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Expanded playoffs would have been good for Philbin

NFL owners today tabled the idea of playoff expansion for 2014 and will take up the matter again at their next meeting in October, according to multiple media reports out of Atlanta where the owners are meeting.

It's not the best news for Joe Philbin.


Well, anyone with any sense of where the Dolphins are as a franchise understands Philbin, entering his third season with the team, is coaching for his job in 2014.

Owner Stephen Ross has been loyal to his coach in siding with Philbin versus former general manager Jeff Ireland after their rift last season. The owner told candidates during his search for a new GM that they had to accept Philbin and even turned away from candidates he liked because they wanted the ability to move on from Philbin.

And Ross made sure new GM Dennis Hickey understood he must work hand-in-hand with Philbin, who now seems to be more empowered than ever, in order to be considered a success with the Dolphins.

But here's the catch: Ross, despite his unfettered public confidence in Philbin and optimism about the coming season, also has confided to multiple people that if 2014 does not unfold quite the way he hopes, it may be time for a reset.

And a reset would involve getting a new head coach.

It remains unclear exactly what parameters Ross would have for needing or resisting change.

If the Dolphins make the playoffs, it is as near a certainty as one can have that Philbin would continue as coach. On the other hand, If the Dolphins' record takes a step back from a year ago and the team fails to the make the playoffs for a sixth consecutive year, the likelihood of a Ross reset would be very high.

That much seems clear.

But what about the gray areas of what might happen in 2014?

Would a winning record alone that does not include a playoff appearance appease the owner? Would another 8-8 record but another year out of the playoffs be acceptable?

Bottom line is if the Dolphins make the playoffs, no matter what their record or results in the postseason, Philbin can be confident of coming back for 2015.

And that is why an expanded playoff field that includes 14 instead of 12 teams would have been in the coach's interest. With an expanded field, the Dolphins might have overcome the hurdles they haven't been able to overcome since 2008.

But with the traditional 12-team postseason (six teams per conference) now the league plan, the Dolphins will have to overcome not only division rivals New England, Buffalo and New York for a postseason berth, but also recent playoff contenders Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East in 2013.




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Really Marc, he had a bad year for him now?

Man, give it up already. ben had a fine year and was a top ten Qb in this league last year.

And the guy was good enough to win two super bowls... where is this acceptable level you have??

Oh, I don't know Marc, preseason maybe.

Many guys have reps that spread across the league without appearing in regular season games.

So you think Belichek is into giving away assets now? Tell when this has ever happened before?

Mass...It's well known now that Philbin threw those last two games in order to get Jeff Ireland fired.
Go look at the game film and pay close attention to Philbin body language...he is clearly up to something.

NH, if that Qb is Aaron rodgers, then that analysis is flawed. Rodgers didn't play his rookie or sophomore years...

How about 4th quarter QBR? 30 out of 32?


Marc, you're a funny guy. On one hand you are saying Ben is not an acceptable qb then on the next you are advocating a Ryan Mallett acquisition.

I would think there are only about 4 guys on the palnet qualified to Qb for you...


Mark...you are correct. Rodgers sat behind Favre for 2 years (maybe even 3). I believe the stats are for QB's first two full seasons under center.

NH, I believe it was three.

Anyway, tough to make that comparison.

I think it has to be apples to apples.

Should only ocmpare guys starting right out of the gate.

Obviously Rodgers wouldn't have put up those #s in year one or Green Bay would've traded Favre at the time for a boatload of picks... and furthermore Rodgers would've been the hands down #1 pick. Not even Andrew Luck could match Rodgers #s there.

Each QB that I listed incorporated the first 2 years they started all (or just about all) 16 games under center. So that's why you see Rodgers having back-to-back 4000 yard seasons with great TD/INT ratios

The other QBs all started the year they were drafted (except Brees I think but not sure - one of those QBs sat for one season). So the other QBs #s more closely correlate to Tannehill compared to Rodgers sitting for 3 years.

By the way the QBs I listed included (not in order):

Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees


Aaron Rodgers sat his first 3 years.

MarK. This site is right up your ally!

Pass efficiency rating? 24th?

Scoring efficiency 19th

Points for and against: 18th

Ryan Tannehill 2013 Snapshot
Passing Yards
of 138
Passing TD
of 138
Completion %
of 138
QB Rating
of 138
Pass Yards/Att
of 138

Still pissed we passed on Brees in favor of Culpepper....OUCH!

Ah...think of all those playoff games we could have won! Saban would be a HOF coach and the Saban/Brees combo would be clashing each year with Belichick/Brady.

Would have been EPIC!

Is the doctor who made that call still employed?

John Elway is an awesome GM

amazing the talent he signed in FA for the defense

Home has the Broncos as Superbowl FAVS

Wish Marino would put down the Sambuca & cocaine
Zip it up and help this team out

Marc, by any metric Tannehill deserves and will get another year.

If he should be let go, then half the league should be looking for new Qbs as he was better than half of the guys who took snaps.

The much balleyhood Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill have almost the exact same production after two years (yards, tds). I think anyone here would take that on draft day 2012.

yes, he's not as efficient as you would like yet in his career - that can be improved

he still turns the ball over a little more than you'd like although he was much better in the 2nd half of the year.

And History shows that if anything improves in a qb over time with more experience, it's efficiency and fewer turnovers.

I'm not saying to crown him and fork over $100M but he does deserve to not have judgment passed until we see what he does this eyar.

Even by team standards he hasn't been bad. Two games under .500 after two years with a craparse defense and running game is not exactly horrible...

It is no coincidence
that Tanny lovers compare whoever failed as QB and played awful to Tanny's first two seasons of production

. . . telling

MarK. Those 4 are about it. I'd also settle for Rivers, Luck, Ryan, Wilson, Big Ben, maybe Romo

Would never want Flacco or Eli

Mark....let's see how Tannehill performs in Lazor's new scheme before we put a fork in him.

Foles has the same skill set at Tannehill and had awesome stats last year!

Although Tannehill has a tendency to not properly lead his receivers over the middle (just ask Keller & Gibson).

Focus on your lil bastard child and stop trying to talk American football

Clearly u r clueless and the Dolphins do the opposite of whatever Mark the office boy sugests

Home you really think Marino can be a GM? I don't think he has the mental capacity. And he would always be banging Dawn Aponte and not watching film on players.

I think he would be an excellent ambassador. Entertain vet free agents when they come down.. make the players feel like this would be an exciting place to be... but I wouldn't place a draft in his hands...

Landry needs to punch Mark the office boy in the mouth

Marino could be assistant Oc and QB coach with a cute lil title of relevant importance

He was in the top half in yards and TDs and that's it! Every other meaningful stat was in the bottom 1/3. Let's not forget the 4th quarter and late season collapses. Kinda his thing. Sure, he'll get another year. He might even improve slightly, but, to what end? Flacco ceiling? I'll pass

Home, all class as always....

You can never get enough of me. So obvious you're like YG.. always wanting a piece of the Great Northman...

Ray farmer stated the Brian Hoyer is better than Manziel by a substantial margin.

In other news Ryan Tannehill is light years ahead of Johnny Bust


Marc, I can easily name some 4th qtrs and OT he was nails in.... we will see what he does this year

And you wouldn't want Eli the vampire slayer??? You're nuts. guy is the best playoff road performer in the history of the NFL. he's slayed the biggest beasts time and time again...

"You know nothing, Jon Snow!"

I would like to hear some hypotheses on how the other elite QB's would have done behind Miami's O-line last year.

I'll start - each and every other "elite" QB's stats would have undeniably suffered. Some of them may have been knocked out for the season on one of those 58 sacks.

U deserve no class

Everyday ur punk arse mouth starts some shiet

Home grew up in the gym , Mark started training heavily at 15, totally shredded through out life

Moved across the street from the busiest gym in Fort Laud, FL for 4 yrs

Was doing 100 lb Flyes at 25 yrs old
45 lb lateral raises, nice n slow

Never did Roids or HGH
however was often accused of it

U don't know "Home"

Come down to 2014 Miami Dolphins Training Camp and u can meet the creator of "Home"

Marc, are the stats like Completion %, QB Rating, and Yards/Attempt incorporating minimum passes into it?

I notice he's ranked in the 20s out of 138. Is is possible backup QBs who threw one completed pass could be ranked higher than him? Does a backup QB who threw 3 passes for 1 TD and no INTs rank higher in QB rating than Tannehill? It's possible it does have minimums and incorporates everything into it and it's accurate, it's likely Tannehill is in the 20s in QBR, but it seems the stats make it seem worse than it really is.

U deserve no class

Everyday ur punk arse mouth starts some shiet

Home grew up in the gym , Mark
Home started training heavily at 15, totally shredded through out life

Moved across the street from the busiest gym in Fort Laud, FL for 4 yrs

Was doing 100 lb Flyes at 25 yrs old
45 lb lateral raises, nice n slow
Never did Roids or HGH
however was often accused of it

U don't know "Home"

Come down to 2014 Miami Dolphins Training Camp and u can meet the creator of "Home"

Lol. Home I will kick the crap out of you sorry loser

Come down to 2014 Miami Dolphins Training Camp and u can meet the creator of "Home"

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 22, 2014 at 11:08 AM

Look for the guy wearing a yellow dress.

Ah, so that's what it is Home, you're still mad you can't do 25 reps at 225 and at your advanced age, never will. One of those skinny guys that had decent definition that just couldn't get stronger. i saw the same look on the guy proudly wearing his Under Armor fitted shirt and prancing around this week until I took the bench next to him and showed him how it's done.

Those are nice accomplishments but still, not as good me who also never took any performance enhancing drugs.

Sorry man, God doesn't create all of us equally.

But you're still good, no need to feel embarassed.

If you were here, I'd pat you on the head.

Come down and meet Home
Act w class or Get Punched in the Mouth
like Home did to another tough guy under the Coors Light tent at Sun fest of Palm Beach

Funny how a bloody mouth quiets a man Reel Quick

Mark vs homes in cage match. Mark wins hands down.

home = YG = Dashi

just look at the way all of them talk. They all have the same opinions with the same key phrases and demeanor and all 3 of them are always right with their past opinions.

Same mannerisms....same people.....

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.....

Anyone here that has a pair
instead of just a lot of blah, blah, blah

Meet the creator of "Home" at
2014 Opening Day Miami Dolphins Camp

Home will meet u at the gate prior to camp
We can get along and study the team or u can act a fool
ur choice

Home will be there as always :)

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.....

Posted by: Think | May 22, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Correction...if it walks like a twink and talks like a twink....

That would be our little Home girl in the yellow dress.

home whines that someone is impersonating him.

home had to tattle on a poster because they were impersonating him.

home was banned for impersonating and is now whining that someone is doing it to him. Irony? Karma? Regardless it's really funny

Home will be there as always :)

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 22, 2014 at 11:14 AM

She's always here for us.

Home only posts as "Home" or a version of w the "Home" name right in the blogging name

Home is def not "Dashi" or anyone else

There are "Home" trolls impersonating, however
esp y-day and the day b4

Mando & the IT Dept know this

Details versus Big Picture. Needs versus BPA. When I see a picture of trees, some with green leaves and some brown, I wonder is it is the end of winter or the beginning of fall. It is evident that Philbin is a big picture guy. He said from day one that building through the Draft and grooming them, was the way to go . Filling your needs with FA's will only prolong his theory. In his two years here there have been needs filled through the draft for almost every position on the team. There is a rookie or second year player on the D line, LB core , backfield, O line WR, QB and RB.
He wants his signature on the team and Ireland was not going to allow that. Looks like Hickey is along with his plan and is giving him the players. A lot of the veterans will be replaced within a year or two, but for Philbin to accomplish this, he must win this season and make the play offs. Looks like a good plan to me but have not made up my mind on this years team yet. Details or Big picture. Details today might present a perfect Big picture in the future, or will it be an abstract picture which not too many comprehend. (Great players doing well on other teams). JMO.

Nobody scared of you homes. You probably weigh a buck 25 and can get smacked across those fat lips.

Why do you want to hit me, Home?

Why you calling my innocent child such filthy names?

I have no ill will towards you?

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However, I find you posting here about me at all hours - even hours you know I'm not here.

What is up with you man? peace man, peace.

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Home was never banned for impersonating anyone

Home was banned cuz he is Off The Chain Psycho in one of his personalities

However Home likes his Neanderthal Pyscho Violent side

Oh, Yeah!

This should answer that question Miami. These are STARTERS, or backups that had significant attempts

1 Nick Foles PHI 13 2,891 317 9.12
2 Aaron Rodgers GB 9 2,536 290 8.74
3 Peyton Manning DEN 16 5,477 659 8.31
4 Russell Wilson SEA 16 3,357 407 8.25
5 Philip Rivers SD 16 4,478 544 8.23
6 Josh McCown CHI 8 1,829 224 8.17
7 Drew Brees NO 16 5,162 650 7.94
8 Colin Kaepernick SF 16 3,197 416 7.69
9 Carson Palmer ARI 16 4,274 572 7.47
10 Jay Cutler CHI 11 2,621 355 7.38
11 Andy Dalton CIN 16 4,293 586 7.33
12 Matthew Stafford DET 16 4,650 634 7.33
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 16 4,261 584 7.30
14 Tony Romo DAL 15 3,828 535 7.16
15 Cam Newton CAR 16 3,379 473 7.14
16 Matt Cassel MIN 9 1,807 254 7.11
17 Robert Griffin III WAS 13 3,203 456 7.02
18 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 11 2,454 350 7.01
19 Case Keenum HOU 8 1,760 253 6.96
20 Matt Ryan ATL 16 4,515 651 6.94
21 Eli Manning NYG 16 3,818 551 6.93
22 Tom Brady NE 16 4,343 628 6.92
23 Kellen Clemens STL 10 1,673 242 6.91
24 Christian Ponder MIN 9 1,648 239 6.90
25 Geno Smith NYJ 16 3,046 443 6.88
26 Andrew Luck IND 16 3,822 570 6.71

1 Philip Rivers SD 378 544 69.5
2 Drew Brees NO 446 650 68.6
3 Peyton Manning DEN 450 659 68.3
4 Matt Ryan ATL 439 651 67.4
5 Aaron Rodgers GB 193 290 66.6
6 Josh McCown CHI 149 224 66.5
7 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 375 584 64.2
8 Nick Foles PHI 203 317 64.0
9 Tony Romo DAL 342 535 63.9
10 Christian Ponder MIN 152 239 63.6
11 Carson Palmer ARI 362 572 63.3
12 Jay Cutler CHI 224 355 63.1
13 Russell Wilson SEA 257 407 63.1
14 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 217 350 62.0
15 Andy Dalton CIN 363 586 61.9
16 Cam Newton CAR 292 473 61.7
17 Matt Schaub HOU 219 358 61.2
18 Sam Bradford STL 159 262 60.7
19 Chad Henne JAC 305 503 60.6
20 Alex Smith KC 308 508 60.6
21 Tom Brady NE 380 628 60.5
22 Ryan Tannehill MIA 355 588 60.4

1 Nick Foles PHI 28.4 25.5 28.4 37 119.2
2 Peyton Manning DEN 31.9 22.1 27.8 33.3 115.1
3 Josh McCown CHI 30.4 21.5 19.3 37.7 109
4 Philip Rivers SD 32.9 21.8 19.6 31.2 105.5
5 Aaron Rodgers GB 30.5 23.9 19.5 31 104.9
6 Drew Brees NO 32.2 20.6 20 31.9 104.7
7 Russell Wilson SEA 27.6 21.9 21.3 30.4 101.2
8 Tony Romo DAL 28.3 17.3 19.3 31.8 96.7
9 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 28.5 17.9 16 29.6 92
10 Colin Kaepernick SF 23.7 19.5 16.8 31.6 91.6
11 Sam Bradford STL 25.6 14.3 17.8 33.2 90.9
12 Matt Ryan ATL 31.2 16.4 13.3 28.7 89.6
13 Jay Cutler CHI 27.6 18.3 17.8 25.5 89.2
14 Alex Smith KC 25.5 14.7 15.1 33.8 89.1
15 Cam Newton CAR 26.4 17.3 16.9 28.1 88.8
16 Andy Dalton CIN 26.6 18 18.8 25.4 88.8
17 Tom Brady NE 25.4 16.3 13.3 32.3 87.3
18 Andrew Luck IND 25.1 15.4 13.5 33 87
19 Jake Locker TEN 25.5 16.1 14.6 30.5 86.7
20 Michael Vick PHI 20.5 23.4 11.8 30.7 86.5
21 Matt Flynn GB 26.7 16.5 13.3 29.2 85.7
22 Matthew Stafford DET 23.8 18.1 15.2 27.1 84.2
23 Mike Glennon TB 24.5 13.6 15.2 30.6 83.9
24 Carson Palmer ARI 27.7 18.6 14 23.6 83.9
25 Robert Griffin III WAS 25.1 16.8 11.7 28.6 82.2
26 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 26.7 16.7 13.3 25.3 82
27 Ryan Tannehill MIA 25.3 15.2 13.6 27.5 81.7

home was banned for racism and for impersonating other people, mando was nice enough to divulge that info

now that people were impersonating him he had to whine and complain and cry to mando.

a bully tattling when someone stands up to them? karma? irony? regardless its really funny

Grieff...... Bring 2 watt with you as well

Home is just under 200 lbs and fit w fighting skills and arm wrestling skills

Mostly mellow in Island Mode & Cool ronnie, Man

Bring ur arse to 2014 Miami Dolphins Camp, dbo or shut ur pukey lil pie hole

Is it a coincidence that the top 10 in most of those categories are QB's most of us would take in a heartbeat

Home is not a racist

and in fact
Home owns 6 colored televisions

Im a solid 260 pounds. Your not even in my weight class. So I would feel bad messing with you.

As far as coming to camp, I live in Ohio so if you want to see me you can buy my plane ticket to Davie

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 22, 2014 at 11:22 AM

Someone with a CCW should let Home pull a stupid stunt and shoot him.
Home probably thinks he's more powerful that a speeding locomotive and can stop 230 grains with his pinky.

That's definitely not the "Home" that has infested this blog for years. He was never threatening.

This is more like BoobyD12

I agree Marc, minus McCown and Foles I would like any of those other QBs. But those other QBs are also veteran QBs who have good/top 10 for the last 5 years at least.

Wilson and Kap's names pop up twice in that top 10 and they're the only newcomers. I'm staying away from that debate for now.

My point is, Tannehill, given 5 total years at QB, has the makings to join those QBs as a top 10 QB in this league. Will he? That's on him and the coaches.

sounds like u need to lose 100 lbs of blubber. lol

Whenever u get ur arse to south Florida
Give the creator of "Home" a shout on the blog

Home's 20 min from the Miami Dolphins Training Facility and 1/2 hr to the games

U don't have to act like an arse
that's up to u

I don't know where Tannehill will end up. As MD20 says, it's up to him.

But I know right now, I take him over Kaep in a 2nd.

That guy is not good at all...

New (Boring) post up

Watch out DBO, Home is skilled in Arm Wrestling... probably was watching Over the Top yesterday and now has his cap turned backwards....

No fat homes. Maybe 15%. I run 4 miles a day and train cross fit.

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