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Dolphins pick LB Jordan Tripp in fifth round

The Dolphins were not thrilled when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Ryan Shazier ahead of them in the first round of the NFL draft. That meant the trouble Miami had stopping the run and covering backs and tight ends on third downs last year is still a concern.

But at least the Dolphins are addressing the need to bring more competition to the position.

The Dolphins just picked Montana linebacker Jordan Tripp in the fifth round.

No, he's not a starter from Day One of training camp. He is going to have to earn his keep on special teams, where the Dolphins expect him to be excellent. But he does address a need if they are going to try and move on from Phillip Wheeler.

"I played teams all five year," Tripp said. "I've long-snapped on special teams. I'm happy to get down there to play special teams."

Tripp, 6-3 and 234 pounds, does bring an ability to run. He does bring versatility in that he played both inside and outside at Montana.

"Whereever they want to plug me in, obviously, special teams is very important as well, I'll do it to the best of my abilities," Tripp said.

The Dolphins have worked their Montana pipeline with this pick. The team previously had Lex Hilliard and Dan Carpenter from Montana.



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Yep, "lucky to make practice squad" territory

Be nice to see a Cdn boy on roster!

Posted by: Garn79 | May 10, 2014 at 04:23 PM

Sure is this were a hockey team??? He has never played AMERICAN rules Football. Its a different game.

As MIT has Previously pointed out how teams like Sea are using these metrics to find guys in 6th rd..

Forgot the ? after the name.

As was said by whomever comedy time is, why stress over a 7th?
Well, maybe a bit of stress, as this guy has no chance if he's looking for a place to land after catch. First time I've seen the "alligator arms" descriptor for any WR this draft. Not a good sign.
Maybe Lazor wants to run they Pats passing offense, where a pick is certain on nearly every play (never called), especially inside the red zone.
Fins drafted 2 slot guys who are 'willing blockers."
Unfortunately, the officials WILL call the picks on the Fins.

Only a REAL Dolphin fan knows this to be the case as regards the officials.

Matt Hazel doesn't even make the team. Landry will knock Marshall or Binns out. Hazel doesn't have the skills to unplant neither.

Sorry, meant 6th...but applies to all picks past the 4th.

wtf is a Matt Hazel?

After watching some highlights he looks alright but needs to bulk up big time. Don't see him beating out Matthews at all. If they were going WR I would have jumpedat Brandon Coleman... 6'6

Bill plenty of players have made the transition from CFL to NFL..

Don't even get me started on the names..

And even as a ufa..it ain't gonna hurt nothin..

More league wide embarrassment caused by Fins. Drafting a witch's son.Call the advertising agencies stat.

Well I would have liked to have seen a safety but at least we'll have some WR competition in camp. Matthews and Binns aren't locks to make the roster now.

Occasionally, you get the feeling a blindfolded Hickey has a dart, and whatever it hits.....

could have gotten Jay Prosch there...

So we needed another blocking tight end more than taking a shot on an Aaron Murray? Fine with the draft as a whole but it seems short sighted not grabbing a mid round qb. We all know that if Tanny doesn't improve this year our greatest need in 2015 will be QB (yet again).

Bill plenty of players have made the transition from CFL to NFL..

Don't even get me started on the names..

And even as a ufa..it ain't gonna hurt nothin..

Posted by: Garn79 | May 10, 2014 at 04:29 PM

Shut up now so your not made a fool. The people you speak of are AMERICAN players that go to AMERICAN colleges and then play in the CFL cuz they have no they option.

Strengths Looks the part with outstanding upper-body strength and massive quads. Stout anchor in pass protection. Violent shock in his punch. Plays with a nasty temperament and seeks to bury defenders into the ground. Aggressive run blocker -- runs his feet on contact and plays beyond the whistle. Is physically and mentally tough and will play through pain (fought through a torn left labrum injury as a senior and never took himself out of a game or missed time). Highly intelligent (in medical program) and football smart. Can take concepts from the board to the field.

Weaknesses Raw technician. Lunges overagressively and loses positioning. Can learn to play under more control and take better angles. Average recovery speed vs. inside counters. Lets defenders into his body and does not replace his hands -- slow to reload after initial strike (though he was playing through a shoulder injury). Will need to adjust to playing a yard off the ball (Canadian rules) and getting into blocks more quickly.

Interesting there are some 2nd rd talents still left on the board in Qelcy Quarles DT South Carolina and trevor Reilly OLB Utah who i really like.

What's up with that?

What a debacle. The only pick I like is Landry everyone else was a reach. Team captains does not automatically translate to good NFL player. What the heck was going on in that draft room? We reached for players from North Dakota State, Montana, Liberty, Coastal Carolina? All of our scouts need to be fired. Is there one player that we drafted other than Landry that is a sure-fire bet to start in the NFL next year? We passed on QB's up and down the draft yet smart teams like the Pats take a good one even though they have a HOF on their roster. SF and NE are playing chess and we are playing checkers.

Mel Kiper said Hazel will make the team and is a guy to watch. Hmmm.

backups, special teamers and utility players. That's what we draft every year. Take a broom to the scouting department and start from scratch.

Well, maybe we get 2 starters and 2 special teamers out of this. Won't change the final result for 2014 though.

Bill yes I'm aware thanks for the awe inspiring update.

We're talking about a late rd/UFA lineman with great metrics@ his pos. A Lineman!! fir Christs sakes u condescending prick

Perfect72 you are a c*nt

Interesting there are some 2nd rd talents still left on the board in Qelcy Quarles DT South Carolina and trevor Reilly OLB Utah who i really like.

What's up with that?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 10, 2014 at 04:35 PM

The media value board is only for fans. Teams have their own board and pay no attention to anything else.

Ray you can bl*w me. Not my fault I am correct in my assessment. Go back to the Jets blog.

You home wankers that think everyone you don't like is a jets fan, or think that saying that will make them mad, are really shallow trite people. read a book and expand your horizons.

If you were paying attention you would have noticed that I was just defending myself. I would rather talk about how bad this draft was with my fellow Dolphin fans than get into shouting matches with knuckleheads...Carry on.


The only question now is, well both Hickey and Philby be here in 2015. I don't see it,

Philbins rap is wearing thin. He will lose the team.

We take two wrs but they are both neither fast nor big. We take a te that isn't explosive and can't get down the field. How many blocking te's do we need as every other team steps in to the future with te's who are explosive in the vertical passing game. Fins have no idea what they are doing.

It's like Hickey was paid to come to the Fins and sabotage the team by drafting blindly so we can live in the basement of the AFC for years to come. Sorry folks but none of these wrs will beat out Gibson Binns or Matthews. Binns will stick off being a tall wr that can run...he just needs to stay healthy. He is actually better than Gibson and Matthews.

What a joke this team is. I am so fed up with the same stupid garbage picks. Reach after reach with no thought behind the pick but just fill in a need. It all starts with the owner and trickles down, this is why no real gm will want to come to come and run this once proud franchise. Never won the big one in my life time, but at least we where relevant, now we are the laughing stock a step above the Raiders and Browns. Coaching changes on a yearly basis, stadium name changed every other month, no Qb in a decade already. Joke!

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