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Lazor: Tannehill has to practice at game speed

You've heard a lot about temp with this new Dolphins offense.

Players talked about today at the OTA. Get in the huddle. Get out of the huddle. That's what tempo meant today.

Eventually, the Dolphins will go no-huddle and then up-tempo will mean something -- as in trying to throw so much at the defense as to get that unit tired and into retreat mode.

The designer of this attack is offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. The player most responsible implementing it?

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. And that is why Lazor believes Tannehill has to speed up in practice. He needs to practice at game tempo.

Eventually the other players will catch up.

Here's more from the Dolphins new offensive coordinator:

(On progression of offense) – “I feel better about it than the last time you or someone in this group asked me the question because we’ve had the chance to be on the field a little bit. The thing that was a lot different today was the fact we were able to go against the defense. A couple of things changed I think from what we were doing the last couple two or three weeks. The intensity level rose a little bit. I think what you saw was the guys struggling a little bit early on to be poised with some new coaches coming in and some new terminology, I think there was probably a little stress level and it was kind of interesting to watch them work their way through that and settle down a little bit as we went. Each guy handles that a little differently. These guys are pros, and I think most of them were really excited to get out today. All of them to me seemed really excited to get out there. There was a little excitement in their play. Now you get to see guys compete more. We did it on air the last few weeks. We are really trying to teach them the basic fundamentals. Now they’ve got to apply it to having a defender there. I thought it was a great first day. I thought the guys tried to play with great tempo. Just walking off the field, I haven’t had a chance to see a lot of the video yet, but I think some of the basic things that need to get corrected, number one, would be communication offensively. If we are not all on the same page, we’ve got a very low chance of being successful. Some of the times you saw some mistakes where we saw mistakes, we weren’t together. Who did the center call? What protection did he set? Was the quarterback together with him? Some of the calls are new for these guys. Some of the guys are new. Some people have been at it, (but) they haven’t played together before. I think we’ll get that point made real fast to them that they’ve got to get the communication ironed out right away so we are all together. But I thought the effort was great, and I was really happy with that.”

(On how he would describe the tempo of his offense) – “When you hear the word tempo being spoke about, there are probably a couple of different meanings. One of the meanings when we say tempo to our guys, we talk about from the break of the huddle until the snap of the ball. I think what you saw today, I believe you were there at practice, most of the day we were in huddle. Even when we are in a huddle, we talk about playing with a certain tempo when we break the huddle until we snap the ball. As we go forward, there will be some other times we will choose to operate a different way, and tempo will take on some other meanings. As far as the plays you saw and how fast the ball was out today, some of it is a nature of what we installed today. Day one teaching we always start by getting the hitch in. There were a couple of quick throws out to the receivers. Part of that was the nature of it, but in general our passing game the ball is going to come out on time. When number one is open, the quarterback is going to take whatever his set-drop is when the ball is coming out. If number one is one-on-one, we expect him to win so we expect to throw the football. Hopefully you see that a lot."

(On how long it takes for the talent to fit within his offense) – “How long it takes is a work in progress. It’s day-to-day. What we did today isn’t going to be good enough tomorrow. We made that clear to the players afterward. They’ve got to get better, and there is no ending point. When you ask how long does something take, that means at some point you will arrive. The mindset for them is that there is no end. We aren’t going to arrive. We are just going to keep going and keep getting better and growing. Talent-wise, I think we have what we need to be where we want to be. I feel excellent about how fast the receivers played today. There were a lot of good examples of the running backs running the ball decisively, not 100 percent. We’ll address that, but for the most part I thought we were pretty decisive with the football. I thought the quarterbacks were pretty decisive in getting the ball out. It was mentioned it seemed the ball was coming out on time. If you see them back there holding the ball or patting the ball, you will know that I’m not happy."

(On what he needs to get from Mike Pouncey with a young offensive line around him) – “Every once in a while I’ll walk through the locker room, but not that often. But I’ll see him all the time in the meeting room and I’ll see him all the time on the field. In all three of those cases, whether it is the locker room when I’m in there or on the field, I expect him to be a professional. I expect him to kind of live up to what the billing is, and the billing is a guy who was just in the Pro Bowl and a guy whose teammates, coaches and everyone in the organization looks to as a leader. So to me the bar has already been set. Mike and I walk into this professional relationship with a real clear picture. I’ve got real high standards as far as what I’m expecting from the center, and we are going to put a lot on the center on the practice field and on the game field as far as setting the tone for our offense, making calls, (and) getting everyone on the right page. One of the most exciting things for me is the day I first spoke with Mike. I spoke with him on the phone, and I laid out what I was looking for. He was very excited to do it. I think he’s taken that bull by the horns. He’s the right guy to get that done for us."

(On how the draft impacted what he wants to do with the offense) – “Well after one day on the field against the defense, I should go back (because) we had rookie camp also, a lot of time on air. I feel excellent about how we’ve addressed the offensive line. I think we’ve brought in talented guys both in free agency and the draft. It was no secret that was probably the number one most talked about issue when I got here as well as the personnel of the offense. All signs point to us having the pieces in place. How they work together, who is on the right, who is on the left, all of that stuff will get worked out. That’s why we practice. You walk onto the field today and you look at the bodies, and you all have been around. You’ve seen them. As you watch them move, you say, ‘OK these guys look the part. They move like they are supposed to move.’ Now we’ve got to get them doing it the right way.”

(On what the key was to helping Nick Foles in Philadelphia transform from a rookie to second-year Pro Bowl quarterback) – “If it was one key, it would be easy and we could bottle it and sell it, right? Each guy is different. I think that is important. I think it is important to set a standard for someone to make it very clear. I think as a coach, whether you are the position coach or directing the offense, you’ve got to do a couple of things. Number one you’ve got to be a great teacher. You’ve got to make it very clear for them, and I’ll answer specifically with the quarterback position, you have to make it very clear what you expect, not only what to do but how to do it. Number two, you have to be very demanding. Now if you are demanding but you didn’t do a good job explaining how you want it done, then you are just a jerk that kind of goes and yells all the time, right? But if you do a great job teaching it but you don’t hold them to a real high standard, then their play is only going to reach a certain level then it is going to stop. But if you can do a great job teaching what I want done, exactly how I want it done and then hold it to them every single day. There is no magic. It’s a formula, and every guy has different traits that need to be improved than others, but if the quarterback is accurate and decisive, you’ve got to feel like you can work with him, you can mold him, you can push him (and) you can take him. Sometimes it takes a pat on the back. Sometimes you have to hold his face to the fire. Every guy needs different things. You might need  different things on different days, but that’s what we are here for.”

(On where Ryan Tannehill needs to improve) – “I would say I put a lot more credence or a lot more emphasis right now on what we’ve seen on the field than studying tape. We’ve watched the tape, and we’ve watched the deep throws, the short throws, the good throws, the bad throws, and at some point we just couldn’t wait to get on the field. But as we are on the field, we started right from the very beginning with how we want them to play physically, and it’s no different than when we take my 9-year old son, and if he’s every going to be the quarterback, how we are going to start with him, playing with great fundamentals, the footwork, the pace, playing on a certain tempo. As I finished playing the practice video from today, I want to see the ball coming out on time, letting his football tell him when it’s time to throw it, and I want to see that he trusted us that this is how it all fits together. The quarterback has got to play at game speed every day in practice. The receivers will catch up to him. The quarterback has got to play at game speed, and that’s the first thing we are trying to do with Ryan from the very beginning, play at game speed every day and what does that feel like? The only way to learn it is to do it.”

(On the three wide receivers that were injured last season and how they are doing in OTAs) – “I can’t talk about where they are in the rehab process and all of that. I can tell you that I’ve seen all three of them work. They are all doing it, I think the correct term is as able, go as able as they come back. As professional players, as receivers, they’ve got to be experts on their body. They’ve got to know. Now we have a lot of professionals working on them as when to push, when to pull back, when they rest, but when they come out and put the helmet on, when they go to run a route on these fields for the quarterbacks, they’ve got to do it full-speed. I trust them. I trust it when they go out there to do it full-speed it’s because they can, and when it is a time when they can’t that they pull back. I think you probably saw Armon (Binns) more than the others in the team period today, but I hope as we go we continue to see all of them more and more. I think they are focused. When I’ve seen them work, I see guys who are eager to get out there on the field with the quarterbacks, which is what we need. We’ll all get better when we are all out there together.”


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I don't agree.

Name more than 10 starting NFL WR's, RB's, or DB's that are white.


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he needs a qb

It is indisputable that Black people - well, Black people of West African descent - hold the top 200 times in the 100 meter dash.

"there has been no American white woman who was world class in the 100, 200 or 400 meter dashes. All the outstanding sprinters have been black."

Drawing attention to themselves is something that that the white receiver (only 15 percent of the receivers in the NFL are white) has a tendency to do

Pouncey needs to learn to shut up and say 'no comment.' He is attracting too much attention and is coming across defiant and having learned nothiing. Don't provoke Goodell you idiott.

The fastest white man in history.
July 28, 2010 6:00 AM Subscribe

The first European who is not of African descent to run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds.

When Christophe Lemaître ran 9.98sec at the French national championships this month, the headlines read:

First white man to break the 10-second barrier.

"By running 100 metres in 9.98sec Friday 19-year old French sprinter Christophe Lemaître not only set a national record, he became the first person genetically of European origin to officially cover the distance in less than 10 seconds"*

Lemaître's achievement is indeed remarkable:

'Before today, there had been 446 legal sub-10-second performances in the men’s 100m; all of them achieved by 69 different sprinters of African-Caribbean descent and one of Aborigine descent. Lemaître has become the 62nd fastest athlete of all time with his performance of 9.98 at the French Championships.'

I said it when they first hired Lazor, and am glad that Lazor is doing it. The Success of the "Chip Kelly Offense" is that the QB has 2.5 Seconds to release the ball after the snap. That means the QB better make quick decisions. I also believe that releasing the ball quick causes less turnovers. Doesn't give the defense time to pressure the QB and doesn't allow the QB to over think the throw.

Because scientists are atheists, the atheist population must be smarter than the religious population lol!

I'm going to argue my points and you're going to argue yours, so none of us are ever going to win on this point.

Are there any studies that show happiness between atheists and religious folk? I'm sure you'll find a nice connection there.

Funny thing is, religious folks don't care about atheists while atheists care about religious folks. (radicals care about atheists, but no religious people like the radicals to begin with)

And I googled what you said. Congrats, this debate is stemming from a wikipedia article!!

Where are all my bloggers who use Bleacher Report as a bible to sports knowledge and answers?

I also skimmed all of the studies and congrats!! Not one of these studies spoke positively from a religious perspective. Studies are supposed to give an unbiased perspective and when conducted, the person conducting the study is encouraged to provide facts and numbers from both sides of the story.

This article shows none of that. Purposely biased? I'm not going to judge....but I'm just saying....

dear Marc,
God give us the intelligence to believe also if or not if someone gives you some informations about JC. you can read the biography of lots of scientists philosophers and so on that thanks to their beautiful minds they had to believe. but you can also continue to believe to the idols of who believe he is atheist without knowing instead he is proned to money sex food and so on...maybe pinocchio is better than these...

Not to mention all of the quotes in the article stop short and don't tell the whole story.

Too many "....and yadda yadda atheist...." where is the rest of it? Sorry, but this debate and the "evidence" we're using for this debate is too biased towards one side.

Religion is always going to be biased and there is never going to be a winner. I've had my say over these last couple posts, you've had your say with the bloggers over the past couple pages. You're atheist, I'm not. That's how our lives will be led. If you tell me something different about my life/viewpoint I'm not going to like or agree with it, and I expect you to do the same as it's, essentially, an attack on our character and believes so it's personal.

So with that......I return to football

Not many white guys at skill positions, except WR.


Probably like 3 more white WRs that I forgot.

There you go Dashi. You forgot Riley Cooper, but, that's 7 out of 90-100 starting WR's?

Finally, you should be so swollen with pride for your race. Now all you need is to find one that can jump

HAHA. White men can't jump!


That was off the top of my head. Yeah, I knew I forgot someone. Riley Cooper.

Maybe we can count all mixed race WRs as white. That could raise the number up.

Out of all those white WRs only J.Nelson runs a 4.4-40. The rest are possession WRs.

Posted by: Marc | May 28, 2014 at 08:52 AM

Can you list all the stats he is near the bottom of and a source for each please? You did say "EVERY", unless you were exaggerating.

It's been stated by me and several others.

QBR, TQBR, Yards per attempt, TD efficiency, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on

Sources? NFL.com, ESPN.com or ANY other site that tracks stats

New post


Tannehill is not the answer and never has been. Too many of yall are worrying about Tannehill and the deep ball. Tannehill doesn't even throw crossing routes accurately enough where he hits the receiver in stride so they can catch the ball and keep running. That is his biggest problem just plain old accuracy. If you can't hit the receiver in stride on a crossing route you have no business being a starting QB on any level especially the NFL. The Tannehill trial and mostly ERROR will be over after this season hope Philbin goes with him along with Al Golden!!

I like the philosophy of Lazor. He seems honest. Then, I wouldn't worry too much about the QB position. If T-hill doesn't do what Lazor expects from him and any othr QB does it, then T-hill will be a back up. However, T-hill is a smart, tough, hard working guy who'll do everything to please Lazor on the field.
I'm confident that we'll see a different team, a better one, the forthcoming season.

David do you know why the same teams are always on the bottom. If you look at the bottom dwellers the last 10 years you will notice that those teams switch QB and head coaches too many times never giving the head coach enough time or the QB. Back in he day it was not unheard of of QB sitting the first 2-3 years behind another QB. So it would be more valuable to give T-Hil another year and see how he progresses not like what we have on bench will get us to SB. Dolphins keep rotating QB and head coaches we will stay at bottom no matter what we do in draft or FA

So basically he feels like he needs to teach Tannehill like a 9 year old. He looked at all the tape and couldn't come away with anything to say except he will approach Tannehill like he has to teach him how to play the position for the first time. Stellar endorsement. This offense is the kiss of death for a QB with no brains and holds on to the ball too long. Not saying Tannehill is that, but shoe just might fit!
This guy Lazor sounds light years ahead of idiot Sherman.

Why is everyone talking down on tannehill he is what u want in a QB lazor is excited about having him guaranteed. But as a teacher u have to reward and give subtle complements but, u can't start acting like he is the greatest you have put him through the fire on the job training.

What the dolphins need is a strong home field advantage. The dolphins fans have to set the tone at home fill the stands. I make it to one game a year and I live in Vegas. I understand the Heat is the place to be. But look at all the winning teams they fill the stands and represent! We don't even sell out division games. That is what needs to change and then see what happens

Jesus this blog sucks... And I bet half you idiots swallow too.

A troubling, ongoing concern is how many times the last 2 losing years we heard Joey Philbin talk about "teaching" his players, and now Lazor talks about teaching them as well. We don't want guys who need to be taught. We need studs who can come here on Day One and win ball games.

U so called dolphins posting these comments are pathetic... Plz find another team to root for... You guys talk like you're actually at minicamp.... Reading Twitter feeds I think you know everything..

No one said anything about Wilson or Foles sucking. RT had a very good 2nd year, again 3900 24 60,4%.

So what how many times he threw, doesn't make a difference. Zero diff, quit grasping at straws. You have zero facts backing u

Reel dumb that's a lie, Hartline had 4 TD's, Wallace 5, Matthews 2, Gibson 3. You're a little off aren't u

Tan who'll is the man. Those who do not believe need to go blow a jets fan.

I'm sick of the Tannehill haters.. Give him a chance. This is his 3rd year. He did a pretty good job last year with the terrible linemen & running game. Now with a new line, Moreno at RB & better play calling, the sky is the limit for Tannehill. Watch as he has a tremendous season this year.GO FINS!!!!!!!

Laughed at the first line and stopped reading. Tempo? Remind me how that worked last year? Maybe they're trying for a 2007 encore? First clue: IT WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE FAST, CONDITIONED PLAYERS. You have one: Wallace. And in case you haven't noticed, TANNEHILL CAN'T HIT HIM! I remember a quarterback that could do it with his eyes closed.

7-9 forrrrreeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

Oh, and did anybody take note that they fired a scout because he worked from home to take care of his dying wife? Hickey's judge of character is fittingly flawed, and he's the one picking players. Nice job Ross. Glad you got your man, (AKA the-only-man-on-the-planet-who-would-work-with-Aponte).

I gotta say, this is much more enjoyable laughing at the team instead of complaining these last few years. I'm glad I faced reality. I should become a Jets fan now. At least Rex Ryan does stupid things on purpose. Nahhh, I still hate the Jets. But the Dolphins are just so...so...laughably clueless. Sheer, unfettered ineptitude. Who can't help but make jokes? This is the laughingstock team right?

Here's something you Fish fans might enjoy: Ireland is with the Seahawks now. He will learn the Ron Wolf way. If he doesn't last a season, he was hopeless and you'll get your vindication. But if he does, you'll know it's something in the water in Miami.

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