Shelley through John Benton, our head offensive line coach, who worked with Shelley," said general manager Dennis Hickey. "He had nothing but good things to say about Shelley not only as a player but as a person, which is always important for us. And as we watched the film and say the fit for the scheme we'll be employing under [offensive coordinator] Bill Lazor, we just like the fit."

Hickey noted Smith's "athleticism, his ability to climb to the second level and do a lot of things we're going to ask him to do." Hickey called Smith "an ascending player."

Smith, who visited the Giants and Patriots, said he believed the Dolphins were the best fit for him.

"In the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston, they kind of looked for offensive linemen that maybe were more athletic, that can move and open up the holes on the outside zone by stretching out wide," Smith said. "I could fit there a little bit."

The Dolphins have added two offensive lineman so far this offseason after giving up a franchise record and league-leading 58 sacks last year. So far, so good, Smith said.

"There's a lot of potential," he said, "for the line to be really good." 





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Oscar, you're doing real good without the spellcheck!!!

Back to football
As I see it hickey has fundamentally 4 choices
1 trade up get an elite player and give up a pick
2 trade back pick up an extra pick
3 stay put take BPA
4 stay put take best tackle available

Then he has to decide what positions we need to draft and in what order
Lots of evaluating and of course it is not always a perfect science
I am sure Philbin and the whole staff is in the loop helping make these decisions

We are obviously second guessing who and in what round here in this blog
But they already are getting supposedly the 9 assistant coaches and all the scouts involved
And this folks is why we will have a good draft
You see if it was Farmer or Any of those other potential GM's that turned down the job they would have taken the same road Ireland took "I am the GM because I am smarter than all of you and I will decide who and when"

Well Hickey doesn't have that power so as a consequence the synergism created by the group discussions to build that draft board will lead to sound decisions in this draft and that is one of the reasons I think we will have as good a draft as we possibly can
Will it take more than one year to make the playoffs ?? Don't know, but I have a feeling we will definetly be much better team and I am also sure one at least of all those scouts and assistant coaches is reading the blog

Mr. Hickeys been working out draftable running backs.
And we pick 19, 50 and 81.
Expect a stud.

Expect a stud.

Posted by: DavieBrew | April 02, 2014 at 01:43 AM


Oh, how I wish one would ring the doorbell.


White Pine, God you're dumb lol.


I'm hoping that the Finnegan move was to provide a CB with solid fundamentals to play the nickel and provide a mentor for Taylor and Davis to learn from. The guy was playing hurt last year but I think he could rebound and give us a couple of years of solid productivity and his scrappiness pairs well with Grimes and his rare athletic/finesse style.

Hickey is an 18 yr loser .

So,,, fits perfectly. Hickey was there and in management when Tampa went to 2 NFC championship games and won s Super Bowl. Guess your idea of being a loser and mine are a bit different. Either that or your just an idiot. I'm leaning to the latter about you ,,,,

Oh no, I have never used the spell-checker, I don't need it. Sometimes though, I go to the Dictionary.

It bites, doesn't it. The Truth, I mean.

mando, a big part of last years free agency excitement for me we was the addition of DUSTIN KELLER, i don't want you to tip miami's hand but his status has to be in the forefront of a LOT of fans minds. is he back to form?...i see him on the freeagency wire, and i'm sure that a lot of teams would be aprehensive to signing him after that grizzly injury, he made a lot of money last year for not playing in a single regular season game, one would think he would open to resigning for a discounted rate, so are we trying to resign him? can he still be a dominant tightend or is he still hampered by injury?

such optimism because we have the best HC in the league. Failbin is a national treasure. Just look at all his wonderful accomplishments. Gives me goosebumps thinking about the upcoming season. What I really look forward too is his genius halftime adjustments. Oh wait a minute...

budtki, I've been asking for a status report on Keller for months now. Mando doesn't seem to be up to important investigative reporting right now. Either you have to hit him on Twitter (which is his preferred avenue for social interaction) or maybe call up his radio show. Or check the SS or Palm Beach Post (or even James at espn.com, AFC East section), they'll probably have the story first (like they did on the signing of Knowshon). Sorry Mando, it's the truth!

exactly what benefit is it to you to know the status of Keller?? how exactly will that benefit your life? Most people have lives to live instead of fixating on the NFL. There's still a month to go before the draft you wacko. Your little fantasy league won't need you for quite a while yet. Go fixate on watching grass grow, you actually learn more

DC...you're right, this blog has become the red headed step child of Mando.
As for Keller, I believe they should resign him at a lower rate due to the uncertainty surrounding his injury status/recovery. I recall Tannehill having a good chemistry with Keller during pre-season...he was his safety valve when the blitz was on.
Clay is the man now and seems to be a legit seam threat. Sims has major bulk and can block out most threats.
Egnew is average and probably on his last leg.

Dogcrap your out of your time frame. Trolling hours are 8p to 6a.

This nugget from Bill Polian, former GM on the Fins signing of Moreno:

... former longtime Indianapolis Colts general manager and ESPN analyst Bill Polian is not impressed with the signing. Polian graded Moreno as a “C” free agent.

Here were Polian’s comments on ESPN.com’s free-agent tracker:
“Solid contributor, but not a No. 1 back. I think most of his success from 2013 was a function of the system. His acceleration to the hole is the reason for the speed minus. The rest of his game is good, he just doesn't hit the big plays you need from a No. 1 RB.”

As Polian mentioned, many believe Moreno was a product of Denver Broncos’ system. He was a former first-round bust until future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning arrived in Denver. Those same large running lanes will not be there in Miami.

tpuke had
surgery on his foot in the
wrong place
back before the draft
he needs surgery in his throat
he is a big choker

clueless cheap ross
wants dumbo marino to get
an f/o gig
wtf ross
marino is a moron and it will
take him 2 weeks just to figure out
how to use the f'n phone.

Moreno will be way off the numbers he had with Manning at QB. Nevertheless he's far better than any RB on our roster.

Just trying help Dolfan. Don't understand the fixation. Doesn't matter. The answer is not going to change my life or yours

2 watt...I like your wit but ask that you give Tannehill a chance to prove himself now that Sherman is not pulling on his puppet strings.

Tannehill has been under Sherman's command for every snap he's ever taken...let's see how this horse runs with the reins finally off before we call him a bust.

T-Puke has to learn a new playbook for the 1st time in 7 years. He had a big advantage over his QB class because he already knew the playbook coming into the NFL. Of course, it didnt seem to help much. LOL

Lots of excuses for Tannehill. HILARIOUS!

How bout them Marlins! 2-0

Marlins > Dullfins

Mike Brisiel

Miami will sigbn this guy.


Fair enough. If / when something happens with Keller it will be reported, I agree no need to fixate. I also don't really care what Bill Polian thinks about Moreno. He is paid to blab his opinion. Right or wrong.

Both are football subjects though and people come here to talk football.....I think. Albeit some are more interesting than others.

Spitting in the wind NH. T'watt likes to talk chit on all things, especially Dolphins.

At the owners meetings Hickey said he had been in some discussions with Keller's agent.

My guess is it all comes down to the medical if he is back or not.

So, Shelley Smith sets aside his honeymoon to get to work. Contrast that will Wallace still on vacation and not joining in on the workouts with other receivers and Tannehill. Shows how one guy gets it, on how to be a professional and what it takes to be a winner, and the other guy is just happy he got paid.


'Career Backup' preceding his name


We need to get you back on your medicinal pot. You were less grumpy ;)

Interesting how people complain when others come here to talk football.

What the FUKK are you doing on a football discussion page if this bothers you????

You dumb fukk, go for a long walk on a short pier and do everyone here a favour...

Jets signed Dimitri Patterson to a 1yr, $3mil deal. Pretty good signing by them. $3mil is probably worth the 4-5 games he'll play for them.

Its probably more that he was up most ofthe night getting his arse handed to him by a bunch of 12 year old kids playing Ghost.

i agree with you though DC, but should any of us really be surprised, the guy guy no desire to do anything last year unless the ball was laid directly in his hands with nobody around him.

I would advise that those wanting a Miami #11 jersey save your money...

Interesting signing DC, only $1.5M less than what he would've cost us. I'd rather have him than Finnegan... even if it's only for a handful of games.

Hope I'm wrong.

The Jets were desperate for a CB though. I think they wanted to draft Brandin Cooks but may be forced into Bradley Roby or jason Verrett who are both very good players by the way...

Whoa there Mark take a breath, have a sip of coffee, maybe have a raw fruit and/or veggie juice. Let the morning flow come to you. Breath in the good......and out the bad....in the good....out the bad.


is it Wallace bashing timne already.....

The guy only averaged 8 TDS a year with a good QB....who could lay the ball in his hands...as opposed to a 10 yard radius...and often out of bounds.....


anyone catch Walter Camp's April Fool's mock yesterday?

Funny stuff... Miami drafts THE GOVERNOR!



Just finished watching Wolf of Wall St last night. What a great movie! Throughly entertained by the sex,drugs and dialogue of the movie. Now Mark wouldnt you prefer Wolf over a boring dreadul Robert Redford movie we discussed totally forget the name already...

My goodness his second wife in the movie was a beauty! Do anyone know her real name? I can stare into thos blue eyes all day..

Kris, keep up, Wallace bashing time started Week 1 last year after he went off like a bicch even though his team won comfortably.

By the way, he got five this year, mostly in the 2nd half so after a slow start the chemistry came on, i expect him to be closer to 8 tds this year. At least 7.

He still is not a #1 Wr though. Can't count on him to catch 80 balls.

I will watch the Wolf of Wall Street. My tastes are diverse.

And never besmirch the good name of Robert Redford in my presence again!

Interesting the Texans singed Chris Clemons to a 2 year deal for $2.7M ... isn't that much better value than broken Delmas?

Sorry Mark....

I am in the PROVEN guys corner....The guy who hasn't QB'd a winning team yet is on my wait and see list....

I hope they both get better....

Mark you will enjoy it.

Alot of scouts are sayin TE class is weak this year yet you want to take Amaro in the first. Hmmm

Dogcrap your out of your time frame. Trolling hours are 8p to 6a.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 02, 2014 at 08:24 AM


Classic!! It is funny because it is so true!!

Bu....Alas Mark....you are right....I am behind the times....

New job brings new and more involved duties and responsibilities....that along with the time zone thing....and I am barely able to read the back logs on here....

Once I get my routine down...perhaps I will be be able get caught up more often....and spare with the other dedicated fans...

Mark, looks like we could've gotten much better value on Clemons and Patterson than Delmas and Finnegan. We have to hope they are clear upgrades now.

Wolf on Wall street is a 3hour snorefest.

Paint dries faster than watching that crap.

Scorcsese is one of the best of all time. But that 3hr movie BS stopped in 1980s.

Even sitting at home watching it after the 2nd hour it becomes unbearable.

How's Germany Kris? Go Bayern!!!

Ok, back to American football. I have a theory on Wallace (when don't I have theories?)... I think like a lot of other offensive football players he was at his best under Bruce Arians and better when he isn't the focal point of the offense. Look at this link and go back to earlier years and look at the target column under receiving. He had his best years when he didn't lead the team in targets.


Not saying he's useless, because he's not. i just don't think he's a "focal point" kind of guy.

Also interesting his worst two years in the league were his last two (and no RT was not the QB the year before).

More evidence as to why I think a big target should be taken in either round one or two. i love jace Amaro but other guys like Jordan Matthews, Davonte West, Allen Robinson, Martavis Bryant, or Donte Moncrief would also serve here.

nh, he's got ota's
and tc
if he's still choking
don't waste and ps snaps
or 2014 will be

While Wolf was long because of the extended dialogue its def not a snorefest. A snorefest is that Robert Redford movie with him on the boat by himself.

Dashi you think Lamar Miller is a stud so you lose all creditability when it comes to making ananlysis on anything in life.

Youre the only person on this blog who think Miller worth a dang

Germany is cool..but when you first get some place new....you have a lot of training (school or ootherwise) to complete to get up to speed (which is what I am doing now....

On MARCH 1st...my wife gave me the BEST B-DAY gift EVER....

my 2nd daughter was born on my Birthday...and that is a bond we will share forever....coolest thing ever...just whish I had brought a lottery ticket the day before....

In football....we will differ....and when I have more time (maybe next week)...I will explain myself better...

Class is over.....time for the gym.....

Despite all the issues Wallace and Tannehill started to get it by the end of the year.

1 TD first 10 games
4 TDs final 6 games.

I see him getting back to 8 TDs this year.


Some people are just ignorant to a fault. Don't blame them. You just have to take everything they say with a grain of salt. Or a pinch of Mrs.Dash.

What kind of ridiculous statement is "a good QB....who could lay the ball in his hands."


Tannehill hit Wallace plenty of times in his hands and he just dropped them!! And Wallace is a Body catcher!! You need to put it in his basket!! Not his hands!!

And we can say the same "Ridiculous" thing about Tannehill!! Tannehill would have had 8 More TDs if Wallace went up and fought for the ball every once in a while like a GOOD WR WILL DO!!

Some people are better off trolling and using other names, that way they won't embarrass themselves with their ridiculousness.


I read that bit that Garn posted here and most of the negative stuff in that article was posted about Ebron - which i agree with. I told everyone here that he is not as advertised. he is small and only slightly above average atheltically. he has the natural skills but doens't put in the work. The proof is in the pudding, his combine results looked a lot more like Charles Clay than Vernon Davis. Those Davis comparisons to start with were unfair. Davis is a once in a generation athlete for a TE, wish they would've published the combine results for Tony G but nobody even comes close to Vernon. he is the rare breed I love to draft that is a natural athlete and also puts in the countless hours to be the best he can be.

If you read the bit about Amaro, the only negative things he had to say about Amaro is he isn't that bright and he won't block. Notice I also compare him to Gronkowski. Now in fairness, he was never asked to block at Tech so he didn't do it. he has the size and the strength to do ti when he needs to. And if you are drafting Amaro to block then you are missing the point. I want him because he has the strength of a lineman but the movements of a WR - a true matchup nightmare. If you want a blocker, put in Sims, that's why he was drafted.

I also conceeded that my first priority would eb to trade up to Lewan if he falls into the teens. My next course of action would be to trade back and select Amaro.

And as far as saying that Amaro isn't as good as Eifert as that quote says, pff, bull. Amaro will be a lot better than Eifert and I say this as someone who liked Eifert. must've been a quote from a Bengals scout.

what f'n games
were u watching?
wow delusional homer u r

6 for fkn 36
dashi on long balls to mw

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