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Expanded playoffs would have been good for Philbin

NFL owners today tabled the idea of playoff expansion for 2014 and will take up the matter again at their next meeting in October, according to multiple media reports out of Atlanta where the owners are meeting.

It's not the best news for Joe Philbin.


Well, anyone with any sense of where the Dolphins are as a franchise understands Philbin, entering his third season with the team, is coaching for his job in 2014.

Owner Stephen Ross has been loyal to his coach in siding with Philbin versus former general manager Jeff Ireland after their rift last season. The owner told candidates during his search for a new GM that they had to accept Philbin and even turned away from candidates he liked because they wanted the ability to move on from Philbin.

And Ross made sure new GM Dennis Hickey understood he must work hand-in-hand with Philbin, who now seems to be more empowered than ever, in order to be considered a success with the Dolphins.

But here's the catch: Ross, despite his unfettered public confidence in Philbin and optimism about the coming season, also has confided to multiple people that if 2014 does not unfold quite the way he hopes, it may be time for a reset.

And a reset would involve getting a new head coach.

It remains unclear exactly what parameters Ross would have for needing or resisting change.

If the Dolphins make the playoffs, it is as near a certainty as one can have that Philbin would continue as coach. On the other hand, If the Dolphins' record takes a step back from a year ago and the team fails to the make the playoffs for a sixth consecutive year, the likelihood of a Ross reset would be very high.

That much seems clear.

But what about the gray areas of what might happen in 2014?

Would a winning record alone that does not include a playoff appearance appease the owner? Would another 8-8 record but another year out of the playoffs be acceptable?

Bottom line is if the Dolphins make the playoffs, no matter what their record or results in the postseason, Philbin can be confident of coming back for 2015.

And that is why an expanded playoff field that includes 14 instead of 12 teams would have been in the coach's interest. With an expanded field, the Dolphins might have overcome the hurdles they haven't been able to overcome since 2008.

But with the traditional 12-team postseason (six teams per conference) now the league plan, the Dolphins will have to overcome not only division rivals New England, Buffalo and New York for a postseason berth, but also recent playoff contenders Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East in 2013.




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Home spewing lies about JuWan again.

Posted by: Pongo | May 20, 2014 at 11:36 PM

Hmm.... Wonder where Neanderthal racist fits on the evolutionary scale of society? Bet you are not smart enough t figure this one out.

You go Capt. Caveman, you go boy!

Sam I am, no NFL team has 13 superstars is what I'm trying to say that the NBA is a diva league

Sambo, you know I'm right.

Are Ebonic speaking dumbos who you want as role models for our youth?

You want to sacrifice progress for politically correct nonsense?

I don't think so.

Posted by: Bob Lee Swagger | May 20, 2014 at 11:40 PM

A NBA to NFL comparison is neither here nor there. If a pig had wings he still couldn't fly. Poor porky's to heavy to stay in the air.

I predict lebron goes back to Cleveland in the summer to buddy up with Johnny manziel. I do predict dolphins go 11-5 this season.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 20, 2014 at 11:25 PM

I have to disagree, but there is defiantly subterfuge here. Some kind of a deal has been worked by the NBA and Cleveland.

LeBron would never go back, but think about it. What would it take to get top money from someone for a doormat. The league doesn't want to see their teams devalued. The 'follow the ball' trick is as old as it gets, but the NBA has a new curve on it.

The weak drafts from the past few years would not bring in fans, but Wiggins will. The first pick in the deepest draft in many years should solidify the deal.

Sambo, you know I'm right.

Are Ebonic speaking dumbos who you want as role models for our youth?

You want to sacrifice progress for politically correct nonsense?

I don't think so.

Posted by: Pongo | May 20, 2014 at 11:44 PM

I would much prefer them as role models over sloping forehead, low-browed redneck racists any day. Your kind is of the lowest intellect of any measure.

Your sloping foreheads and low-browed physical features blinds you to ever seeing the real light.

Coltrane you don't think lebron will go back to a younger cavs team? He can pair up with kyrie and Wiggins or parker. Or perhaps trade it for Kevin love. The heat is getting older than the Steelers D.

Let's put the Ebonic speaking population in charge of science, medicine and engineering.

We'll soon find ourselves back in log cabins and washing clothes by hand on rocks and dying from an infection caused by a splinter.

How many of you fake politically correct white boys really want your daughter slurping a negwads johnson?


Phony baloneys like Sambo here knows he would be suicidal if his daughter was giving her pandora to some jibber jive

Posted by: Pongo | May 20, 2014 at 11:54 PM

Right out of Trailer Park Central. Is your sister your baby mama too?

Posted by: Pongo | May 20, 2014 at 11:54 PM

Or is your uncle and father the same guy?

Listening to the Wade/James post game interview. Both seem well-spoken to me. Pongo has ebonics on the brain. :)

James is still three years away from free agency. He is stuck in Miami.

I am proposing that the buyer of the derelict Cavaliers, would not sign unless a winning, talented and young team that would draw in ticket buyers and team money could be readily plausible.

I disagree Coltrane, Lebron going back Cleveland makes a lot of sense now and would make the legitimate contenders. Irving, James, and love would be their version of BIG 3. plus they got a ton a salary to play with

Oh no Coltrane, Lebron can Opt out after this summer. he has one more year after this season. he can either leave after this summer or next

Who cares about the crappy Dolphins?

well your going to start caring for the dolphins after this summer because next season the heat will be in the lottery if Lebron leaves

Andre Johnson. wants to go to a playoff team NOT the Dullfins.

I was thinking that the Owner may move the team To LA so I can go to the games. LA DOLPHINS!!! then what would you bloggers have to hate? no dolphins. no heat.

Riley lets Chris Bosh Walk, sign Carmelo, resign Wade/James.


Bob, the names change but Pat Riley ALWAYS WINS.
Players come and go but Riley ALWAYS WINS.


Heat need another great scorer. Wade will be playing "half a season" for rest of his career.

That's why Riley would let Bosh walk to sign Carmelo.

lol. SAM, Carmelo and James would not coincide. I see Carmelo going to the bulls. Wade is getting old and moldy.

I wish the Dullfins would move and stop embarrassing S Florida!!

without shaq the one year. The heat was a barely 6th seed every year.

If Lebron leaves, it might be in best interest for the heat to tank next season and get to lottery to rebuild.

I wasn't aware of the opt out clause, but that doesn't change my main point, that being that the new buyer of this stale franchise would have a sure deal with the NBA of the future talent. The draft is the only way to solidify this.

As a free agent, Lebron can do what he wants.

Lebron took the Cavs to two 60+ wins in last 2 season. when he left, that team only won 23 games the following season. They can be the same for the Heat.

Mello/Bron/Wade in 2015!

highly unlikey. I also don't think Phil Jackson lets melo go. I see big moves as well in NY

Lebron took the Cavs to two 60+ wins in last 2 season. when he left, that team only won 23 games the following season. They can be the same for the Heat.

Posted by: Bob Lee Swagger | May 21, 2014 at 12:37 AM

I can see this, the Heat are hanging on by duct tape. Also, they could sign the right guys for the ones they loose. Then they are right back in the game.

Also, this sucks for heat fans. sorry to give the news. If LeBron does leave the heat for any team next year. and the Heat stinks. The Cavaliers have the Heats 1st round draft in 2015. I don't think its lottery protected. YIIIIKES!!!

Phil's never been a GM. If everything goes right for Phil, he's still 3-4yrs away to having Knicks challenge for an NBA Championship.

No more young Jordans and Bryants are walking into Phil's door anytime soon. Mello isn't getting any younger. He's 29 now. His clock's ticking down. Has no time to wait on Jackson.

Miami Heat, here he comes! Thanks for the memories Chris Bosh.

Sam I AM, I don't think anything looks better than Kyrie Lebron, and Kevin Love. That's just sick they have dion waiters off the bench. Resign spencer hawes. it's a winner. I'm jelous as a laker fan.

There is a lot of clicking going on there. Show me.

Anyone thinking Lebron's leaving haven't been paying any attention. Lebron himself said, "I want to go down as the best to ever play the game."

Usually don't do this playing for 3 different teams in your career. Lebron possibly does more to tarnish than help himself to this lofty goal by leaving for yet another team. Then, he probably goes down as the "best hired gun" to ever play the game.

Carmelo Anthony, come on down, youre our next contestant on The Miami Heat wins championships RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

armelo Anthony's absolute best chance to win a NBA Championship ring is to join forces with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade!

Sam I am, lebron also promised a ring in Cleveland. Carmelo may go to cavs to team up with love and kyrie. Think about it. Makes PR sense to win 3 in Cleveland. And he won't have the holding him down

If Joe Philbin loses his job due to not making the playoffs. Ryan Tannehill will not be the Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins the following season. In fact if the Dolphins lose their first two games I would expect Coach Philbin to pull T-hill as his starting QB.

Carmelo doesn't want to play with an old wade.

Posted by: Bob Lee Swagger | May 21, 2014 at 01:23 AM

You forget, Wade could choose not to opt out" this year. Giving himself 1 more "big pay day". Then after, if Wade wants to chase more rings, he can sign at "vet minimum.

This way the Heat could afford to bring n yet another very good player to team with James/Anthony and Wade could finish his career "6th man" off of the bench and earn 3 more rings.

Good thing Pat Riley's more smart than you or me. :)

Chances our your not going to afford Melo/james/and old wade. Melo will be looking for a big pay check and I hear he doesn't want to split with others. Lebron and Anthony alone won't get it done. Riley or no riley, I'm sorry but I think karma is shining on the cavs at the moment. Riley has been heard to do some shady stuff and one of them was tampering when lebron was in Cleveland

The cavs have more money, more options, more trade assets, far younger. Than pat riley has chess pieces. And the cavs own the heat 2015 1st round draft pick. The cavs can be in the NBA finals ad embarasing it sounds. My Lakers will be rebuilding.

Why not have a playoff tournament with every team eligible for the playoffs almost like the NHL? That way every fan can claim the playoffs for his/her team. That way Ross can keep the no a count, Philbin. Ross needs to sell the team and move on. Philbin, Dawnho and all the usual suspects need to hit the trail also. A HC who doesnt know wants going on inside his own locker room is a HC looking for new digs.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 20, 2014 at 02:36 PM

MIT agree with your playoff scenario..far superior to what's going on now! Teams with inferior records making playoffs while better teams do not.

While were at it get rid of those damn byes!!!!!!

Posted by: DragonFly34 | May 21, 2014 at 06:45 AM


Your a neurotic fan! Miami should be elated to have Stephen Ross as their owner. Philbin may not be around past this season but most likely Ryan Tannehill will 'bite the dust' also. The Miami Dolphins are in the last year of the T-hill experiment. He either performs this season or he will join Chad Henne as a backup journeyman QB.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

still need
a qb

Steve Ross, worst Dolphin owner ever?

Yeah, I see it that way too garn. Also get rid of teams that make the playoffs by beating up on an inferior division or miss the playoffs because their division was super stupid strong like Arizona last year. You can make a case for every team in the NFC West being better than every team in the NFC East for example.

You also get the intrigue of the playoff being between two teams that never play each other like it used to be in the World Series.

Anyway, it makes too much sense so it won't happen.

And I agree with the byes. these players don't need a reason to go to Antigua mid season. The season is only 4 months long!!

By the way, anyone still want to argue the NBA lottery isn't fixed. The NBA still making apology payments to the Cavs for losing Lebron and especially the way he left. So much damage done to that organization. Hopefully they pick another Canadian first and become a sentimental favourite of mine!

Wiggins is a nice fit with their point guard and the two big Canadians up front...

pocketing all of the under cap
the snitch in the pant suit
gets a bonu$
cheap players = chitty team

2 watt, you certainly can make a case for that this year and why they didn't sign more established vet o lineman. A lot cheaper in the draft .. who cares about passing over top skilled position players...

The team wants Miami-Dade to pay when the Dolphins land major events to a renovated stadium??? WTF???

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/football/#storylink=cpy

You mean Ross wants Miami-Dade to pay when the Dolphins land major events to a renovated stadium???

Pray for new ownership.

See, our owner is ONLY concerned about the money. Trying to build a winner is not even considered. He is a cheapskate owner.

Mark in Toronto, you think the NBA rigged it for Cleveland give me a break. They don't care for Cleveland. But with the pick I see Cleveland trading it for Kevin love to entice lebron back. Kyrie, Kevin, and lebron would be there big 3.

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