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Shelley Smith: Line has potential 'to be really good'

Shelley Smith will be asked to both pass protect and run-block on the Dolphins offensive line -- either at left or right guard, which has not be determined yet -- but make no mistake, Smith loves run blocking over pass blocking.

"For me, a big thing is I try to play hard for a whole sixty minutes," Smith said today. "I try to be consistent with what I do. I'm sure most offensive linemen you'd talk to would say they love run-blocking and I love run-blocking."

Smith is not a certain starter, at least coaches have given him no guarantees. He'll have to earn his spot in a competition. But he's got the added advantage of being a scheme fit, according to the Dolphins.

"We had some knowledge of Shelley through John Benton, our head offensive line coach, who worked with Shelley," said general manager Dennis Hickey. "He had nothing but good things to say about Shelley not only as a player but as a person, which is always important for us. And as we watched the film and say the fit for the scheme we'll be employing under [offensive coordinator] Bill Lazor, we just like the fit."

Hickey noted Smith's "athleticism, his ability to climb to the second level and do a lot of things we're going to ask him to do." Hickey called Smith "an ascending player."

Smith, who visited the Giants and Patriots, said he believed the Dolphins were the best fit for him.

"In the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston, they kind of looked for offensive linemen that maybe were more athletic, that can move and open up the holes on the outside zone by stretching out wide," Smith said. "I could fit there a little bit."

The Dolphins have added two offensive lineman so far this offseason after giving up a franchise record and league-leading 58 sacks last year. So far, so good, Smith said.

"There's a lot of potential," he said, "for the line to be really good." 





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get a life dude....

and stop obsessing over me....

trust me....I never think about you....

Armando has BUSTED you as using MULTIPLE NAMES....and not just the ones you "admit too....

Armando will NEVER be able to make the same claim about me....

and I could give an EFF what you think....

Dashi, I don't now why this Wallace/Tannehill combo is such an obsession. neMo posted a nice stat above, it got better. As good as it's going to get with this guy anyway. he's Duper - a nice weapon but not the move the chains guy. Not an 80+ reception guy.

And if you look at the season in total, he finished with 5 tds compared to his career average of 8. It's below but was it the difference between a winning and break even season? hard to make that assertion based on 3 tds.

I would be much happier if Tannehill cut down the turnovers by 5 while keeping the same prodcution than connecting on three more tds.

5 fewer turnovers would go a lot further than 3 tds in my opinion.

Kris, congrats on the baby... you got a set now, right? Awesome...

The worst part about you Dashi....is that you are a TROLL...and don't even know it....how sad is that....

spend the rest of the day thinking about me....

I'll help paint a pic....

I'll be @ the gym for about the next 90 mins....

Then I am going to the chow hall to eat....

then I am going back to an open bbay to get some sleep....

I will start my day again tomrowwr aboout 0500 driving to the gym....

I will test out of my class about 1100hrs....

and then drive 4 nhours (or so) back to Glan-Munchweiler, GE to spend a 4 day weekend with the family...and travel a bit...

I hope that ties you over until my next post.

That's right Mark...2 girls....

and a shotgun...

now I'm out....


I wouldn't call Wolf a snorefest but it really didn't have a decent plot other than being the Wall Street version of the Hangover and it was too long.

The part where they were on the plane to Switzerland and he was messed up out of his mind, dry humping the flight attendant was hilarious though.

A regular here,

You think Dashi is a Stud, so your opinion should be valued here?

I think L.Miller is the Best Option for the Fins!! Right now. He has the most potential of all the RBs we have on this roster!!

So of course I will defend L.Miller when some of you think the Mediocre Moreno is a Stud!! And hope that D.Thomas will show us something he is not!!

L.Miller is still only 22 years old!! Younger than most guys coming into this draft!! L.Miller is the Youngest RB on the Dolphins!!

Now, A "regular" here, Riddle me this. Does Dashi think L.Miller is better than E.Lacy?A Stud!! Hell NO!!

But L.Miller is the Best we got!! And the only RB in free Agency who could have been better than L.Miller is Ben Tate!! None of these Scrubs in this draft will be better. Maybe A.Williams but he iisn't as complete as L.Miller!!

You clowns say L.Miller can't block!!

What does Philbins and the coaching staff say, L.Miller is a good blocker and keeps getting better.

You clowns say L.Miller can't catch!!

What does Philbins and the staff say, L.Miller has great hands and is a good route runner out of the backfield!!

You clowns say L.Miller can't break a Tackle!!

What does Philbins and the staff say, L.Miller breaks tackles but he could get better!! And an extra acorn. L.Miller is better after contact than any RB on the Team. Including Moreno!!

So Pardon Dashi when I get irritated by the Ridiculousness some of you post!!

Just like your Ridiculous statement that Dashi is the only one who thinks L.Miller has the potential to be real good!! More than a couple people here have shared the same about L.Miller!!

But I know!!

You can't keep your eyes off this Stud!!


I didn't even mention your name, shows how much I, Dashi, "Obsess" over your Ridiculousness.

Yet, you were leaving and are now on a Rampage. With more Ridiculousness.

Maybe you should run and hide like you did after the season. When some people here, Not Dashi, wanted to feed you crow for all the BS you were talking.

Dolfan Rick good analogy with the Hangover comparison..

I agree alot of the scenes was just drawn out but like i said it was enjoyable. Dashi thanks for your long drawn out post on while you think Miller the best back on the team but when I seen MJ from the Bengals catch Miller from
behind then made him fumble i was done with Miller!

He stinks!

Any movie over 3hours should be turned into a Miniseries or a 2-part movie.

First part the rise of the guy, second part the downfall.

I wouldn't put it over Wall Street I. Maybe over Wall Street II.

And to me DiCaprio is DeNiro. People love them but they do the same Character in every movie. Heck, R.Redford has more range than them.

The only person who I might see for 3hours and not get bored is Tom Hanks. He makes you believe in the Character he is playing.

When Tom Hanks dies in a movie even Thugs Cry.

I think it was Carlos Dunlap that made Miller fumble, no? Dunlap is a huge man too.

The thing that bothered me about that play is he should've crossed the field - the entire other half was empty and he would've scored.

Is his vision a problem? I mean not his physical vision in everyday sense but the football term "vision" - does he lack the innate sense of his surroundings on the field?

Dashi, I'm with you... no movie should be over 1.5 hours. I think it's annoying when they make me sit there for three hours... I don't do anything in my lfie three hours at a time ... I don't even sleep that long at one time...

His portrayal of captain Phillips was amazing.

Still his best role was as Rick Gassko in Bachelor Party (1984)

..Why is there so much hate toward Lamar Miller? Is it because Dashi supports him? I think this is the issue more then the player. WTF??

Miller is the most talented back on the roster. Wis that so hard to see? Is he perfect? No, can he get better? Yes. Will there be a competition for the feature spot? Yup, and the back that fits what we want to do will get the snaps. This will probably change each week dependent on the game plan.

But isn't it in our best interest to see Miller succeed. Or is it more important to be right so you can stick it to another blogger?

Miller had some flaws. He is still learning to play the position. He could have better vision, he could have bounced some runs into holes that were there. He could have also taken some moderate gains at times where a few yards help the down and distance..He should get a chance to learn.

The biggest issue was the team never commited to the run. Miller was pretty good when he got more then 8 carries a game. When his carries were less then 8..His average was poor. But..What do you expect? How many backs are going to average anything when they get less then 7 carries in a game..It is a joke. Think about it. What was his high for carries in a week?

To me that is the question. Can Miller carry the mail as a feature back. That is a valid question. We don't know because the Phins treated the run like a leper in the old days..

A Regular here,

To each his own.

Does Dashi complain to you for not liking Miller?

So why complain to me for Liking Miller?

And I am almost as big a UM fan as I am a Dolphins fan. So any UM player that comes or is drafted by the Dolphins, Of course I want him to succeed more than anyone else.

Yes, I have favorites. And I will cheer for them a little harder.

And on your 1 play for hating L.Miller. C.Dunlap made a great play, play of his life. It also helps that L.Miller had to slow down waiting for the block in front of him.

Funny how you don't even remember who tackled L.Miller. But you still hate him because of that play.

Never mind that was the only time L.Miller fumbled in his 2 years as a pro. On a great play out of nowhere.

Warren Sapp did say that was one of the greatest plays he's ever seen from a d lineman... and to say that about a Gator, he must have meant it, haha


You hit it right on the head. Some people don't like L.Miller because of Dashi. And you know them. They have to be on the opposite side of everything I say. Doesn't matter how ridiculous they sound.

..One last point. People are judging Miller like he was a back that carried the ball 20 times a game. Our team is young at some key spots. We weren't going to win the cup last year. So why not develop a young talent and see what we have? It increases our odds once the team is ready to take that next step..

Don't hate on LEO. Leo is the man! Dashi Leo is a very versitle actor. Tom Hanks is no doubt the best. I personally enjoy longer movies.


DD, I like how you say "win the cup". You sound like a Canadian... being the Stanley Cup the trophy most kids grew up wanting to win so every major championship is known as "the cup"

And by the way, nice post on investing on our own picks. The only way this team will win anything is by picking guys that are good enough to earn second and third contracts with this team. Free agents are band aids...


Agreed. 1.5 hours is long enough for me. If the movie is 2 hours it better have an amazing plot.

With T.Hanks you can't pick just one movie. You have to make a Top 5. I would go as far as saying you need to make a Top 5 for every decade he has worked. Cause you can't compare the 80s stuff to the 90s stuff to the roles he is doing now. All of which are great in their own time.

...MIT..LOL. To me winning The Cup IMO is the most difficult task in pro sport. Plus it is just so freekin cool.. For me the term in all encompassing.


I agree with your point on L.Miller. what we should be asking is if he can carry the ball like a feature back.

Great point on the lack of carries, Last year they were at least 4 games L.Miller was averaging about/more than 5ypc but he got the ball less than 15 times. Those are 4 games that if he would have at least got over 17 carries he would have went over 100yds. Even behind the worst line in team history. He would have easily surpassed 1000yds last year.


Not hating on Leo. I compared him to Deniro. He just isn't my cup of tea.

Kris, I'm not as much of a Wallace-hater as Mark. I come at it from a different angle. I WANT Wallace to succeed. But I want the team to be as hungry as I am for the Playoffs. I want them to do everything possible to get an edge on the next team. I accept they need a break after a long Season. But we're going on the THIRD MONTH. They had pretty much all January, all February, now all March.

If you were angry as a player that your QB wasn't on the same page and couldn't get you the ball deep when you were wide open, wouldn't you want to help him help you by working with him as much as you could to fix that? Seems like common sense. I don't mind if you try your hardest and fail, I just don't like players that don't give their all.

I think Reggie Bush was the model for all players. He worked hard, stayed after practice to work on issues he might want to improve on, and took care of his body. Can't ask for anything more than that.

To me, American Hustle was the best movie of the year along with Dallas Buyers Club. Terrific performances by Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughay and Jared Leto.

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