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Tannehill much to prove, but not the most to prove

This is the time of year we get caught up in bottom of the roster free agent signings and the visits of college prospects that will be drafted on May 10 (in rounds 4-7) or picked up as undrafted free agents.

Can we be honest?

All that is well and good, but the difference for the Dolphins in 2014 will rest mostly in the hands, and right arm, of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Entering his third season and first season away from the Mike Sherman offense he's known and sometimes but not always loved the past five years, Tannehill has a ton to prove. Is he ready to make a jump from mediocrity? Is he the future of the Dolphins franchise? Can he be a winner?

Tannehill recently told ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson that, "I've got to make a big jump."

So the Miami quarterback understands the grace period of the past few years is over. Fans want to see more from him -- in the pocket, in big games, on his deep throws, on the leadership front. And coaches, who are counting on him to produce so they can stay employed, are similarly going to ask him to raise his level of play.

But as with all things, the local focus clouds the reality that even though Tannehill is under the microscope in South Florida, he's not nearly under as much pressure as other quarterbacks around the league.

ESPN's NFL live today had a segment on quarterbacks with the most to prove in 2014. It was an interesting exercise. And it showed why Tannehill may feel the need to show significant growth ... but he's not under the kind of pressure other QBs are about to face.

Consider the Salguero list of QBs with the most to prove in 2014:

10. Tony Romo ... He's coming off back surgery and he has the weight of the Metroplex and America's Team on his back. His defense has been terrible and if he doesn't play well, his team will stink. Oh, and by the way, critics don't trust him in late-game situations and he hasn't gotten his team in the playoffs since 2009.

9. Joe Flacco ... That $120 million contract was a wonderful reward for winning the Super Bowl in Feb. 2013, but what did he do for an encore? Flacco's defending champions missed the playoffs last year and were actually eliminated from the playoff hunt in a game Flacco threw three interceptions. Flacco finished 2013 with 19 TDs and 22 INTs.

8. Jake Locker ... This is probably his final chance to prove he's a franchise quarterback before the Titans move on to finding a new franchise quarterback. Locker, going into his fourth season, not only must prove he's a good player but that he's also durable. He played only seven games last season and hasn't played more than 11 in any of his three NFL seasons.

7. Andy Dalton ... It's no longer about the regular season for Dalton and the Bengals, although he's had some notable failures there as well. But Dalton has been terrible in getting what is considered an otherwise very good NFL team to play well in the playoffs. And if you cannot play well in the playoffs, you aren't elite.

6. Eli Manning ... He had a terible season (27 interceptions) behind a terrible offensive line. And he's recovering from ankle surgery. The fact he recovered from his last terrible season with a Super Bowl win and has won the Big One twice is good enough to give Manning the benefit of the doubt for now. But keep playing poorly in 2014 and New York will turn on him.

5. Geno Smith ... Terrible quarterback play was a thing in New York last year. The difference between Smith and Manning is the Jets went out and got a guy to replace Smith in Michael Vick. So the job is Smith's for now, but he has to prove he's better than slightly terrible to keep it.

4. Josh McCown ... Remember him? He was in the Dolphins' 2008 training camp but became expendable when Chad Pennington decided he wanted to play for Bill Parcells. Well, last year McCown was the Godsend, this time to the Bears. He was amazing in throwing 13 TDs and only one INT. And now he's Tampa Bay's starter. But he has to stay on the course he plotted last year to keep the job. And given his career history, that will require hard work.

4, tied. Sam Bradford ... The Rams are committed to him as their franchise quarterback and are paying him $14 million this year as a result. But that takes a lot of faith because Bradford has been unable to stay on the field long enough to convince many people outside the Rams organization he's elite. Pressure is on to do that this year.

3. Colin Kaepernick ... He's been good and he's helped a very good team get good results. But he wants a new contract that pays around $18 million per year and doesn't have the benefit of a championship or classic QB style to drive home the point. So what's it going to be? Are you an $18 million QB? Are you championship caliber? Or not?

3, tied. Matt Schaub ... In 2009 he threw for the equivalent of 2.7 miles (4,770 yards) and was considered a solid if not spectacular starter. But last year, playing for a talented team with great receivers, a fine running back and behind a solid offensive line, Schaub became a human pick six machine. And that got him benched and eventually cut. He's been exiled to the NFL version of Siberia (aka Oakland) now were he must play well to simply stay in the league.

2. Johnny Manziel ... He's not even in the NFL and already he's a magnet for controversy. Does he have a bad attitude? Does he feel entitled? Or does he indeed have that magic he showed at Texas A&M and will it translate to the NFL? Is he the next Russell Wilson or Fran Tarkenton? Oh yeah, whatever QB needy team that takes him will be under immediate pressure to play him.

1. Robert Griffin III ... The Redskins in this draft will continue to pay the ransom of draft picks they gave up to get him and hope that after a terrible sophomore campaign, RG3 can return to his rookie form. The question is will he prosper under QB whisperer Jay Gruden? Will he stay healthy? Will he be more than a spread option, one-read thrower?

So you think Tannehill has a lot to prove? He's not even in the top 10.

It's all relative, folks.


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Home for GM

Get us a real QB

Fat Albert sat out the end of last season four games becuz he thought he mighta had a knee injury
Nothing showed up on the MRI

Albert had no Reel Knee Injury, just a lil stinger

and Fat Albert took 3 games of the yr b4 w an undetected soft tissue back injury
Nothing showed up on the MRI

Self Centered Quitter
Home thinks so

Now the Dolphins guaranteed Fat Albert 27 Million Dollars even if he never plays even one single snap

Home would have never done the deal

Home 4 GM

1 he doesn't have a lot to prove because he's NEVER been a true top potential QB in reality. He's a converted WR throwing passes. who came in a PACKAGE DEAL with Sherman. PERIOD.

2 your starting QB has been on the bench (MOORE) the past 2 years...tannehill should have been watching 1st BEFORE playing.

3 if your simpleton OF AN OWNER would have had the 'nads' to erase the old GM sooner...the team could have HAD a REAL QB and COACH by now.

Tannehill = worst home game performance (against the 2012 Titans, lol) since the early 1960s

Tannehill = NFL record low 3 WR TDs in his first 16 games starting

Tannehill = Worst rated QB on 3rd down in the 2012 NFL

Tannehill = Worst rated QB w the deep ball in the 2013 NFL

Tannehill = QB who should be benched based on 2 yrs one of the very worst on 3rd down,Red Zone scoring, and scoring the least amount of points in the 3rd and 4th Qs (same as college)

60 Million dollars wasted on the most expensive WR in the NFL WR Mike Wallace getting paid over 1 Million Dollars a week during the 2014 regular season
total of $17,300,000.00 for the season

Wallace only scored as many TDs as Ted Ginn in the 2013 season w Tannehill pretending to be an NFL QB

Julian Edelman making a small fraction of Wallace's salary had much better results and was more valuable to his team than the Tannehill - Wallace laughable football follies

va, I agree with 1,2 and 3

Ireland and Sherman brought Tannehill to the Dolphins. Now that they are gone T-hill will have to prove that he's a starting QB in the NFL. I hope for the best as a fan but have serious doubts.

You get 3 years to prove yourself as an NFL QB, others may disagree.
Jake Locker is not bringing anyone to the promised land and neither is Chad Henne or Sam Bradford or Matt Shaub or I'd even say Tony Romo & Matthew Stafford.

All have been starters for 3+ years and lack the talent/leadership qualities to 'carry a team on his shoulders to the top of the mountain'.

It's all about leadership and being able to get 52 men to believe in you.
Something tells me there are players on the current Fins roster who do NOT believe Ryan Tannehill can carry the team (Mike Wallace).

To me Ryan Tannehill is one click below Tony Romo and while I'll root for him to win every game...reality will set in around mid-season that we are a middle of the pack team with a middle of the pack QB.

Johnny Football may have his warts, but the guy is a winner and has the "it" factor you seek in a leader.

I saw it in Russell Wilson two years ago and I also see it in Kaepernick...unrivaled leadership.

Why does it take the Dolphins 4 years to realize their QB stinks?

Tannehill had 7 games in 2012 w 0 TD Passes and finished the 2012 season game 16 scoring no poiints

Tannehill last two games of the 2013 season he and the team scored a grand total of 7 points
Tannehill only got his team in scoring position once in the last 8 important playoff clinching quarters of the season

Home 4 GM


is NOT visiting any other teams

NY JETS are finalizing a deal as Home speaks


Good honest post from NHFinsFan

Home knew this and posted NO Tannehill

Yet the Dolphins insisted on reaching for the unproven inexperienced WR/QB experiment

and Kuechly is already an NFL legend in two season

no player has ever done better than Kuechly
2012 NFL Rookie of the Year-Defense
2013 NFL MVP (of the entire NFL)- Defense

tpukes 3.5 the last 2 games
made the bills and jets d
look like 1 and 2 best
in the nfl.

Guys, face the facts. We cant even beat the Bills with their backup QB.

tpuke make the jump
off a cliff and save
the 2014 season


Ross has presented us with the worst Dolphin team ever. Not one winning season in 7 years!

Kuechly is already an NFL legend in two season

no player has ever done better than Kuechly

2012 NFL Rookie of the Year-Defense
2013 NFL MVP (of the entire NFL)- Defense

Luke Kuechly is only 22 yrs old

Tannehill is 26 yrs old - soon to be 27 yrs old and still learning his NFL QB position w at least five areas that need major improvement

Just like a baseball pitcher w no fastball
Tannehill is a QB (lol) w no deep ball

Mike Wallace is the best and most expensive deep threat in the NFL

Why is Tannehill starting again !?

Home 4 GM

Ross has presented us with the worst Dolphin team ever. Not one winning season in 7 years!
Posted by: Ross Blowz | April 16, 2014 at 09:12 AM

and counting.....

Its funny that TANNE realizes he has to make a "BIG JUMP"....

but so many on this blog don't know know or understand this....

Some will try and SPIN those words until rgw mwaning is completely changed....

Some will just call you gay because you don't share their MAN-CRUSH on a certain player....

but the FACTS remain...and from the HORSE himself....he knows he must get better....

not MY OPINION....that is Mr. Tanne's himself...

So even Tannehill knows he sucks

Why is Tannehill starting again?

While we are touting Tannehill as an average QB...he did beat many playoff caliber QB's:

Clearly Tannehill can win games, but he also looses games he should have won:


Just making it to the playoffs, then loosing (Bengals) is not a success anymore. You must make the conference championship game to be considered a top tier team. We are a long ways away from the AFC Championship Game.

Fins last AFC Championship game: 1992 when we got spanked by the Buffalo Bills

I believe Cleveland is the only team besides Miami to not make the AFC Championship game since 1992.

Tannehill has already proven that he stinks. Trade him for a 4th or 5th rd pick before he becomes as worthless as Henne did.

Ha, DC is in a surly mood this AM


We WISH Tannehill was NEAR average.

HOme, congrats on your 18th consecutive hour of blogging.

You are a model of persistence...

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" that the RB Chris Johnson, Tuesday visit with the Jets left both sides with a "good feeling." The former Titans burner and Miami Dolphin killer met with New York's coaches and took a physical, but left without agreeing to a deal, according to a source informed of Johnson's situation

CJ2K has earned aprox 1500 yards rushing/receiving every year 2010,2011,2012 and 2013

and in 2009
CJ2K earned a record 2508 rushing/receiving yards

NH, kapernick?? Really???

Dude is awful... just happens to play on the best roster in the NFL. Guy is pure merda.

ThanX Mark,
Click your heels 3 times and repeat . . .

There's No one Like Home

There's No one Like Home

There's No one Like Home

Kaep & Cam r awesome and they know it

So do the chics ;)

The big question is: does Hickey get insurance this year and draft a QB early...or wait for another average season from Tannehill and be forced to draft one next year?

Eitherway, unless we make it to the playoffs and Tannehill lights up the fantasy score board with glowing stats, Hickey is on the clock and may not want to wait till next years draft to hedge his bets.

Could be a shocker at #19 next month...

Home can you please prove your claims especially Tannehill being the worst QB in the NFL on 3rd downs in 2012? I mean actually present a source for your claim?

We're waiting.

It's a fact Darkoak

Find it urself, pal

Aren't u the same idiot last night that gave home lip for calling Morgan Moses a tackle in football

Apparently u thought he played another position depite the Home posts on Albert's starting Tackle in college provided by Home

Now Get Your Shine Box, Darkoak!

Mark, it's mid-April and STILL 30 degrees in DC. Surly doesn't begin to explain my mood. Actually, I'm just over this "groupthink" Mando's a part of who think QBs who get their team to the Playoffs are somehow lesser (or more threatened) than mediocre QBs who've never even had a winning Season. I frankly would LOVE to have Dalton. At least my team wouldn't be bounced in Week 16 year after year. I would even love to have Kaepernick, who comes up big when his team needs him.

I feel Dolphins fans have no right to criticize even a Tony Romo when they're bottom-of-the-barrel losers manning the QB position for the last decade or so couldn't as much as sniff his jockstrap. Minus the one shining star for one Season, Chad Pennington. And when you're stalwarts for a decade-and-a-half are Pennington and Jay Fiedler, well then, you're not really a professional football team, you're a joke. And I'm sick of being a joke.

Mark....so are you saying that if Tannehill were the QB in SF, they would have made the Superbowl & NFC Championship game in back to back seasons?

TannePuke ranked 37th in yards per pass play. 37th!!!
There are only 32 teams!! YIKES!!!!!!

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 16, 2014 at 09:24 AM

Just because people offer a counter argument to the constant Tpuke rationale doesn't make it a "man crush" Kris. I think most people here and defiantly the trolls have the "man crush" on Tannehill they can't stop talking about him lol.

Most rationale posters like myself and a few others see his strengths and weaknesses and can talk about then with out defending him or attacking him.


home can send u Tannehill's collge games and 32 NFL games and u can actually watch/study urself

What's email, phone number, address and soc sec number?

post and Home will send to u, u freakin dunce!


If Tannehill were NEAR average there wouldnt be any complaining.

TannePuke ranked 37th in yards per pass play. 37th!!!
There are only 32 teams!! YIKES!!!!!!
Posted by: Coach | April 16, 2014 at 09:43 AM

A source please?

Darkoak = Village Idiot

The only way Tannehill could even be in the same room w Kaep or Cam is if
Tannehill was wearing lipstick and on his knees giving oral sex to these two Reel Franchise QBs

Posted by: Just Saying | April 16, 2014 at 09:45 AM

Define "near average" with examples of stats please.

Nah Home just one source for the claim I asked you to support, just one, should be easy to find.

The Patriots have -- by light years -- the division's best coach and the best quarterback. Now they have the division's best corner back in Darrelle Revis, who joined the team in free agency. What did your mother tell you about life not always being fair?

oral sex

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 16, 2014 at 09:47 AM

That's all Home does to us.

Then find it urself, Darkoak

not ur secretary


So let's see my man TANNY lost his 3 best receivers, it's only his 4th year of EVER PLAYING QB, worst offensive line and coach in football, but somehow managed to put up decent numbers, WOWWWW , MOST OF YOU ARE IDIOTS, but those who now football, we'll need I say more, TANNY IS MR FRANCHISE.

Since everyone likes to toss out random facts, lets use ESPN's QBR to help validate some. If you take just pass weighted plays, Tannehill ranks 9th...just ahead of Wilson & Kaepernick


Once on the site you can re-sort the table by clicking on any heading column... more stats than you can shake a stick at...have fun.

Posted by: Lonely Soul | April 16, 2014 at 09:46 AM

Aw that didn't take long at all lol. I love how the second all the hot air these dipshits fart all over the blog gets called into question and viola, the name changing gutless fools start the personal attacks.

NH, in what part of the game is kaepernick superior? The score at the same rate, Tannehill puts up a lot more yardage and takes on a way bigger load on the offense. The only area where kaep is better is reducing turnovers but then again - he is asked to throw 11 fewer times a game.

Kaep is also a lot more supported by his roster. pro bowl o line, pro bowl rb, pro bowl wr, pro bowl te.

I don't know how far tannehill would've taken the 9ers - might have even won the super bowl - who knows?

But I would not want to wager one dollar on kaep being successful if he was our qb nor would I have any problem telling him to hit the road if he came into my office asking for $18m. I mean there is nothing quantitative or concrete you can tell me that is worth a $14M spread in pay between kaep and Tannehill.

No freaking way do I think he's worth anywhere near that.

Tannehill is average, so is Kaepernick.

In addition, his super bowl and conference championship game appearances were awful qb displays.


I have NEVER called Tanne Tpuke...or any other name than Tanne....

I however have been called GAY by Dashi for having a differing opinion of Tanne....

Funny....you have even wittnesed the foul mouth spew his slurs....and I have NEVER seen a peep fro you....

but NOW....yow want to come on here and confront me because I used the word "man-crush"....

must be nice to live in your glass house....

my man TANNY

Posted by: Fin fan | April 16, 2014 at 09:53 AM

JP55 says ^ GHEY?

Mark jealous of Kaep and his huge payday for being successful and a proven leader to his team

unlike Tannehill

Posted by: Darkoak | April 16, 2014 at 09:43 AM

There are also rationale posters on the other side. Kris is one of them (as am I). I have serious reservations about Tannehill. But I do acknowledge his attributes and successes. And though I may not be a cheerleader right now, come Sept., I will be. He's the Miami Dolphins starting QB, anyone who says otherwise is in a fantasy world. So you have to roll with him, because he's the ONLY chance Miami has of doing anything resembling better than mediocre in 2014. Matt Moore isn't the savior. Pat Devlin isn't. Some drafted QB isn't (probably, at least not in 2014). It all rests on Tannehill's shoulders, and so I wish him the best.

But I'm a Dolphins fan. While I hope for the best, my experience tells me I should expect less, up to and including the worst.

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 16, 2014 at 09:55 AM

I just had question with the man crush comment, and showed you what a real man crush is which is the obsession with Tannehill some posters have.

If you think I haven't admonishes Dashi for how he acts then you're wrong, I have.

Kaep also had 415 and then 524 yards rushing

these were game changing 1st down or TD rushing yards

Kaep should get 15-16 Million a year, he earned it

Only human nature to try to get the most money possible

Hey Home got that stat on Tannehill for us yet, you know the worst QB on 3rd down in 2013 stat. Maybe a link to a stat page that proves it? Maybe using the Google might help you? Maybe?

Reavis best corner in our division, now that's funny, maybe 3 years and a knee injury ago, again I say MORON.

Actually Home, I'm hoping the 9ers pay him that money... they will end up buried like the Ravens...

Mark...I agree that Kaep is not $18M better than Tannehill...and neither is Flacco.
In fact Tannehill is statistically better than Flacco in almost every category(except playoff wins).

When a team wins, the QB & head coach get the credit...when a team loses, same.

Call it fair or not, that's how it works. Kaep & Flacco are winners, Tannehill is not.

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