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WR Nate Burleson visiting Dolphins today

The Dolphins have shown no intention of standing pat as the bargain-hunting portion of free agency is well underway and to prove it, beyond the signing of Jason Fox on Wednesday, the team is bringing in veteran receiver Nate Burleson today, per sources.

Steve Wyche (Miami Herald alum) of NFL AM was the first to report the story.

Frankly, this one is a little curious. Burleson is not young (32), he's not particularly fast (4.51) and he's not particularly big (6-foot). He might be cheap, agreeing to a veteran minimum salary contract because he's coming off a two unimpressive years in Detroit.

Still, I do not get it.

Burleson isn't really an upgrade over any of Miami's top four wide receivers -- Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson or Rishard Matthews. He obviously could be a good experienced backup as a No. 5 wide receiver to guard against Hartline or Gibson not being fully recovered from last year's knee injuries.

But the No. 5 wide receiver rarely makes it to the game-day roster and when he does, usually has to play special teams. I don't think Burleson would be enthusiastic about either of those two ideas because he hasn't returned a punt since 2009 nor a kick since 2010.

Another thing: This draft is deep in WR talent. Rookies cost one-third against the cap that a veteran such as Burleson costs. 

This move reeks of something else being afoot. It demands explanation.

On the other hand, Burleson hasn't exactly been in demand so maybe ....


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a qb

cheap ross

He's been productive though. Might be an insurance policy for an injury.

hix is loading
up the wr arsenal
'cause he knows
will be getting them killed
with his errant paxxes
which catchers
are hix gonna get
from the mlb to get all of tpukes balls
that hit the dirt?

Nate Burelson? You got this guys jersey, dont ya Mark?


At least you didn't call Burleson an ACORN!

Looks like they want insurance for Gibson and Hartline

This could be the first step toward a Mike Wallace trade.

What is up with these A-HOLES that have to take out a bunch of people before cracking one in their own dome? Start with yourself first DIKKHEADS!

Looks like Mando might have to threaten to remove posts again, apparently the children must be on Spring Break around here...

If we are planning to base our offense mainly on passing, it makes sense to have a reliable backup

You guys crack me up, do any of you understand football, Hickey is a genius , how this guy was never a gm. Before is beyond me, if I'm Ross my first big extension is sighning Hickey to 10 more years, you don't stand pat with what you got, people get complacent , and that my friends brings mediocre, this man, mark my words will bring Miami a championship within 3 years, book it.

Are the dolphins gonna gonna sign all the Lions free agents...good plan.

Oh and by the way, when Tannihill lights up the scoreboard this year, will all you so- called fans please go F--- yourself Thank you.

Dolphins' WRs 2 thru 4 last season are coming off knee injuries (Hartline, Gibson & Binns). Burleson is little more than some veteran insurance and if signed for anything more than the Vet minimum the signing would be a waste of cap space. Does this signal a Wallace trade? No. Does it signal one or more the fore mentioned WRs will not be ready for OTAs? Yes.

Mando, maybe you are still confused because you think we have the ebst WR corps in the land... Burleson not an upgrade over Drops McGee Matthews? he's Canadian.. that alone makes him an upgrade.

Just make sure he doesn't go out picking up pizza...


Well said. I think you are correct.

Deity, no I don't but he's one of mine and he's a player.

Just sucks at picking up pizza.

Mando, I think you love our WRs a lot more than Hickey does. Doesn't look like Hickey is going to stay pat on many of Ireland's players. At the very least he is bringing in competition.

from wiki...

Career highlights and awards
1st player to return 3 separate punts for 90+ yards

Seahawks franchise record holder for punt return yards in a playoff game (84)

Seattle Seahawks 35th Anniversary team

buh bye Thigpen....

Rayan Tannehill 30 passing tds, 11 ints, 5 rushing tds, 4500 yrds passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!

Canada is what's up. Couldnt live there though. Too many hairy guys running around with speed-o's on in 65 degree weather. They shrink?


Did you read this that Barry Jackson wrote?

The Dolphins are bringing in veteran receiver Nate Burleson for a visit today --- a surprising move considering Miami’s depth at receiver.

Burleson, 32, has caught 457 passes for 5630 yards and 39 touchdowns in 11 NFL seasons. He spent his first three seasons with Minnesota, then four with Seattle and the past four with Detroit.

The Lions signed him to a five-year, $25 million contract in 2010 but cut him in February to clear $5.5 million in cap space. The Miami trip will be Burleson’s first free-agent visit since the Lions released him.

Burleson, 6-0, played in nine games for Detroit in 2013 and started eight, finishing with 39 receptions for 461 yards (11.8 average) and one touchdown.

In 2012, he had 27 catches for 240 yards in six games, including five starts.

But he missed 17 games because of injury over the past two seasons.

Last season, Burleson broke a bone in his arm in a car accident caused by his attempt to keep a pizza from sliding off the passenger seat of his car.

Burleson posted a photo on his Instagram account of a letter from DiGiorno Pizza offering him a year’s worth of free pizza along with a pizza cutter to use once they’ve been prepared. It read thusly:

“Hello Nate. We hope you are feeling better after your recent car accident and are on the road to recovery! DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carryout and delivery so we’re sending you a gift along with a year supply of DiGiorno pizza so you can skip carryout.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/04/besides-fox-dolphins-sign-three-others-including-aaron-rodgers-brother-canes-notes.html#storylink=cpy

The prior piece about utilization of Wallace in Lazor's offense similar to the Eagles use of DJax is a stretch. Because Wallace is not the same type of football player as DJax. Although similar in size DJax has a toughness about him that Wallace does not. DJax is fearless about going across the middle where Wallace runs timidly before and after the catch. Getting physical with Wallace affects his game much more than the affect on DJax.

Ummmm, no, he's 32 not 22, MARK NICE TRY THOUGH , you guys really need to get a clue. Lol

Home will let u bloggers run w this one

If the comments suck

Home will be back to straighten it out

Count on it


There may be concern that Gibson will not be ready.

BTW, does Hickey have a connection to Detroit? He seems to be signing a lot of their players.

I told you so.

One big receiver coming in the draft in the first two rounds.

Mando, did you notice that Jackson was not afraid to go over the middle? You actually think Wallace will do that?

Finme, every player that Hickey has brought in for a visit since free agency started, he signed.

he obviously has better things to do with his time than kick tires and watch guys run around in shorts. he means business

So this guy will be signed as was everyone else.

And what is it about 7th round pick matthews that makes him better... other than teh Tampa game, he stunk. he deserves competition and my compadre Burleson will give it to him.

he's a pro's pro

OMG..how many players are we going to sign from the s****y Detroit Lions??? Does Hickey not know Burelson broke his arm and was out for 4 weeks because he crashed his car picking up a pizza at 2:00 am??????

Home, your an Idiot, besides being a jet fan, your probably a closet junkie too, lol.

rdubs, didn't read teh article, just knew about it.

Hickey is signing the castoffs from a team that actually finished worse than Miami!


by the way, he was very good last year... in half a season he put up 461 yards in a complimentary role. Why wouldn't anyone want this guy in a depth WR? Also has punt return abilities which we sorely lack... At a vet minimum, this would be a shrewd signing indeed

Here is some REEL NEWS

So excited God has blessed me with another opportunity. Proud to be with the Miami Dolphins! Time to go to work! #theroadlesstraveled
— Jordan Rodgers (@JRodgers11) April 3, 2014

GIBSON, by the way is running at full strength, and he's participating in workouts with tanny, comon man do your homework

Funny how the posters accusing others of knowing nothing about football know nothing about football.

Our wr core is extremely average. Any one disagreeing doesn't watch the Dolphins play or any other team.

We have a shakey 1 in Wallace who drops balls an really isn't a threat after the catch.

Then we have Hartline who struggles to get off press coverage...can't get over the top or elude and get any yac.

Gibson is a reliable target who runs good route/has solid hands but also can't stretch and is no threat after the catch.

Matthews is also a possession guy that isn't very tall...very similar game to Gibson.

To sum it up we have 3 possession wrs who have no height that can't be used in the redzone...are not threat to pick up yac or stretch the field.

We have a 1/2 and a few quarters. Only wr that can get consistent separation can't catch. Some teams have two 1's. Guys who can stretch the field and catch the short pass be a threat to go the distance. What do we really have?

To be honest...no D in the NFL is losing sleep at night wondering how to stop Gibson...Hartline or Matthews from exploding.

home is illiterate. stay off the blog. and mike vick sucks.

Dolphins sign Aaron Rodgers bro

9 yrs younger

I think its a good move by Hickey. He can get a guy for close to the vet minimum with little or no guaranteed money.

I mean I like Matthews, but if he can't beat Burleson out thats a problem.

Finally a 2015 replacement for Tannefail

Here is some REEL NEWS

So excited God has blessed me with another opportunity. Proud to be with the Miami Dolphins! Time to go to work! #theroadlesstraveled
— Jordan Rodgers (@JRodgers11) April 3, 2014

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 03, 2014 at 10:53 AM

Ryan Tannehil 30 passing td, 11 ints, 5 rushing tds,4500 yrds passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!

Dolphins got lil Aarron Rodgers, Jordan to play QB

192 of Knowshon Moreno's 242 carries last year came with 6 men or fewer in the box, so I hope he gets used to catching a lot of balls out of the backfield because no defense will be that afraid of Tanny

Ryan Tannehil 30 passing td, 11 ints, 5 rushing tds,4500 yrds passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!

Hey playedball, it was Wallace and tannys first year together, give it another year and will see, tanny wasn't use to a guy with that kind of speed, and I disagree with you about hartline, guy is a stud.

This is typically a locker room guy/veteran leader on and off the field, something we do not have. Great spokesperson, hard worker, and a coach on the field and besides having him as a 3/4th WR who could read coverages will only help the young guys get better...WE NEED LEADERSHIP!!! (Draft the TE from Tar-Heels)

why Nate Burleson when you just signed Michael Rios? The nightmare from Guatemala.


I just thought the Digiorno's part was funny as hell

Finme...all I am saying is u need more than one wr to stretch the field in this day and age of football. It would also be nice if he had reliable hands. Wallace never tracked the ball well and is a body catcher. These issues won't change regardless of how many yrs he plays with Tanne. We will not be making more explosive plays because this offense has an overall lack of speed at wr and at rb outside of Miller who is scared to get touched.

I tend to agree with Played Ball... I'd like to see reinforcements to the offensive skill positions as much as I'd like to see a lineman.

Especially in this draft ... it's flush. 18 WRs with a 3rd round grade or better and Ebron and Amaro too... that's 20 guys with a very good shot to make an impact in the NFL... enough for almost 2/3 of the league to get one, no reason why we shouldn't too... none.

..Jordan Rodgers=Camp body.

I'll tell you this, between Moreno, Clay, and Gibson, all on the field together, I'd hate to be a defense to have to cover that, SCARRRRRRRY, AND THEN TO HAVE HARTLINE, AND WALLACE, on the outside spreading it out DAMN SCARRRRRRRRY. can't wait. And GOD FORBID if Dustin Keller comes back healthy, scarrrrrrrier

Why isn't Wallace the veteran leader of the WR corp? You know reading coverages, teaching the younger guys, etc... You think he should or would be considering his big contract. But hey, he's not even working out with Ryan Tannehill and company. Telling isn't it.

Miller is not only fragile but for a rb who ran a 4.3 at UM he speed doesn't translate to the field very often. He has to gear down to cut and is not elusive at all. How many times did u see Miller reach the second or thrid level just to be tackled by the 1st tackler to break down on him?

As fast as Wallace is he is not DJax who is very slippery and is rarely brought down in the open field by the 1st tackler. Wallace is not laterally quick or elusive. Djax has quickness...speed and elusiveness. Very difficult to find skill players with this package.

Oh, one other thing, don't forget we have a 100times better o.c., in Lazor, don't expect to see Tanny just sitting in the pocket, which is going to make our O that much more dangerous and next to impossible to stop

Played ball, brandin Cooks is very very similar to DJax in this year's draft. Would not have minded for him to be a Dolphin, would allow us to shed our biggest contract in Wallace in two years... but it won't happen...

There are certainly positives with Lazor coming on board. However I can tell you now. We will still be at the bottom half of the league in plays over 20yds 30yds and 40yds on offense. Phibin says he wants more explosive plays and to be a more explosive offense as a whole.

Can't do that until you get some gifted skill players on your roster. Hartline..Gibson...Clay...Matthews ...Miller...Moreno...no of these players will make any thing happen with the ball in there hands.

ComOn man, Played ball are you nuts, go watch Wallace when he was with Pitt. I'd take him over djak any day of the week, you have to give these guys a year, like I said Wallace will be a Monster this year, and you watch what kind of year RG 3, and D jak have this year.

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