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Bitonio goes to the Browns (sorry)

The Dolphins targetted Joel Bitonio as a guard prospect for the second round with their No. 50 overall selection.

Nope. Sorry.

The Cleveland Browns selected Bitonio with the No. 35 overall pick. Good player. Good pick.

Look for Dolphins to think Marcus Martin or a wide receiver now.

A couple of other players -- WR Marqise Lee and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins -- also were selected in the second round.

Seferian-Jenkins went to Tampa Bay and that was followed by Lee going to the Jaguars. So the Dolphins, interested in both player to some degree, see the players stay in the state. 


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What did they get this time?



Now I like what Hickey is doing. Collecting picks. No need to take a player that you like when you can take him later this is a deep draft. Now I wish he had done that with the first pick.

You see what I mean? I mean what Vegas means? They know.

Numbers don't lie.

I think goodell is fukking us.

And we got the worse of 2 49ers picks in the round

Were going morgan moses

Traded out for 5th round pic

There went my boy. I think we wanted him, that is why we traded out. Nevertheless, Manning will make him a good one.



hahaha, trade right out of the 2nd jsut about for a 4th and 5th

So we are an 8-8 team who's draft Strategy consists in using our 1 Rd pick to over reach for a RT and then basically trade out of the 2nd round

We must be loaded with playmakers and talent everywhere

Another 5th round pick = another Josk Kaddu type. Yippee.

I think the Fins are going after McSugar McBrown from Sweet ST

Hickey is the gift that keeps on giving.

How often do 4th and 5th round picks even make the team, let alone make an impact? Trading down is for teams that already have depth. We need impact players! This is ridiculous.

Bill Belichick has been trading down to stockpile more picks forever. How do you think the Pats always HAVE those extra picks, you nitwits? Magic pixie dust?

But of course Hickey does the same thing and you hate it.

God what a collection of clueless wonders here.

Picking 63 now

Please no more linemen.

Well, we have 8 picks that we have not touched yet. That is a classic test for Hickey.

This is YESTERDAY'S move ..

El Guapo gone to SF

Now I think it is time to take Chris Borland. That is more where he is projected to go. I like this strategy. This gives them the ability to take a QB and a RB in the mid rounds to groom. I am calling Borland with the next pick!

We got a 5th?? Now I'm really questioning wtf Hickey is doing. We just got a 5th body pick for Carlos Hyde.

Not trading for value again...that's points off Hickey for sure. We should have received a 4th rounder for that trade and got a 5th according to the Draft value chart.

SF now has its "BEASTMODE" to match up with Seattle.


We will all look back at this Hickey draft where he passes over 7-8 pro bowler to draft a bunch of scrubs.

Hyde will tear it up behind that SF line.
Tre mason please!

58 sacks... We need linemen...

We are the least improved team in the division.

I don't feel like looking the freakin draft chart but it seem like we should have got another 4th for a pick 7 spots later.

Bobby, this looks to me like the worst Dolphins draft since Wannstedt. I'm nto positive at all.

ANd to Homer-stradamus up there, Patriots stockpile future high picks, not pciks for training camp fodder.

Hickey has no idea who to draft,they will keep trading down til they have 22 7th round picks. Then they will take one from each position !!!

We are the least improved team in the division.

Trade down again? FOr what? No 2nd pick so we can get a 4th and what... 5th? Man, I am not a fan of this at all..

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 09, 2014 at 08:57 PM

Did you hear that we went back for a 5th!!

At this point Hyde had alot of value will be a stud in S.F. behind that OL!!

A disturbing pattern is eerging here with Miami!!

We're trading down and now believe it will be Marcus Martin and the RB will be Devonta Freeman in the 4th.

In arguably the deepest draft I've ever sat through were targeting players ranked down on position boards!!

If it stays true I will be etremely disappointed to sa the very least!!

Hickey is a collector...in this draft that is a great thing. There are still lots of tallented guys left. I hope Charles Sims is our RB!!!


Miami just traded out once again and missed out on Carlos Hyde. Damn it! I know what Hickey is doing, getting more draft picks, but he's missing out on playmakers. This season is gonna be as boring as this draft is for my Fins.

WTF is going on? Zero impact players. Trading down for guys that won't even make the final roster. And Hyde was picked with their pick. Holy crap

San Fran trades from 56 to 63 for a 5th and a 4th rounder in 2015.

San Fran then trades up from 63 to 57 and we only get a 5th.

Thats bad strategy and not good value.

I hope you are right Orlando, with Borland

A plot to get rid of Joe Philbin. LOL
Seriously boys, this is as bizarre as I can ever remember, and I've been following Pro football for 55 years, and the draft since '66.

I'm sorry, but I'm not drinking the "best draft in years" BS, which ESPN/NFL net has thrown around to keep viewers entranced.

The Fins have stockpiled a couple of draft picks to get a couple more Gilleslees and Jamar Fletchers. I am physically sick. Hickey can take his "Dolphin value" BS and shove it where the sun don't shine.

He is a seriously clueless man searching for an identity that apparently doesn't exist. It's like a passive Jerry Jones running this draft.

Wouldn't you have rather have had #50, than 1 pick out of the 68 that were chosen this evening?

I really think IMA is onto something, I think jack rabit Goodell is forcing us to move down to penalize for jonathan martin's immature actions. whats the world come to.

Lots of good players going off the board. That's all I know.

We are the least improved team in the division.

The problem with drafting this late is that most good Players are gone by then. This area is only for the very gifted evaluators, JJ, Belichick, Ozzie. But who knows about Hickey, he might be one of those.

4th and 5th round picks do NOTHING year in and year out. Trading down is a wasted chance at picked a better player

To hell with many picks when they won't play, smaller quantity of contributors for me please. We sux

..Hillarious..Trade down hickey Trade down...What are you doing??I thought this was a deep draft? I thought we could find good players all throught the draft. There are still a ton of ballers on the board. Moncreif, Borland, Bryant, a QB...I thought people would love this...

To me the Dolphins are targeting RBs, WRs, QBs, and DBs, in the 4th and beyond. The draft is rich with those players in the middle rounds. RBs: Williams, Freeman, Storm Johnson, and West will be terrific players in those rounds. The draft is absolutely loaded at WR. You could find a good WR in the 6th round this year. I would love Aaron Murray QB in the 4th round.

Now let's take Boreland (the next Zach Thomas). Then BPA from there.

"My strategy is not to draft for need, we will draft the best player on the board" Dennis Hickey when hired. Well Cook and Manziel were on the board in Round one when we picked. Ok, I get we needed a right tackle. BUT now we let go of playmakers like Carlos Hyde for a stinking 5th round pick?? We are gathering picks in the 4th and 5th round for players who are at best 50/50 to make this team?? C'mon !!!

I am physically sick. Hickey can take his "Dolphin value" BS and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 09, 2014 at 09:07 PM

See what I mean? Maybe he should change his name to IMAHater LOL

Pick 57 worth 330 and pick 63 worth 276. That's 54 points we got 23 in value. That's negative 31.

Pick 50 worth 400 and pick 57 worth 330. That's 70 points we got got 62. That's negative 8 but could have had Hyde.

Damn it Hickey put tape the damn draft trade value guide to your computer.

The day Hickey brings the rings like Belichick does, we'll let him give away picks for free if he wants to. But today, our GM is approaching Matt Millen, Rick Spielman (Dolphins years) leves


It will really depend on who they draft. Remember the first guys that all the pundits rank #1 don't always perform best.

I will take RB Charles Sims vs about anyone in this draft.

I would have liked to add Latimer but I feel he has some off the field stuff and the Fins after Bullygate will draft saints.


I told you guys way back on day 2 of free agency.

The man is clueless.

Correction RB Charles Sims vs any RB in this draft not any player in the draft....whoopsie


Gabe Jackson

Hyde was there for the taking!!
Powhitrash until now our line looks like this
Rg shelly-capable starter
Rt ja'wuan 5th best linemen in this draft
C pouncey pro bowl
Lt albert pro bowl
Lg brenner a guy who played better than cogs who was a bro bowler.
The line is more than adequate.

Holly Crap! We traded down yet again!!! Now we are at 71. WTF????

the Dolphins make all the fans feel buggered in their bum

INteresting Mewhort, not much difference from James on a lot of boards went 59...

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