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Turner played OT in college, must be G in NFL

One of the problems the Dolphins have had with player development the past few years is they don't always have a clear vision about their talent.

Just prior to this draft, the Dolphins weren't sure if they were going to use 2013 draft pick Dallas Thomas as a guard or a tackle. So a year after picking him, having him in training camp and, indeed, getting him started in this year's offseason program, last year's third-round pick didn't know his position. (He should be a guard, folks).

Dannell Ellerbe, signed to a big-money contract to play middle linebacker last year, may be moving outside this year because that work he did at MLB was no bueno.

Koa Misi was drafted as a 3-4 outside linebacker but he's been taking repetitions as a middle linebacker now -- an experiment that has been tried multiple times during his time with the team. Jared Odrick? Drafted as a 3-4 DE. Now a 4-3 DT.

Dion Jordan? Is he a defensive end? Is he an outside linebacker? What's the vision for him?

And that brings me to Billy Turner, a Dolphins third-round selection in this most recent draft.

Turner played left tackle at North Dakota State as the Bisons won three consecutive FCS (small school) championships. Some teams projected him as a right tackle prior to the draft.

The Dolphins have not said where they want him to settle in.

Here's an idea: The Dolphins should settle Turner in at guard and ...




The Dolphins drafted a right tackle in the first round in Ja'Wuan James. They signed left tackle Branden Albert to a huge contract in free agency.

They have a hole at guard.

Turner, by all accounts, has a nasty personality on the field. He plays with good (should improve) pad level. He's a guard, folks.

The Dolphins do not need him competing with fellow rookie James at RT. It's a waste of repetitions. It asks too much to have him learn both spots right now. It doesn't maximize his chances to contribute early.

If I'm the Dolphins, I do with James and Turner what Don Shula tried multiple times in the 1990s: He picked Richmond Webb to play left tackle and Keith Sims to play left guard in 1990 and that's what the two rookies did every single repetition in practice and every single down in the preseason.

Voila, offensive line issues solved.

Shula tried a similar approach in 1995. He picked Billy Milner to play right tackle and Andrew Greene to play right guard. He didn't mess with position flexibility. He had a vision for both and gave each a chance to maximize at the positions they were selected to play.

It didn't work. Greene was not a brilliant guy or a very hard worker. Bust. Milner's talent was not up to par and he was gone from the team a year later.

But the point is they failed based on their talent level rather than a lack of vision or difficult circumstances created by the team plugging them in here or there.

The Dolphins have picked offensive tackle Billy Turner this draft. Make him a guard. Stick with the conviction. Now, release the hounds.

Let Turner hunt.



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Mark and Craig I was reading your debate. You both make some good points.

But Mark, you will never be right in a few months even if your theories prove out on other teams and here's why.

You are saying Miami could have signed one of these other guys right? If so, you're discounting the fact that the player has a choice where he plays. You're discounting the fact that the players you're talking about may not be the right fit for the system Lazor will run.

Saying they could have easily signed this guy or that guy when none of us know what went on behind the scenes is short sighted. Sorry if I misinterpreted the debate, but that's the one thing I thought wasn't adding up. For all we know the players had a list of teams they were willing to play for, they handed that list to their agents, and Miami wasn't one of those teams.

This might just be the worst draft ever, and they still have RT at QB.

Maybe next year. I'm starting early

cocoa, it really BETTER be the Playoffs. But beggars can't be choosers. I'm a lifelong fan, therefore like a battered spouse. Any sign of love from my team will win me back. I'll start with 9, 10 is better, Playoffs is the best!

agree DJ, BPA is a nice concept but doesnt exist in reality, for the vast majority of teams--and you mentioned SF and yes, today they are loaded....BECAUSE they built through the draft for years, and Im sure even plenty of their picks were for need.

Ideal world is BPA/value matches need, but thats rare--its why the great Chip Kelly took Smith well before most had him going....and why the Jags took Bortles, and the Lions took Ebron, and the Vikes took Barr--need trumped

DC and Craig M,

I would hope that were all in agreement on a total house cleaning with another failed season.

Get a coach like Harbaugh and let him bring his personnel guy. Or a GM like Polian (just an example) and let him bring in a coach.

Wouldn't it be just freakin amazing though if we are talking about how impressed we are with Philbin and Hickey this time next year.

Just very hard to be optimistic as Dolfan anymore.

If this team cant win 10 games this year, I guarantee it's more on Tannehill than anything else, except a very unnatural rash of serious injuries..

Hahahaha! It's too funny, YG just loves him some Mark in Toronto! If Mark is sticking up for the team YG is crushing him for it. If Mark is mad at the team YG is crushing him for it.

I don't think YG is a Dolphins fan AT ALL.

I'm almost 100% sure he's just a HUGE MIT fan. Mark, you got yourself some groupies!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 14, 2014 at 04:23 PM

....."battered spouse" LMAO, couldn't have said it better.

Exactly Rick. I know they can't pull the wool over my eyes yet (at least not until Pre-Season). I usually get excited in August, think things are gonna turn around. In Sept. I stay optimistic. I get nervous in October, and near Thanksgiving I start sinking into depression. It's like my very own annual menstrual cycle.

But if things turn around, expect a marble statue of Hickey and Philbin to adorn either side of my front doorstep.

P78, if Albert was the only established guy that was willing to play for Miami, then we are in bigger trouble than I thought.

As far as fit, there were more than a few guys with the atheltic skill set to play in the zone blocking scheme.

benz a few teams drafting around Miami went pure BPA - KC is the most glaring example. Pitt drafting before us was another.

Nobody had a LB pegged to Pitt, nobody.

Posted by: Phins78 | May 14, 2014 at 04:25 PM

Hi Odinseye. We all know. :)

Agreed cocoajoe. They could make it much easier on themselves if they would stop trying to change players positions and just draft them to play at their natural spot.

It's why I've given Tannehill into his third year here without crushing him. The kid never got the reps in college. People say his deep ball accuracy has been a problem since college. UMM NO S#@T?! LOL , He only played the position for two years, didn't get half the reps his peers did. But he's got the experience now, hopefully it will translate to a successful season.

just be realistic....lower your expectations--and realize that with Manning and Brady in the AFC and still playing at a high level, to advance far at all in the playoffs is a pipe dream for a few years--I (and most here I'd think) would be happy just making the playoffs....but I dont think thats a stretch at all.

Good stuff today. Gotta go before the crazies come out. Afternoon gentlemen.

DC and Dolfan Rick,

I'm totally cool with a house cleaning if they don't win enough this year. Allegiances to Hickey? None. I think both Ireland and Philbin should have gone after last year but whatever.


What's going on man? You've become cranky since you got married. You not getting laid as much? You're making me re-think this whole marriage thing again.

P78, this guy lives for my posts, it's obvious.

he replies to almost every single one.. and tries to provoke at every turn.

I'm sure he blushes when I reply.

SAM, we all as in all of your fake names and the SAM name you're using now? Dude, you're mental. Not one person in here thinks that. Odin and I have been in here for years, have fought, have agreed, and have posted at the same time. He usually hangs out in the night crew, I come in here after work and then leave.

I have posted my picture and challenged the rest of you to do the same. JS IN LA was the only one who did it. The rest of you were pu#@ies and didn't want any part. Probably scared to show your face.

Whatever, but it's pretty funny that you are so wrong and think you know something. Whatever makes you happy guy.


Just so I understand, you wanted Hickey to sign Albert right away and then shortly thereafter run out and sign a RT. Thank God he didn't end up with Howard or Saffold. Those are fireable offences. Rams have no clue what they are doing. They have $31 million tied up in Saffold (mediocre at best) and still need to find room for Long and Robinson, plus having $14 mil tied up in an average at best QB. Plus they play in the hardest division in football. Good luck to them!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 14, 2014 at 04:26 PM


At least last season was a little better. Before that it was like I can't believe we're totally at of the race again before mid season.

Of course then came playoff time last year though. What a let down. Man I'm so tired of watching other teams play in the post season.

Like you said though gimme 10 wins and I'm singing that stupid fight song.

whatever Mark....not doing this "pure BPA" again with you--there is no universal/agreed upon LIST of BPA, ok?--is that hard to understand?--you act like there is, like you/we all just know who BPA is, likes it black and white--it isnt--what dont you get?

IF it was, guys like Brady, Montana, Marino, R Wilson, Kaep, Curry, Sanchez, Brandon Graham, Danny Watkins, etc, etc....wouldnt have been taken where they were--its not complicated

I'm sure he blushes when I reply.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

lol, I don't doubt it for a second. I used to get mad in here and fight with these morons. But then I realized how sad their lives must be and now it's just comical.

I haven't been contributing for the longest time but the same fake names and same repetitive posts are still here. That's commitment right there! Seriously, the guy should be committed.

Yeah, the rams don't know what they are doing..

They have an o line with Long, Saffold, and RObinson on it, Mason in the backfield

a linebacking corps with Laurenaitis and Ogletree

McDonald at safety

and a d line with Long, Donald, Brockers, and Quinn

yeah, St. Louis has no idea... good grief.

Yeah, I'm out too, goodnight gents.

So benz, just so it's clear, you prefer this offseason to an offseason in which we could've fixed the o line then draft any/some/ most of the following players?




Guess we will jsut ahve to agree to disagree then....

Whats their record going to be this year, Mark? They've still got a pu**y at Qb.

Craig, they still have a better team than us. We'd kill to have those players.

Tannehill is better than bradford - but the rest of the team... doubt even our marquee player in Wake could start for them.

You still go as your QB goes and hes proven to be mediocre. Their number one receiver is who again? Long can't stay healthy, Saffold is average and we've yet to see Robinson play yet.

I'll pick them for fourth in their division. You like them for where?

Yeah but Mark, they don't. What was their record last year? 7-9? That would be worse, right?

Doesn't mean shyte until you do it on Sundays.

Posted by: Phins78 | May 14, 2014 at 04:37 PM

It's not even a feeding the trolls thing, they feed themselves. I bust their chops every once and a while for kicks. Then I get bored of it. But they keep coming back with the same cut and paste nonsense.

Phins 78 gone..... Hmmmmmmm I don't think so. Iam waiting now to hear the comments that Thill is better than Russell Wilson very soon from our friend North of the border.

Our team is in a weak state. Fist time GM, coach with a losing record who just lost his back up guy in Sherman. The coach who guided this team into the biggest PR train wreck in our history. A former WR QB that has no deep ball or ability to avoid a pass rush. Finally a DC that is in charge of puttiing a decent squad of players to the 21st in yardage allowed last year.

If we have got another losing season on our hands which is highly likely then its goodbye, Philbin and Thill. Hickey will get a pass unless the new HC is a big name that wants his own people around him.

So I guess what we see the last few days will be the same daily chat non-stop until opening day. Over and over and over and over again.

You regulars must be extremely boring people. Not even hair stylists can dredge on about the same subject every single day for months making the same points over and over and over again.

Armando with another glass half empty article. Way to breed optimism into the fan base with one negative article after the next. Great job Mando(Jeffs little fat buddy)

I won't bite anymore, getting enthusiastic about the draft picks. They have to show me what they have, and not in pre-Season but in an actual NFL Game. Fortunately, we have a good barometer to measure our progress or not in the first Game of the Season, NE.

IT's the QB STUPID eH?

Is Brock Jensen the Starting QB yet?

yeah oscar i dont expect much from them. but need james,turner,tripp to be starters

We are the least improved team in the division.

bud that would be the jets then bills

Crazy dusty. Bills are loaded on D and picked up the best WR in the draft. They got speed and strength all over. They will be the most improved team in the NFL. Vick today has way more experience than EJ or Tanne.

craig disagree on rams, building a very good team over there. 4th in div might be right though in by far toughest div in nfl

Bills and Jets have a better running game and better coaching than us too.

really bud who they add to d? got a rookie now starting at wr, lost stevie and first rd pick next year. hilarious how bad the bills did

agree bud everyone has better coaching than us, jets run game a joke. bills run game solid, bills have no qb at all

dusty they have Mario Williams and Marcel Darius, both better than anyone we have.

Bills had 57 sacks last year! That is more than 4 a game!

bud they had both those guys last year, and lost byrd one of best s in nfl

If the Bills SUCK ,Than what does that make the barbies who were demolished 19-000000000000 by that SUCKY Bills team eH?

bud ur missing the point, u said most improved

"bills have no qb at all"

Bills with no QB beat us twice lol

lol another idiot. we arent arguing anything bills mia here. try reading. he said miami was least improved team in div. and we all know that isnt true

The pundits have the barbies at 7.5 games in 2014.The pundits had the barbies at 7.5 games last season.The pundits have the barbies in last place in the AFC east in 2014. WAKE THE FK UP.IT'S THE QB MORONS eH?

Exactly... Bills got Watkins, he alone is better than our entire draft!

Oscar,explain to the dumb homers what 7.5 means from LV,They are as bright as that MORON Pouncey eH,Pouncey didn't go to Yale did he eH? JAJAJAJAJAJ eH?

odds of winning super bowl pats 15/2
fins 50/1 jets 66/1 bills 75/1 also the order vegas oredicts div to fall id switch jets and bills personally

odds to win afc east pats -200 fins +400 jets and bills +750

watkins never played a down in fl bud. wake up man

..A real cool interview Pete Carrol on NFL radio..What struck me, and I believe it because the Seahawks have had more rookies play in those first year then any other team since Carrol and Schneider took over. He said and you can take it or leave, believe him or choose not too. A first round pick is seen the same as an undrafted guy. What he meant is that any rookie out there is evaluated the same. So it allows them a broader range when they select players. They think that they can find just as good of a player in the 5th round as they do in round because they do not get tied to the stigma of the round.

He also sort of poked fun at the idea a player is a reach...If you want your guy..It doesn't matter one bit if your evaluation is on point. Trusting your own evaluation is paramount.

I wrote this after hearing the interview just because there are lot of people displeased with our picks..That is perfectly fine. This FO has no draft capital that should make fans feel good about what we did. If we had a proven method(like Seattle) we could draft whoever we wanted where we wanted and it would be difficult to be vocal.

I find it fascinating, and I wish I was a bug on the wall in these draft rooms..What are we thinking? How do we evaluate players, and why did we pass on some of the guys the blogs, and publications had graded so much higher then some of our picks, or why we got what looked like good deals in some rounds. Why did those players fall?

DD you are right of course too early to judge, but I hope they have an idea of what their kind of player is now. Under Ireland it appears it was lost in the translation. Maybe Philbin will actually play his rookies now.

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