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Dolphins select WR Matt Hazel in sixth round

I told you in my column today the Dolphins are down on Rishard Matthews. They drafted Jarvis Landry in the second round and today in the sixth round they just picked Matt Hazel out of Coastal Carolina.

Hazel, a 6-1 and 195-poiunder, owns all the CCU receiver records. He compares himself to Denver's Demaryius Thomas but ran a 4.5 time in the 40-yard dash at the Indianapolis Combine.

"I thought I was going to go a little higher really," Hazel said.

Hazel played at the East-West Shrine game and impressed multiple scouts.

"I felt like a lot of teams told me I was the best receiver there," Hazel said.

According to Nolan Nawrocki in his NFL Draft 2014 preview Hazell "hears footsteps" and has "alligator arms."


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Occasionally, you get the feeling a blindfolded Hickey has a dart, and whatever it hits.....

6th WR maybe unless they cut ties with Gibson or Matthews...

"According to Nolan Nawrocki in his NFL Draft 2014 preview Hazell "hears footsteps" and has "alligator arms."

But other than THAT.....

No RBs I guess Miller and Moreno are the answer. Hope neither gets injured. Has anyone picked storm Johnson yet?

This Hazel pick I am not in love with but I will defer to Hickey and his staff. They have done there homework and must know where he may fit on this team. None of us know what they intend to do with our current roster.

Marc, don't know if Storm was selected,
but he had a great year at Central FL. You'd think his QB would pump him up with coach Gus at TB?

Man Dolphins maybe the deepest team in the league at WR......

Well, they can't do much with a roster full of scrubs

talk about DEPTH we have about 10 guys going to camp

I think Gibson days are numbered.... i Was guessing another guard or project gaurd .

Mel Kiper said Hazel will make the team and is a guy to watch. Hmmm.

Hahha, alligator arms. He and Wallace will get on fine

Sorry, my bad, J-Ville, not TB.

After round 3 does it matter who it is? Yeah thats right it doesn't.

I like this Garrett Scott guy to Seattle. Don't be surprised if he's a keeper for Seattle. Probably not year one but eventually.

allwhitemiami apart from the fact we've drafted 4 starters in 4th round or later in last 5 years

Why is Antonio Richardson OT 2nd round grade still available??? Does anybody know if there were rumors about him??

There goes my Canadian.

Oh well, Borck Coyle or bust!!

Bill, medical red flags, degenerative knee concerns

give me Morris or Shaw in the 7th for a developmental QB

Yeah, 4 starters. How many pro bowlers? I loved the 2 pro bowlers on the roster drafted. Can't get much worse than that

Draft Projection Rounds 2-3

Bottom Line A big, strong, athletic college left tackle who might be more naturally suited for the right side in the pros, Richardson is agile enough to protect the blind side if he learns to become a better hand technician. Has the look of a Pittsburgh prototype and compares favorably to Steelers 2011 second-round pick Marcus Gilbert. Has clear, unrefined starter traits.

Antonio Richardson OT



2014 Draft=Hickey puking in his mouth

Nicknamed "Tiny," Richardson is, of course, quite the opposite at a massive 6-6, 332 pounds.

Richardson signed with the Volunteers as the top overall prep prospect in Tennessee in 2010. He played in every game as a true freshman but didn't log a single start. As such, it surprised many when then-coach Derek Dooley elected to move steady senior Dallas Thomas inside to left guard in 2012 to hand Richardson the critical role of protecting Tyler Bray's blind side. The gamble on Richardson's potential and Thomas' versatility paid off as each earned Second Team All-SEC honors.

Richardson really opened eyes with an outstanding performance against South Carolina All-American pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney in 2012. While he wasn't as stellar in the rematch in 2013, Richardson still displayed the ability to hold his own against the SEC's top pass rushers while being a force in the ground game.

Richardson may possess the deepest and most impressive toolbox of all the tackles in the 2014 class in terms of natural ability and size/athleticism combination. Where he needs to improve is in his technical approach to the position, particularly when mirroring quicker pass rushers, as he too frequently over-relies on his hands and will forget to stay active with his feet.

There's no doubt that Richardson's freakish athleticism and size will draw consideration from NFL teams in the early rounds, but in order to be a first-round selection he must convince scouts that he is committed to improving technically.

I cannot find any medical flags on this guy....he is ranked as the 72 of top 100 players available for draft by CBS??? Something is fishy here?? Sounds like a guy we could use. Even as a back-up. He can play tackle or guard??

Why is D Thomas still on the roster?

Perfect, you don't now that and your opinion is uniformed at best. go puke on yourself! So what are your creds for your opinions other than Zip!

Now we just need Phillbin to under coach them.


Posted by: SAM I AM | May 10, 2014 at 04:54 PM

From your fingers to Gods ears. If this is true we will be a playoff team. Too bad we are stuck with Wallace he has terrible hands doesn't make the hard catch and TH always over throws him. Its a bad match. We really need Boldin or Jackson instead of Wallace


Hickey uses the NFL Draft as a time to play "Pin the tail on the donkey".

the dude on NFL chan loves our pick. especially last two....

was wondering bout those two gamecocks defensive plyers they had a tussle in NYC nightclub wanted for questioning

Miami will draft Michael Sam to close the books on bullygate

The team has no talent, period.

Did Henderson the o-line get drafted.

Worst draft ever...

i hink so too MIT, i told my wife, watch them draft sam to end this...

oh yah beerphin one was Quarles.

Trevor Reilly would be a smashing pick here though


I believe Jarvis Landry is more of an immediate threat to Hartline than Rishard Matthews. But, you could be right about Hazel being a threat to Matthews.

Everyone raves about Hartline's 2 consecutive 1000yds seasons. But, folks, 4tds in one of those years and only 5tds in the other, does not get the job done at the NFL level. Not as "a starting #2 wr. He should at least put up 7tds per year.

Thanks for he link MIT....he had the surgery in 2012 so I would take a chance on a guy like him in the 6th or 7th round. He was better than who we drafted with our 1st pick for 2 years. Then he got hurt. This could be a huge steal.
As for the draft the NFLN guys love the last 3 Dolphins picks. They said they could be Special!! They never give us any love on the sports networks.

dude had 9.5 sacks at DT last season and is still available... looks like a steal in 7th

Dolphin fans in Miami must be happy because lower Bowl Season Tickets are just about sold out. Last year there were plenty of tickets left at this point. Not even close this year.

Special teamers, sure. Special ed, probably. HOF special? NOPE!

Jay Prosch still available...

Shut up Sam.

Nobody will draft Michael Sams. Not because he's gay, because he's an "INSTANT MEDIA CIRCUS" and great camp distraction waiting to happen.

My best guess is Sams is an udfa. Michael Sams severely hurt his draft chances with announcing he's gay. Gay isn't the issue, the media circus that will come with him is. He isn't good enough for any team to put up with this.


We'll probably never see Tebow in an NFL camp again because he's a media circus and not a good enough qb to warrant it's patience either.

A solid but unspectacular draft from Hickey. The o-line todau looks not bad with

LT Albert
LG Turner
C Twitter Trash
RG Smith
RT James.

That looks not too bad. We have a couple of other players that could start in Jarvis and Aikens. The other pick I like is Tripp, we got a fast ILB that could push for playing time and is a solid ST player.

Another WR? He won't even make the team. Total throaway of a 6th rounder.
I liked the Tripp pick though, I think he'll be a good one. Everything I just read on him was good.
But where on earth is the power RB to compliment Moreno, and the developemental QB?

some true IDIOTS on this board today but you would expect no less

All the columns and talk about Miami getting a QB to compete for backup were just nonsense I guess.

But where on earth is the power RB to compliment Moreno, and the developemental QB?

Posted by: MassDolphan | May 10, 2014 at 05:15 PM

What are Tannehill and Devlin?? TH is only 24 yrs old. Why waste a pick on a QB that never sees the field. If TH sucks this year don't worry will get a top 10 draft pick next year to take a new QB

Michael Sams is probably easily drafted 5th rd had he not announced he's gay. Many gay players in the league. NFL doesn't have a problem with it.

What NFL teams do have a problem with is putting up with a media circus from a marginal player. Gotta wonder if Sams had "ulterior motives" for announcing he's gay.

You wanted attention Sams? Now you have it. It's decreased your draft stock, no one want the circus coming to their NFL camp.

Could be worse than taking Richardson, possibly playing next to his teammate.
If the Fins take Sam, In will have to conclude it was pre-arranged.
Personally, he probably has 5th round talent, will work his (bad choice of words, perhaps) butt off, and if our guys can (again bad choice here) handle it, why not?

Good pub for the Fins, maybe time served for Pouncey.
If not for Pouncey, Garner can fill in at Center.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | May 10, 2014 at 05:18 PM

Tannehill is not a developemental QB. He's the starter. Devlin will never be anything. So if Tanne regresses this year the team has no QB of the future. None. I really thought they should have taken a QB in the mid rounds this year in order to boot Devlin and groom for 2015 just in case Tanne regresses and is not the answer.

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 10, 2014 at 05:22 PM

If the Dolphins draft Sams, it would be their biggest mistake of the entire draft. Who the hell needs that MEDIA CIRCUS coming to camp this summer.

Right now, Sams only = "MAJOR DISTRACTION".

Should have taken aaron Murray instead of Lynch a blocking TE. Another WR? What is that about 10? Hartline to Cleveland? Will we take Shaw or Morris in the 7th?

Occasionally, you get the feeling a blindfolded Hickey has a dart, and whatever it hits.....

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 10, 2014 at 04:31 PM

Um, no we don't.


We don't have the luxury to waste a pick on a QB that is so bad that he wasn't picked until the 6th or 7th round and we couldn't waste the other picks on that position because we needed so much. Next year we pick a QB to develop. If TH falters it will be top 10 pick and be his replacement.

beerphin, yeah, guy is a 2nd rd talent a pure disruptive DT ina 4-3. We could use a guy with his skil set. Yes, he got into a mixup, so what?

7th pick, udfa, let's roll...

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