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Dolphins select LSU's Landry, ND State's Turner

For a while there, it seemed the Dolphins didn't want to pick in the second round.

They traded not once but twice, picking up an extra fourth and extra fifth round pick in trading with San Francisco and San Diego.

And when it came to the No. 63 overall selection, the Dolphins selected Louisiana State's Jarvis Landry. The wide receiver had 77 catches for 1,193 and 10 TDs last season.

He's not the biggest at 5-11 and 205 pounds. He's not the fastest, running a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash at the Indianaplis Combine. He improved that to 4.61 at his Pro Day. He is known for using his body and route-running for getting open.

He makes plays and he is going to make it very difficult for Rishard Matthews to keep his spot on the Dolphins game-day roster in 2014.

In the third round, the Dolphins realized the Oakland Raiders was the only California team they had not traded with so they did exactly that, moving up 14 spots in the third round to No. 67 overall.

And with No. 67 overall the Dolphins picked offensive lineman Billy Turner.


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Yeah I like Skov Bill. I have no clue what the Fins are thinking at this point though.

They may not be done with the o-line yet.

Safety is still a pretty high need imo with Delmas's injury issues.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 10, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Skov or Vereen??

OK Nat Berhe seems like the hardest-hitting SS left in the table. Experienced and good character. Let's hope Hickey goes after him now...

I'd love to see the fins take Aaron Murray. If he were not injured in hi senior season he would have been long gone. Great arm with great passion for the game. Could be a steal!!

agree on Skov now that RB off board or QB

And there goes Bryant

*Carl Bradford
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Rashaad Reynolds
Gabe Ikard
Chris Smith

thats what i am thinking phins4ever

I really like the picks so far. .

Posted by: phins4ever | May 10, 2014 at 12:59 PM

You like the picks every year even though they stink. Can you say blind homer?

If we end up needing Aaron Murray that means our season has sucked which means a new coach and whole new roster and he may not even like Murray.

No I wouldn't get spending a 4th on a QB at this juncture.

Skov could be the next Zach Thomas


Vereen, Safety that is rated out very well

Please don't waste a pick on a QB cuz he will only EVER be a bench warmer!!

not saying i want them to, i just think they are. hope i am wrong!


Vereen would be pretty good value at this point as well. Good call.

We need day one contributors not bench warmers. Pick BPA that can get on the field. Skov and Vereen fit this bill.

There goes your linebacker MIT.

Hickey SUCKS.

He has traded down to the point to of getting himself outfoxed and missing potential playmakers like Bryant, unbelievable. But heck what do you expect same ol' Dolphins. Pathetic!

We could use a S, LB or TE so the TE position has been exhausted. That leaves Lb=Skov or S=Vereen....Thanks Rick. Im not an expert and will not cry if we don't pick who I like. The Front office knows who may fit our scheme better than me.

2 picks left ahead of us.....we may get a player I like?? Skov or Vereen!

Seahags may take a S to replace 2 they lost.


Here comes the pick!!

One of two will be available. We could pick either Skov or Vereen!! That's my opinion. This is a NO CRYING ZONE!! If they don't pick who I like.

Walt Aikens
Telvin Smith
Pierre Desir
Marcus Roberson
Christian Jones
Kelcy Quarles
Jordan Tripp


The more I mentally evaluate our 1st 3 PICKS, the more pure sense it begins to make. Not sexy, but the right picks.

1. Juuwann James

We needed a RT, and did not need to "monkey around" with it. Go for the absolute best ready to play RT at a high level now guy. There's none more ready to play RT at a "HIGH LEVEL" right now(day one) available than Juuwann James.

This makes him a #19 value for the Miami Dolphin, even if he does not grade out this high as an OT overall. This kid should come in and play RT at high level day. We are not breaking out a "conversion kit". Conversion kits do not always pan out as well as you like. And there's "NO GUARANTEE" he would have been available trading down. So, Hickey, rightfully did not monkey around with this.

2. Jarvis Landry

If we graded wr's in this draft in terms of "COMPLETENESS". Jarvis Landry is "EASILY" one of the top 3 wr's in the entire draft. Hands down.

Don't let the 4.77 combine fool you either. He ran a 4.5 on pro day. Hines Ward comparisons? This alone tells of his completeness at the position. We got him at the very bottom of the 2nd rd after trading down twice. I believe in 2014, getting him where we got him, could likely prove to be a "COMPLETE" draft day steal!

3. Billy Turner

Dominated competition, dominated competition. Exactly what you want to hear at the level he played. Or would you rather hear he didn't? Easily he was the very best at his level of competition. So getting him at the top of the 3rd rd may also prove to be a great draft day steal.

He's played every position on the oline. So, his "VERSATILITY" could also be off the charts. My best guess is he'll be given chance to win the starting LG position in camp. If does, fellas, we may just have the oline we've been expecting for the last past 6yrs.

Then I would package a 5th and 6th round pick to move back into the 4th round. The value is in this round.

Cyril Richardson
Dakota Dozier
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Smith, Telvin

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 10, 2014 at 01:21 PM

I may have to friend you on facebook! Again great analysis and Im am very happy you have gathered your senses and actually look at what they are doing. It really does make sense as I have been saying since Thursday.


This is a NICE PICK by the Dolphins I like this kid.

skov had acl tear already and is more a 3-4 too slow for the 4-3

YES!!!! Walt Aikens is a baller

Well this guy ain't squeakie clean..

Aikens good pick in this spot. Lord knows we need depth at CB.

Skov recovered better than before injury to have a dominating season after the injury. He can play outside or inside so 3-4 or 4-3 we happen to play both on occasion so he is a perfect pick.

his bball skills are great too...

doesnt day much bout last yr drafted cb take another one

we also lost carroll and patterson

STRENGTHS: Boasts a tapered, athletic build with long arms (32 1/4") and good overall muscle definition. Light feet and loose hips give him the fluidity to handle coverage responsibilities. Asked to play press-man and off-man often for the Flames, showing the athleticism and confidence to handle either role.

Gets an initial jam on the receiver when in press, turning and running with receivers fluidly. Good patience when off or zone but keeps his eyes peeled on the quarterbacks and has a quick burst to close on the ball. Good (perhaps not great) straight-line speed down the sideline, but accelerates smoothly and has a second gear, when necessary.

Highly competitive in run support. Aggressively fights through blocks, extending his arms to initial contact with receivers and is willing to sacrifice his body to knock ball-carriers to the ground. Sound drag-down tackler who rips at the ball. Good vision to set up blocks with the ball in his hands.

Impressed at the Senior Bowl with his confidence, quickly proving that he belonged on the same field.

Actually maybe another good pick he had 3rd round value and we get him low 4th round. What IM seeing is that Hickey has done his homework and is getting the players he has targeted.

So much for the good guy theories. I don't need choir boys on the team anyhow. He's fast and gives us much needed depth.

Now trade back into the 4th and get Vereen and we are set in our back field.

Even if Jamar Taylor ends up being our RCB prdolphin, Grimes isn't getting any younger.

Go figure we get a guy late in the 4th rd who was projected to go in the 3rd and CBS gives it a C.

Strong feeling Pats take Vereen.....his brother was a patsy!!

Rick the press never gives the Phins a break....goes back to 17-0.

Good-sized athlete with balance, play speed and transitional quickness. Better than expected functional strength and works hard to disengage blocks and be a factor in the play. Uses the sideline to his advantage with very good field awareness. Quickly identifies his keys and diagnoses in a flash. High football IQ with good smarts on and off the field. High effort player and won?t fall asleep at the wheel. Already carries himself like a professional. Tough and competitive in nature, getting the most out of his ability. Team leader and quick learner, taking well to coaching. Good starting experience (36 career starts) with significant playing time at cornerback, nickelback and free safety ? also saw time on special teams coverage. NFL bloodlines as the younger brother of the Patriots 2011 2nd round pick running back Shane Vereen ? his father played receiver at UNLV and was a 9th round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1979 NFL Draft.

U guys who were ripping the Landry pick are bonafide idiots... The kid can PLAY... and as for his 40 time, Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 40 as well, and look how he turned out. Stop being little girls looking for shiny little objects and be MEN why dont cha...

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