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Dolphins select DE Terrence Fede in seventh round

The Dolphins have a bunch (football term) of defensive ends on the roster to the point No. 3 overall selection Dion Jordan had trouble getting snaps last season.

Doesn't matter to Dennis Hickey as he just picked Marist College defensive end Terrence Fede in the seventh round today. This is Miami's final scheduled draft pick of 2014.

Fede is the first Marist player drafted into the NFL.

"I just made history at Marist college," he said. "This is a big day for Marist College."

Fede, 6-3 and 276 pounds, collected 25 1/2 sacks in his Pioneer League career. He is from Nyack, New York and is of Haitian background.

"I can transition my speed into power," Fede, "I think that's what the Dolphins like and that's what I like about my game."

Fede said he was waiting all day to be drafted, which was very important to him.

Fede was suspended from Marist in 2010 for violating team rules.

"It was a wakeup call to me," Fede said. "Me not having football ... It allowed me time to think. When I was back home, I was training and working at my craft to come back with a bang."



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Marist College.
What a diasspointing draft this has been. Total reach in 1st round. No trade to pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd rounder. Small colleges. Players who had good Senior Bowls or East/West Shrine games but did little during the real season. Some of the players are solid but this was not a good draft.
These aren't even acorns, they are diseased bark.

Wow. I was mistaken. NOW, it's the worst draft ever. Storm and Bortles on the Jags. Good for them. The Dolphins skipped playmaker after playmaker and in the end got nothing, but a couple starting linemen and the slowest WR at the combine to compliment RT. Another season of boring football

we still have june 1st cuts... we filled needs. let's see what these guys got... i have hope.

Different GM...same uninspiring draft...

landry is the gem

Try harder dude. It was a crap comment on the last post also.

Most productive WR on his team Marc. Quit your uneducated beeching, beech.

Dunno but Sam seems like a better DE than this fede kid

Matthews > than Gibson Hartline and Landry

Best pick of the draft = Tripp

Most players that are drafted are productive in college and HS. Doesn't mean they will be as a pro. At 4.7 LBers and DEs can cover this kid

You all who diss fede obviously dont know talet when you see it and thats why your online typing and not drafting. Fede is an al out beast lead the fcs in sacks. Have fun at your desk jobs terrence fede beast

Landry = Chris Carter

All he will do is catch touchdowns

Like most folks feel like they reached a lot in this draft especially with the first three picks. Lost chances to get extra picks with that being said they did fill needs so I guess we will be able to judge this draft in two to three years. C grade bad considering what the rest of the division did.

This was a weird draft. Not what I was expecting that's for sure.
No RB drafted, big surprise there for me But think it's quite possible Hickey missed on his guy & had to pass But I would've considered Prosch even just for short yardage.

Surprised a bit with DE, I would've grabbed a S or DT.

See how it plays out @ camp

Landry was a steal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On paper, this is the worst Draft I've ever seen by any Dolphins GM. Prime? They picked the worst grade of beef they could get their hands on. On purpose? What a disappointment.

Wtf! Unless they are planning to have either vernon or dj move to linebacker this was retarded. Two wrs too. Wtf hickey

There are still loads of undrafted players we could sign and good players will be cut final week of preseason...

Who knows how any players will turn out, just hope for the best....

Lots of whining....go root for the Jets if you hate this draft.

More shame... Picking two or more players with character issues. Suspensions, convictions, slow 40s.
Woe unto us.

Anyone miss Ireland yet?

Wonder why skov is still available.
He would be a nice piece to take to camp this pre season

I think we should give it a chance. Who know's? I like our wr's chosen. Good prospects at OL and LB.

Mass D, this draft just could've been a lot different if they picked upJUST onemore o linemen in free agency.

Draft was compromised as a result.

They got some values but nobody outside of Jordan Tripp, in my opinion, has a chance to star.

Very much like 2010 where they got some solid players in their quest to fill needs at NT and OLB but their best selection was in the 5th round in Rashad Jones ... just like Tripp.

Jones and Turner will be the Odrick and Misi of this draft.
Landry will be John Jerry.

What I wanted to see and hear about Hickey was brilliant moves and praises all around, instead what I heard and read throughout the draft was bad moves and wasted opportunities.

We can say that he got players to fill the position needed, but then anyone except Ireland can do that. We could have ended up with the same players an extra third and a fourth.

Draft are measured in the years to come and perhaps this is one for the ages or another mediocre one, I think it is the later in this case.

How long are we Dolphin's Fans going to be subjected to this chicanery from the Dolphins owners? BPA? Character players? All BS. I feel like they are laughing in my face and I don't like it.

Sam's going to st. Louis.
St louis had a very nice draft. They will be relevant for sure this year

The Dolphins will face further sanctions from the NFL for picking Fede from the Roman Catholic Church weekend league in upstate New York before picking Michael Sam.

They will lose their 7th pick that they got from trading J Martin.

wtf is up with all these small school players?? Liked the top 3 picks but after that, wtf. Hope they know what they picked, because their was a bunch of players that they could have drafted.

Sams to Rams

Watch Zach Mettenberger's highlights all tha great/tough caches is Landry .. That guys is a stud and he makes plays.. The rest of the draft I am concerned with the amount of small school players drafted ... I willing to take a wait and see approach on the players we drafted but I have lost a little confidence with Hickey..

There, St. Louis did the NFL a solid and used one of their compensatory picks to save the NFL from total embarassment.

NFL in turn will throw the Rams a few calls and they will be a playoff team.

Sam's going to st. Louis.
St louis had a very nice draft. They will be relevant for sure this year

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | May 10, 2014 at 06:52 PM

I should hope so they a got a boat load of picks every year and still Fisher and Rams not better than Philbin and Dolphins....

All I hear is a massive amount of crying and whining! All the big name players are not a sure thing. I think we had a good draft, filled needs. I am convinced small school players who are drafted work twice as hard to prove themselves. We will have a good season... Bank on it!

Sanctions from the church? Crazy. Bye the way on espn tv they gave the phins a B grade. It's way to early to judge right now.

I can transition my opinion of this draft into a C-

The probabilities lie in that a top 10 Player will be better than a 7th Rd pick.

This Draft will rival some of Matt Millens for worst Draft ever.

hmmm... we certainly filled the biggest needs, but talent evaluation felt like a big question mark, just like when we had Ireland, you know, back in the good times...?

Sam's lip kissing with his boyfriend after being drafted. That was disgusting! I mean, that's what they do, but did ESPN actually have to expose us to it on national tv.


Amazingly disappointing. But at least I have a line now on Ross' intention with the Team.

Hopefully one of these 7 picks can rub off on Pouncey :)

Meh. its a boring draft class. ill hold judgement until regular season gets going. james should be a solid starter, that would mean its a good 1st rd pick. good not great, but it was a need. landry and tripp im excited to see them perform. the rest? who knows.

What can we expect!? Dolphins are a joke that is why no real gm will ever come to this team, it all starts with the owner and trickles down. I am so fed up with this team, year after year same old crap.

I can't believe that there are still jackasses on here talking about Landry's 4.7 40...he had a 4.5 at his pro day. Fking people are stupid

B- on NFL network, lowest grade assessed to any team bc as Daniel jeremiah said (and I agree) they reached (panicked) with their first pick.

If they felt the need to draft a RT, wouldn't they be much better overall with Brandin Cooks, Morgan Moses and Tre Mason as their first three picks then get your guard in the 4th?

A lot of guards were still there then... and you had Dallas Thomas still at home.

Anyways, it's done and it's a meh, average draft.

Just totally switched channels from ESPN!

Evaluating our guys
1.Ja'wuan james---good pass protector one of the best in this draft. Bit of a reach?? Maybe. We don't know
2.landry gritty and has great hands. But 4.77 is a very scary time.
3.turner---very good OL prospect that can certainly start OG for us if we can groom him enough this offseason
4. Aiken's-depth for CB because Finnegan is not certain to be healthy
5.lynch A nice prospect
6.tripp according to everyone he has nice measurable and speed. Not a day one starter but may be able to replace Wheeler in the near future.
7.Hazel a raw prospect
8.Fede. A unknown guy. Honestly i would have preferred Michael Sam

Great work ESPN for turning the 249 pick into a gay wedding with cake and all

I like how everyone is critical of every pick. they got guys that produced in college. quit crying like idiots that Miami didn't draft combine stars. example, landry he was the best WR on LSU I don't care that he clocked a slower combine time. Miami had a need at RT and got the drafts best RT a bit of a reach, but the biggest need. I saw a lot about "bully" turner and he is going to be a solid starting OL from day 1

I really liked the first pick. It just made all the nonsense chatter irrelevant and went right to the point. The second could have been more... ambitious, but it was good. The third one was acceptable (the unacceptable part was all the trading before it happened). From this point onward I don't really know... we will talk about it in a few years if we still give a dam* about it, I guess. C'ya in the season opener, fellow DolFANS! And welcome to the team everyone!!!

Sam, I want to kiss you.....

If t-Hill is what we all hope he is with an improved o-line and special receiver we got from LSU we can compete. I'm laying my hopes on the coaches.

Sam is so sensitive with his pink shirt, hahaha

why are there women at Sam's draft party?

Now the Dolphins came claim to be the No Name Offense as well!

Why is everyone still posting Landry @ a 4.7 40 on a bad hammie??

4.51 @ LSU Pro Day

Who think's Sam's other is hot?

He's a little guy, man taking Sam's 250 pounds in the arse must be tough for a guy that little.

Mark In Toronto

Obviously you still do not get it. Wr's like Bradin Cooks are not a match for Tannehill's deepball touch and accuracy. They are too fast and too small.

Tannehill will underthrow them deep and land them on IR across the middle. Tannehill seems better off with slower wr's(4.5 range) so not to underthrow them. Bigger wr's for the punishment they take with his inaccuracy and at times poor ball placement.

Cooks = 5'9 189lbs Enuff Said!

Who are we to judge? Or you? do you think your better?

OK!! next year in the 2015 Draft ESPN better show two girls kissing or I'm going to be very upset

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