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Bitonio goes to the Browns (sorry)

The Dolphins targetted Joel Bitonio as a guard prospect for the second round with their No. 50 overall selection.

Nope. Sorry.

The Cleveland Browns selected Bitonio with the No. 35 overall pick. Good player. Good pick.

Look for Dolphins to think Marcus Martin or a wide receiver now.

A couple of other players -- WR Marqise Lee and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins -- also were selected in the second round.

Seferian-Jenkins went to Tampa Bay and that was followed by Lee going to the Jaguars. So the Dolphins, interested in both player to some degree, see the players stay in the state. 


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we essential traded our #50th pick straight up for the #67 pick, this guy Hickey is the biggest POS in the NFL. Hickey is The biggest loser in the history of the draft right next to the Hershal Walker trade by JJ

Solid draft, like first 2 picks. Guy did your homework before you complain.

He is picking players than could have been picked rounds later

Is it CLEAR now why Tampa wanted no of him?

Goes for the rest of you all too. Ridiculous. They don't pick people you spend 2 months googling, get the fk over it.

Hickey = retard

Every GM is calling Hickey to try to take advantage of him, the word is out

Rectum, we "essentially" traded 50 for 63 and 67, not 67. Are u wasted or something?

we got a AA school Tackle. In 2 years we'll be wasting another pick on the oline

Hickey is worse than Ireland?

I for one know wrs and have seen landry play many many times. Dude is slow and is a straight possession wr. He is the slowest wr on this team today. At 5'11 he is also the shortest. Does that make much sense to any one. Landry has good hands and plays hard. We don't need effort players who lack talent. We need a physically imposing x or y wr who can run. Landry is far from that. This is a joke.

Raise your hand if you at any point wish we would draft Landry

What? No hands....things that make you go hummmmmmm

Rectum, we "essentially" traded 50 for 63 and 67, not 67. Oh and a 5th. So jaded you can't even pay attention. National media giving positive remarks. Get with it.

maybe we'll get that franchise QB we been coveting with the number one overall pick next year. We are definitely
going to be in the running for the number one overall in 2015, I'm so proud to be a Dolphins Fan

Wasted pick after wasted pick for Hickey... Landry is a bum... we could simply taken Allen Horns near the end of the Draft for "effort" players...

I wish they would have just given Ray Farmer the GM job without all of the 2nd and 3rd interview crap...

The same head scratching garbage we dealt with with that Idiot Ireland for 6 years. Same stupid idiots doing the same stupid incompetent moves

Dumpster Diving Dolphins, we'll be here all weekend

Aponte and Failbin are running this draft, 3 tards in a tub going over the falls

Allen Hurns is faster...bigger and just as sure handed as Landry. Landry wouldn't have gone until prob the 4th round with that size speed ratio. Hickey is worse than Ireland.

DawnJoe will praise this draft as one of the finest in team history.

Ireland never drafted this bad
I think Jordan was a hell of a pick that was sabotaged by failbin

Teams with less picks and later slots are drafting better than we are. Sad the Fins continue to want to suck. Instead of improving the roster we are adding more mediocre talent with every passing round. Mason gone...Hyde gone. You can forget about a rb. Wr and TE talent is dried up now to. Leaves us to pick multiple o-linemen an lbs. LMAO

DawnJoe will be praising this draft next year sitting on a park bench next to Forrest Gump while they blame Hickey for their failure. Forrest will just look at them and say "my feet hurt, but I could walk around all day in a pair a shoes like yurs"

I bet hickey will be in running for worst draft of the year

Ireland would always pick the fastest, tallest, strongest, way too much weight on spread sheets of physical stats. Here's the secret... "The production stats are the meaningful numbers for drafting".
I like this receiver pick if for no other reason then I know Ireland would never have picked him. The best way to judge how a player will produce in the pros is to see how well he produced in college. So simple, but Ireland never did that, he always tried to out smart everyone and pick the most impressive workout numbers instead of game day numbers. He thought you could grow a player, make a superior player out of a superior physique.
Just look at the horrible pick of giving up a high #1 and a high 2nd. rounder for a guy like Dion Jordan, 3rd overall, who only had 5 sacks the year before in a crappy pac 10 division, but he was really tall, long arms and fast, just like Jason Taylor. Only difference was, Jason produced tremendously in collage and being from a small collage, was a third round pick. Zach Thomas in the 5th round would also never have been an Ireland pick, too short. Even though in collage, Zach was a tackling machine and continued to be in the pros.
A stop watch or bench press are horrible tools for finding the next Jerry Rice or Dan Marino. It's all about the past performance predicting future performance. If it's against top competition great, but it's not the players fault if it's not. I like receivers with good hands over fast ones that drop first downs occasionally in the 4th quarter. You don't need speed to beat zone defense.
We still need a better QB that can hit a moving target. Tanny can't do that, and, unfortunately, you can't learn how to lead receivers or people. You are born with those skills.
Tanny is a nice guy, but not a leader and the team is going nowhere in the playoffs without a top 10 QB. Tanny is about 28th and not improving from on year to the next. The O-line sucked last year but so did Tanny's awareness in the heat of the moment. He thinks too much and too slowly. Bad instincts.
Anyway, I like the receiver pick a lot.

Yeah we are in big trouble with Hickey drafting like this... Billy Turner is a nobody Tackle. Didn't even dominate D1-AA.

Hickey said that when Landry ran a 4.77 that he saw an opportunity? An opportunity to Draft a guy a round too early after he runs a piss poor time in the 40? That's not called an opportunity unless you want to get fired.

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