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First rookie draft pick contract is done [Updated]

The Dolphins are in full rookie minicamp mode starting Friday when approximately 40 players (eight draft picks, 20 or so undrafted free agent signees and tryout players) take the field at the training facility in Davie, Fla.

And as part of that the team's contract negotiation department (mostly Dawn Aponte) is getting to work.

The Dolphins have just agreed to terms with linebacker Jordan Tripp on a four-year contract, according to a source. Tripp is a fifth-round pick.

The Dolphins are also negotiating with their other seven draft picks and could have deals with several more by the time camp begins Friday.

[4:30 Update: Fellow fifth-round pick Arthur Lynch is close to agreeing to his four-year deal, according to a source. So he should be signed perhaps as early as Friday.]

[5:11 Update: The Dolphins now announce they have signed Lynch.]

[Friday morning update: The Dolphins announced sixth-round receiver Matt Hazel was signed and confirmed the signing of Tripp.]

[Noon Friday update: Seventh-round draft pick Terrence Fede and the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year deal.]


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Marc, the guy is from Staind? The wrestler is more interesting...

Aaron Lewis keeps playing the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY ... no wonder guys have gone into rehab.

still not sure why this is relevant

Bout damn time. Hope it wasn't my tweet that got her fired up! lol

Is it gay to say I would smell MIT's fingers after a night with Deanna?

anything to criticize the Fins!! who cares when they sign their contracts??? It is a rookie salary cap, very little bargaining (only over offset language)

Please, no more articles until training camp!

Mando always with the scoops.

Who gives a flying ...?

Any chance this kid can be the next Zach Thomas?

HAHAHA...That's too funny MarK

find me on FB or something, I'll tell you about the wrestler

Interesting reaction to a news item from a couple of people posting on here. Maybe people want inane lists of top 100 players that don't mean sheet.

Woodshed, I don't either of them will do a lick with their careers anyway... but If I were to bet on someone, I'd bet on the better natural athlete with more production ... all I'm saying.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 22, 2014 at 01:56 PM

Fair enough. I think Hazel has a good chance to take Matthews' spot on the team. Reason being that he is a fairly polished route runner with good instincts in catching off target passes. Those are skills that seem to be innate. Guys don't develop that down the road whereas an athlete can get stronger and faster with desire and a good strength and conditioning program.

I guess my theory, at least at WR is to get the guy that looks like the natural football player over the track athlete.

Haha, you're so crazy rdubs...

How does this criticize the Fins David? Did you flunk kindergarten?

Can Mandy not even score an interview with a rook? Give us SOMETHING besides this. Geez. I don't know what other responsibilities Mandy has these days, but, his blogs are becoming less often and less interesting exponentially

Woodshed, any guy from the FCS has a long way to catch Rishard Matthews... guy's had two years in the system already...

His production wasn't too bad last year consdering the snaps he got but he also left some important plays on the table which is why Hazel is here...

Marc, this may be a reason why Mando goes crazy on Philbin. Since he got here, most of his posts contain the words ... "as reported by"

or so and so "has confided to people close to him"

But Mando has very few direct quotes these days...

usually rdubs through his well set up twitter account gives us the news before Mando.


Just out of curiosity, has she done any adult oriented filmwork? I realize I have a problem!

So apparently Chyna from the WWF circa 90's is appearing as She Hulk in an XXX Avengers. I find this hilarious and gross, not a chick I wanted to see naked. Well at least X-pac isnt in it. Last time I heard from him, was when he literally busted his nuts while wrestling!

Yeah, Chyna was never hot. There's some hot chicks these days, but what grown up watches wrestling?

Many teams have most picks signed but Ross tries to cheapout on most conracts. Even Tanny had to sit out a couple days.

You might be on to something MarK. I mean, if Mandy was getting a performance review what could they possibly rate him on?

Hey, good blog about the first rookie contract?

Child please

Armando has the best connections inside the Dolphins. Timely artices and great insight. He was the only one that had the Dolphins 1st draft pick correctly. He had the scoop. And he got a HOF vote for being a top writer/reporter. He is the new Edwin Pope.

Hey, we all love Mandy. That's why we're here, but to say he's not slacking a bit would be to ignore the obvious

Woodshed, any guy from the FCS has a long way to catch Rishard Matthews... guy's had two years in the system already...
His production wasn't too bad last year consdering the snaps he got but he also left some important plays on the table which is why Hazel is here...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 22, 2014 at 02:38 PM


If they stay with 4 WR's on the depth chart both are unlikely to make it. If they go with 5 it seems like it would be better if Matthews made the roster and Hazel the practice squad. Unless Hazel impresses of course.

AtlBrowns, I know you're just trolling, but...that statement of yours about Ross being cheap makes you look like an ignorant troll. We've got until camp to sign these guys, so why give them a contract that favors the player this early?

Maybe you heard of the rookie salary cap? Being cheap and only allowed to pay a certain amount don't go togehter.

still need
a qb

Haha, rdubs, no she has not. But I have some stuff at home you might be interested in.

No worries, my wiener never makes an appearance.

haha, mando in the HOF... can I give your induction speech Mando?

I will cite some of the greatest moments on this blog, like Craig M going nuts on everyone, YG posting for 6,782 straight hours and still nobody replying, Marc being the only one to actually post his pic, rdubs and his lobstertube love, and Dashi always being right.

A man was never so qualified....

If we stay with 4 WRS neither will make it Rick, unless there's an injury, but we'll keep at least 5. Last yr we didn't have a 5th WR worth keeping, if Binns didn't get hurt he would've been that 5th guy.

I feel like a perv.Man I need to get some.Oh wait, I am married. Nevermind

Monte, ever heard of a blind squirrel?

I thnk mcNutt was worth keeping. he was our best WR in preseason. And the jersey sales to Rdubs home alone would've paid his salary....

Thanks for the picture you just painted Mark (Home alone).

Haha. You forgot to cite yourself MarK


It would have to be the white jersey lol

There is nothing a franchise QB couldn't fix on the Dolphins.


Don't feel bad. All these young guys and there young gals make it tough. If i'm in the hospital though and cant clean myself or something though, I know my wife who's been putting up with my crap for 25 years will take care of me.

When do the Dolphins home playoff tickets go on sale ?

Is Coyle interim HC yet?


I think it would be a good idea to carry 5 WR's after the injury issues of last year. I read that Lazor will use 3 WR sets alot.

Like Marc said earlier though it's hard to get info on this team. From any of the local media not just Mando.


Although, I have been the one taking care of her after her surgery last week. You are right, I will keep her. But I will also enjoy my internet stuff after she goes to bed!!!

When do the Dolphins home playoff tickets go on sale ?

Posted by: Mack in Toledo | May 22, 2014 at 03:50 PM

4-5 years after Ross sells the team?

I have no clue what your talking about rdubs. I've never heard of pornhub or the chive or anything like that.

Oh and I watch the Game of Thrones just for the story lines.

True Marc, I would have to share stories of how I make people I've never met absolutely go off on me without even having an exchange with them beforehand. Classic run ins with Home and YG... ahh, the memories..

haha, rdubs, the dark jersey looks like lotion...

dawn waited till
after 2pm to ink
the 1st rook
so now cheap ross
gets to keep the interest
for an extra day
due to the $$$$
will take effect 2mrw after

Yeah Rick, you mean Jaime banging Circi at the foot of their insestuist child's tomb?

rdubs, you watch the movie Don Jon.

About a guy addicted to the spank...

Whatever happened to BoobyD12? His violent outbursts should be mentioned, and his POF account, HAHA

What about the week long tirades that DC and Craig M and yourself went on with mutiple 10 paragraph essays? ;)

Bleachers report says Landry is competing for the 4th receivers spot. Anyone knows who #3 would be. Is there any competition?

Is Gibson completely over his injury and 100%. Or has Matthews been penned out a #3 receiver, but then again both played half a season a piece as a #3 WR.

There are only two posters here, besides myself.

Posted by: Marc | May 22, 2014 at 04:02 PM


Yeah the incest is a little over the top but Lena Heady (Circi) is carrying her age well and looks good with those extensions.

Brandon Gibson is the #3 receiver assuming he is ready to go from the knee injury.

It is very difficult to make it as a WR in this Team. I remember that 2 yrs ago Ireland drafted 2 or 3 WRs, 7-Eleven and others including a school record setter in receptions and Philbin wanted no part of any of them. ???

Yeah, there's a bunch of hotties on GoT. Can you imagine how bad the vag would have smelled and how it would have been groomed in those times?

Kinda like True Blood. I don't care how sexy a vampire is. Can you imagine cold holes? Yeah...

Many times is not only the Player's talent but the Coach's ability to place them where they will be most likely to succeed.

There is only one poster here.

much discussion about 6th & 7th rd picks is sorta pointless....even 5th rounders are a wild card, and yes, I know the Fins and other teams have found good players in the 5th rd....but in general, the first 4 rounds are where teams need to find impact players--and thats also why the Fins have struggled, as they've wasted way too many of those prime picks, for years.
And while there are a number of prominent exceptions, from Rd 5 on its mostly a crap shoot

Marc @ 4:07, that's me everyday...

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