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Bitonio goes to the Browns (sorry)

The Dolphins targetted Joel Bitonio as a guard prospect for the second round with their No. 50 overall selection.

Nope. Sorry.

The Cleveland Browns selected Bitonio with the No. 35 overall pick. Good player. Good pick.

Look for Dolphins to think Marcus Martin or a wide receiver now.

A couple of other players -- WR Marqise Lee and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins -- also were selected in the second round.

Seferian-Jenkins went to Tampa Bay and that was followed by Lee going to the Jaguars. So the Dolphins, interested in both player to some degree, see the players stay in the state. 


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F*ck Mallet..

Wow...I remember when some fin fans used to say that Mallet was the best QB ever and that we'd regret not taking him. Maybe the Patriots disagree

Pick 17 on James but Morgan Moses still on the board...

Anyone still think it was the right pick?

Brady's eventual replacement and maybe given elite release will be the QB we're talking about in this QB Class down the road as 2017 player (Brady 41 then)

Leading up to the draft mayock spoke about Landry as one of his WR favorites. Lets see how much time NFL network gives Miami. Oh wait, commercials first.

well here we go

Kristina in Dooshland,

Well the verdict is in on Mallett. NE just drafted their next QB. Care to admit you were wrong about him?

2 pro bowlers drafted on current roster, haha

how pathetic.

We made a pic

I will be interested to see what Kiper and McShay will say about Landry. I don't know much about him but this is a star loaded draft so this guy better be good if you are going to take him in the second round.

Can't believe they missed out on Hyde!!! For a 5th rounder??? You gotta be sh*tting me!! WTF is which this guy Hickey? Its time for Ross to sell this damn team!!!

Jarvis Landry stinks bad... wow...

We traded completely out of Rd-2 were playing Checkers IMO folks!!!!

Talking crap about NE,


Perhaps a Mallet trade is pending they got this guy?

hahaha, nobody even cares to boo Miami anymore...

Landry ran a 4.77 40.

We are the least improved team in the division.


You gotta be happy now!

O.K.! I like this pick!

McSHay says this is one of his favorite players. I don't know what you guys are talking about. This guy looks awesome!

Yep love me some short WRs

so we picked a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder.

Clueless in Miami

new blog

Landry is small and slow WTF?

yeah MIT McShay loves him..

Imma new fan who was the guy who announced our pick?

4.77 40? C'mon. That STINKS!

I have never heard of Landry.
Hickey has been garbage so far

F4l please tell me why? Quick! ;)

Landry = Another bust

Larry Little

fin4life pay attention. We did not trade out of the second round!

Yup. Landry. Who knows?

I think he plays like Hines Ward. I like the pick.

This Draft is not looking good according to the books

Well we took a slow WR, but he makes up for it by not being very big. At least he can catch. I reckon if your QB is inaccurate, you get a receiver that can catch bad passes better that the D.

And the mistakes pile on

I think I'd prefer a tall WR for a QB that lacks accuracy,

On the F&^% CLOCK

You guys have to relax check him out on youtube, this guy goes up and catches the ball in track, and forget the stupid 40 time watch the tape he can run, and fyi his combine 40 time he tweaked his hamstring on his pro day he ran 4.55


check it out

Not a bifg fan of SEC receivers.

That was optimism meeting sarcasm.

Summary so far: 1st and 2nd round thrown away

just gave away our 4th round pick

I wonder how many of these fools have even seen Landry play in college? What was Jerry Rice's 40 time? Landry is a baller.

Yeah this guy Landry sucks all he does is make catches everything thrown in his direction, and is not afraid to take a hit

I can bench press more than our 1st round and run faster than our 2nd rounder

Landry may be the steal of this draft. His slow time because of his hamstring pushed him back and we lucked out. This was impressive pick by Hickey!

Again McShay and Mayok loved this pick!

I know its early but Hickey looks as bad as Ireland.

Where is the pick

Tanne runs faster than this Landry dude, heck we could have picked manziel in the first, move tanne to wr and easily still pick James in the 2nd

we traded away our 50th for a 4th round pick, than just gave it away for #67, is this guy for real

For all the naysayers Just You tube Jarvis Landry LSU Highlights The Man

He does the title justice. Then come back on here and complain about this guy... Plus lots of real football anylasts are saying he could be best WR in the draft

Billy Turner nice pick, he is a nasty OL

Wow... This Draft is really underwhelming for Hickey. Turn down an extra 3rd Rd pick from the Saints to slide down 8 spots in the 1st where he still could've taken Ju'Wuan James and then trade down a bunch of times in the 2nd and take a slow ass small WR like Jarvis Landry? Now trade up and take Billy Turner? Wow... mind boggling decisions ala Jeff Ireland all over again.

hey Hickey.. we need play makers not a stockpile of mid to late round picks that will have a hard time making the 53 man roster!


EVERYONE looks great on youtube!! DUUUUUUUUUHHH!!

Give it up Toronto, quit acting like a little biitch.

There have about 100 mock drafts posted in this blog in the past month, not once this Landry dude came out.....I understand about blind loyaltytoyour team,but at some point you got to start looking yourself in the mirror and this chit

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