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Turner played OT in college, must be G in NFL

One of the problems the Dolphins have had with player development the past few years is they don't always have a clear vision about their talent.

Just prior to this draft, the Dolphins weren't sure if they were going to use 2013 draft pick Dallas Thomas as a guard or a tackle. So a year after picking him, having him in training camp and, indeed, getting him started in this year's offseason program, last year's third-round pick didn't know his position. (He should be a guard, folks).

Dannell Ellerbe, signed to a big-money contract to play middle linebacker last year, may be moving outside this year because that work he did at MLB was no bueno.

Koa Misi was drafted as a 3-4 outside linebacker but he's been taking repetitions as a middle linebacker now -- an experiment that has been tried multiple times during his time with the team. Jared Odrick? Drafted as a 3-4 DE. Now a 4-3 DT.

Dion Jordan? Is he a defensive end? Is he an outside linebacker? What's the vision for him?

And that brings me to Billy Turner, a Dolphins third-round selection in this most recent draft.

Turner played left tackle at North Dakota State as the Bisons won three consecutive FCS (small school) championships. Some teams projected him as a right tackle prior to the draft.

The Dolphins have not said where they want him to settle in.

Here's an idea: The Dolphins should settle Turner in at guard and ...




The Dolphins drafted a right tackle in the first round in Ja'Wuan James. They signed left tackle Branden Albert to a huge contract in free agency.

They have a hole at guard.

Turner, by all accounts, has a nasty personality on the field. He plays with good (should improve) pad level. He's a guard, folks.

The Dolphins do not need him competing with fellow rookie James at RT. It's a waste of repetitions. It asks too much to have him learn both spots right now. It doesn't maximize his chances to contribute early.

If I'm the Dolphins, I do with James and Turner what Don Shula tried multiple times in the 1990s: He picked Richmond Webb to play left tackle and Keith Sims to play left guard in 1990 and that's what the two rookies did every single repetition in practice and every single down in the preseason.

Voila, offensive line issues solved.

Shula tried a similar approach in 1995. He picked Billy Milner to play right tackle and Andrew Greene to play right guard. He didn't mess with position flexibility. He had a vision for both and gave each a chance to maximize at the positions they were selected to play.

It didn't work. Greene was not a brilliant guy or a very hard worker. Bust. Milner's talent was not up to par and he was gone from the team a year later.

But the point is they failed based on their talent level rather than a lack of vision or difficult circumstances created by the team plugging them in here or there.

The Dolphins have picked offensive tackle Billy Turner this draft. Make him a guard. Stick with the conviction. Now, release the hounds.

Let Turner hunt.



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I can't understand Dolphin's management. Probably too smart for me. I give up. GN

Does not bode well for Hickey selecting all those small school Players, f4l. They brought in Terrance then they passed him up. ????

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 14, 2014 at 10:37 PM

I know I think we missed one there.

I know this won't be popular, but if this line can get it together, I see Thomas having a break out year. Nobody could have run behind our line the last few years.

I've never seen a RB worse than D Thomas.

I had the same problem with Dallas Thomas! I went through video after video looking for the WOW Moment. It never came, still hasn't.

I did get a little bit of the Deja Vu when watching Juwan James video's. But to be fair, I watched the same exact video two different times. I didn't get the Deja Vu feeling until watching James right after watching Turner.

James looks day and night better than Thomas to be sure. I'd guess that he has tons more upside as well. Having said that, neither one seem to be in league with Turner.

As the curse continues, I'm positive that we will now play James at Tackle and Turner at Guard. Though if I had my way, Turner would be playing WELL ahead of James.


Ask the Chiefs 1st round pic how good JuWan is. JuWan beat him like he was his daddy.
Hickey is not taking any player from a small school if they cannot play.

Personally, I don't care if u went to the University of Afghanistan.
As long as u can play. It's all the matters.

And when you are winning games does anyone really care what school they came from?
Only losers nitpick!

We are so used to Irelands players we forgot what a real team looks like.

Come training camp we'll see who is correct.

GM hickey or the trolls?

Hickey has the rookies repairing houses already

Three day rookie camp next week, looking forward to hearing more about the rooks.

So O.J. McDuffie is going around bragging telling everyone how good Landry is -
And who doesn't like the pick?

Per McDuffie, I'm the old juice. He's the new juice.

Marlins 9-0

The Jets, Dolphins, and Bills are all 60-1 to win the SB.

Marlins 12-0 5th inning

How many wins Vegas?

60-1 odds to win the SB.

7.5 again
Ill take the over

Last season, the flexibility of the offensive line kept the season alive and gave the team an opportunity to make the playoffs. I got a good laugh out of your armchair coaching.

I am OK with picking small school guys. Everybody can't go to Alabama or USC. But, you need to be good to pick small school guys. You need to be good to pick talent from anywhere, but to pick a flop from Alabama will not draw the same ridicule as to pick one from Winston Salem St.

I love to watch the small school guys, to find what everyone else has missed. Any idiot can look through youtubes at big name prospects, and I look at them also, but to find a LB like Carlos Fields busting chops at WSSU is rewarding.

The Raiders got this guy for nothing and they drafted Mack in the top five. I think Fields will be as good of an interior LB as Mack is at OLB.

I knew nothing of Fede; I am curios if Fede will perform better than Fields. This is Hickey's seventh rounder verses mine.

Jeremy Butler was my other reach in the late rounds; I am also watching his status with the ravens. The fact that Ozzie signed him, reassures me of his quality.

Actually,I see him in a similar type to Landry. He is bigger(6'2"-220), but not quite the technician. I do think he has very good hands. Ozzie may see him as a Boldin replacement.

These are the Coltrane diamonds left lying in a field of stone.


Who cares

"IT'S HARD TO STOP A TRANE" - Trane Billboard



Who do you think Matt Moore is, Birdbrain?

Matt Moore is an "UDFA QB", who averages 2 Turnovers a game for his career. Small hands and below average athlete.

Pat Devlin had an Arm Strength problem. When he was a Rookie, about 3 years ago. PD has enough arm strength to make all the throws now. Better Arm than Manziel. Also, Devlin has better accuracy than Matt Moore. And throws the most catchable ball out of all our QBs.

(You probably want me to define catchable ball to you, while you ask in a condescending manner.) Devlin always throws a nice spiral and tries to put it in a place that is easy for a receiver to catch the ball. Devlin also doesn't try and put the ball right thru you like guys with rocket arms.

M.Moore and B.Gibson are overpaid. And we already have young guys on the roster that can replace them.

P.Devlin has completed over 50% of his passes the last 2 preseasons, while having more TDs to INTs. While Matt Moore can't complete 40% of his passes and averages over 2 Turnovers to TDs in the same span.

Turner may surprise as a small school player in the NFL environment but the odds are against it- especially for his rookie year. Even for the Dolphins, looking desperate for OL help in 2014, this guy is just too raw.

Turner is a project with the tools to develop into a G or T down the road but the same has been said about sooo many who have preceded him in the NFL and ultimately failed. And while I have great faith in OL coach John Benton being able to produce an NFL quality line out of the rookies and FAs the team has and will acquire, I doubt Turner will figure immediately into his plans.

Look rather to Dallas Thomas getting a lot of work as G in hopes that last year's disappointing effort was as a result of coaching inadequacies and OL dysfunction. And there's always hope that Danny Watkins rejuvenates his career or another veteran FA may come in.

dashi who cares what garbage devlin does in meaningless preseason games vs scrubs in second half

We think landry was a steal in this year's draft, we think that he is going to make a splash in this league. He is a pro ready wr and we tell you why here! http://phinsnews.com/the-steal-of-the-draft/

landry def wasnt a steal for a 3 or 4 spot wr who cant outrun some lineman

Is Brock Jensen the starting QB yet?

Benz, I am excited because Miami never takes wide receivers in the top rounds, period!

WRs drafted in first two rounds since 1983:

1988: Scott Schwedes (2nd)
1991: Randall Hill (1st)
1993: OJ McDuffie (1st)
1997: Yatil Green (1st)
2001: Chris Chambers(2nd)
2007: Ted Ginn (1st)

The Dolphins rookies helping out looks like these guys never did a days work in their lives

Massive publicity stunt

Very little work done

Heck most of these lazy players look as if they cannot figure out how to work a rake !?

What's with J.James acting like a sissy as if he never held a simple hand saw and then is scared to hold it almost cutting himself

If these arse clowns are the new group of heroes for the community, well . . . we are in sad shape

Sad shape indeed

All The Time

No Chance of a 2014 Wildcard spot

Wow Home. You even troll people doing voluntary community service...

Though you are on to something. I do believe James wasn't supposed to be a first round pick because of his questionable raking technique.

Anyone who's watched Devlin in the preseason should be well aware he's not the answer at QB. Master of the 4th quarter interception.

The community service is a mandatory showing by the rooks
and if u look at how many new Dolphin players show up on a bus to pose and do almost nothing, its pretty ridiculous

Think the waterboy could have done the whole job himself in three hours

Not 30 clueless guys posing and pretending to do some work

The general public is nothing more than clueless Sheeple

Let them actually do 2-3 hours of Reel work and be productive

3 guys raking that are as productive as a 3 yr old helping out

This is pathetic

Freakin posers mugging for do good publicity while doing nothing other than showing up

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

If you can't beat out Matt Moore in four years, you suck.

Tannehill did it in three weeks.

Doing carpentry and no European in sight... yeah, no kidding no work got done...

tpuke couldn't beat out
a crippled Garrard
what ever u'r clueless
self thinks

Watch the video here on the Herald of the worthless arse clown rookies posing and doing no work

do u need twelve guys to move a lil old rotten wood two person boat?

3 guys to pretend to rake one pile of leaves?

last place in the AFC EAST is guaranteed for our haples inept players and team

Next time stay home if u r not going to work and help out!

It's time for Devlin to be released and develope someone else like Jensen.

2 watt, eat your cake and shaddap

wow !
what buffoonery
and the white slave
master overseeing
the work
what work?
it looks like krap

I had
# cake last nite

Tannehill NEVER beat out anybody in preactice

Unlike clueless out of town, state or country tv watchers
. . . Home was at almost every practice open to the public and a couple that were closed to the public

Tannehill was anointed since the draft from day one
Moore certainly would have done better than . . .

Tannehill's 3 WR TDs, worst 3rd down QB of 2012, worst Miami Dolphin Home loss (against a girl's team- Tenn) since the 1960s, least amount of WR TDs in NFL history in 16 games, worst deep ball passer in the 2013 NFL, awful pocket presence, poor footwork, terrible accuracy esp deep and a perennial loser of football games and perennial loser in closing games/seasons

Plus we would have had Kuechly and not wasted a gazillion dollars on sub par LBs

All the Metrics and Measurables may be a good tool for evaluating players but does that transition over to the NFL. Seen too many top round picks turn out a bust and too many later round players excel at their position. Cannot judge until I see their performance on the field. Last year just after days of acquiring Michael Taylor and not really knowing the complete game book he performed great in the NE game getting us the victory. Those plays are not revealed in Metrics or Measurables. Also players under a certain system does not always succeed and when they find a new home does great. It's players that make a team and teams win games.

I bet you did 2 watt, you pillow biter

7 4th q's
with o td's

wow !
what buffoonery
and the white slave
master overseeing
the work
what work?
it looks like krap

Posted by: 2 watt | May 15, 2014 at 09:32 AM

LOL @ 2 watt
One of Home's FAV Bloggers


keep up the relentlessly good blogging ;)

So if Tannehill doesn't progress this season, the Phins once again will be set back for years trying to get that franchise QB.
The OLine apparently is fixed now, Moreno is an upgrade running and pass blocking. A blocking TE was drafted, along with a slot reciever. No more Sherman. There are no more excuses.
This is his year. If he blows it, the Phins are in deep trouble.

u bet home

Opti, these are the first round players with the best metrics (non qbs) over the last five years.

Tell me the ones that busted out...

Luke Kuechly
Patrick Peterson
J. J. Watt
Von Miller
Julio Jones
Aaron Donald
Taylor Lewan
Khalil Mack
Lane Johnson
Ndamukong Suh
Kendall Reyes
Jason Verrett
Nate Solder
*Bradley Roby
Torrey Smith
*Ryan Shazier
Jerry Hughes
Trent Williams

MassD, big trouble? How much worse can it get?

It must be close to preseason....

The "we want Delvin" post have started....

John Manz would have been a GREAT addition to this team

not that fat guy w no eyebrows that is scared to death of a $5.00 hand saw


see the video on the front page of today's herald

of our new Big Tough RT Ju'Wain James

what a disappointment pick at number 19th 1st round

scared of an old hand saw



No Kris people have given up on Devlin mostly. Now it will be give Jensen a chance. Ever since Dan retired the fans have this thing with thinking our third or fourth string QB will be the savior if given a chance.

Also should note the Dolphins passed on 10 of those players...

Home, you may be close but you're obviously blind. Tannehill outperformed Moore in the preseason and camp.

Get those bi focals replaced, would ya.

Now I knwo why you're here all teh time, you'ree legally blind and not allowed to drive.

20-40 vision!

is still
hurt btw


MIT. Agree with the list. All great players but not all 160 first round players could be on the list. Yes,chances of them turning out out good based on stats is favorable but still not a 100% guarantee and same rule goes for the later round picks.

No, Opti, because not all first round picks have great measureables.

For example this year, Prior, Mosley, and Clinton-Dix all had subpar either size/speed/athleticism etc for their position.

And nothing in life is a guarantee other than death and taxes and YG being a complete maniac.

But as you say, probablilities are way up and most often they are not only performers but out-performers...

Jason Verrett kind of reminds me of Brent Grimes.

MIT, at least today there is some hope that Tanne is the guy. If he fails this season, then all hope will be gone.

Actually Mark

Home's father was a sniper in the United States Marine corp
and Home has excellent vision

Despite ur mna love for Tanneeehill
He never beat out anyone

Tim Tebow in fact took over a 1-4 team and did way better than tannehill could ever dream about in his first 11 starts and play off win against the Steelers defense

Would sign Tebow today for 3rd string QB in a second and build a dozen good offensive plays around him

Home 4 GM would have John Manz, Tannehill and Tebow
All SIGNED TODAY and on the cheap
Mike Shula would be OC and QB coach with Dan Marino signed as special QB coach during camp for one month or more if he would take it

Manz, Tannehill,Tebow

Every game would ALREADY BE SOLD OUT !!!

Home 4 GM!

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