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Dolphins new offense asks a lot of Tannehill (and others)

Ryan Tannehill played 51 games (19 in college and 32 with the Dolphins) under the old Mike Sherman offense. It was so familiar to him that, as a rookie, he often helped veterans on the Dolphins learn the nuances of it. It was comfortable for him. It was home for him.

The new offense coordinator Bill Lazor is installing for the Dolphins leaves Tannehill just as unfamiliar with the scheme as any other player and perhaps less than some players more familiar with variances of it. Rookie Jarvis Landry, for example, says he ran the same Dolphins plays at Louisiana State under former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron, who is now the LSU offensive coordinator.

So Tannehill has work to do and, clearly, his abilities on the field and work ethic and ability to digest information off it will be tested in the run up to the regular season.

Can he get it all down and be proficient quickly after coasting in the knowledge of the old scheme the past few years?

 “I think so," Tannehill said. "I think we already have a baseline of going through it just the beginning stages at this point.  There’s still a learning curve.  It’s not going to come overnight.  It’s going to take some time not just for me but for all of our guys.  The receivers are running routes that they haven’t run before doing adjustments that we haven’t done before, so there’s going to be a learning curve but that’s what this time is for.  This spring practice that we have, everyone here, it’s getting better when they have to be here because we’ll have a full camp here.

"t’s a learning process.  We’re doing some different things in the backfield that we haven’t done before.  We’ve been doing it on air but it’s completely different when you throw a lot of defense out there then you’re trying to process a lot more information so it’s the fun process.  I’m exciting to get in and watch the tape and see the mistakes I made and how I can correct them.  But that’s what this time is for and I’m just excited that we have this time, that we’re able to get everyone out here, have all the receivers out here that are healthy working and just start building that chemistry just a little bit so when the ball comes we are ready."

About those receiver running routes and making adjustments they haven't done before ...

One of the complaints I had about Sherman's offense last year was there was hardly any motion used to help receivers get free of coverages. Indeed, receivers often lined up in the same place play after play as a so-called strategy.

Not so with Miami's new offense. Receivers will be in motion a lot.  There will be five players in the pass pattern a lot -- that coming in multiple combinations such as two WRs, two TEs and a RB or 3 WRs, a TE and a RB. And most of the time, receivers will have options on their routes.

This Dolphins offense places a premium on speed that the so-called West Coast offense of the past couple of years did not. Mike Wallace is happy about that. This offense requires a strong-armed QB and Tannehill fills that need well. The offense also relies a lot on timing. Tannehill will often be throwing to a spot and expect the WR to be there.

That can be good as it will get the ball out quickly. But that can also be problematic if the receiver and quarterback are not in synch, as sometimes happens when things are new.

The new scheme also requires Tannehill to fix the deep ball accuracy issue of the past because otherwise the long ball -- and the offense often looks long first and then works back -- is of no effect.

So the chemistry between Tannehill and Wallace is a bigger deal than last year.

 “Well it’s big. It’s big time," Tannehill agreed. "I think that’s one thing you looked at from last year is just connecting more.  Not only on deep balls but just connecting more on every run and he’s been here working in the offseason and putting forth a lot of effort and that’s exciting from a veteran guy like that who’s been in other organizations that maybe haven’t had the same offseason type program that we have.  For him to come here and be working this year it’s exciting."

Much work needs done on this. During Tuesday's OTA session, Tannehill tried one deep pass to an open Wallace that I saw. He overthrew it. So the issue isn't exactly fixed yet.

Look for a lot of inside running out of the new Dolphins offense -- something that might give Daniel Thomas more of a shot at making the team than even I previously thought because he's the biggest back on the team. (Yeah, I'm still not convinced he's it. He's had three seasons and shown very little. I doubt suddenly he has an epiphany in Year Four and becomes John Riggins.)

The Dolphins' new offense places a big demand on the tight end. It was out of this kind of offense that Kellen Winslow Sr. and Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates gained prominence. Is Charles Clay, coming off a breakout season, ready to take another big and significant step in his development?

The Dolphins used a lot of double tight end formations at Tuesday's OTA so are Michael Egnew and Dion Sims ready to become factors? (Rookie Arthur Lynch is nursing some sort of injury that seems minor.)

The possiblities are grand. But the possibilities for a grand disappointment also exists. Remember that Cameron's version of this same offense didn't exactly lead to a great season in 2007.

"It’s fun. Just the way things turned out last year wasn’t what we were looking for," Tannehill said. "Personally, from a team standpoint, from an offensive standpoint, to come out, kind of have a fresh start, new identity, new offense with really talented players across the board.  You know you look at our roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball, you see a stacked receiver room.  Brought in Knowshon  (Moreno) in the backfield.  The guys up front that we brought in are really talented players and I’m just excited I get to play with them."



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With the Tanne-coaster, the Miami Dolphins are:

8-8 4LIFE

Enff said!

What some homers don't realize is that this isn't about arm strength...yes you can get by without great arm strength...Tanny just cannot throw a long ball accurately, which can be taught, but at this stage in his career?

First off Mando - one overthrown pass does not a connection make - just as one connection doesn't. Second - I think this team may have a little more talent than the 2007 team - that vaunted duo of Cleo Lemon to Derek Hagan was money.

Put a fork into no.17, he is DONE....

Sam I do't think you will here that. Well not from anyone that knows football. That threat is a must and must be a true threat. If we have a guy out there that won't fight for the ball we are just as screwed. Brian I agree not sure about the undefeated part. The AFC East did a lot of work this off season but I think we will indefinitely be in the mix.

d's r gonna
f tpuke up
if he has
no long ball



The deep ball can not be taught. Do you think Michael Jordan can teach another player how to be "Air Jordan". Can Mike Wallace teach blazing speed?

The deep ball is great arm strength, but, it's also "touch and anticipation" of the spot where your receiver will be. Anticipation can not be taught, you either have it or you don't.

Just too bad Tannehill manage to ascend to the qb position having ZERO feel or anticipation for connecting on the deep ball. You can pull a guy off the street with a great arm , yet could not connect on a deep ball to save his own mother's life.

"Number one you’ve got to be a great teacher. You’ve got to make it very clear for them...."
-Bill Lazor

This could be very well what the offense had lacked for years. A coach who actually you know, coach. And as a bonus, someone who can help Tannehill.

Tne first really improvent the Dolphins have made this year was to fire Ireland, and I think this will reflect soon in numbers. We took what seems hard working players in the draft eager to prove that they deserve to be in the NFL. The OL looks promising, and the receiving corps are as loaded as "ever". The secondary looks better. The only question mark that remains are the LB.
We only need to win two more games relative to last year. I think that is the realistic goal. I forsee a fun season for our team.

Posted by: Craig M | May 28, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/05/dolphins-new-offense-puts-a-lot-on-tannehill-and-everyone-else/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpyPosted by: Craig M | May 28, 2014 at 12:34 PM
Craig M, what did you expect the Dolphins to do keep the players especially the OL that they had the previous season. Offer a solution not just questioning all the new players and coaching that had to occur. Did you expect Mike Sherman to be retained? LOL


I believe in this new offense, Matt Moore stands a very great chance of unseating Tannehill for the starting qb job. Especvially if Tannehill can not iron out the deepball issues.

Especially if by happenstance Moore finally has a great camp. Unlike the homers here, some us by LEGIT REASON are not buying the Tannehill bottled snake oil.

Weve read carefully and have seen the skull and cross-bones on it's label. The homers fear to take a much closer look.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 28, 2014 at 12:53 PM


It's a hot mess
Moore always was the better gamer
Believe Moore would have beaten the JETS easily in game 16 of last season where Tannehill was not sacked even once

We should have Kuechly on this team w Dansby
and Moore, Manz and another QB
maybe we would have drafted Wilson or Foles
Both available after the 1st round

Browns no have Dansby
cuz Bazooka Joe did not like him

Browns now have John Manz
cuz Bazooka Joe wanted another fat guy (hope he can throw deep)

Browns now have Ray Farmer
cuz Farmer did not like Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe looks confused,perturbed and ruffled
a lil rough around the edges

NostraHomeUs not seeing Bazooka Joe here next season

Wonder if Revis is losing sleep afraid of Tannehill's deep passes?

Posted by: cocoajoe | May 28, 2014 at 01:17 PM


The areas I'm beginning to see Tannehill lack most are the "unteachables". All those areas are:


1. Holds ball too long
2. Inconsistent pocket presence
3. Non-existent deep ball feel.

No matter who their teachers were, a great many of qb's have failed, particularly lacking in these oh so critical areas.

Making matters worse, Tannehill never mastered an offense he's played since college. So, we're really going to blindly expect he'll master an offense he's never placed in his life. Not that farfetched thinking even for the homers. But, I'm sure they'll find a way. They always do. :)

You people truly have completely lost any shred of sense you have left. MM couldn't unseat a ROOKIE Ryan Tannehill out of a job. MM is a nice guy that comes in handy in a pinch, sometimes. MM sucks, you people are the DUMBEST SOBs on the frickin planet.
Matt Moore....I can't even post here anymore for fear of retardation being contagious. Time to bring back the days when they just sterilized the idiots in the world. Stop the spread of mental unstability.

lol @ SAM I AM

LOL @ the Tanny homers

coming into the tough Reel iz ation that Tannehill is truly awful, the worst deep ball passer in the NFL

and it aint gonna get better

Great 80 YD TD pass by QB Matt Moore y-day

Way to show em how it's done QB MM!

Philbin always says to the media
"Football is not complicated"
"It's not that tough"

and then gets spanked by Thad Lewis and Geno Smith
while Tannehill scores no points

Way To Go , Joe !

Next HC ~ UP !

JETS DL came in on offense and easily scored a rushing TD against Bazooka Joe's team rubbing salt in Joe's statement, "This game is not that difficult, folks"

They are using the smaller practice ball that comes with extra grip. Reason M&M looks good in practice but Averages 2.5 Turnovers a game for his Career.

And yeah. M.Moore won the MVP one year to spite C.Henne. But what happened the next year? The Dolphins have since eliminated handing out the Team MVP because the players made a mockery of it.

Can't wait til M.Moore gets cut after preseason this year. These idiots went from M.Moore to M.Barkley and they still feel the need to talk trash about the second greatest Dolphins QB in History.

2 watt and homes are you collecting welfare? go get a job you lazy bums!

SAM, I think Tannehill has a problem with decision making. Which I believe causes his timing to be off. Call it hesitation.
Everybody is quick to yap about the long ball but how many times have we've seen Tannehill throw behind (on short routes) WRs?
It's more mental than anything else. We can only hope Lazor can fix it.

and they are indeed idiots Dashi

Home 4 GM drafted John Manz @ #19

Well we saw the same prob w Tann in day 1
no progress
no accuracy deep

Now a new offense to learn and a fast uptempo one to boot

in the meantime:
Act like a backup!!!………….while taking 1st team reps.
Johnny Manziel’s high-octane voyage to Sin City hasn’t kept the rookie from making progress on the field with the Browns.
NFL Media’s Aditi Kinkhabwala reported that the former Texas A&M quarterback opened Wednesday’s organized team activities with Cleveland’s second-team offense after spending last week’s sessions exclusively with the No. 3s.
The No. 22 overall pick then jumped ahead of veteran Brian Hoyer to run 11-on-11 drills with the first teamers while journeyman Tyler Thigpen remained with the third heat from wire to wire.

Home 4 GM

Personally I would prefer Moore

Posted by: Promichael | May 28, 2014 at 01:08 PM

Moore has had 4 different coaching staffs throughout his career. He convinced none of them he is anything but a back up.

Of course you being completely removed from training camp and practice, and having no NFL experience, know better then them.

Johnny manziel threw 3 picks in his first practice. And no he didn't jump Hoyer in the depth chart. I live in Cleveland Home-o I get all the scoop. your making stuff up. just like satan deceives people.

Andre Johnson didn't make our list of prime summertime trade candidates for several reasons. He has yet to request a trade, the Texans have little incentive to deal their franchise icon and the salary cap stands as an impediment.

From the Jets' perspective, they still lack a true No. 1 receiver after upgrading the feeble aerial attack with the additions of Eric Decker, Jace Amaro and Michael Vick. With roughly $23 million in available cap space, they are one of the few teams that can absorb Johnson's salary of more than $10 million.

It's still hard to imagine hyper-prudent general manager John Idzik surrendering a valuable draft pick for a 33-year-old wide receiver about to reach the decline phase of his career.

At Wednesday's OTAs, Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked about CJ2K's tweet, to which he replied: "I don't talk about any players on another roster."

By Marc Sessler
Around the League Writer
Published: May 28, 2014 at 12:20 p.m. Updated: May 28, 2014 at 01:25 p.m.

Johnny Manziel's high-octane voyage to Sin City hasn't kept the rookie from making progress on the field with the Browns.

NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala reported that the former Texas A&M quarterback opened Wednesday's organized team activities with Cleveland's second-team offense after spending last week's sessions exclusively with the No. 3s.

The No. 22 overall pick then jumped ahead of veteran Brian Hoyer to run 11-on-11 drills with the first-teamers while journeyman Tyler Thigpen stuck with the third heat from wire to wire.

While Hoyer took "dialed back" 11-on-11 snaps last week, he hasn't been fully cleared for action on the heels of major knee surgery.

Granted, Johnny Football wasn't drafted to hold a clipboard, but Manziel and Hoyer will continue to work with a variety of skill-set groupings as play-caller Kyle Shanahan assesses his roster. The team's offensive coordinator later told the Akron Beacon Journal that Manziel's first-team reps were part of a schedule, adding that the staff is "mixing it up with everybody."

These much-ballyhooed late-May snaps are all we have to cling to before teams go dark in late June, but if Cleveland is serious about generating competition under center, the pecking order won't be decided until quarterbacks are doing more than throwing to air.

just like satan deceives people.

Posted by: dbo the great | May 28, 2014 at 01:52 PM

wow there are still idiots that believe bad fairy tales.

The only redshirted QB struggling to complete passes w no pass rush "throwing to air" is Ryan Tannehill

Live story breaking on NFL Network now

Manz being interviewed
does not care what the media or others think
he's going to work hard and enjoy his time off

"Johhny Manziel took 1st and 2nd team reps at Browns OTA's"

Dolphins missed the boat on QB Manziel & LB Kuechly


Home 4 GM

" the pecking order won't be decided until quarterbacks are doing more than throwing to air."

you just contradicted your self satan with the above comment


Moore just won football games when given the opportunity to play.

Hernandez live
being arraigned for 2012 murder charges

Judge handing him a jar of vaseline and wishing him luck


Public hanging of Hernandez in Gillete stadium
. . . would be justice served

. . . . . just sayin

homes get a job! Im sick of paying my hard earned taxes for your welfare.

dbo is a Complete Idiot

all statements regarding Manz are directly copied and pasted from nfl.com front page

Now Get Your Shine Box!

yea what you do is copy and paste and cut stuff out to make your argument look good. its called deception. did the article state that Tyler Thigpen worked with the #1's in 11 on 11's as well? because he did you moron.

lol @ welfare

Save Your Breathe for your Inflatable Date

and try to understand that John Manz may very well be starting for the Browns

Hoyer played well in four games, actually good in one game
that's it
not like Manz is replacing Brady


I am
then a box
of rox thoe

try again homes, the browns were 3-0 when he went down and tied in AFC north. nobody here in Cleveland wants manziel. because they know he is flavor of the month.

Hernandez is phucked

The State has him by the nuts

They just orated unbelievable details of Hernandez directly connected to the double murder


I think with regards to timing your footwork with the mental clock you keep in your head as to where the ball needs to be placed relative to the WRs position, well, it can be taught, I just don't think Tanny can grasp it at this stage in his development. Like, he doesn't even seem confident that he can.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 8m
Unreal. RT @AlbertBreer: Suffolk County DA laying out a case where the double murder started over Aaron Hernandez's drink being spilled.

Everyone in the world wants Manz to start for the Browns
and the job will soon be his

and Manz
will def throw more than 3 WR TDs in his first 16 games
(an NFL record held by Tannehill)
like Bazooka Joe's wonder boy Ryan Timothy Tannehill

Home 4 GM

we didn't have to team up with 2 of the top 5 picks in our draft class along with the greates 3 point shooter ever to finally win rings

Signed Jordan@ Bryant

Home, are you aware that ADDERAL totally eliminates imagination and sex drive???

Nailed it homey

Winner winner
Chicken dinner

You said that about brady Quinn phhhhh give me a break. manziel will be out of the league in 2 years.

This is Hoyer's 7th yr in the league
He has been on 3 dif teams and has 7 TDs in total

Manz is the Manz

the rest is conversation

at least hoyer will last longer than manziels 2 years

never said anything about Quinn


nice try

Clearly Tebow wins more than Tannehill and has better college and NFL numbers

much better actually

The biggest acquisition for the Miami Dolphins this Season has been Bill Lazor. Besides being 30 yrs younger than his predecessors, I have read his commentaries carefully and in them he portrays himself as very decisive and full of good sense. Poor lazy-asss Tannehill, he will have to move his behind now.

don't give me that lie. you were on here praising brady Quinn a couple years ago. the whole blog knows it you fraud.

Tim Tebow ha the mighty power of God behind him, for God's purpose to save souls you moron.

Excited, Im excited, we are excited. All Thill gushed out to the media is this Excited mantra. this is clearly from Aponte as all of the players and coaches spout this garbage wehn ever they are in front of the camera or mike.

How about Thill states that he is focussed on fixing the problems and focussed in delivering a better personal and team performance this year.

Look all of us that see Thill for what he is really get it. At best he is a hot and cold back-up QB with a very limited skill set, but if all the conditions fall into place he can win you 8 games.

Philbin is going to have to make the tougjest decision in camp, whether or not to trust Thill again. It was a dumb move not drafting a QB in the 4th to be honest, when quakity was still there. At least if Philbin and Lazor brought in a rookie and went 8-8 they would have the pass that there new man was a rookie.

Sticking with Thill, will see the end of Philbin, Lazor may also go if a new HC cleans house which is the norm these days.

I am
a tool bag
I sux the
bawsaq of homes

hey oscar tpuke isn't lazy hes just bad LOL

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