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Dolphins select LSU's Landry, ND State's Turner

For a while there, it seemed the Dolphins didn't want to pick in the second round.

They traded not once but twice, picking up an extra fourth and extra fifth round pick in trading with San Francisco and San Diego.

And when it came to the No. 63 overall selection, the Dolphins selected Louisiana State's Jarvis Landry. The wide receiver had 77 catches for 1,193 and 10 TDs last season.

He's not the biggest at 5-11 and 205 pounds. He's not the fastest, running a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash at the Indianaplis Combine. He improved that to 4.61 at his Pro Day. He is known for using his body and route-running for getting open.

He makes plays and he is going to make it very difficult for Rishard Matthews to keep his spot on the Dolphins game-day roster in 2014.

In the third round, the Dolphins realized the Oakland Raiders was the only California team they had not traded with so they did exactly that, moving up 14 spots in the third round to No. 67 overall.

And with No. 67 overall the Dolphins picked offensive lineman Billy Turner.


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Unless somebody gets released, I don't even see Landry making the team, honestly. Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Binns, Matthews are all better than him

Landry is a slower version of Hartline. No impressed with this pick.


Wow. A 4.7 40? I'm 36 and could probably smoke that kid

Rotoworld makes this pick exciting to me

Dolphins selected LSU WR Jarvis Landry with the No. 63 overall pick in the NFL draft.
Landry (5-foot-11 1/2, 205) lived in Rueben Randle and Odell Beckham's shadow before busting out as a 20-year-old junior with a team-best 77-1,193-15.5-10 stat line. He earned second-team All-SEC honors and entered the draft. Landry's stock slipped at the Combine with a 4.77 forty and 28 1/2-inch vertical, also measuring in nearly two inches shorter than his 6-foot-1 college listing. Separation isn't Landry's game, however, as he plays like Hines Ward or a smaller Anquan Boldin. He wins with toughness, huge hands (10 1/4"), and crisp routes. Landry profiles as a chain mover and red-zone weapon in the NFL. He will make incumbent slot receiver Brandon Gibson expendable sooner rather than later. May 9 - 9:24 PM

Man I hope I'm wrong about this but I would have much rather had Robinson or Hyde. Not at all impressed.

So it is a soft handed possesion receiver then. Not bad, but Gabe Jackson was still on the table.

Jeff Ireland please come back !

another 2nd round bust why didnt they take Morgan Moses!

McSHay says this is one of his favorite players. I don't know what you guys are talking about. This guy looks awesome!

McShay compares him to Anquan Boldin and thinks that this guy was the best WR at LSU. He only had one drop all year. He said " he has man hands".

Great pick Hickey!

Great. A short, slow receiver.

We are the least improved team in the division..

He makes plays and he is going to make it very difficult for Rishard Matthews to keep his spot on the Dolphins game-day roster in 2014.


I think Matthews is a player on the rise with team friendly CAP # If anything I believe Gibson is the one in trouble and Hartline by Mid-Season maybe looking over his shoulder IMO!

they could have stopped backing out of the 2nd round and drafted Garo!




....The guy is a mini Anquan Boldin. That really sucks. I mean a guy with some toughness is exactly what this team doesn't need. A receiver that catches everything...That sucks too. I would rather have a super fast guy that drops everything..What were we thinking???????

haha, they just picked Davone Bess

Benjamin at 40 pounds heavier wiped him out in all the athletic measureables.

This guy has the profile of an UDFA

When is our next pick?

Picking a 2nd round WR to compete with Matthews is very strange considering starting Olinemen were available...

FK McShay, he is in the entertainment business. You think any GM's listen to McShay???? His job is increasing blog hits,

its a good pick. we dont currently have a physical WR.
now trade up to grab the best G available and its been a good draft.

Just clowns being clowns at the circus orlando

This guy has great hands. I love the pick. I did not see a lot of LSU games but the catches that guy was making on the highlight film were unreal. ESPN loved this pick.

4.7! I don't care if he catches everything. He's not gonna beat anyone more than 5 YDs downfield

Who is thia guy is he even a reciever ci never heard of him bad pick

Jeff Ireland sunk this team, was THE worst GM ever. Dennis Hickey replaces him... Where's the improvement?

We just traded up for Oakland's pick. Lets see who we get.

So we draft a WR who never drops a pass and is known for his toughness in the mold of Anquan Boldin which we don't have tough WR's since Hartline is a sideline receiver and Wallace only catches passes if he's wide open.

I see this as a positive among all the complaints

This guy is not Anquan Boldin.... that is a big flippin joke

Rishard Matthews??? try Brian Hartline...hahaha

4.77 has to be the slowest WR in the NFL. NT's will be able to cover him.

This pick will be great!

Don't love this pick either. I know Mayock and Mcshay loved it. Combine was terrible, I hope it works out.

I'm a little shocked but both ESPN and NFL Network were all about this pick.

Hmmm. Either they add a roster spot or Binns won't be long a Dolphin.

From Omar Kelly on Landry:

"Big hands, quick and fast. Smart football IQ. Reliable hands....blocker. consistency," Jarvis Landry said.

Landry explained that he pulled his hamstring at the combine which explains the slow time. This may be the steal of the draft!

To all the nay sayers, the kid hardly ever drops passes...sometimes its not always about numbers. The intangibles are sometimes bigger than stats...
I like the pick!

i think you guys pay too much attention to 'measurables'.
Its true we are the most negative fans in the world.

Trade up to 67

BUd, Jace Amaro beats him by a few yards in the 40

4.55 speed...

at least i hope so.....

Mayok is one of the best analysts out there. If he liked the Landry pick then I am happy.

The fins are back on the clock!

Tre mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz!!!!!hickey pick him

Haha, we needed to draft a rt, just needed to at 17

So did Washington and drafted one in the 3rd round,

hahahaaa.... woohoo Hickey...

4.7! I don't care if he catches everything. He's not gonna beat anyone more than 5 YDs downfield

Posted by: Marc | May 09, 2014 at 09:35 PM

That's what they said about Boldin too.

Maybe you and crybaby in Toronto should go sulk in the corner & talk about athletic measurables?

Mayock,who is well respected, called this kid one of his top 10 favorite kids in the draft.

Well, Mathews, Armon Bins were 7th Rd and a pickup. This guy should be better than them and it might signal some of those knees have not healed well.

He is a possession receiver..

Wow ! Jarvis Landry circus catching posession receiver extraordinaire ! Brillant pick.


F4l please tell me why? Quick! ;)

Posted by: Garn79 | May 09, 2014 at 09:32 PM

Listen like I've posted many times I watch a ton of SEC Football and this guy will go into the Middle of th field for us and unlike Hartline won't catch the pass and fall down before he gets hit this kid is a baller from toughest Div. in NCAA IMO!

Ok time for my tantrum...lol. Seriously I wont even bother and show some class.

Another trade. Let's see if it makes sense on the draft trade value.

he reminds me a bit of chris chambers. we just traded up?

OK Omar is reporting that the dolphins are taking Billy Turner OT. He will be moved to OG.

Fins on clock. Commercial time

Kids a beast crazy if you don't this is a awsome pick. Better than Gibson and binns don't worry Matthews will still get his. Do your homework .

Wow, Miami traded all the way back up to early third at 67 and took a OT with a 4th round grade. Seems to be a theme going on here. Billy Turner.

Billy Turner? Anybody know anything about this guy?

Ok so now we draft a guy who would've been available for another 2 rounds....yay?

Well the ESPN guys love the pick at least

He will go up and get the ball...

For all you T-Hill Haters...

He is the opposite of a WR that has 4.33(on the team) speed that shall go unnamed...

I will say it again, Phillip Gaines or Tre Mason...

As someone who has been watching Landry for the last three years, let me tell you, he is worth the pick. The guy makes the most ridiculous catches seem commonplace. He is a strong receiver for his size and will make an immediate impact on your team.

How do you guys know this when NFLN is supposedly "Live" and Fins haven't even picked yet?

What am I missing here?

Hickey = Ireland. Who TF is Billy Turner?

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