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Bitonio goes to the Browns (sorry)

The Dolphins targetted Joel Bitonio as a guard prospect for the second round with their No. 50 overall selection.

Nope. Sorry.

The Cleveland Browns selected Bitonio with the No. 35 overall pick. Good player. Good pick.

Look for Dolphins to think Marcus Martin or a wide receiver now.

A couple of other players -- WR Marqise Lee and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins -- also were selected in the second round.

Seferian-Jenkins went to Tampa Bay and that was followed by Lee going to the Jaguars. So the Dolphins, interested in both player to some degree, see the players stay in the state. 


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Oh well. On to the next guy. There's a crowd of guys targeted by the Phins I'm sure. What did they have 13 guys they liked in the first round.

That is worrisome. He did play every snap of every game he played at Tenn and only gave up 5 sacks though. Maybe he's just not a gym guy.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 09, 2014 at 06:37 PM

The Combine stats guy has always been MIT on here and to be honest I'm surprised he didn't bring it up?? It never crossed my mind he had such a bad showing!

I do know (and it might surprise some of you as well) that Joel Bitonio only put up 22 reps in the same catagory!!

There goes the interior OL I liked Su'a-Filo, nice pick for Houston!

At this point I'm hoping we grab Trai Turner in this Rd in honesty settlingthe OL once and for all so we don't need to revisit in 2015 draft. The scout report says fit is POWER scheme though and Marcus Martin best at this point in Zone for whatever it's worth!

There goes the need pick for Dallas a little surprised the Boise St. kid went ahead of K.Ealy who played in SEC.

Bitonio gone now a run on Guards lets see who slidest us and all pray we don't end up with ND's Chris Watt todayn whose probably a 4-6 d guy!

Soon to be a run on wrs...watch.

I'm actually leaning towards wanting a WR in the second after those 2 guys came off the board. We still need some weapons for the offense. Guys that can make plays and put points on the scoreboard.

Posted by: fin4life | May 09, 2014 at 07:25 PM

This talk of setting the line "once and for all" is wishful thinking not a certainty.

Posted by: Darkoak | May 09, 2014 at 07:30 PM

Pouncey 1st Rdas well as B.Albert and now we add a 1st Rd RT in James and probably a 2nd Rd one today and if that doesn't settle it after 6 Yrs. and counting when Parcells arrived then the Team, F.O. and we the fans can all collectively jump off a F'n bridge!

Browns have put together a tremendous O Line

Posted by: fin4life | May 09, 2014 at 07:36 PM


I really hope Marcus Martin is not the pick. I know center is weird position to assess athletically but man...

The Bucs add a TE to go with their WR. Wow 2 offensive picks for Lovie.

Toronto they have Hageman and Soliai in the middle now.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 09, 2014 at 07:38 PM

They play a 3/4 Hageman will project to RDE in that scheme for Mike Nolan. The DE Pos. he rushed Straks off of here.

im here

Before the Fins came into existence, the Brownies were our family team, my dad being from (shudder) Cleveland.

Now, I HATE their guts. Gordon gone. The cleansing begins.

We seem to be getting late, each time, to each dance.

where abouts in Cleveland IMA? shaker?


Seems like you HATE a lot. I'll bet if we had just won the SB you'd be just as hateful and critical.


While I was still hanging out on the old blog I replied to your post.

I like Turner and Gabe Jackson for our next pick.

Good, have him


I really hope Marcus Martin is not the pick. I know center is weird position to assess athletically but man...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 09, 2014 at 07:41 PM

Another dubious showing at the rack posting 23 reps....

However I might be paranoid but the fact were dropping a Cnter's name gets me thinking? You follow!

Gabe Jackson is thehighest lineman on my board. If you are goign to draft a big plotting inside lineman, then pick the strongest, meanest one with great feet for his size - Jackson.

Real targets to throw to. Three 6'5 weapons.
Then Jax gets the gamebreaker in Marquis Lee. Some teams know how to draft...Fins don't.

There goes Marqis, another of the Players I liked.

Posted by: Sesame | May 09, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Go away, you've posted NOTHING positive. period.
The previous blog, I basically +1'd you regarding a TE versus WR. Obviously you missed tht.
Your assessment of me is, like all your posts, judgmental and obseqious.

Now, I HATE their guts. Gordon gone. The cleansing begins.

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 09, 2014 at 07:42 PM

The Bitonio pick on the heels of Gordon's pending Yr. long suspension with Lee up there was surprising.

Please no guard in the 2nd round. Pick one in the 3rd. We've been picking O and D lineman high for years. It's like the process that won't stop.

I think he's going to be gone too though MIT.

f4l, we better not be jettisoning starting linemen after using teh top two picks to fill out the line.

THat would be the last straw with me and this Philbin regime.

And this is from someone who never once uttered the phrase fire Ireland.

Posted by: dbo the great | May 09, 2014 at 07:44 PM

He went to Garfield High, iof that makes sense. I was born in Miami, Jackson Memorial.

Seems like Hickey is being out foxed here. As expected.

Clev has plenty of picks. They have a stout D and an stout O-line. Watch them pick at least 2 very good wrs for Johnny to pitch to. They already have a great TE in Cameron.

I don't know Rick, there's a whack of instriguing skill players you get on a 2nd rd pick rookie salary there right now.

Slave labour by sports measures.

If KC had a pick, I'd say for sure. He is exactly what KC likes.

Mando, por favor, please give us a heads-up when you start a new blog! Thanks

yup.i believe Antonio Winfield went to Garfield high. It's the east side.

Detroit about to take a WR! LOL!

Lee is a nice pick for Jax, I know alot of uncertainty surrounds Blackmon but he was suspended indefinitly for 3rd drug violation in same Season after week-4 so the logic tells me he can look for re-instatement after week-4 2014. So we'll see how that plays out were Lee fits nicely as the #2.

By the number, talk about a stiff, that's Van Noy

Filo gone. Bitonio gone. This is exactly why Hickey should have traded back.

I am now hoping for Jace Amaro at TE. The new OC's offense uses the TE a lot. I would love to have a TE duo like the Pats had in Hernandez and Gronk.

The one thing I know is that they cannot reach for another OL. There are no more guards that can go at 50. Any guard picked at 50 would be a reach.

Detroit about to take a WR! LOL!

Posted by: Stra8balla | May 09, 2014 at 07:51 PM

At leas not at pick #1 like they did about 4 drafts in a row. However, they did hit it BIG, finally. Not sure if Millen was still there.

Well the Rams traded up for a corner. They were one of the teams who I thought would take Jackson.

Maybe stiff is a strong word, he's a below average athlete for an NFL OLB.

@ cocoajoe, did you not see adam beasly's tweet? he stated that the dolphins indeed tried to trade back, but did not get any takers.

Rick, Phillip Gaines to Detroit?

There goes Jordan Matthews.

Hopefully Hickey is not a deer in the headlights, and actually has a player in mind still on the board. One hopes.
of course, ALL GMs SAY they got the guy they wanted.
Not a bad thing, as the last thing you'd want is a player feeling like he's an after thought. These are BIG men, but no less sensitive than we shrimps. OL

Posted by: dbo the great, not exactly the way I heard it.
Had a partner but Hickey wanted too much...whatever that means.

Who's gonna take Carlos Hyde and Tre Mason??

We are entering into the good not great area of the Draft. It had to fall to us, of course. At least we are going to see Hickey's ability in this area where Ireland sukkked.

THat would be the last straw with me and this Philbin regime.

And this is from someone who never once uttered the phrase fire Ireland.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 09, 2014 at 07:48 PM

Listen Bro no need to preach to the choir just find it interesting that on the heels of a controversial (and stupid) comment by Pouncey whose still on the hook with Goodell (Wyatt Earp of Comish's) for scandal we come out today with a pending interest in a kid who played Center in College with projection to Guard?


The fact you need to announce you are a writer shows as much insecurity as your elementary school writing. Any bumble bee can be a writer today. Just look at Armando.

You are hateful and frustrated. I'm merely objective.

Every one has extra picks in the division but the
Fins who are the team that needs them most.

@ cocoajoe, gotcha man. but can you fault the man if tried to get an extra 2nd? I say that's a gambla to me

@ cocoajoe, did you not see adam beasly's tweet? he stated that the dolphins indeed tried to trade back, but did not get any takers.

Posted by: dbo the great | May 09, 2014 at 07:55 PM

If open believed in conspiracies, you'd think Goodell contacted the other 31 teams and strongly SUGGESTED teams not deal with the horribly un-=PC Miami Dolphins. Punishment for bully-gate?

I realize this sounds utterly ridiculous, but this entire draft so far is surreal.
It's as if it's scripted, but not in the favor of the Fins.

Nice, safe WR prospect with high upside.

not "open" ..I meant "if one believed" etc.

I have to tell you that this drafting of a soft OL from Tennessee has Philbin's fingerprints all over it. He was the one that loved Jonathan Martin because of his athleticism. Here we go again.

@ IMA, lmao now that's funny. Probably. ha ha ha

Gonna go out on a limb here and say we draft a RB here. We have Carlos Hyde and Tre Mason slotted high.

f4l, to me, it was explained as in case of suspension, plus position flexibility is coveted by PHilbin (although he never used it with Jordan or any of his WRS).

Here comes the run

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