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Expanded playoffs would have been good for Philbin

NFL owners today tabled the idea of playoff expansion for 2014 and will take up the matter again at their next meeting in October, according to multiple media reports out of Atlanta where the owners are meeting.

It's not the best news for Joe Philbin.


Well, anyone with any sense of where the Dolphins are as a franchise understands Philbin, entering his third season with the team, is coaching for his job in 2014.

Owner Stephen Ross has been loyal to his coach in siding with Philbin versus former general manager Jeff Ireland after their rift last season. The owner told candidates during his search for a new GM that they had to accept Philbin and even turned away from candidates he liked because they wanted the ability to move on from Philbin.

And Ross made sure new GM Dennis Hickey understood he must work hand-in-hand with Philbin, who now seems to be more empowered than ever, in order to be considered a success with the Dolphins.

But here's the catch: Ross, despite his unfettered public confidence in Philbin and optimism about the coming season, also has confided to multiple people that if 2014 does not unfold quite the way he hopes, it may be time for a reset.

And a reset would involve getting a new head coach.

It remains unclear exactly what parameters Ross would have for needing or resisting change.

If the Dolphins make the playoffs, it is as near a certainty as one can have that Philbin would continue as coach. On the other hand, If the Dolphins' record takes a step back from a year ago and the team fails to the make the playoffs for a sixth consecutive year, the likelihood of a Ross reset would be very high.

That much seems clear.

But what about the gray areas of what might happen in 2014?

Would a winning record alone that does not include a playoff appearance appease the owner? Would another 8-8 record but another year out of the playoffs be acceptable?

Bottom line is if the Dolphins make the playoffs, no matter what their record or results in the postseason, Philbin can be confident of coming back for 2015.

And that is why an expanded playoff field that includes 14 instead of 12 teams would have been in the coach's interest. With an expanded field, the Dolphins might have overcome the hurdles they haven't been able to overcome since 2008.

But with the traditional 12-team postseason (six teams per conference) now the league plan, the Dolphins will have to overcome not only division rivals New England, Buffalo and New York for a postseason berth, but also recent playoff contenders Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East in 2013.




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Please Homey TheTool, explain to the bloggers how Grimes was going to be a bust again. We all appreciate how WRONG you are about everything. Please oh please your Homieness, repeat that conversation. You and Omar Kelly must be related, neither one gets anything right.



Of course where else would you be.

Is Coyle the interim HC yet?

Soon Zonk, Soon.

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

Zonk = another life long loser in this thing called life

In yards per pass attempt TannePuke ranked 37th.

Tannehill is going to have like 38 touchdown passes with that new line and Lazors new offense with a bit of chip Kelly O. I can't wait for season to start.

So that 37th ranking for T-pos rolls over into the Canadian league stats eH? JAJAJAJAJAJAJ Eh?

thill isnt throwing 38 tds, come on man lets be real. love to see 25-10 out of him

No way, dusty he throws mid 30's, 38 maybe bit high, but no way he regresses to 25. He probably connect a few with rookie juice Jarvis.

I'm so gay that Don Jones is back from sensitivity training. I'm sure he is also gay

not regressing, he went 24-17 last year. 25-10 and we are golden

Yea but 5 of tannehill 17 picks came from trash time

well hopefully 5 of his 10 this year will also

Hopefully Tanny gets benched by game 5 and Moore takes over.

Wow looks like lebron maybe going back to Cleveland this summer. Cavs get #1 pick.

The Heat win with or without Lebron. Thats how good they are.

Does Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey still have a framed Aaron Hernandez jersey in his living room?


Jim in wellington, Yea I remember when LeBron was in Cleveland. The Heat was always 6th seed without shaq. yup they always won

In yards per pass attempt TannePuke ranked 37th.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | May 20, 2014 at 08:03 PM

Counting QB that took 50% of snaps RT ranked 20th with 6.7 yds. That is not good but he tied with Luck and was ahead of Alex Smith both of whom made the playoffs.

Gllmiaspr, good look up. I was going to mention that. Yea the haters just like to make up stats that aren't true.

Only 3 bloggers made the last 72 posts.


People that don't like Tanne make every excuse why he is bad.

But what if it's the same person typing these same simple ideas over and over again under different names. That folks is what the Miami Dolphins are = even the blog is dysfunctional.


I'm not buying it for a second.

James is the slamdunk starter in Miami at RT but that doesn't mean he's a good RT in the NFL. It gets worse from there.

All I know is LeBron is going back to the Cavs this summer.

The only ones still praising Tannehill are the Jests fans.

Is Zonk dead yet?

It's not likely LeBone will ever win another championship. He sold his soul, got his payday, but now it's over, along with his hopes of being a legend.

Russell, Chamberlain, Dr J, Magic, Bird, Hakeem, Jordan.

Lebron? Underachiever.

James just passed the ball to nobody OOB.

The heat still can win one more



None of this garbage even matter right now, Armando. I mean, I "get it" you have to write something. but if you're just getting your mind around this being a "Bang or Bust" year for this coaching staff. Then you're about 6 months behind with your observations.
I have seen, read and heard endless "prognostic journalism evaluations"... Meaning you guys staring into a crystal ball and playing soothsayers instead of factual reporters. And I gotta tell ya... The season can't get rolling soon enough. At this rate you guys will have already deciphered the entire season, game by game and the eventual Superbowl winner, without ever even seeing these guys in pads at practice. Hell, they were talking about the two teams that will play in the Superbowl next year AND who will win. Seems you guys would have learned by now... There is a reason they play the games.

I predict dolphins to be 11-5, and hey I joked to my friends today and said watch the cavs get #1 pick. I must be right. Phins 11-5. Can't wait.

Heat Win!!!!!!!!! Heat Win!!!!!!!

For the record
The Reel Home had Grimes as the best off season signing for the Dolphins

not Wallace
cuz of Tannehill's poor deep ball

and Home was in fact
spot on, again

Nice try blogger posing as Dolphin Super Fan - Home

Go Heat!

Norris Cole played a very good game

I think heat fans need to be greatfull they may 3peat, because when lebron leaves the heat will be in next years lottery

Mass Exodus of Pacers fans w 13.4 seconds left

Heat Rock!

So many jaded Dolfans out of touch out of towners
jealous of the great local Miami Heat

Home loves the Heat

I do think pacers win game 7

So... Ireland got fired again?

the heat was great while it lasted but will never reach the laker legacy

Why doesn't LeBone take English lessons? It's no class yapping ebonics at the courtside interview.

Heat are Eastern Conference Champs 4 yrs in a row

and have won @ Championships in a row
possibly 3

That is better than the Dolphins ever did
and no one cares about ole arse 40+ yrs ago Dolphin team winning 12 games
Seriously nobody cares anymore

When was the last time the Dolphins won the AFC championship 4 yrs in a row and two, possibly 3 SBs

Go Heat in 2014 !
Again !

Cavaliers scooped the draft lottery again. There is no way that crap is not rigged. It must be some kind of deal that was made to get someone to buy that team.

WORLD CHAMPION HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeBron did not go to college

just straight to the top

What's JuWanna be a RT's story

. . . dumb as a box of rocks and will accomplish nothing

Go Johnny Football, Go!

Posted by: Coltrane | May 20, 2014 at 11:22 PM

NBA is plotting to break up the HEAT. They are trying to entice LeBron back to Cleveland. Miami is hated in the Northeast by all sports leagues.

Well for one thing harrped. The NFL is not a diva league like the NBA is where you can team up with all-stars. It wouldn't happen in the NFL. Im sure 20 years from now The dolphins will end up with more championships than the heat will.

Like all other marquee sports stars, Johnny Football will leave Cleveland in free agency. :)

Posted by: Bob Lee Swagger | May 20, 2014 at 11:25 PM

Nope you're wrong. Bosh and James represent 40% of the Heat's starting roster that was signed 2011.

Try signing 9 superstars in fa in the NFL. That roughly 40% of the 22 man starting roster on offense and defense. Good Luck with that. :)

It's now fashionable to be inept at your native language if you can throw a basketball through a hoop.

The NBA is way down on the totem pole of popular sports because frankly, nobody appreciates uneducated negwads babbling ebonics and becoming role models.

The degradation of society is in full force. Nobody can name the scientists that gave us cell phones, computers, wifi, satellites, but they worship Lady Gaga and Ebonic yappin yippers.

Ha ha ha lol. Rigged huh? Why would the NBA rigg it for Cleveland? Why not rigg if for my Lakers. Or Boston?

Sam that's what I'm saying. You can't do that in the NFL.

For the Dolphins to equal the Heat in Star power, they would need 13 superstars starting their 22 man starting roster. The other eight would be average to above average roll players.

For you white boys who would like to speak Ebonics, follow this shortcut technique:

Take a low rise white athletic sock and cut it in half lengthwise.

Roll up one half tightly and put it in your mouth

Then just start speaking.

What are some of you guys smoking? This team right now, with the current talent, will be last in the AFC East. Both Buffalo and the Jets got better, and if you think Tom Brady is in a decline, you're crazy.
What explosive player did they get? How was the defense upgraded? They need to bring in Andre Jonhson and hope anther quality )-line player becomes available. If not, 6-10 or 7-9.


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