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Dolphins select LSU's Landry, ND State's Turner

For a while there, it seemed the Dolphins didn't want to pick in the second round.

They traded not once but twice, picking up an extra fourth and extra fifth round pick in trading with San Francisco and San Diego.

And when it came to the No. 63 overall selection, the Dolphins selected Louisiana State's Jarvis Landry. The wide receiver had 77 catches for 1,193 and 10 TDs last season.

He's not the biggest at 5-11 and 205 pounds. He's not the fastest, running a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash at the Indianaplis Combine. He improved that to 4.61 at his Pro Day. He is known for using his body and route-running for getting open.

He makes plays and he is going to make it very difficult for Rishard Matthews to keep his spot on the Dolphins game-day roster in 2014.

In the third round, the Dolphins realized the Oakland Raiders was the only California team they had not traded with so they did exactly that, moving up 14 spots in the third round to No. 67 overall.

And with No. 67 overall the Dolphins picked offensive lineman Billy Turner.


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mcshay,lol love that silly sob. hes clueless but hes there for good tv and to make kiper mad cause of how dumb he is

Speed is not everything my friends. Good football players know how to get open and make plays. Be in the right place at the right time.

mark, then way he ran 4.5 at his pro day????


No team will ever hire McShay or Kiper for GM. Why do you think that is?

yes Benz, they should fire him, I'd like to see Flaver Fave take over for him, or Kid Rock

dusty…..4th rd?--Mcshay ranked Landry #48…..mid 2nd…..

Posted by: benz | May 09, 2014 at 10:57 PM

Benz they all post lies to make themselves look right. This is lil girls blog.

welcome back dashi brother. you scared me ther for a second

Pardon the grammar

Do the Fins have a 4th round pick?

Landry is not impessive

Larry Fitzgerald……4.63…..well?

The most shocking word I read on a sports site this year?


Dashi, don't forget S Smith at RG. He's a better player than Thomas right now.

A Regular Here, I think they have a 4th and 2 5ths from the trades they made.

ANd rice still beat Landry by a tenth of a second in ... 1984 with backward training methods

Forget Anquan comparisons, he is a BIG DUDE

4.77 and little? WTF?


We pick a wr nearly a full round before his draft grade, and two ol a full half round before their draft grades, while leaving a ol (moses) on the board who was a projected mid 1st rounder.....why didnt ross just make me the gm for less than half the money?

Bud….apparently more shocking is HOFer Fitzgerald ran a 4.63 and possible HOFer Boldin ran a 4.71……I'll give you a second to catch your breath, since you're easily shocked

Landry = Steve Smith
And trolls like Mark don't even care about game tape only stupid measurables...

Jerry Rice…..4.7…..Bud, are you still breathing?

bill 4.7 was fast back then

Landry has no burst and is not quick. He is a 5'11 kid who isn't fast or laterally quick. No quickness usually translates in to a poor slot wr. You want your slot to have quickness and the ability to get rac. Gibson is the same player as Landry. IF you are excited..good for you.

Posted by: Stra8balla | May 09, 2014 at 10:53 PM

sounds like Mark Clayton to me....

defenses will be able to pull their safties back deep to cover wallace, olbs will cover rbs and tes, and pull the middle lbs grandmother in to cover landry.

several guys questioned Moses' work ethic…..uh, John Jerry?--no thanks

I think LB should be the next position to adress.
Don't know much about Landry
Ja'wuan is on my high expectation list
And billy turner is a nice grooming piece.
I guess im a bit dissapointed in Landry because we could have had Carlos Hyde.
Well no hyde,amaro,borland,mosely,zack martin,shazier,tre mason,sankey. All the guys i seemed to like were either taken or we passed

Larry Fitzgerald 4.63
Jerry Rice 4.71
Anquan Boldin 4.71

There are many more.........Landry is a Football player period. I don't give a fekk what his 40 time is. MIT liked the measureables of Ted Ginn.......and his family!!!

clayton was 5'9

seriously Dusty?---dude, 4.7 is 4.7…..now, 10 years ago, 20 years ago…..and on Mars…..Jerry Rice, 4.7

I think we would have took Latimer but Denver jumped us. After that we traded back twice...

Guys, the draft grades by analysts are regardless of team fit and schemes. For instance, Moses is NOT a fit for zone blocking. Not nearly mobile enough. Same with Cyrus. Landry is damn near percect for a west coast/quick read offense. The plan makes sense.

Rice had the best QB in football and the best offense in football around him.

We have 3 slug rb's no alpha WR, sub par TE's and a makeshift oline and a QB fighting to keep his job.

Big difference.

We should've moved up to grab Amaro.

please somebody check on Bud…..he's apparently "shocked" at 4.77, so I'm wondering what he thinks of HOFers running 4.7+…..Bud, are you alive?

I'm going buy you a burger Emperor. How about carl's jr? :D

thats not true benz and u know it. today olineman run 4.7

ANd rice still beat Landry by a tenth of a second in ... 1984 with backward training methods

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 09, 2014 at 11:03 PM

Ok now your just trolling you are definitely Sam posing as MIT and Im done with you tonight. This is the DUMBEST stmt I have ever heard you say. NOBODY trained HARDER, LONGER and BETTER than Jerry Rice. LOOK IT UP!!

You can't really compare 40 times from 1984 to today's. Today, all these players train specifically for months for all these combine drills, pro days, etc.
Really good football players almost always have good measurables because you can't be a good football player without being a good athlete. There will always be exceptions and game film still rules, but all the combine numbers, etc. do have their role in picking players.

Landry is only 4'8" tall, what don't you get?? a defensive tackle/really slow LB can jog and stay up with him. What don't you get??

Doesn't seem anybody wants Carlos Hyde????


Says here Fitz ran a 4.48

4.63? Anyone else want to make stuff up?

clyde gates 4.37, stephen hill 4.36

ok, this is getting too easy

didn't clyde edgar gates ran a 4.1?

Wallyfin, Carlos Hyde was picked a long time ago.

So he generated 1200 yards with only 77 receptions and 10 TDs in the SEC and we really think he runs a 4.7? Ummmm I don't think so. And if he is slow he must really do something well to generate that kind of production.

Rice was 6'2, not 5'11. How the hell is Tannehill supposed to find him with 6'6 people blocking his view?

4.77 is slower than all of them. Has to be the slowest WR in NFL history.

I have broken down hours of LSU'S film from their last two years. I assure you, with the typical level of expertise and professionalism that my followers on this blog have come to expect, that Jarvis may very well make the squad, and be active on most game days.

Jerry Rice was 6'3" 215lbs can Run routes and catch. Plus, had the best stamina of all time. In the 4th qtr J.Rice was still fresh while the guy covering him couldn't run a 4.9 after the 6'3" 215 lbs WR with Hands of Glue caught the ball.

J.Rice was the most complete WR of all time. R.Moss is faster than J.Rice. But no WR or Football player can go all out for 60 minutes every play like Jerry could.

clyde gates 4.37, stephen hill 4.36

both obvious 1st ballot HOFers

The tape tells the story. I don't think some of you have watched his play at all. I see opposing teams giving Landry a lot of cushion and the guy is constantly open. If he was so slow that wouldn't be the case would it?

It's my belief T-hill will be throwing him a ton of passes.

What pick # and who

We are the least improved team in the division.

Mark I'm disappointed in what a beaatch your acting like tonight

Jpao Smith does bench 4 bills.

Once again Landry can't separate in college what makes you think he is going to be creating separation in the NFL?

Dude is tough dude has great hands but that's not enough in the slot or even outside the hashes.

These dumb comparisons of Boldin and Rice are only 2 out of millions of wrs you can come up with.

Boldin is a big dude. Landry doesn't have the build or the strength. Stop reaching for reason why you think Landry will be any thing but a 6th wr on this roster.

I…..think you guys are making way too much out of 1 or 2 tenths…..if the Rice, Boldin and Fitz numbers……along with the Gates and Hill numbers dont make the point, not sure what will

dusty, Fitz plays now…..and is still dominant…..didnt play 25 years ago

still dominant--today…..4.63

Overall I like the voids this draft fills.

Might not have drafted some guys @ those spots BUT those needs are filled & our 2 Olinemen are 2 of 9 that MIT endorsed which does make me feel better.

Mayock said Landry was his sleeper of draft.

Hickey is getting it Done & we have additional picks.

Draft Grade B-

I'm out.

MassD, tell these guys. 4.7 from 30 yeaars ago is not a 4.7 today.

Some of these guys just don't get it

Guess measureables don't matter if they're selected by Miami. They automatically become the exception.

Sorry to break it to you guys that Hickey was an 8th selection GM for a reason.

Str8balla how is it Landry can put up thos numbers but can't seperate in college you dolt!!!! He's a great route runner fool of coarse he can seperate. Smh some are you are literally nuts

Only a fuqin retard truly believes Landry can only run a 4.77 in the 40. Watch him running by people in his highlights for fuq sakes!

The only thing you need to know about this kid is if the QB throws a ball that can be caught by the receiver, he makes the damn catch.

when they timed landry in the 40, they used a timex wristwatch with no second hand.

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