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Turner played OT in college, must be G in NFL

One of the problems the Dolphins have had with player development the past few years is they don't always have a clear vision about their talent.

Just prior to this draft, the Dolphins weren't sure if they were going to use 2013 draft pick Dallas Thomas as a guard or a tackle. So a year after picking him, having him in training camp and, indeed, getting him started in this year's offseason program, last year's third-round pick didn't know his position. (He should be a guard, folks).

Dannell Ellerbe, signed to a big-money contract to play middle linebacker last year, may be moving outside this year because that work he did at MLB was no bueno.

Koa Misi was drafted as a 3-4 outside linebacker but he's been taking repetitions as a middle linebacker now -- an experiment that has been tried multiple times during his time with the team. Jared Odrick? Drafted as a 3-4 DE. Now a 4-3 DT.

Dion Jordan? Is he a defensive end? Is he an outside linebacker? What's the vision for him?

And that brings me to Billy Turner, a Dolphins third-round selection in this most recent draft.

Turner played left tackle at North Dakota State as the Bisons won three consecutive FCS (small school) championships. Some teams projected him as a right tackle prior to the draft.

The Dolphins have not said where they want him to settle in.

Here's an idea: The Dolphins should settle Turner in at guard and ...




The Dolphins drafted a right tackle in the first round in Ja'Wuan James. They signed left tackle Branden Albert to a huge contract in free agency.

They have a hole at guard.

Turner, by all accounts, has a nasty personality on the field. He plays with good (should improve) pad level. He's a guard, folks.

The Dolphins do not need him competing with fellow rookie James at RT. It's a waste of repetitions. It asks too much to have him learn both spots right now. It doesn't maximize his chances to contribute early.

If I'm the Dolphins, I do with James and Turner what Don Shula tried multiple times in the 1990s: He picked Richmond Webb to play left tackle and Keith Sims to play left guard in 1990 and that's what the two rookies did every single repetition in practice and every single down in the preseason.

Voila, offensive line issues solved.

Shula tried a similar approach in 1995. He picked Billy Milner to play right tackle and Andrew Greene to play right guard. He didn't mess with position flexibility. He had a vision for both and gave each a chance to maximize at the positions they were selected to play.

It didn't work. Greene was not a brilliant guy or a very hard worker. Bust. Milner's talent was not up to par and he was gone from the team a year later.

But the point is they failed based on their talent level rather than a lack of vision or difficult circumstances created by the team plugging them in here or there.

The Dolphins have picked offensive tackle Billy Turner this draft. Make him a guard. Stick with the conviction. Now, release the hounds.

Let Turner hunt.



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yeah mark kc took gaines, fans were not happy with it, nor ford in first. but once kc took murray in 5th fan base turned around

Always took you for a ball holder, Home.

I was totally expecting Philbin to hire that kid in GB but he didn't. Went with a guy he didn't even know..
From what I've either read or listened to..he's extremely passionate, has a real presence about him & INTENSE! Something that has surely been lacking on this regime!

does reel act dumb for shock value or seriously dumb?? anyone?

Lazor is young and has never been able to keep a job

Always fired after a couple of failed years

some recent success after being demoted back to college

Folks trump up Lazor the NFL fired coach teama fter team after team

nothing to see here

like any smart human ill wait to judge lazor with what we see this year

C'mon, Pat White was not a total failure - he was a poster child for 'how to get a concussion' during that Pittsburgh game. That must be worth something.

Home is a Shock Blogger

AXE the 6 blogs he has been suspended from or the 24 cocktails lounges he has been thrown out of . . .

parcells drafts were complete garbage, white in second round was comical. still remember everyone hammering parcells right when it went down. gimmick guy for gimmick offense. parcells a joke

I loved those two picks for KC. Fans get so fixated with need that they think the next best player at a posiiton is the best pick.

They seem to forget that Baldwin fellow th Chiefs reached for under Pioli.

Dee Ford would be a top ten pick many years and is a perfect system fit for the Chiefs. Tamba Hali is 31, time coming to an end. Ford gets the luxury of being eased into the position, Hali is near the end and can become a rotational player in a year or just flat out cut and save the cap strapped Chiefs.

Also those arguing against a CB with Gaines' skill set obviously missed when they gave up 789 passing yards against Luck in that 2nd half. Guy was BPA and need.

This is why Andy Reid has coached 789 playoff games...

Manz, Tann & tebow

(3) QBs on the cheap

Mike Shula OC & Dan Marino QBs coach and assistant OC

Go Phins!


MIT yeah not worried about Turner in least might turn out to our best pick at some point.

Not only am I not expecting Turner to start but if he does I think we've just hoisted a HUGE red flag as to the depth on this squad

"I was totally expecting Philbin to hire that kid in GB but he didn't..."

Matt Flynn came for a visit and when he left GB he had an open mind. On the drive from the airport to Dolphins HQ Matty saw first hand the grafitti, filth, violence, poverty, despair and men holding 5 gallon paint buckets full of mismatched tools.
Then he met the Dolphins braintrust and that solidified his decision.

Gonna be exciting w Mike Vick, 1500 All purpose YDs every year Chris Johnson, 24 TDs in 2 yrs Eric Decker,KR?PR/WR threat Jacoby Ford and all the new draft picks w great coaching

Cannot wait to see this team compete

. . . wait never mind, wrong team

Go Dolphins and Ju'Wuan confuse & scared of holding a hand saw James

Charles Clay ranked #89
And Brent Grimes ranked #98
That's good enough for me!

Ray Farmer for GM of the year the Bills 2015 first round pick

Read that alot of teams actually had Turner rated higher than James on their boards, so I think Turner is going to be a good one. He just has to get used to playing G and the speed difference between the FCS vs. the NFL, kinda like going from AA ball to MLB.
Good thing about playing G is he won't be out on an island, probably the easiest OLine position to learn.

I think jerry is another in a long line of players this staff had no clue how to use.
No he wasn't a star but look back at his performance when jake Long went down in 2012 and tell me he doesn't play a better left tackle than J martin or Clabo ever did.
Guy could've been our in house answer at tackle but ever since this staff got out here, that's all we saw was him at OG.
I mean look at his size and footwork and tell me that isn't a tackle.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 11:06 AM

First off it isn't just this staff. Sparano and I think 2 of his o-line coaches had him too.

The trouble with him was as you mentioned in your next post, his weight always set him back in training camp.

Even though he did have the measurables and athletic ability I think his situation somewhat speaks to what some folks are trying to explain to you on measuables.

Even though Jerry fits the mold of what you look for his lack of desire held him back.

Now as you say maybe Landry just has too much to make up for but heart, motivation, and adrenaline go farther than most who have never played themselves realize.

Turner is another loser fat guy from a small school blocking lil nobodies
Never gonna be a successful o-lineman in the NFL

no way

bad pick

Yeah Garn, wouldn't be surprised at all if Thomas and Smith were the starting guards and Turner was our OT in training.

That would actually make me feel better, actually. We will need three tackles this year. Albert doesn't work 16 games.


It was fast and violent and exciting. However there was no
-hand holding
-french kissing
-cake swapping

Aiken may develop into a better CB than both of Jeffrey's 2013 picks

Actually o line is one of the easiest positions to adjust to from FCS to the pros.

Many long time greats and hall of famers came from East Lubbock A & M and schools of similar stature....

Thomas is a bust and Smith was released cux he sucked

some fans r just plain stupid

Home 4 GM w Iupati, Kuechly and Manz

Home,MIT and the rest.....

The dilemma that is Johnny Manziel begins! It will be a bit of an enigma handling the over exposure that is this player evident in the recent comments made by his Coach and the team Owner.

Only 1 week after making him there 2nd #1 selection in the draft the team is already overwhelmed by the circus that surrounds this player. The Owner went public yesterday saying, "Cleveland is a blue collar community and he's just another Rookie player" H.C. Pettine, "He has to come in and work put the distractions aside to win the job" ect.....

Aside from average ahtletically that had me thinking/seeing Doug Flutie out of Boston College with others throwing around insane comparisons to B.Favre or S.Young (No athletic comparison not even close!) My biggest concern with him was the over-hyped media machine which Manziel seems to fead off of that last yr. by week-2 had him screaming at Coach Sumlin on the sidelines when he came up with his little money finger wiggle celebration.

Honestly when analyzing situations out of potential Rookie starters Bridgewater is the one in position to succeed most. He is very accurate and will get time to throw and have the ultimate play action at his disposal. Manziel will get on the field with a team that has enough that people will expect more than what he can deliver and I see high dramma when the going gets tough expecially if he plans on signing all the endorsments in front of him ect...

We will see but I for-see this kid getting knocked down a few pegs and am curious myself at how he responds when some of the team turns on him and faced with real adversity his average talent won't be able to bail him out of early in his NFL career!

Turner, Thomas and Smith

none will work out as a starter in this league



MIT yeah not worried about Turner in least might turn out to our best pick at some point.
Not only am I not expecting Turner to start but if he does I think we've just hoisted a HUGE red flag as to the depth on this squad
Posted by: Garn79 | May 15, 2014 at 11:30 AM


I will make sure to remember to stand up and say I'm wrong on this one but my gut and hope is Turner was drafted in hope of him being at opening day starter at LG.

Tannnefail = 3 WR TDs in his first 16 games

Let's see how many Manziel earns w even less at WR and on a team that is perennially bad

Home knows Manz > Tann

Turner is nothing

small school playa competing against guys that r now garbage men or Jiffy Lube techs

ETF I was thinking that Ben Mcadoo? Guy..couldn't remember his name when I'd posted..

f4l, never heard me once ask for Manziel. I think james was an average pick, I had Verrett and brandin Cooks on my mind.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Cooks win rookie of the year actually.

I think manziel should've been shot on sight upon reaching the dais and doing that uber douchey money finger twitching move.

Up in Canada, we don't accept that from our athletes. Look at our hockey players - all of them are all business all the time.

Home expecting the Dolphins to draft at about #12 next year

With an improved O line,the addition of Moreno and Landry, I see a more balanced attack. All that we did not have or use last year will be our strengths this year. I looked at team stats for most of the 32 teams and a lot of YAC are from receivers in the middle. Having Landry is assurance in case Gibson is not ready and then maybe Hickey is wanting to start building his own team and not work with what he inherited. Good start would be to cut Gibson if he is beat out in training camp and save cap money for later use.

Home, you're more optimistic than Walter. he has us picking 10th and selecting Todd Gurley, RB, UGA. Now that would be a manly player for the Dolphins. Our next Ricky Williams.

Manz @ #19
is a terrrrrrific value

esp when we have a QB that does not know when to run, throw it away and cannot pass 60 ft

No sacks given up against the JETs last DEc by the 0line
yet Tanny w 3 INTS (again) and go sit on the couch like a loser during the playoffs

I think manziel should've been shot on sight upon reaching the dais and doing that uber douchey money finger twitching move.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 11:47 AM

Rubbed me the wrong way as well! I didn't like the tyraid he directed at very good H.C. Sumlin who along with Davis Shaw is on my short list fo future Coaching search I see Dolphins embarking on in 2015. I give Philbin a 50/50 chance if this team doesn't get itself in a wild Card game.

My #1 cadidate is Shaw watching and listening to him on the NFL Network during the draft beaking down players it gave me the impression he knows what it would take to build around a scheme and employ at in the next level.

Manz is confident
Lebron, marino and Home are also confident in him

Home, you're more optimistic than Walter. he has us picking 10th and selecting Todd Gurley, RB, UGA. Now that would be a manly player for the Dolphins. Our next Ricky Williams.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 11:52 AM

We could do worse have been watching Gurley since his Fr. Yr. and he will be the next ELITE RB in the NFL!

Yeah Rick you could be right. Sometimes I think coaches start rooks even when they're outplayed by vets(slightly) cause they know they're the future & need valuable play time.
In Turner's case..if anyone is outplaying him I don't think he gets the nod, don't think they'll risk 2 rooks on starting Oline unless he surprises @ camp..it'll be interesting to see a lot of the pos play out this season..

"We're fix'n to see!"

I'm out cheers ya'll

Good Mark
Dolphins will need all new or just keep one RB

Problem is we also need a Franchise QB and Franchise LB

back to Home's theory of NOT picking Kuechly and reaching for Tanny set us back 5 yrs

this is year 3 w no winning season yet


Look at Jags - Blackmon gets himself suspended so deeply he has to apply for reinstatement. But the Jags end up with the #3 pick and possibly a franchise QB so it seems like the other teams in the division are the ones who will potentially suffer the most.

Now look at Cle - If Gordon plays with Manziel I think it's reasonable that the Browns win 8 games. If Gordon misses the season maybe Cle wins 3 games. Cle already has 2 first round picks next year, did one of them just get moved into the top 5 because of Gordon?

f4l. Agree with your take of Manziel. I was never impressed with him as a complete package. Maybe he has shown what he has on the field at the collegiate level but his off the field issues and self centered ego has me wondering how far will he make it in the NFL.

Gordon is not a 5 game dif maker


maybe 2-3 would be generous

Home said the Browns r building a better football team than the Fins

most of the Sheeple laughed

we will see in 2015


f4l, yeah, Shaw is the real deal and i would be very optimistic if he were our next guy.

Ross would probably insist the next coach work with Hickey though and we will end up with the Asst Strength and Conditioning Coach of the jacksonville Jaguars as our next guy.

And this brings us back to Gurley. And I agree he is the next Adrian Peterson type at least from afar.

With Shaw as the coach, and the tough guy Stanford approach, this would be a match made in heaven.


Just trying to say that if the team getting punished has a shhtty season then they actually end up better off.


Remember, NFL LT's that begin to lose their great athleticism have been moved to OG. With Turner, he gets to do while still having great athleticism and great youth to boot.

With Smith and Turner inside, along with Pouncey, we should see athleticism play inside, we are quite unused to as fans of the Miami Dolphins. Not only should these 3 have great foot speed for their size, they have the size and strength to play with power when they get on top of defenders too.

I believe it's very possible to have a top 10 offensive line in 2014.

Glad to see Big Play Clay make the top 100 list. Grimes too, even though I think 95 is too low for Grimes.

Now that the draft is over I would look into signing Clay long term. Maybe he gives us a bit of a discount for the security of some guaranteed money.

Manz will be just fine in the NFL

some folks cannot get over their jealousy

jealousy is many a folks . . . Achilles Heel

Agreed about the LBs Home and I thought the Dolphins missed out on one in Ryan Shazier. I'm actually quite glad the Steelers picked him because if we picked James ahead of him, I might have gone out on a shooting spree.


Home will have a can of Popeye's Spinach autographed by a Dolphins player this year

which top 3 players of choice would u like Home to get to sign ?

Home will do if they r available to him

Will later display live signing pics and close up of signed can of Popeye's spinach

ETF @ 11:59, Walter has forecasted that the Browns will pick twice in the top 5 picks next year ... oh man.... not a big believer in EJ Kelly I guess.

Well home, I to have wheels since the day I was born.

After all that drama the Dolphins went thru last year. Ain't no way we picking Manziel
to add Fire to the circus.

Camp will be counter - productive because now they are splitting reps.

Manziel cant read NFL defenses.
We had far to many needs to be wasting picks on a QB.

Especially after investing 2 years on Tannehill.

Plus our receivers are ready to roll. No time for project QB's.

Tannehill's back is against the wall. Lets see what he's made of.


They threw the ball deep early and often and put us in a hole.
We abandoned our running game to try and catch up and teams tee'd off on Tanne.
What's to prevent that from happening again? Rookie OL get tricked and abused by experienced defenders. 2 rookie OL's and Tanne could end up in a body cast. (Defenders are not allowed to touch Brady/Peyton/Rodgers/Brees but they can do whatever they want to the Tannes and Hennes of the world).

Many, many folks don't believe in Shaz

Home, I'm nota 5 year old who cares about autographs from a mediocre team.

I have autographs of Dolphins greats. marino, Williams, Zach, Sam madison. When players of that ilk show up on this team, I will provide a list.

EJ Kelly - I get it -it took me a minute.

Stop worrying about Turner, if he's at Division 1 collegiate level, he easily goes top 15 pick. The guy "TOTALLY DOMINATED" the completion on Division 1a.

He was the best olineman on that level by a "LANDSLIDE". Not even a conversation. I see no reason why he can not be a day 1 starter at OG for us.

There are a great many starting OG's in the NFL today that doesn't have the combination of athleticism and power Turner brings in right away. OG will not be a complicated transition for him. It's even greater to go from OG to the LT position. That's what I would be overly concerned about. So relax. :)

Honestly if we are bad this year and Philbin gets fired, Hickey need to go too. We need the HC and GM to be joined at the hip.

David Shaw is an interesting name to me. I also like Seattle Seahawks D-Coord Dan Quinn. He has the players, but seems to use them the right way.

Cam Wake ?








C'Mon Mark, which ones?

Dolphins strong thru the finish
cuz I Eatz Me Spinach!

which one, Exposing u pick
Home Delivers w link of pic, guaranteed!

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