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Dolphins new offense asks a lot of Tannehill (and others)

Ryan Tannehill played 51 games (19 in college and 32 with the Dolphins) under the old Mike Sherman offense. It was so familiar to him that, as a rookie, he often helped veterans on the Dolphins learn the nuances of it. It was comfortable for him. It was home for him.

The new offense coordinator Bill Lazor is installing for the Dolphins leaves Tannehill just as unfamiliar with the scheme as any other player and perhaps less than some players more familiar with variances of it. Rookie Jarvis Landry, for example, says he ran the same Dolphins plays at Louisiana State under former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron, who is now the LSU offensive coordinator.

So Tannehill has work to do and, clearly, his abilities on the field and work ethic and ability to digest information off it will be tested in the run up to the regular season.

Can he get it all down and be proficient quickly after coasting in the knowledge of the old scheme the past few years?

 “I think so," Tannehill said. "I think we already have a baseline of going through it just the beginning stages at this point.  There’s still a learning curve.  It’s not going to come overnight.  It’s going to take some time not just for me but for all of our guys.  The receivers are running routes that they haven’t run before doing adjustments that we haven’t done before, so there’s going to be a learning curve but that’s what this time is for.  This spring practice that we have, everyone here, it’s getting better when they have to be here because we’ll have a full camp here.

"t’s a learning process.  We’re doing some different things in the backfield that we haven’t done before.  We’ve been doing it on air but it’s completely different when you throw a lot of defense out there then you’re trying to process a lot more information so it’s the fun process.  I’m exciting to get in and watch the tape and see the mistakes I made and how I can correct them.  But that’s what this time is for and I’m just excited that we have this time, that we’re able to get everyone out here, have all the receivers out here that are healthy working and just start building that chemistry just a little bit so when the ball comes we are ready."

About those receiver running routes and making adjustments they haven't done before ...

One of the complaints I had about Sherman's offense last year was there was hardly any motion used to help receivers get free of coverages. Indeed, receivers often lined up in the same place play after play as a so-called strategy.

Not so with Miami's new offense. Receivers will be in motion a lot.  There will be five players in the pass pattern a lot -- that coming in multiple combinations such as two WRs, two TEs and a RB or 3 WRs, a TE and a RB. And most of the time, receivers will have options on their routes.

This Dolphins offense places a premium on speed that the so-called West Coast offense of the past couple of years did not. Mike Wallace is happy about that. This offense requires a strong-armed QB and Tannehill fills that need well. The offense also relies a lot on timing. Tannehill will often be throwing to a spot and expect the WR to be there.

That can be good as it will get the ball out quickly. But that can also be problematic if the receiver and quarterback are not in synch, as sometimes happens when things are new.

The new scheme also requires Tannehill to fix the deep ball accuracy issue of the past because otherwise the long ball -- and the offense often looks long first and then works back -- is of no effect.

So the chemistry between Tannehill and Wallace is a bigger deal than last year.

 “Well it’s big. It’s big time," Tannehill agreed. "I think that’s one thing you looked at from last year is just connecting more.  Not only on deep balls but just connecting more on every run and he’s been here working in the offseason and putting forth a lot of effort and that’s exciting from a veteran guy like that who’s been in other organizations that maybe haven’t had the same offseason type program that we have.  For him to come here and be working this year it’s exciting."

Much work needs done on this. During Tuesday's OTA session, Tannehill tried one deep pass to an open Wallace that I saw. He overthrew it. So the issue isn't exactly fixed yet.

Look for a lot of inside running out of the new Dolphins offense -- something that might give Daniel Thomas more of a shot at making the team than even I previously thought because he's the biggest back on the team. (Yeah, I'm still not convinced he's it. He's had three seasons and shown very little. I doubt suddenly he has an epiphany in Year Four and becomes John Riggins.)

The Dolphins' new offense places a big demand on the tight end. It was out of this kind of offense that Kellen Winslow Sr. and Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates gained prominence. Is Charles Clay, coming off a breakout season, ready to take another big and significant step in his development?

The Dolphins used a lot of double tight end formations at Tuesday's OTA so are Michael Egnew and Dion Sims ready to become factors? (Rookie Arthur Lynch is nursing some sort of injury that seems minor.)

The possiblities are grand. But the possibilities for a grand disappointment also exists. Remember that Cameron's version of this same offense didn't exactly lead to a great season in 2007.

"It’s fun. Just the way things turned out last year wasn’t what we were looking for," Tannehill said. "Personally, from a team standpoint, from an offensive standpoint, to come out, kind of have a fresh start, new identity, new offense with really talented players across the board.  You know you look at our roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball, you see a stacked receiver room.  Brought in Knowshon  (Moreno) in the backfield.  The guys up front that we brought in are really talented players and I’m just excited I get to play with them."



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Lazor spent 2013 on Kelly's staff, so this isn't surprising. The Fins hope to be "multiple" and up tempo on offense, with the ability to play both three-receiver and multi-tight end sets. The 2013 Eagles Vick & Foles threw 82 passes of 20 yards or more, completing 35 for 17 touchdowns and four picks. The 2013 Dolphins- Tannehill threw 66 20-plus-yard passes, completing 17 with a 3 TDs to - 7 INT ratio.

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"The guys up front that we brought in are really talented players and I’m just excited I get to play with them."

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Omar said that rookie WR hazel dropped a bunch of passes at yesterdays practice and now Phinsiders says that he has great hands and made a great catch at practice and that he will make the Team. Who to believe here?

Oscar it's not that the heat are so great it's that all the other teams suck

You must judge these players with your own two eyes

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Darkoak, maybe oscar can help you? He is a trained professional.

You homers completely blind yourselves to the fact as many as 15 of 58 sacks were caused by Tannehill himself. How very fukking convient you hide this fact from yourselves. :)

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 28, 2014 at 05:30 PM

Says the dolt who said Pat White would be a Pro Bowler and Tony SpOrano would be the most sought after head coach in the NFL.

Tannehill was responsible for 15 sacks........?

Says who........? YOU.........?

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Can't wait til M.Moore gets cut after preseason this year. These idiots went from M.Moore to M.Barkley and they still feel the need to talk trash about the second greatest Dolphins QB in History.

Posted by: Dashi | May 28, 2014 at 01:43 PM
Dashi, do I misunderstand you're saying Tanny is batter than Griese, Pennington and Earl Morrall?
Surely you didn't, and just had a momentary brain fart.

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 28, 2014 at 07:10 PM


When it is all said and done, Yes, Tannehill will at least be the 2nd greatest QB in dolphins history.

As of right now. He has had the best individual season by a QB in Dolphins history not named Marino

The Dolphins have only had 2 Great QBs. Griese and Marino. I wonder what Diarrhea of the Brain you have to think otherwise. Pennington was good for 1 season, the rest of his career was with the Jets. Same thing with Morrall, good for 1 season with the fins. Then he was a backup.

As "Dolphins QB" goes, meaning guys who put up most of their stats in a Dolphins Uniform.

1- Marino
2- Griese
3- Tannehill
4- Fiedler
5- Henne

And Tannehill has only had 2 seasons in the NFL. When it is all said and done, R.Tannehill will be battling Marino for Dolphins passing records and Griese for Superbowl rings. Making him the Best QB in Dolphins history.

Griese has the 2 Superbowl rings, so that will always be something that people will say. Griese also played with the Best Defense in History. And 3 good RBs to hand the ball of to. Griese never threw for over 2500yds or over 22 TDs in a season. Yes, it was a different era. In the same era Dan Fouts played and put up over 4000yds and over 30 TDs MULTIPLE TIMES!!

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Well said dashi

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It really is amazing how anyone can possibly be as dumb as Dashi, unless it's just an act.

sam takes the cake for being dumb by long shot

The smartest people feel dumb because they see how much they don't know, the dumbest people, like this dashi character, think they are smart because they are too dumb to see just how much they don't know.

When I read the presser by Lasor, I notice something that is missing from the other coaches of recent history; he actually says something. He answers the questions with pertinent information, and still does not give away any information that will not be readily available to a knowledgeable coach digesting film.

He may be the real deal. Imagine that.

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They have to win next game or the Pacers will close them out at home.

Why didnt anyone on the Dolphins notice Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Team is apparently being sued by an ex scout who says they fired him for working from home to care for his sick wife who has cystic fibrosis. Amazing. Check out Deadspin:


Posted by: Dashi | May 28, 2014 at 10:36 PM

When looking at statistics in passing yards and such, you have a valid argument; and I am still hopeful that Tannehill will work out. To measure a QB on passing stats alone is deceptive.

Factors to be considered, and there are many, include: offensive priorities( run first, pass first, protect weak links etc.), audible authority, overall play calling authority, defensive diagnostics, what passes can he throw(some routes may have to be omitted); I hope you see what I mean.

The QB must be able to run the offense. How well the QB runs the offense, is the measure of his effectiveness.

This will result in wins/losses ratio. If the QB is doing his job, other positions will be targeted for replacement. That is what has happened this off season.

Otherwise, this is Tannehill's litmus test.

Tannehill will get booed off the field this year just like Henne was.

Just saw the story about the scout, be interesting to hear Hickey's take on this.Even if he fired the guy for performance this still looks horrible.

I have worked for many companies and one thing that I remember seeing in the hiring package , was that they could dismiss you for any reason they felt it warranted.

A good company will usually provide a severance package to allow time to be rehired. If the reasons were not to the fault of the employee, unemployment benefits will be provided.

Legal applications will require some sort of unwarranted detrimental legal implementations.

I read the deal on PFT. It is defiantly a bad situation for that family.

If this guy can and has been a viable commodity to the company from his 'work at home ' circumstance, I say let him roll.

But with his domestic responsibilities, I see that his corporate production would suffer.

Tannehill, 7-35 passing over 25 yds. Good luck with long passes to Wallace,,,,,

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Kinda hard to be a scout and work from home. I mean you can watch film and all, but aren't most scouts required to travel to see players in person? Regardless, my hope is the Phins gave him a nice comp package when ties were severed.

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Posted by: LMAO | May 29, 2014 at 09:14 AM

He must be a hero to grammatically challenged 12 year olds everywhere.

Yes, what a fulfilling existence that is...

Although he's more wrong about the Dolphins than the "homers" are.

What happened to 0-5 by the bye and Matt Moore starting?

Oh yeah, down the toilet, like 2 watt's life.

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

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Wow YG, slipping up again. God you're dumb. Are you every troll on here?


Haha... Troll fail.

Man Lazor seems like a breath of fresh air for what seems forever as a stagnant offence. Hope he can teach T-hill some pocket awareness and to be slightly better on the deep ball ( throw receivers open).

Looking at Mannings first 4 years in the league. 2 of 4 were pedestrian... Home would have traded him for Patrick Ramsey.

Haha, massive troll failure

The Dolphins are just a garbage franchise. Everything they do is wrong. It's laughable how dysfunctional they are.

a lee would still have Chad Henne for QB

Yeah clee, I like that Lazor doesn't take any gruff or excuses. He expects performance and if Tannehill can't do it then the next guy will get a chance. I think he will rise up though.

Weird shite I heard in here. One guy saying just flat out cut ties with Tannehill and we would be in fine shape with Matt Moore, Larsen or whatever his name is and the other putz 6th year 3rd stringer.

My goodness. Tannehill may not be up for MVP but he's won more games in a two year stretch than Moore has ever won.... and then two undrafted FCS rookies as the prime backups?

Some people have been stupid a long time...


The troll around here is stupid. This particular stupid troll though, is trying to mislead others down a troll hole.

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