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Expanded playoffs would have been good for Philbin

NFL owners today tabled the idea of playoff expansion for 2014 and will take up the matter again at their next meeting in October, according to multiple media reports out of Atlanta where the owners are meeting.

It's not the best news for Joe Philbin.


Well, anyone with any sense of where the Dolphins are as a franchise understands Philbin, entering his third season with the team, is coaching for his job in 2014.

Owner Stephen Ross has been loyal to his coach in siding with Philbin versus former general manager Jeff Ireland after their rift last season. The owner told candidates during his search for a new GM that they had to accept Philbin and even turned away from candidates he liked because they wanted the ability to move on from Philbin.

And Ross made sure new GM Dennis Hickey understood he must work hand-in-hand with Philbin, who now seems to be more empowered than ever, in order to be considered a success with the Dolphins.

But here's the catch: Ross, despite his unfettered public confidence in Philbin and optimism about the coming season, also has confided to multiple people that if 2014 does not unfold quite the way he hopes, it may be time for a reset.

And a reset would involve getting a new head coach.

It remains unclear exactly what parameters Ross would have for needing or resisting change.

If the Dolphins make the playoffs, it is as near a certainty as one can have that Philbin would continue as coach. On the other hand, If the Dolphins' record takes a step back from a year ago and the team fails to the make the playoffs for a sixth consecutive year, the likelihood of a Ross reset would be very high.

That much seems clear.

But what about the gray areas of what might happen in 2014?

Would a winning record alone that does not include a playoff appearance appease the owner? Would another 8-8 record but another year out of the playoffs be acceptable?

Bottom line is if the Dolphins make the playoffs, no matter what their record or results in the postseason, Philbin can be confident of coming back for 2015.

And that is why an expanded playoff field that includes 14 instead of 12 teams would have been in the coach's interest. With an expanded field, the Dolphins might have overcome the hurdles they haven't been able to overcome since 2008.

But with the traditional 12-team postseason (six teams per conference) now the league plan, the Dolphins will have to overcome not only division rivals New England, Buffalo and New York for a postseason berth, but also recent playoff contenders Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East in 2013.




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It's going to be tough making the playoffs whether the field is expanded or not. Still too many unanswered questions

7-9 with no playoffs. You heard it here first!

10-6 Playoffs

Disagree,all you Haterade drinking fools!Phinz make Playoffs and finish with a 12-4 record and 1st in AFC East!Yea I said it!Tannehill is the Franchise QB and comes into his own with a breakout season,behind a much improved Oline and Running game,THill&Wallace connection is also much improved,Offense and Defense Top 10 in NFL in upcoming season,and I'm not making any bold predictions,it's going down the way I'm saying,watch and see!

If they expand it to 32 he would be untouchable.

Playoffs should be 16 teams... why not??

Get half the league in there to battle it out...

And do away with the divisions...16 teams per conference...

everyone plays everybody in the conference once plus one intra confrence game per year...

This way we truly get the best teams in the playoffs every year...

Glad to see Steve Ross does not have his head totally up his, well, you know.

Philbin is tied directly to the performance of Tannehill. Tannehill fails, then the whole team including philbin fail.



Keep it the way it is

Changing ruins all the old records

There were so many close games last year that could have gone either way that it makes it hard to predict how we will do this year
I feel optimistic having apparently solved the Offensive line and made quite an upgrade to it now it remains to see if that translates to more time to throw, better lanes for our runners and being able to move the pile to get those third and one yard plays done.
In theory we are a better team, and now we wait to see how good a job our coaches do to get us into the playoffs.
I agree with most bloggers though that Philbin seems more like an executive than a coach. He doesn't call any plays, he doesn't adjust at halftime, he does not inspire our players, and I would guess he doesn't get involved enough. Like he thinks he is above it all.
So he has to have very strong staff under him to do all those functions. Lets see if that is the case coupled with better OL.

I think that Landry will surprise many. I agree he may be the steal of the draft. A Playmaker, and that is what we need.
Can't wait for the season to start.

And in 2015 we will probably have to hire a mediocre coach because none of the great ones will take the Lackey as their GM or suffer Aponte to coerce cheapness over greatness when hiring new talents.

And so Ross will keep being faithful to mediocrity and underachievement again and again, year after year.

This not even close to play off team

so why fake your way in and back pedal in by default w
Dink n Dunk cuz Tannehill's long ball stunk

Remember Chad Pennny
Dink N Dunk cuz Penny's long ball stunk

How did that work out against a Reel playoff team like the Ravens


the season comes down to our defense.....can we stop two mobile qb and possibly one of the greatest of all time. Personally i think Tom will fall off a little this year just because he seems alot more intereted in reality tv than football....eventually giselle will have him in front of a camera instead of in cleats. The bills are the up and comers they should be feared in the division. Im glad they lost byrd but they still look stacked on paper. Time will tell. Fins up

Philbin is known as the HC w a tampon glued to his forehead

Who wants to look at that every morning?

Gotta think that the 2014 predictions for the Fins are in the toilet because Philbin's still the coach.

Here's hoping the problem was Sherman. It could be a loooong season.

Mando says,
"The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East in 2013."

Butt if u factor in 5th option practice squad QB sweeping us twice and once w a shutout, ... werent we really in last place

. . . Home's just sayin

Excellent reporting Mando.

Mark that's actually not a bad idea.

Home, they beat a handful of playoff teams last year. They just lost to the terrible teams. But you are correct if we still were fielding the 2009 Dolphins they would be in trouble.

Glad to personally hear that Ross isn't clueless to the state of the team from the top down but at the same time I wish those Ross confidants could keep it close to the vest.

I mean this is for all intents and purposes to be a lame duck coaching staff and I would have rather that be kept secret than to get to Mando's ears....

Did the Dolphins sign a Qb from Minnesota State?

Are they trying to come up with a team that can compete against Alabama or the New England Patriots?

James Walker -ESPN and the NFL football world is starting to see what Home saw all along

2. Not much confidence in Tannehill

Analysis: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has one of the top-selling jerseys in the NFL. He gets a ton of support in South Florida. Yet, Tannehill doesn’t get the same love nationally. Tannehill has a mediocre 15-17 record as a starter. He hasn’t proven to be a winning quarterback in two seasons and it’s now or never. Tannehill is learning a new offensive scheme for the first time since college. He has also struggled throwing the deep ball and holding the ball too long. Based on early Power Rankings, it appears the national media does not think Tannehill is going to do anything special this year.

Home knows many,many bloggers
as Home is the most well known Miami Dolphin sports bloggers in Florida & Globally, man

Get w the program, dude

It's going to be a never-ending cycle with this team. We're going to fire the coach but keep the GM. The good coaches will want their own GM (or to be GM themselves) and will look elsewhere. The coaches who just want a job will come.

Then we'll fire the GM. All the good GMs will want their own coaches and will look elsewhere. The GMs who just want a job will come.

Vicious cycle

Okay we all know NostraHOMEus has the 2014 Dolphins going 7-9 and the sheeple now agree

The early 2014 projections are in and it doesn’t look good for Miami. So far, many experts are predicting the Dolphins slide this year.

ESPN.com recently ranked the Dolphins in the bottom third of the NFL at No. 24. One voter — NFL Nation reporter Kevin Seifert — rated the Dolphins No. 30, which rubbed a lot of Dolphins fans the wrong way. Bleacher Report also rated Miami last at No. 32 and the worst team in the NFL. Football Outsiders predicted Miami would finish 7-9.

All righty then, lets add another week to a SB now stretching into Febuary.

Miami at 32? No wonder why no one respects Bleacher Report. He's either delusional or a Jests fan. This team is in no way worse than the Jests, Bills, Jaguars, Raiders, Browns, Titans, Bucs, Vikings, or Redskins. Assume we're only better than those teams, and no other team, we're at worst at #23.

I can see how people would put Miami anywhere between 15 and (I guess) 24, but I don't think those people watch Miami Dolphins football games (can't blame them, why would you? We've been irrelevant since the Ricky Williams trade).

We haven't downgraded. Unless Tannehill blows this season there should be no reason we do any worse than 8-8. The schedule last year is harder than this year as well.

Or, maybe if Philbin can channel his inner Sparano and get the team to play for him then maybe they wouldn't play down to the competition each game.

Head coach Bazooka Joe on the hot seat

Analysis: It rarely looks good for a team when the head coach enters the season on the hot seat. Joe Philbin is a shaky 15-17 in two seasons. He has yet to post a winning record or make the playoffs. There are no excuses for Philbin to fail in his third year. Although the Dolphins won’t admit it publicly, it’s playoffs or bust. What if Miami gets off to a slow start? What if the Dolphins are out of the playoff race in November? Miami must win early to quiet the speculation. Philbin must also get his players to respond week in and week out despite his status.

You're not a blogger home, you're a poster...

And you still haven't explained yourself.

I will just assume you suffer from Schizophrenia and be done with the issue.

Home reports the Dolphins also have the 12th toughest strength of schedule

The Super Bowl was already in February

The early 2014 projections are in and it doesn’t look good for Miami. So far, many experts are predicting the Dolphins slide this year.

ESPN.com recently ranked the Dolphins in the bottom third of the NFL at No. 24. One voter — NFL Nation reporter Kevin Seifert — rated the Dolphins No. 30, which rubbed a lot of Dolphins fans the wrong way. Bleacher Report also rated Miami last at No. 32 and the worst team in the NFL. Football Outsiders predicted Miami would finish 7-9.

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 20, 2014 at 03:10 PM

This all means:


Take that to the bank! :)

I'd say it's the whole "scandal" and the stigma of the team that leads the nation to think this team is incapable. No one watches Miami football.

Why do you think Mel Kiper said DE was a need for the dolphins? The second highest need next to OL! Maybe if the "experts" watched each team play rather than summarizing a season they would be actual "experts".

Right now, guys like Mel Kiper and the like get paid to give you their opinion. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong, as long as they give you "credible" information the nation will eat it.

With that said, let the nation believe Miami is a bottom-dwelling team. Makes for a nicer story mid-season.

Missing on Manz
means no one cares what the Tannefail Dolphins ATTEMPT to do
they know 7-9 All the Time

Agree with TNfinfan @2:16. There is definitely alot of IF's for this team to make the playoffs and thats usually not good.

It's not impossible but not only do we have several areas that must improve, the rest of the division looks to be improved, and the schedule as a whole is tough.

Dolfans will not be happy w NostraHomeUs's prediction of a 1-4 start to the 2014 season

This post warms my heart. Thanks for that Mando.

Go Philbin!

No, I mean really ... Go.


Expanded playoffs? Sure and while we're at it, do away with the SB and give everybody 'I participated' trophy.

Under the current format, there are teams that have almost no chance to advance. And Goodell wants to add two more? But Goodell is simple to fiqure out. More games, more money.

Well hopefully Ross learned you can't do a GM search with the mandate the coach stays. Guessing Ross was hoping they would both stay for one more crack and found out how dysfunctional the Coach and GM were.

i would have chosen Ireland over Philbin. Philbin was f'ing awful last year. Huge regression on defense.
Offense slightly improved. No progress among rookies

Perhaps u r a delusional homer, yes?

The JETS were better than us w no players last year
Now they added Vick, Chris Johnson,Eric Decker,Jacoby Ford, an awesome rookie safety hard hitting tone setting Pryor and awesome 260 lb TE bigger and stronger than Dustin Keller
FL Draft Review: New York Jets
by Peter Smith 6h ago TWEET LIKE 2
1. Calvin Pryor III, S Louisville
2. Jace Amaro, TE Texas Tech
3. Dexter McDougle, CB Maryland
4. Jalen Saunders, WR Oklahoma
4. Shaq Evans, WR UCLA
4. Dakota Dozier, OL Furman
5. Jeremiah George, ILB Iowa State
6. Brandon Dixon, Northwest Missouri State
6. Quincy Enunwa, WR Nebraska
6. IK Enemkpali, DE Louisiana Tech
6. Tajh Boyd, QB Clemson
7. Trevor Reilly, OLB Utah

The Bills swept us twice w a 5th option QB and shut us out the 2nd time now have the best WR in several yrs drafts

Sammy Watkins isn't just going to be a really good player, he already is one. He was my No. 2 prospect in the entire draft. EJ Manuel has a weapon, a player who can turn simple throws into big gains, and that matters because I still don't know how effective a downfield thrower Manuel is. My issue is that this draft is loaded with wide receivers -- there are good ones already signing as undrafted free agents as I type this, in fact -- and the Bills paid a significant price to get Watkins. A future first-round pick is always a heavy price, but they threw in a fourth as well. Think about this: the Jags took a QB one slot ahead of Watkins, but still managed to get Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson in Round 2.

Kiper noted that the Bills did not draft a tight end or safety, which were both among his top needs for the team.

Here's our take: Kiper is on point about the cost to acquire Watkins. General manager Doug Whaley even acknowledged that it came at a "very high cost," and the general feeling from the team's decision makers is that they don't have the luxury of looking beyond this season. They swung for the fences with this trade and only time will tell if it was the right decision.

As far as addressing needs, taking Cyrus Kouandjio in the second round did take care of right tackle, which was one of the weaker positions along the line last season. This wasn't a strong draft for tight ends and I'm not sure how important the position will be within Nate Hackett's offense this season. If they can manage, I think Hackett will try to get Watkins, Marquise Goodwin, and Robert Woods on the field at the same time and press defenses at multiple levels.

Browns & Bucs also either better or on their way

Fish = 7-9
Enjoy the Fun

Joe Phail-bin can hope the NFL develops like the NBA and the NHL where 30 out of 32 teams make the playoffs.

All righty then, lets add another week to a SB now stretching into Febuary.
Posted by: SAM I AM | May 20, 2014 at 03:14 PM

Dumbest post, since the last Home post. Any half wit can figure out that by adding one playoff team you'd only have one team with a bye per conference.

It doesn't matter if they change the number of teams - the Phins will finish last in the AFC East.

In his pre-draft news conference last month, Whaley acknowledged that the Bills needed more height at receiver.

"Sometimes you have to bring in a dimension that you don’t have and a size receiver is a dimension that we don’t have," he said. "Everybody is looking for that, but it would help EJ [Manuel] just because he can find that guy anywhere and also EJ can basically throw up the ball and you’ve got a 6-5 guy with 35-inch arms and 30-plus vertical, that’s a big target that you can have down the field."

Having Sammy Watkins, whom the Bills drafted fourth overall, could help change that. While Watkins is "only" 6-1, his long arms allow him to play taller than his listed height. He could be a difference-maker in the red zone, where the Bills ranked 29th in scoring efficiency last season.

Yet when he's paired with Goodwin, Robert Woods (6-feet), and Mike Williams (6-2) at the top of the Bills' depth chart, the group isn't too out of the ordinary.

That's why, if Whaley wants to strike gold with a tall receiver, he'll need to keep panning -- and that's just what he's been doing.

Bills scheming against the Dolphins midget CBs

Minnesota Viking s hosting Super Bowl 2018

Miami in the toilet w Ross Bumbling and Stumbling
waiting in the corporate welfare line to steal Miami-dades school tax money

Miami won't have SB til past 2020

. . . telling

cocoajoe, they are going to add more games, I'd rather they add playoff games instead of trotting out a 2-14 team out there for another week.

NFL Network had a segement on which WR drafted this year would have the most success in 2014. Oddly enough, Landry's name wasn't even mentioned.


we started 2013 with?

Albert is an upgrade. None of these other scrubs are:


haha, massD, why would they unless they wanted it to be a 12 epsiode series to try to go head to head with Game of Thrones...

Generously, he was ranked the 12th best WR in the draft by CBS.

I had him at 20. I only rate 20 WRs.


But that doesn't mean he's a top RT. We don't even know if he is average.


If we had drafted him he would be a bust.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | May 20, 2014 at 03:53 PM

That's because Philbin would move Benjamin to DE where he would sit behind Jordan, Wake, and Co.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 20, 2014 at 03:47 PM

Exactly Mark. Rather see conference champs play best 2 of 3 in SB

MIT I'm less worried about the WRs and more about the running game this season. Landry panning out or not is not as significant as Moreno not getting Oline help on runs.

The Patriots already won the division and the Jets who are gonna demolish us will prolly get a Wild Card Spot

Darkoak, I would agree on that.

i wouldn't be surprised if Landry is a complete non factor this year. he's got to beat out some good football players. At best I think he did what Rishard Matthews did last year.

We would've been better off packaging the one and two to get Lewan or Donald.

Each NFL team should play 82 games and adopt the ridiculously long playoff formats like the NBA and NHL (both put me to sleep). Just think of all the job opportunities with hundreds of players on IR.


Mark dropped a dumbell on his head
if he thought the Dolphins wanted ASS_CLOWN HGH Richie 2.0 Lewan

and we certainly were not going defense


Home 4 GM

John is the MANZ

and at 2 million a year

way better and more accurate than TanneMISSEDDEEPAGAIN

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