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Dolphins pick CB Walt Aikens in fourth round

The Dolphins secondary just got a little longer and lanky.

The team used its fourth round pick (125th overall) to select Liberty cornerback Walt Aikens, a 6-1 and 203 pounder that instantly becomes the biggest cornerback on the Miami roster.

Aikens had an interesting trip to Liberty. He originally committed to Illinois and played there but he was kicked out of school after he was charged, and pleaded guilty, to possession of stolen property.

"I bought a laptop from a teammates and it turned out to be stolen," Aikens said. "I got charged with possession of stolen property, which is a misdemeanor. The school was trying to make an example of football players at the time and they thought it was best if I left."

Aikens says he went to Liberty because he knew he would be able to not only compete but start at the lower level FCS program right away.

Now he has a similar feeling about his arrival in Miami.

"I took a visit a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the coaches," Aikens said. "I want to be a starter. I want to come in and be a dominating factor. I want to be a dominant player."


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What the he** do we need Aaron Murray for Orlando???

Who cares abut a blocking TE we need a TE that can get open downfield my goodness

Mallets on the trading block, genius

prob - Texans

and was always a good back up for Brady

Posted by: HAARPed Up Home | May 10, 2014 at 02:43 PM

Yep Home, we all know that GOOD GM's ALWAYS put their Franchise QB's on the trading block.

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Do you even listen to the stupid shyt you post Samm.......ah.......I mean Home........?

(That's it, it's too stupid around here for me.)

Buh Bye Homie ;)

Lynch is interesting... Murray could be next.

No comparisons. I only believe my bullsh!t for only 5 minutes. As you know, just like the Florida weather, it'll quickly change(lol). Mark In Toronto actually believes he's an expert. :)

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 10, 2014 at 02:37 PM

Sam I have said this about you for years...how you change like the Florida weather!! I am starting to understand you. If I understand your schtick then I will accept it. All this time I thought you were just trolling but it appears you just like change!!

This guy is huge Regular. 6'5 and 260lbs.

Dolphins start 1-2 and need a QB after the bye week

Put in the fat guy w no eyebrows

instead of Pro Bowl NFL QB Jon Manz

LOL @ Hickey

OK, so blocking-only TE (Fasano v2.0), hope it pans out.

A backup QB will be a good pick right now.

Arthur Lynch is not bad.

Tannehill done as an NFL starter after the bye week

John Manz sets the NFL World on FIRE

A better fasano is not a bad thing. Notice they are covering EVERY ireland 2013 pick just about, position by position. If this isn't a slap in the face fro ireland, I don't know what is....
TE 2013 Sims, CB's 2013 2 picked by Ireland, RT 2013, Thomas, etc.

You KNOW that Philbin will cut at least one of last year's CB draftees, Egnew, maybe even Thomas.
This way, he can say 9after next years 8-8 record) that it was IRELAND's fault for giving him crappy players.

I'm OK with no QB. None pif these guys are as good as the top 3 next year. The Fins have trade and move up possibilities in next year's draft.

We need a LB way before we need a back up QB. Any QB picked now would never see the field unless TH and Moore got hurt. He may not even beat out Devlin to be #3. Lets get the QB yall want in the 7th round.

Guess Hickey/Philbin thinks we're good at LB?

Dolphins FLOP and draft a fat guy w no eye brows

John Manz lights up the low Browns

Browns in Play Offs in 2015 w two 1st round picks to go w Franchise QB competing for championship

Do any of you honestly think we can have a better record this year???

We are the least improved team in our division.

I really want Skov, LB but Im not sure if he fits our scheme.

Dolphins drafting no LBs

Already spent a gazillion dollars on LBs
when Kuechly was there all along

Tannehill reach pick instead of Kuechly set franchise back 5 yrs

No RB's or ILB's selected so far, thats a surprise. We have some decent players and instant starters. I think we will have three maybe four starters so far. If Hartline and Gibson start the season gimpy then Jarvis also starts.

We have been given a fan rating of C according to the NFL network fan voting. Very harsh.

For the TE department I just hope the dolphins recover Dustin Keller ASAP.

He's not starting anywhere.

This guy is behind


finneran (not Flanagan) is not a long term answer, except for grimes the other have proven nothing that they have a solid roster spot

The Fins have TE's who can catch in Clay and I guess Egnew. A TE who can block in Simms.

Lynch can block and catch. He's a more complete TE although not a new age stretch the field type.

Just like the Browns lit the NFL on fire after the 2007 draft when they took Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn in the 1st round.

JETS draft a very good TE AMARO

to go w Decker


TE AMARO is bigger and stronger than Keller

Or Adrian Hubbard OLB if he is not gone already??

Draft can still be redeemed if they get Murray, but they are too clueless they will take Morris. Murray would eventually endanger the franchise playoff drought record.

Arthur Lynch is not bad.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 10, 2014 at 02:52 PM

you really don't have any idea so please stfu

He who hesitates is lost.

I hope they lose every game.


No suck boy morris.

Adrian hubbard is a 4-3 DE or 3-4 olb

Aaron Murray just got picked by KC

best linebackers:
Max Bullough
Jordan Tripp
Christian Jones
Shayne Skov

a lot of arm chair G.M's here. your not happy unless they pick your pick. that's why Hickey gets the big $ to make those decisions. bet you would say the same for ant other G.M in the league. it takes game time to judge a pick. some of the so called can't miss picks. haven't turned out for their teams. injury or just didn't play well. I been a Finn fan since the early 70's when I lived in S. Miami the 80's would have been great with Marino but before him the Finns lost 3 star players who died. David Overstreet who would of been a great RB for Marino and 2 starting LB so give this draft a chance

Some of you guys actually think that the GM reads what you say in this blog and goes into the draft saying this or that douche on Mando's blog says we should do this or that? And then get you knickers in a knot when they don't follow your direction. Wake up.
These guys spend a lot of time, experience and money learning their craft. They are however just like weathermen. They still get paid when they are wrong.

I knew a guy who did the same thing. He bought a laptop off a guy on the bus. The laptop was stolen. The police came to him about it.

It's stupid to buy a laptop off a stranger on the bus, but it's not criminal. This kid might be telling the truth. I've seen it happen.

Played with walt in hi skool miami dolphins have the reincarnated dion sanders who can and will tackle

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