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Dolphins pick Ja'Wuan James

The past hour had been a bad one for the Miami Dolphins. And then, on the clock at No. 19, the team picked Tennessee right tackle JaWuan James.

This one will feel troubling to some who think the Dolphins reached.


It's hard to reach when you pick a first-day starter. And that is what this plug-and-play tackle will be.

He is Miami's starting right tackle.



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It is official. Ireland is a better talent evaluator than D.Hickey.

Miss me yet?

And Mando got it right. Good job.

What a reach! Now we can reach for a starting LG in the 2nd rd. LMAO!

So why did you say "time to trade down"?

Same goes here Mando. The half measure didn't work last year. The Phins said he had a first round grade. That was too big of hole to not fill in the first round.

Big Reach

Now we have 2 O-linemen that played together in College.

Dolphins O-line

LT- B.Albert
LG- S.Brenner
RG- D.Thomas
RT- J.Jones

What a terrible draft watching EVERYONE worth while go off the board, including the Jet's right before us

Everytime we pick a Tennessee player HE SUCKS. This will be the same

Reaching for a RT in the first round. When will we learn the best teams pick BPA and don't reach like this.

Mando is da best

This was the right pick. We can't get blinded by the glitz of Johnny Football in the 19th pick. We have our starting right tackle and now we can focus on DB. Good pick overall!

No guts. No glory. This organization once again passes on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Once again the Dolphins show why they are a crappy franchise. POS.

It is a reach when you take the 5th best RT, with future pro bowlers still on the board.

Should have drafted a playmaker.

Isn't his name spelled Ja'Wuan? Try saying that three times fast. Sounds like I'm stuttering.

...Dashi..Really..After 1 pick that's it. Hickey is garbage? Come on. It will be sweet when James turns out to be a 10 year starter, and goes to more Pro Bowls then Irelands first pick Jake Long...This was the right pick...

Impossible situation for The dolphins, but hopefully we get used to drafting even later in the first round. BPA for the rest of the picks please.

You could have gotten him later trade down get more picks then you pick him. REACH THAT WAS WHAT THIS WAS

Had to get the next best OT after Lewan and Zack. It was a good pick. What other choice did they have after Ireland jacked it up. Dallas Thomas?

Safe pick. Good job Hickey! Mike Pounciquet.

Would like to know if there was on overture to move up?

J Martin was better than this guy

I'm happy. I expect another 2 OL in the draft. Can't have last happen all over again. I guess if you don't like it the Jets need more fans. Of course some you never were fans of this team anyhow.

Just sitting back and laughing at some of these comments. Once again S. FLA fans proving what the rest of the country already thinks. One of the worst least knowledgeable fans in the country

Tennessee Vol and Miami Dolphin fan here. Ja'Wuan is an immediate starter at the biggest need of the Dolphins. Started every game in his four year career. Intelligent kid with a good head on his shoulders. Will not get in trouble and work his tail off.

This guy started 49 straight games in the SEC and was CONSISTENT according to Kiper. Not a word we hear in Dolphinland too often. I love the pick - had to have an RT.

Lol same ole wack Fins no playmakers! A garbage QB who holds the ball to long. You have Manziel free fall and you select another fat F lineman!!!!! How may years will we select a lineman with he first pick?????

I hate this team!

Good pick if they couldnt trade back


You don't even believe that.

Better than Jake Long.

Jake Long with No Arms is a better Tackle than J.Jones.

I am not changing my opinion. After the 2nd round I will have a decision on Hickey.

He could have picked a better player.

Should have picked Cooks...


wow, we agree Mando…..drafted a starter at our biggest position of need…..sounds just fine with me

If this fixed the RT position, it's a great pick. Today, NO ONE KNOWS if it's a great pick or a lousy pick. Get a life, you egomaniacs.

how often do you hear gruden, kiper and others agree on a pick?--not often, if you've been paying attention…..but they all agreed James was a good pick for Miami--but hey, lets listen to the draft know-nothings here instead….yeah, sure

Not my favorite pick but like Armando says he'll start at RT. We'll see if he can play.

The question is could we have made that trade with the Saints and still got him??

If your team selects a player a blogger says you should you are a fan of a losing franchise. Congrats to a blogger who knows almost nothing and got this pick correct. Makes me want to puke.

Hickey failed

There's no such thing as "reaches" there are only good or bad picks, and where your pick simply defines expectation.

When you go RT at #19 he better be an above-average starter. If James is plug-and-play and plays great, it'll be a great pick.

Personally, within the context of that moment, I hate the pick. I saw the value in the secondary and Wr, and I would have gone that route, most likely with Dennard. Try to find an impact player at one of those positions and taken my chance finding a RT later...

So we'll see.
But for this to ever be a good pick, James is going to have to be more than just good.

Saints trade up to 20. Why Hickey couldn't make a deal with the saints and probably still get there man. I like the pick, but not at 19.

Where is MIT?

What were you saying when I asked is there a true RT in the draft?

Well looks like we got one.

And what question marks? Dude played RT his entire college career.

Good job Armando with the prophecy.

Cooks will be a star for the Saints.

Well, there's really nothing to say. The team might have new names, but, no game changers, and still a backup QB. They will be the same boring team they've been for a decade

Reach.he may be a solid plyr, but one we coulda got later. shoulda best available at that point, for some reason I am thinking john jerry

dashi….he couldve drafted another player that you THINK is a better player…..while we watch our young QB run for his life and land on the turf again…..what sense does that make?

Still no playmakers. Can u say anemic offence?

holy crap Mando called it

Filled a need but this is not how Hickey said he would run his draft. Can't blame him for not being able to trade up or down because sometimes you can't get a partner. But Hickey said he would draft BPA regardless of position early. Manziel, Cooks, Dixon are definitely BPA over Ju'Waun in my opinion. Disappointed but can't change the pick. Hopefully he will be a starter for a long time and solidify our line

People on Here cried and complained whenever Ireland will pick a linemen in the First round(J.Long and M.Pouncey). Including Salguero.

Now The Hickster could do no wrong. He picks a RT we can pick in the 2nd round and people are cheering him on.

M.Pouncey was picked with the #19 pick by Ireland. Do you honestly think J.Jones is even half the player. The fins could have picked Sua Filo and picked the Best Linemen overall at #19.

Dashi can I have another bj in my car? I can swing by in 20 mins...Cool?

Mando is the best

for you clowns that keep saying "thats not how Hickey said he would run this draft"….said he'd take BPA, etc….gimme a break….do you really think he's out there telling everybody the truth on the podium?--or that those comments arent so vague that we really dont know what they mean?

Like I said previously Hickey will find an OL that they love in the first round if the top 4 are gone. They have these people called scouts that do this for a living. This guy has played the best competition in the country week in and out. Need I remind you people how often these experts are wrong about prospects and their draft grades and values?

Pryor before and Cooks after. How bad is that?!

It's better than what Ireland did last year; leave a glaring hole and do little to nothing to fill it. I'm not going to sit here and say 'this is a bad pick'. None of us know a damn thing about tackle prospects outside of the guys already picked.

Manziel wasn't realistic. He's not a good fit. Clinton Dix? Maybe, but safety isn't a huge need like RT was. Any receiver taking would have been 3rd on the depth chart at best. Same with a CB.

If he can start and hardly ever get mentioned on Sundays, because that's really the job of a RT, I'll be happy.

Dashi, do you floss?

And D.Thomas played RG next to J.Jones for 3 years at Tennessee.

And you remember how great he played his rookie season.

Benz get your head out of your azzz. Tannehill is a glorified backup no matter what you put around him. Should have gone for BPA not to fill a hole. This crap franchise will always suck until we get innovative thinkers.

Hickey is a novice. He sux

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