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Tannehill much to prove, but not the most to prove

This is the time of year we get caught up in bottom of the roster free agent signings and the visits of college prospects that will be drafted on May 10 (in rounds 4-7) or picked up as undrafted free agents.

Can we be honest?

All that is well and good, but the difference for the Dolphins in 2014 will rest mostly in the hands, and right arm, of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Entering his third season and first season away from the Mike Sherman offense he's known and sometimes but not always loved the past five years, Tannehill has a ton to prove. Is he ready to make a jump from mediocrity? Is he the future of the Dolphins franchise? Can he be a winner?

Tannehill recently told ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson that, "I've got to make a big jump."

So the Miami quarterback understands the grace period of the past few years is over. Fans want to see more from him -- in the pocket, in big games, on his deep throws, on the leadership front. And coaches, who are counting on him to produce so they can stay employed, are similarly going to ask him to raise his level of play.

But as with all things, the local focus clouds the reality that even though Tannehill is under the microscope in South Florida, he's not nearly under as much pressure as other quarterbacks around the league.

ESPN's NFL live today had a segment on quarterbacks with the most to prove in 2014. It was an interesting exercise. And it showed why Tannehill may feel the need to show significant growth ... but he's not under the kind of pressure other QBs are about to face.

Consider the Salguero list of QBs with the most to prove in 2014:

10. Tony Romo ... He's coming off back surgery and he has the weight of the Metroplex and America's Team on his back. His defense has been terrible and if he doesn't play well, his team will stink. Oh, and by the way, critics don't trust him in late-game situations and he hasn't gotten his team in the playoffs since 2009.

9. Joe Flacco ... That $120 million contract was a wonderful reward for winning the Super Bowl in Feb. 2013, but what did he do for an encore? Flacco's defending champions missed the playoffs last year and were actually eliminated from the playoff hunt in a game Flacco threw three interceptions. Flacco finished 2013 with 19 TDs and 22 INTs.

8. Jake Locker ... This is probably his final chance to prove he's a franchise quarterback before the Titans move on to finding a new franchise quarterback. Locker, going into his fourth season, not only must prove he's a good player but that he's also durable. He played only seven games last season and hasn't played more than 11 in any of his three NFL seasons.

7. Andy Dalton ... It's no longer about the regular season for Dalton and the Bengals, although he's had some notable failures there as well. But Dalton has been terrible in getting what is considered an otherwise very good NFL team to play well in the playoffs. And if you cannot play well in the playoffs, you aren't elite.

6. Eli Manning ... He had a terible season (27 interceptions) behind a terrible offensive line. And he's recovering from ankle surgery. The fact he recovered from his last terrible season with a Super Bowl win and has won the Big One twice is good enough to give Manning the benefit of the doubt for now. But keep playing poorly in 2014 and New York will turn on him.

5. Geno Smith ... Terrible quarterback play was a thing in New York last year. The difference between Smith and Manning is the Jets went out and got a guy to replace Smith in Michael Vick. So the job is Smith's for now, but he has to prove he's better than slightly terrible to keep it.

4. Josh McCown ... Remember him? He was in the Dolphins' 2008 training camp but became expendable when Chad Pennington decided he wanted to play for Bill Parcells. Well, last year McCown was the Godsend, this time to the Bears. He was amazing in throwing 13 TDs and only one INT. And now he's Tampa Bay's starter. But he has to stay on the course he plotted last year to keep the job. And given his career history, that will require hard work.

4, tied. Sam Bradford ... The Rams are committed to him as their franchise quarterback and are paying him $14 million this year as a result. But that takes a lot of faith because Bradford has been unable to stay on the field long enough to convince many people outside the Rams organization he's elite. Pressure is on to do that this year.

3. Colin Kaepernick ... He's been good and he's helped a very good team get good results. But he wants a new contract that pays around $18 million per year and doesn't have the benefit of a championship or classic QB style to drive home the point. So what's it going to be? Are you an $18 million QB? Are you championship caliber? Or not?

3, tied. Matt Schaub ... In 2009 he threw for the equivalent of 2.7 miles (4,770 yards) and was considered a solid if not spectacular starter. But last year, playing for a talented team with great receivers, a fine running back and behind a solid offensive line, Schaub became a human pick six machine. And that got him benched and eventually cut. He's been exiled to the NFL version of Siberia (aka Oakland) now were he must play well to simply stay in the league.

2. Johnny Manziel ... He's not even in the NFL and already he's a magnet for controversy. Does he have a bad attitude? Does he feel entitled? Or does he indeed have that magic he showed at Texas A&M and will it translate to the NFL? Is he the next Russell Wilson or Fran Tarkenton? Oh yeah, whatever QB needy team that takes him will be under immediate pressure to play him.

1. Robert Griffin III ... The Redskins in this draft will continue to pay the ransom of draft picks they gave up to get him and hope that after a terrible sophomore campaign, RG3 can return to his rookie form. The question is will he prosper under QB whisperer Jay Gruden? Will he stay healthy? Will he be more than a spread option, one-read thrower?

So you think Tannehill has a lot to prove? He's not even in the top 10.

It's all relative, folks.


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God knows how many sacks THill walked into. A former WR who rather take a sack then scramble I just dont get it..

Actually regular, he threw for 4 tds between weeks 15 and 17...


We all want the quick turnaround and are showing frustration due to lack of playoff appearances.


These are just a sampling of the teams that flipped from a losing season to playoffs in one year. while we did this in 2008, we all know what's happened since.

SF, SEA, IND, CIN, and even CAR have completely flipped to become quality, winning organizations.
We want to be in that group but can't seem to find the right combo of Owner/GM/Coach/QB that is needed.

Oh the joy of being a Fins fan...oh the joy!

So why are you worried about other QB's in the league that have something to prove? Who cares, their success or failure has no bearing on Tannehill. Bottom line he has a lot to prove.

I took that from a guy who posted that here. Oh well. So does anyone else think we should draft a QB just in case it only makes sense..

I totally disagree , Tannehill lost 6 games last year with his inability to hit the deep pass , yes he had a lot of pressure, but on the 6 Im talking about he had none and he got players injured too with his inaccuracy, he doesnt learn to throw deep , .....he needs to be deep sixed

I try to explain, that the herald writers, are south florida haters!!! They hate the dolphins, the hate the hurricanes, the hate the marlins, and they pray for Lebron to leave the hate, so they $h!t on the heat!!! more importantly, they hate us, south floridians!!! that's why they put up discouraging articles, under anonymous names, bringing up as much negativity, they could possibly come up with!!!

Hey Home I found it myself, amazing how the internet helps you carve through the BS these days. 2013 long ball stats.

For regular starters Tannehill was again not the worst.


I can do this all day long lol.

Regular you can't be that dumb.
How many drops the last 2 games? Count please.
Now you feel stupid, thx!

Did some sacks come from holding the ball to long, YES

Is it because he was learning to go thru his progressions, YES

Did he hold the ball towards the end of the season, NO

The kid is progressing every year. He earned another shot.


So many of you fin fans will put all of your eggs in one basket banking on THill improving instead of having a back up plan? Did uou fools not learn anything from the Henne saga?? My goodness its like trying to get through to a brick wall with some of you.

When he sucks next year whats going to be the excuse?
THill WR werent tall enough
We didnt have a decent FB
Its his first year in Lazor offense. Wait till year 3
Brady going to retire soon
Hes going through a divorce with his wife

Everlasting excuses for the kid lol

Nope, if he fails, then you draft his successor next year.

2 years is not a sufficient sample size to determine ona qb if he's shown the ability to progress. So he's your qb until he's not.


I don't take your points lightly either...you always have a good/great counter-point as why Tanne may turn the corner....I hope that by this time next season I am on board with your way of thinking....

But one way or another....I think we will have reached a consensus about Tanne by about week 6....

Posted by: A Regular Here | April 16, 2014 at 11:11 AM

He'll have to get his team to the playoffs in my mind to be considered a success in 2014. A lot of that stems from how they rebuild the rest of the roster this year but no excuses, he needs to take the team on his shoulders if need be.

He does need to have significant improvement in a number of areas regardless of the new offense.

A slight improvement in stats but no results in wins and losses would mean to me we would go into his last year of his contract with a QB on our draft chart hopefully. I believe we should do that this season for reasons I have explained before.

lauren @ 11:06
go back to
preening u'r pubes

...Where is it written in the talisman of NFL lore that reads you must be a top 10 quarterback in your second year of play if you are drafted in the top 10? That is crazy.

If you have an opinion that Tannehill is never going to be worth his draft weight. Fine. You could be right. I'm not trying to convince anyone who has this opinion otherwise.

But he is far from a finished product. He could go either way. Is it totally out of the relm of possibility that Tannehill becomes a top 10 quarterback. And who decides? Do we just go by the numbers, or do we measure by how much better the team is as a whole?

It seems more important for people to put their own label on a player now, instead of waiting to see the finished product. Tannehill is what he is. Young, inexperienced, flawed, with potential, who has gotten better, With lots of room to improve. That is about it. He is going to be the quarterback here(barring injury) This is all we really know.

Posted by: A Regular Here | April 16, 2014 at 11:11 AM


If your a regular why not post with your regular name??

Not sure why you feel like you need the anonymity but it makes you appear sketchy.

I was startng to get behind the anti-Tannehill sentiment but now I'm not sure.

Of course we could do something bizarre and let the coaches decide????


We all want the quick turnaround and are showing frustration due to lack of playoff appearances.


These are just a sampling of the teams that flipped from a losing season to playoffs in one year. while we did this in 2008, we all know what's happened since.

SF, SEA, IND, CIN, and even CAR have completely flipped to become quality, winning organizations.
We want to be in that group but can't seem to find the right combo of Owner/GM/Coach/QB that is needed.

Oh the joy of being a Fins fan...oh the joy!

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 16, 2014 at 10:55 AM

henne progressed his
2nd season

Kris, that is for sure. I don't think he's a done deal but I don't think he's done anything to be swept out of town yet either. I do agree with a lot of your points too so let's see. i guess it will be the focus of this season.

...MIT..Are you watching the Copa Del Rey Final today? No Ronaldo.


If any of the posters here are anywhere close to my Tannehill reasoning, those final two 2013 games were the bitterest pills to swallow of all.

Just a couple weeks earlier, Tannehill looked as if he had "turned the corner" to NFL stardom. Hell, I was on the bandwagon. Envisioning, "thank you Lord, we've finally found our qb."

Then bam! In two short final season games, it all came thundering down in a great big enormous thud. For all the enormous emotional heights Tannehill had taken dolfans in a few short weeks before. The sudden calaminous fall was equally as great.

DD, being it was the final 2 games, if any other fans are feeling like me. The bitter taste of this gargantuan fall, lingers stills on the uncontested palate of my unwilling tongue.

Unfortunately for Tannehill, only what he does in 2014, will exchange the bitter for the sweet.

nah, I will pass on the copa...

I pass on all cup competitions ... they are third rate tournaments.

I am looking forward to the bayern-Real matchup starting next week though.

Should be a barnburner...

Can't help but wonder about the stupidity of some/one posters continually showing Tannehill's 2012 stats and arguing he is a failure. Hey Dumb Ass, 2012 was his rookie year and to judge any QB in his rookie season and argue the fact tells me how much you really know about what you post.

For me, the way the 2013 season ended, was one of the greatest bummers in Dolphins history. Unfortunate for Tanneill, those final two games were amongst the worst qb performances in Dolphins history.

After showing so much promise just a few earlier, Tannehill's final 2 games performance, felt like an ambush right in the middle of taking a relaxing dump.

...Sam.. I agree. That was a huge F. It was huge for a lot of reasons. We needed Tannehill to step up and be the man. Especially when it was clear the team was not up to it. At some point your quarterback has to be the leader, we have been lacking this as a franchise(we got a taste in 2008 a nice little lap dance of success)

It would have been massive for the whole organization if Tannehill would have stepped up in 1 of those 2 final games. He didn't, so it should leave a sour taste in the mouths of the fans. More important, in the mouth of Tannehill(sounding a bit graphic)

Hopefully failure brings success, or better said. Tannehill is not afraid of failure. Those last two games, those piles of dung that we laid become some sort of learning tool.

Now if anyone has their doubts..I am in no position to try and debate those opinions. They are valid. I just want to see how we respond. How Tannehill responds, Philbin(I think he is the one on the hot seat).

There are some tools to work with, We saw glimpses of this throughout the year. I disagree that this is the make or break season for Tannehill. But he would do well for himself, the franchise by showing some more.

Lets see how we do if the same situation presents itself this season.

Tannehill owes dolfans BIG TIME for those total crap performances to end 2013. No questions about it!

...MIT..Bayern is beatable. United had their chances, an are totally garbage this year. It is too bad that the Gaffer is akin to Mike Sherman when it comes to tactics.

Actually he had it right that second leg. But at what point do you keep an injured Rooney out there? A beaten Evra(I know he scored, but he was gassed, and beaten on all 3 goals)...Then you end the game with a sub on the bench?????

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | April 16, 2014 at 11:44 AM

I agree DD and others, too many questionable performances to anoit Tannehill as the savior.


I do think it's make or break for Tannehill. Simple because a "NEW GM" will not go down with the sinking ship of a "PAST GM'S" qb.

Now, say if we finish 7-9, 8-8. Tannehill's clearly not the problem and everything else around him is what failed. Then, Hickey would keep Tannehill, and begin replacing everything around him.

But, if Tannehill is a part of what fails in 2014, clearly Hickey will sweep "Jeff Ireland's qb" out the door too. So, if Hickey ever goes down, it will be with his own "chosen qb" not Jeff Ireland's qb.

DD, everyone is beatable but bayern is better than anyone on their day.

Is Real the team to do it though? This team has always had a soft shell. Chelsea on the other hand has proven that they can be hard as a rock and beat Bayern in their own backyard two years ago.

If Bayern happens to win this one then nobody can contend that they aren't worthy champions.

Poor Man U.... not the same team without Sir Alex winning them the odd home penalty or intimidating the officials from not calling one against at the worst time.

This same lineup and having Sir Alex as the manager = top 4 finish.

can not speak for others here, but, Tannehill's final two game performance is why I dump so hard on him here. Like Darryl says, Tannehill showed glimpses he has the tools to succeed, but that's what made the final 2 games performance all the more frustrating and bitter to digest.

At least for me anyway.

Oh yeah, and it was also very frustrating to see miss after deep ball wide open miss with Tannehill to Wallace in 2013. Still, for me, that was secondary to the final 2 game complete stinker performances.

Armondo, head of the I hate RT and the Dolphins oranization as a whole fan club. How do you keep a job in FL sports writing? You'll never be Alex Marvez and get promoted to a major network or move to a larger market with this type of writing.

....Sam..You could be right. What I think is like you said, an 8-8, 7-9 season probably buys Tannehill another year. Just from an economic angle. Sure a full season like the last 2 games of last year. And the door cannot open fast enough. And this is a possibility.

I know I am in the minority. But I would like to see the team draft a quarterback this year. Even in the 3rd round I think it would be a solid investment. A lot of folks disagree. But. I want to prepare just in case. I would like to rid the team of the Matt Moore contract, and apply it to the greater need. I would like to have a guy that has been in the system for a year just in case.

This doesn't mean we couldn't invest a higher pick down the road. If Tanny fails we will need 2 Qb's any way. I want the team to be proactive. Even if they think Tannehill is the golden ticket.

This Story Sums Up Tannehill's Final 2 Game Performance:

The Boy And The Snake

Once there was a young boy who lived at the edge of a forest. One day while he was out walking, he came upon a snake. The snake was sad because she wanted someone to love her and the boy felt compassion. So he picked up the snake and brought her home. After a short time, the boy fell in love with the snake and told her so. She smiled at him and said that she loved him as well. So he and the snake lived together and he took care of all her needs. He fed her and kept her warm and safe.

But after just a little while, the snake began hissing at the boy, and rattling her tail whenever he came near her. She also showed her fangs and lunged at him once or twice before actually biting him. The boy was shocked and saddened by this behavior on her part and one day he said to her, "Snake, I have given you a home and taken care of you, and treated you kindly, and loved you. Why do you incessantly hiss at me and rattle your tail at me, and why have you bitten me these several times?" The snake looked at him and showed her fangs, and said, "Am I not a snake? And are those not the things that snakes do? Did you not know on the day you found me and took me into your home that you were housing a serpent?"

DD, the only part of that qb drafting I don't like is.. what happens if Tannehill falls .. we going to give this mid round draft pick 3 years to see if he will be the starter.

personally, if there is one position i insist on having a first round talent, it's qb. So if we need to look for a successor then it should be in the 2015 draft. If you are simply content in replacing Moore then fine use that mid round pick on a qb. Even if he will never be more than a backup, using a mid round pick to adequately relieve yourself of a $5M cap hit sure does have value...


Brady/Peyton/Rogers/Brees are all on that list.

I want a QB that can take every snap playing behind a shhtty line that gives up 50+ sacks; that put up multiple 300+ yard games throwing to guys signed off the street that week. I want a QB that doesn't mind taking the blame for everything that hapens on offense, defense and missed field goals, never makes excuses, and when he gets interviewed he always says how much he likes the team, coaches, front office, fans and living in the area.



From exhaustion. That boy was in here all day yesterday and then all night as well. He needs to cycle his meds.


He's young, white, college graduate, millionaire, NFL starting QB married to a nice looking chick. Hasn't he done enough to eclipse anything we may accomplish in life?

It's Mando and the people in here that need to prove to Tanne that we are qualified to even speak his name.

Exactly why Manziel makes sense if he's staring us in the face at #19. Lasor worked miracles with Nick Fowles, hopefully he doe the same with Tannehill. But, if Tannehill fails in 2014, Moore mops up and we bust out Manziel in 2015.

Drafting Manziel should he fall to #19 is a win-win situation. If Tannehill's successful in 2014, great, we have a qb behind him allowing to dump Moore. While having 2 very good qb's on the roster, with Manziel having 2-3yrs to develop.

That would make things awfully interesting by the time Tannehill enters his new contract season. Because by then we should also have a fully locked and loaded Johnny Manziel ready to step into the "batter's box" too.

No matter how you look at it, Manziel covers our ass.

...MIT..No not necessarily. Hypothetic. Say the team has a beat on a quarterback they like in this draft. They see him as a player that has some tools, but needs developed. In line with this. We are preparing for a "just in case" scenario with Tannehill.

My idea isn't that this 3rd or 5th-7th round guy will be the savior if Tannehill fails. I am saying that if it plays out like this, it would open up some options This player could be a stop gap while we search for another premium pick, or be a piece that could garner an higher pick down the road...Or perhaps he is a guy that can play, and we have our replacement who knows the system.

Actually best case scenario is that he is just a quality backup to Tannehill, and the guy rarely sees the field, but when called into duty, is a capable quarterback.

SAM @ 12:24

Just because the word 'Man' is part of Manziel's name that does not make him manly.

When the pocket breaks down Manziel runs away - that is not manly.

I want that runs toward the trouble not away from it; I want a QB that could make it in the NHL.

j man = home wc p/o
fax jax


We all want the quick turnaround and are showing frustration due to lack of playoff appearances.

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 16, 2014 at 10:55 AM

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 16, 2014 at 11:22 AM

It has become incredibly frustrating and IMO I think Tannehill is baring his share of the brunt from fans who expect him to be the 2nd coming while never having played with a full deck. From a WR group his rookie Yr. which featured Hartline as his 1 and Bess as his 2 to last Yr. playing behind a horendous OL. The 1st half of 2014 maybe rough sledding as well while his revamped OL gels and the reason IMO the Moreno signing was important.

My frustration always lied with what I believe an inept Org. from Ownership on down to a split F.O. with one group ignoring the other building the team and the other working the finances watching these 2 groups under-perform was like getting home with a new pair of sneakers only to realize you had to left shoes and no way to return them.

2008 is a great measuring stick not only because it charts Ross's Ownership but also because that Season we played a very weak NFC Western Div. with Nolan/Singletary bunggling up the 49ers, the hapless Jim Mora Jr. in Seattle and Scott Linehan's forgettable run with the Rams.

Really only the Cards with K.Warner were making any noise yet today all 4 teams are either Playoff or S.B. Contenders with 1 Crown in the mix while we have consistantly gone backwards. Again IMO the blame lies on inept Ownership/F.O. but Hickey has me feeling pretty good today because he for a change seems to have a plan.


Your 4 to 6 seconds scenario is very flawed. Many of the qb's you list get the ball out in far fewer seconds than you list. Especially Manning and Brees. I see you do not watch these qb's play often.

Manning and Brees especially, are timing and rhythm qb's. They get the ball out in 1.5 to 2 seconds. Primary reason they do not take a whole lot of sacks. They make the presnap read and already know where to attack the defense.

They read blitz, bam! the ball's usually gone .5 seconds.

Any qb's having 4-6 seconds to throw, as you suggest, is not having so great a protection as in the defense just has a piss poor pass rush. In the NFL, even the worst pass rushes can get to qb in 4 seconds no matter how good the oline. 6 seconds? that completely absurb!

You are in la-la land my friend. Nobody gets that long to sit in the pocket in the NFL. :)

DD, I don't mind oyur last option at all. Our backup is one huge waste of money and space.

however, if Tannehill fails, I hope he fails miserably. Like Indy colts without peyton miserably. I don't wnat to be drafting a qb 8 or lower again... I want one or two type pick.

And are those not the things that snakes do? Did you not know on the day you found me and took me into your home that you were housing a serpent?"

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 16, 2014 at 12:04 PM

I got a better one my Mom told me as a kid!

There was a Scorpion who needed to get across a River but couldn't when a frog happened by and the Scorpion asked would you take e across and the Frog said sure. So the Scorpion hopped on his back and half way across the Scorpion bit the Frog and the Frog feeling the effects of the poison lost feeling and told the Scorpion why did you do that now we'll both drown and the Scorpion said I couldn't help it after all it's my nature!

ETF, who makes the most NHL players? Canada.

Manly men.

SAM @ 12:04

Natural Born Killers?

When the pocket breaks down Manziel runs away - that is not manly.

I want that runs toward the trouble not away from it; I want a QB that could make it in the NHL.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 16, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Exactly why in my post, you're not drafting him to play year 1, drafting as plan B to Tannehill if available at #19. He sits at least a year.

If Tannehill is successful even better, he gets even more time to sit and learn. Coming into his 3rd season, it should be one helluva starting qb battle between he and Tannehill. Which would also be Tannehill's "contract year".

I Tannehill has led the club anywhere significant by then, we have a great option to avoid still dumping a whole lot of money into his lap. I hear all of this Manziel dropping bs. But, on draft day, I believe it all changes. Someone pulls the trigger on him before pick 19.

If not, if I were Hickey, I would. Especially in a situation whjere you can possibly have Manziel sit and learn the NFL for up to 3yrs before busting out the "Super Man" cape. :)

Clearly Moore is needed if T-hill plays like he did in the last two games of the season. Sherman and Ireland are gone and Philbin knows he has to win. Moore when given an opportunity to lead Miami was the 12th rated passer. Then in 2015 the Dolphins should go for a QB in the first round unless one is available in this deep draft during the 3rd or 4th rounds. No more Acorn Ireland development projects at QB. It cost this team the playoffs last season.

"If Tannehill hasn't" @ 12:44 PM

Tannehill was on one leg halfway through that last Buffalo game and the team still wouldn't use Moore. That alone told me that Moore is a waste of money and space.

If there was a time to pull Tannehill, that was it , beat up, struggling, and Philbin still wanted no part of Moore.

I know taking Manziel at 19 sounds crazy to many of you. However, you all know that without a real qb, your team's not going very far anyway. No matter how many good pieces on it.

Manziel would be a very good plan B to transition from Tannehill if need be.

Or, if Tannehill sucks in 2014, hope he and the team sucks well enough to get Jameis Winston. :)

Good to see some real Tannehill debate on here, not made up stats.

Manziel sux

Just stop! Mark in Toronto, from trying to make a point using an absurd statement. I agree Moore is not the answer but when Miami pays Wallace the big bucks they need someone to get him the ball and last years T-hill can not do that. Moore has a great touch on the deep ball. Of course his are is not as strong but Dilfer won a Super Bowl without great physical skills. Moore releases so much quicker than T-hill it's like night and day.

Was having a discussion with a friend regarding the upside of Marino running the F.O. like Elway does in Denver and the benefits to the team.

I'm not so sold on the idea though because of a little known fact about Elway. While still a player in the 90's Elway had built a Car dealership Empire in Colorado which then Fins Owner Huzienga wanted to buy to add to his Car U.S.A. Empire. He offered Elway 500 Million Dollars for the Col. Dealership and Elway said no!

Elway sold t off in 05 right before the bubble birst and don't know what he got but it was in the Hundred's of Millions! This tells me that he studied that business being he was the sole Owner buiding it from 2 lots when he started. I'd bet he study's every move running the Broncos in the same manner even his FA signings were all front loaded really only strapping the Broncos the next 2 Yrs. when after everybody except Talib can come off the books when Peyton hangs them up. My point is I don't believe Marino would be as invested.

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