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Dolphins need to steer clear of injured players

In the lead up to the Dolphins 2014 NFL draft I ask you, and more importantly the Dolphins people who read this blog, to please remember the 2013 draft.

Remember the 2013 draft?

First round pick Dion Jordan came to the Dolphins rehabilitating after shoulder surgery.

Second round pick Jamar Taylor came to the Dolphins with kidney issues that prevented him from taking anti-inflammatory medication. So less than a month after being drafted when he required sports hernia surgery, there was no good way to treat Taylor's pain. 

Third round pick Dallas Thomas came to the Dolphins after tearing his labrum at the Senior Bowl and requiring surgery to repair it.

Jordan, Taylor and Thomas all missed the offseason conditioning program and OTAs. Taylor missed most of training camp. Jordan missed the first two weeks of camp, suffered a setback in a preseason game and missed all but the final two weeks before the regular season. Thomas was limited early in training camp before eventually working in later in the process.

All three factored very little as rookies, disappointing anyone with a brain.

And that brings me to the 2014 draft.

The Dolphins would be wise to learn their lesson. New general manager Dennis Hickey was not in Miami last year so he wasn't stung by the lack of rookie production last year. But he'd be wise to brush up on the history because, as we speak, there is a possibility the Dolphins could be again eyeing draft picks with medical flags.

The players the Dolphins have met with, worked out, visited or otherwise been tied to that have medical issues:

OT Cyrus Kouandjio: Red flags are waving all over this player to the point I know at least two teams have him completely off their board. Kouandjio had ACL surgery in 2011 and, according to former NFL team doctor David Chao there is worry about articular cartilage damage leading to arthritis. "Some teams appear to be concerned about his ligament stability as well," according to Chao.

OG Brandon Thomas: The Dolphins were on him early in the draft process and even wanted to bring him to Miami for a visit but then the player suffered a torn ACL during a workout for the New Orleans Saints. He will not be available to play in 2014. Formerly a second- or third-round prospect, he's likely a Saturday pick now.

QB Aaron Murray: The Dolphins paid a lot of attention to him as well as Miami's Stephen Morris as later-round possibilities. But he had ACL surgery in late November.Murray may be ready for training camp.

CB Darqueze Dennard: His history of shoulder, knee and ankle injuries as well a double hernia surgery makes him sound medically a bit like Taylor. Better player but the history is the history.

LB C.J. Mosley: History includes dislocated right elbow, dislocated hip, and torn right labrum surgery. He started every game in 2013 but he did not lift at the Indianapolis Combine due to a right shoulder injury.

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins: The Dolphins gave him a medical re-check recently and that's good because a foot fracture was discovered at the Indianapolis Combine. According to Chao, he had surgery on his fifth metatarsal stress fracture. "Seferian-Jenkins attended the medical re-checks two weeks ago and the key is to see how much healing he has on x-rays and the CT scan," Chao said. "This will determine when he will be released for full football activities. My sources in the medical community seem optimistic."

WLB Ryan Shazier: Not a huge deal here but ... He didn't run at the Indianapolis Combine because of a hamstring injury. So he came out at his Pro Day and expected to do everything but he suffered a hamstring injury while running the 40-yard dash.


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Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | May 08, 2014 at 02:33 PM

What we need is a qb we can be 100% certain can deliver the ball past anything that's basically din and dunk. Tannehill has yet to "CONSISTENTLY" prove he's this.

So, lets draft a wr 1st rd who's 5'11 192lbs, which also means he will not make an NFL living going across the middle if we expect him to last 16gms. Especially the way Tannehill leads recievers into "awkward hits across the middle.

Listen, Im not 100% against drating a wr, just at this point with Tannehill they need to be wr's of the bigger variety. Not smallish ones. Tannehill inconsistent accuracy issues warrant larger, not smaller targets.

Beckham is a quality 1st rd wr, just not for Tannehill. Bigger wr's who maybe a better match for Tnnehill can be had later in the draft. There are some quality bigger wr's later in the draft.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 08, 2014 at 02:55 PM

Ireland was an idiot. Seems he thought he was on the "10YR Rebuild Plan". So it never mattered to him if he drafted injured players.


I differ in opinion quite a bit when it comes to Tannehill. So we'll have to agree to disagree there. You can beat me up about it in 2 years if we get the OL and WR's needed to help and THill fails. The WR's I am talking about are the ones that get open quickly, run after the catch. I want WR's that go after the ball and can and will high point it on the 1 on 1's. I have not see this since Marshall but before that it was Chambers. We need at least 1 WR with those qualities.

Miami WR core is mediocre at best. It is something I've been saying for some time on here.

Don't love the Shazier hamstring tweaks, but he did play every game in 2012 and 2013. Not a huge concern for me.

I also wouldn't mind Brandon Thomas or Murray in round 4. I think both have decent time to recover.

I don't know Mando. Brandon Thomas might be worth a later round pick to store for next year. And by later I mean a 5th.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | May 08, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Wallace is great #2 wr. We till need a great #1 wr. Not saying it's impossible, but many of the best NFL wr's have a little size to them. Very few are of smaller variety.

Personally like a wr of Beckham's size more of a #2 wr, until he proves otherwise.

Yes, our wr corps still sucks. Wallace, a #2 at he #1. Then could stand a huge upgrade even I Hartline is a "borderline #2 wr. I say Hartline is a borderline #2 wr because he puts up the yardage and catch numbers. But only put up 4th and 5th wr scoring numbers.

Joe Robbie was not a rich man. He bought the Dolphins with smoke and mirrors. He built JRS mortgaging everything he owned. Was he cheap? That's not for me to say. I will tell you that he was shrewd and cantankerous, and from what I've read liked a few martinis. Yet, with all the negative that you may want to dump on him he was by far the best owner the Dolphins ever had. By A LONG shot.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/05/lane-johnson-gave-up-10-sacks-last-season/comments/page/6/#comments#storylink=cpy

Drew Brees

Brandon Thomas in the 4th or 5th rd would be a good pickup IMO.

Not too concerned about Shazier's hamstring tweak considering he still ran a 4.4 hurt. I would still pick Sualo-Filo over Shazier though in the 1st. Oline cannot be the issue for us again this year going into the season.

We only hope Hickey has more common sense than Ireland. A team might take a chance on one (1) injured player but three?
Most of the people on this blog wouldn't draft three injured players.

Having a true no. 1 WR is nice, but history shows you just need an overall good receiving corps to win the SB. Seahawks won with a very avg. at best receiving corp. Pats won how many SBs without a true No. 1? And when they got Moss they stopped winning SBs. So it's nice to have, but a true No 1. WR isn't really that high a priority. But the receiving corp must be adequate at least.

I agree Sam I AM we need a big tough WR that will be able to make catches over the middle and can throw a jump ball to him when all else fails.

I like the Clemson WR, Martivus Bryant or Kelvin Benjamin enuff of these 6 200 pounds guys we need a 6'3-6'4 225 WR its ok if he doesnt run a blazing 4.3 speed


When I think about what Philbin may want at WR IMO he wants guys that can play anywhere in a 3 WR set. With that said I don't know why they didn't do that with Wallace or Hartline. Hartline always seemed to line up on the left and Wallace always right. Why not mix it up? Was it due to strengths or weaknesses in the WR's? I truly do not know.

So that is my reasoning for not only 1 but 2 WR's is getting those guys I talk about. AND if Miami fixes the OL issues and comes away with 2 WR's that have the qualities I mention. AND then Miami goes 8 and 8, I'll be happy to jump on that band wagon of yours about THill.

4.5 hours away.

RD 1 Ryan Shazier OLB The Ohio State University

RD 2 Jack Mewhort RT The Ohio State University

RD 3 Jaylen Watkins DB Florida

RD 4 Cyril Richardson OG Baylor

RD 5 Devin Street WR Pitt

RD 6 Kenny Ladler S Vanderbilt

RD 7 Corey Linsley C The Ohio State University

Final thoughts on Bethard. After he left the shelter of Shula and Gibbs and went on his own. Eleven years as Chargers GM. Record of 75-101. a .426 winning percentage. That ranks him up there with the Irelands of NFL history.


Bethard had NOTHING to do with our power game. That was already in place. Bethard stunk up the joint while he was here. Look at the drafts. they are on record.

Posted by: albert | May 08, 2014 at 03:04 PM

So your saying that the big OL and there version of Zonk Power Back with Riggins who he saw every Yr. as a dolphins Div. opponent was the work of Joe Gibbs?

O.K. I get it you don't care for Beathard but your posts make little sense!! You say he had nothing to do with the Redskins roster that won SB's yet his 80 draft is considered the catalyst for the Skins run and one of the best in NFL history.

He retired in 90 yet Charlie Casserly takes no credit for 91 SB winning roster akwowledging it was built by Beathard ect....

Robbie as I posted your way did in fact mortgage his life on JRS but was shrewed and tough in neotiations to the point it costed the team a shot at a DYNASTY in 75! Argue away all you like but there is no denying this!

SAM you are an idiot. THill is legit and after this season you will be one of many that is on his dick saying you knew he was the real deal all along. fans like you make me sick.

Bryant 6'4 212 with 4.4 speed with 16 reps of 225. I'll take this guy with this potential by trading out of 19 moving down in the first selecting him at the end of the first.

All while picking up an extra 3rd or 2nd and pick OL with both of thos picks

Can someone please tell me why they wouldnt like my scenario @3:34??

Lets be real we're are going to cut Wallace he isnt worth 15 mill or whatever

MassD, you can win any 9old way as long as you have top talent somewhere along your roster and acoaching staff that plays to that roster's strength

Power run, finesse pass, strong defense, top qb play, it'
s been won a million and one different ways... but one common thing... top talent


Bryant is my favorite player not in the 1st round in this draft. I love the kid and would take him in a heart beat in the 2nd or later.

Texas, thats why Im saying trade out of the 19 slot to say late 20's in the first pick up an extra pick and go lineman with the later picks...

I think its a wonderful ideal scenario

Bryant needs some refining but his speed and size combo is rare.

Beerphin, not a bad mock but woulda liked to see a RB and QB in there somewhere.

Actually, most of the trades among Teams have been already done. It would be inhuman to do all that at Draft Day + the imponderables.


The World League gave Csonka, Kiick and Warfield more money than ANY NFL team at that time was willing to pay its players. Specially veteran players that were bidden to their teams.(NO free agency then). Those signings were a shock to everyone, not just the Dolphins. Vince Lombardi in 1968 let Jim Taylor go because he did not want to pay Taylor the money Taylor wanted. Did that make Lombardi cheap? No. That was the way business was done then. To blame Robbie and give Bethard a pass is ludicrous. Look at Bethards record on his own. Without a hall of fame coach to bail him out. 75-101 in eleven years .426% Common man!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 08, 2014 at 03:37 PM

Very true. As Parcells said, it's a talent acquisition game.

Man, Walterfootball's last Mock draft gave me the major farts...

massD, too bad he didn't know how toacquire any of it outside of jake Long and Cam Wake when he was here.

Is there any intelligent life out there?

I totally agree with you Armando. NFL fans make to big of a deal with the NFL draft. Allot of them love college football {which I hate}that's one reason they love this draft stuff. At the end of the day, the draft is like the lotto. Most players drafted will never even make the team. If your lucky you can find a good player.

Twitter will go down for 15 minutes after the Manziel pick. That is my 2014 NFL draft prediction.

Beathard was NOT the "personnel guru" with the Dolphins he was later known as with the Redskins. Nor was he all that good with the Chargers after his Washington tenure. Beathard's draft record with Miami was thoroughly mediocre. The team had already acquired the vast majority of the Super Bowl years talent before he ever arrived.

Which brings us to Joe Thomas, Miami's first GM. Thomas did an AMAZING job with the Dolphins. Just a bounty of talent every year that paved the way for those great teams.

But after that?

Thomas was ludicrously AWFUL with both the Colts and Niners after his Miami years. Just one huge blunder after the next.

Or how about Rick Spielman? We all hated him and called him an "idiot" with Miami, right?

Well, a couple of years later that SAME Rick Spielman was named 'NFL Executive of the Year.'

The point of all this? There AREN'T any genius GM's out there. They never have existed...they don't now...and they never will.

SO much of this is a crapshoot and sometimes pure, dumb luck can make an "idiot" a sudden "mastermind."

Or have you never heard the name Tom Brady?

Where is he going, Texas? Jax looks plausible. TB too.

Man, Walterfootball's last Mock draft gave me the major farts...

Posted by Mark in Toronto

Walter is not good at mocking drafts. But after you wrote that I went out and read it. Now I have the farts...


top UFAs:
David Fluellen RB Toledo
Senorise Perry RB Louisville
Tajh Boyd QB Clemson
Stephen Morris QB The University of Miami
Steele Divitto ILB BC
Allen Hurns WR The University of Miami
Marcus Lucas WR Missouri
Nikita Whitlock FB Wake Forest
Gator Hoskins HB Marshall
Devon Wright HB Utah


I have him going 16 to the Rams in my mock. I have Rams @13 and Dallas @16 trading. Dallas gets ahead of Bears to get Donald and Rams take Manziel.

The Browns is my guess for Johnny Football.

Mosley is a medical journal of injuries.

Good night everyone. Off to my brothers's for our annual draft party. It's been fun.

Manziel goes #1 or #2, period. Possibly the best QB coming out of the college ranks in 15 years.

Just finished running the last 5 drafts (2010 actual to 2014 projected draftees) through my model bades on size, speed, production, and performance in the main post season tests that measure athelticism. I did the last two years in isolation before I now ran the most recent 5 drafts in total in one database.

Anyway, the lower the score, the more the player exceeded the average score (by position) in each category. So in the last 5 years, the lowest scores I have for projected first round picks are as follows:

Luke Kuechly
Patrick Peterson
J. J. Watt
Von Miller
Julio Jones
Aaron Donald
Taylor Lewan
Khalil Mack
Lane Johnson
Ndamukong Suh
Kendall Reyes
Jason Verrett
Nate Solder
*Bradley Roby
Torrey Smith
*Ryan Shazier
Jerry Hughes

So you can see why I'm so adamant the Dolphins pass over the sixth or 7th best ot. Compare the company company Verrett, Roby,a nd Shazier are in. That's a strong group of NFl performers overall. The weakest one being Jerry Hughes who was largely thought of as an NFL bust however this year Hughes totalled 46 tackles and 10 sacks... not bad. he's only 25 years old too so he can still save his career. Anyways, yeah, that's good company regardless. By next year I hope to have my database extended to the last ten years just because I'm that much of a nerd.


When I think about what Philbin may want at WR IMO he wants guys that can play anywhere in a 3 WR set.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | May 08, 2014 at 03:31 PM

So sick of hearing "What Philbin may want at wr." Who the hell anointed Philbin "wr guru" anywhere"? Philbin did not put together Green Bay's wr corps when he was there.

What any football coach wants are great football players period. Regardless of position. Herm Edwards just said on ESPN:

"If great football players don't match your system, then you have a very bad system."

I rolled with laughter after he said this. Because it makes so much sense.

Just because GB may have "lucked into" the combination of wr's they had there. Does not mean you turn into a system. It may have simply been great chemistry amongst the wr's and their qb. Not a blueprint for repeated success.

Unless, you can go back and keep assembling that same qb and wr corps, over and over again.

Time to go. May the draft be kind to the Phins tonight. It's gonna be a fun one.

They're saying this is a better QB draft than 1983. WOWZA!!

This is a crappy year for quarter backs no studs

So, according to what you guys interpret of Philbin(wr's), even if we could Sammy Watkins he's not a "TRUE #1 WR" because "Philbin's System" does not have a true #1 wr.

Now, that the biggest crock of crap I've ever laid my ears upon. :)

I guess in Philbin's system, Mark Clayton woulnd be considered a true #1 wr. Let's not stop there, neither would Megatron. :)

I'll be watching the World Champion Miami Heat until the 19th pick. If we do not trade down.

I'll throw a draft day party tomorrow if some how we end up with Johnny Manziel. :)

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 08, 2014 at 04:18 PM

Like that post MIT. Reinforces my Shazier thoughts.

I will be telepathically projecting Shazier into Hickeys head @19, wish me luck!

Does anyone see Bortles to Raiders @ 5?

its football....rough/brutal sport....guys get hurt, some badly....actually, eventually ALL plyers get hurt, just a matter of when and how bad--if they aint injured today, they will be at some point in the future, and likely sooner than later

ueah, avoid the obvious huge potholes and red flags, but you'd have a pretty short draft board if you eliminated all/most of the guys who have been injured

The Miami Dolphins owner anointed Philbin head coach. He now has a say and should have had a say in any WR the fins picked up. I kind of doubt he had any say with Ireland.

IMO he will have say with Hickey.

So, "what Philbin may want at WR" is WR's that can play anywhere in a 3 WR set. To me that makes total sense so that you can get mis-matches.

If Hickey landed Manziel in the 1st, I would give him greenlight to take the "NEXT 3 YEARS" and rebuild. :)

Well its been a heck a day so far for what was supposed to be a day off.

Now I'm finally ready to settle in to full draft mode. Got the talking heads on the tune now and already disagreeing with them.

Most of them saying Manziel won't go in the top ten. I don't think he makes it past Tampa by at #7.

Afraid our night is going to be anticlimactic not picking til midnight.

And that is from a Philbin interview about WR and saying whether or not they are a 1, 2 or 3.

I'll throw a draft day party tomorrow if some how we end up with Johnny Manziel. :)

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 08, 2014 at 04:33 PM

That would be tremendous. I'll buy his jersey right away.

Mallet might be on his way to Houston in a trade. I know not what for but what I heard.

more UFAs:
Andre Hal CB Vanderbilt
Bene Bewikere Cb San Jose State
Victor Hampton CB South Carolina
Mohammed Seisay CB Nebraska
Beau Allen DT Wisconsin
Tyler Hoover DT Michigan State
Brandon Linder OG The University of Miami
Connor Shaw QB South Carolina
Ronald Powell OLB Florida
Parker Graham OT Oklahoma State
Chris Martin OT UCF
Cameron Brate TE Harvard

Garn, no idea where Borles goes. I still think he's #1 Qb but can't see a team picking him before Manziel.

Walter had him going 20 to Arizona. That would make me laugh as Marc would blow his top...

I may end up being a Manziel fan no matter what team he ends up on. This kid is excitement.

Home @ 4:38, as long as you leave this draft board and go there, I'd be happy.

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