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First rookie draft pick contract is done [Updated]

The Dolphins are in full rookie minicamp mode starting Friday when approximately 40 players (eight draft picks, 20 or so undrafted free agent signees and tryout players) take the field at the training facility in Davie, Fla.

And as part of that the team's contract negotiation department (mostly Dawn Aponte) is getting to work.

The Dolphins have just agreed to terms with linebacker Jordan Tripp on a four-year contract, according to a source. Tripp is a fifth-round pick.

The Dolphins are also negotiating with their other seven draft picks and could have deals with several more by the time camp begins Friday.

[4:30 Update: Fellow fifth-round pick Arthur Lynch is close to agreeing to his four-year deal, according to a source. So he should be signed perhaps as early as Friday.]

[5:11 Update: The Dolphins now announce they have signed Lynch.]

[Friday morning update: The Dolphins announced sixth-round receiver Matt Hazel was signed and confirmed the signing of Tripp.]

[Noon Friday update: Seventh-round draft pick Terrence Fede and the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year deal.]


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benz, I would even say it's the first two rounds that are important. Most teams are on a hope and a parayer after that.

Myself, i'd use 3rd and 4th picks in trade ups or trades for established starters in positions of need. I'd bet you'd be a lot further ahead of the game if you did that...

I don't know why more teams don't trade picks below the 2nd round for veteran players.

The Bears giving up two 3rd round picks was genius when it nets you Brandon Marshall.

I can understand not giving up a 7th for a random guy who's about to get cut, but imagine if we offered the Texans a 5th round pick for Ben Tate, probably would have been ours. (not that I necessarily want him, just saying)

Mark a trade up isn't always a certainty, you make it out like it is but it isn't.

yeah, I'd agree that the first 2 rounds are critical, and it gets more uncertain from there....which is why I dont quite get all of the handwringing and attention over the draft--you basically get 2-3 chances to get it right, and are winging it from there, for the most part--and if the first 2-3 picks are critical, again we can see why Miami is mediocre over the past 10-15 years--but why we talk or worry much about 5th, 6th and 7th rd picks, is beyond me--they're fringe players by definition.

Our best picks recently have come in the 5th round or later (Jones, Clay, Fields). Wilson was a 7th and Wake was undrafted.

I'm not sold on this so called upgrade with the o line.

3 players are going to be starters for the first time.

I don't see how that's an upgrade.

I hope that it is.

For every bag of 1000 fortune cookies there is only about 35 different fortunes.

For every 1000 posts, there is only about 17 different statements.

The line is better now
The line is worse because too many new starters
Tannehill is doing well
Tannehill needs to do better
Tannehill needs to find Wallace deep
We need a running game
We need LB's
Dion Jordan should play here or there
We should have drafted someone else
Good draft
Worst draft ever
WCO this, WCO that from nobody who knows jack.

That's about it here. 24 hours a day, everyday.

The Dullfins are a crap franchise.

Ross, save the Dolphins, SELL THE TEAM!

We will be the sleeper team this year. NE will stumble. I can see a first round bye in the playoffs for us.

I don't agree with the daily bashers. I don't even believe they are serious. Tannehill is already a top 10 QB.

Stats don't tell the story.

Michael Sam opened the door.


Johnathan Martin just needs to come out the closet.

So...... sucks, there's no real football yet.

Can keep rehashing the same old day in day out garbage only for so long.

Posted by: Chang Li Johnson | May 22, 2014 at 05:45 PM


You forgot:

Its the QB eh?
Politicians love people like you
There are only 3 posters here
In what decade do we get a franchise QB?
The Dullphins are a crap franchise

And many of your other troll post

Roughly 10wks until preseason. Argh...................

Don't rush it Sam. 4 or 5 weeks into the regular season we'll praying for the off season.

Chang Li,

Michael Sam is the beginning not the end.
2 weeks ago the NFL was considered manly now children ask me all the time, "Are all athletes gay or just the football players?".

In 2 weeks time we went from manliness to hand holding and french kissing as acceptable locker room behavior.

The next iteration will be a gay relationship between teammates.

The following iteration will be gay relationships inter-team.

The iteration after that will be ex's on the same team or opposing teams.

The NFL is nothing but an extension of the media circus. Overpaid ghetto heads and pompous owners and stupid tv commercials designed to appeal to the stupid duh fans,

Justin must be insane thinking the line wasnt upgraded.

Three posters here? I thought there were only two, besides myself now. You're making progress, Armando.

Justin must be insane thinking the line wasnt upgraded.

Posted by: 1 more day to go | May 22, 2014 at 08:27 PM

Well, we did lose Incognito, Martin, Jerry, and Jake Long

Plus Pouncey will probably be out 4 games.

The NFL is nothing but an extension of the media circus. Overpaid ghetto heads and pompous owners and stupid tv commercials designed to appeal to the stupid duh fans,

Posted by: Fifavlo | May 22, 2014 at 08:14 PM

I have to agree with this, even though I consider myself a smart fan.

There was nothing like seeing Shula march the sidelines of your team. You always felt proud, you always felt like you had a chance, you always felt like our coach was better than yours. No other coach has given us that since, most have only made us hide our embarrassment.

Hickey needs to learn how to work WITH the coaches and not AGAINST them.

Why is D Thomas still on the team?

Well, we did lose Incognito, Martin, Jerry, and Jake Long

Posted by: L Vales | May 22, 2014 at 08:45 PM

Boo f--king hoo, an alligator armed bully, a poosy, a lazy fat slob and a guy that can't stay healthy for 8 games a season.

If Juwuan James can plug in at RT and we never hear his name on Sundays, its a huge upgrade.

J Martin > JuWan James

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | May 22, 2014 at 09:09 PM

If, if, if......lmao

its a huge upgrade.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | May 22, 2014 at 09:09 PM

It is not an upgrade until it is. If all the drafted players performed as expected 25 teams would win the SB every year.

Feelings and intuition are for hair stylists. Only verifiable results count.

I'm telling you that many of you may be seriously brain dead!!!!

Every single draft you all just assume each player is going to meet expectations. Guess what? They don't more than 50% of the time!

But you all forget this every single draft!

Have doubts? Go review the top 20 picks of the last 5 or 10 drafts!

Past history is the best indicator of future history!

Maybe we should give Philbin a longer leash and give him 4 years to put together a team. I'm not convinced 3 years is a fair barometer. This team is close to turning the corner.

Good job woodshed.
I was tired of seeing Jerry and the gang gey beat down every week.
They couldnt even handle New England's D line who I dont even respect.

Perhaps the thing the franchise needs more than anything is some stability. The same core FO, Coach, QB and players. Why keep turning over the top of the franchise so quickly when the results haven't been too good? Would it not be insane to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results??

No that's not going to work.
No one is above an upgrade.
Coaches, players, etc...

Everyone is so quick to want to give up and hope the next regime and changes will work out. I propose Philbin get 5 years to lead the franchise. So little patience and quick to jump to a negative conclusion. How has that worked out for anyone?

Nah, Philbin is incompetent. He should've been fired last year after claiming "I KNOW NOTHING."

But dont worry. Philbin will continue to stink and Ross wont do chit.

Who came up with the artificial BS time line of 3 years for a regime? Is that what someone in the lame stream media said? Even the president gets 4 years and he has a lot of help. I'm in no rush to change anything even if next year turns out bad. Starting over is getting boring and been mostly unproductive.

What we need is to get Bill Parcells back. If he could win with Ireland and Sparano he can win with anyone!!

Top coaches can turn things around in one year like Parcells did.

I told everyone - Ross and Philbin look just alike.
He thinks they are related somehow.

Hey, odin, wassup? How's Dibo?

Miami is a last place team. Get over it. They did nothing but sign shitheads in the off season. Finnegan, Really! Forget the hype. They Suck, don't know what there doing, no owner or coach. Fire everybody. I can do a much better job and I'm a Parole Officer.

Pray for new ownership. It's our only chance.


A little insight as to the offence Lazor will implement!

I can't believe anyone would yearn for the days of Parcells. Outdated team, coaches and philosophies. Sherman was an innovator compared to Parcells.

Had it not been for a supersmart QB on his last wing and a fifty year old offensive click that caught the Pats by surprise, he would have never even got close to .500 that first season. Then he drafted a frail little boy to run the ball at QB in that Mickey Mouse offense the entire league had the book on.

Yea, bring back the 'good ol' days'.

Nothing but rainbows and farts in here, day in, day out

A few people are mentioning coaches in here. I know f4l was as impressed as I was just listening to David Shaw of Stanford.

Stanford... atheltic.. smart... fits the bill

Just stop sending us offensive tackles...

If the NFL Network shows one more clip of Johnny Manziel I'm gonna puke!

I've never seen such a media creation since Tim Tebow...who was at least a starter.

Guy is a 3rd string QB and they think he's the next coming of Christ.

Clowney, the #1 pick has been a ghost since the draft, it's all Johnny all the time.

Puke!...Gag...make it stop!

Posted by: NHFinsFan | May 23, 2014 at 09:23 AM

If Johnny thinks he can run around and improvise like he did at A&M, he's gonna get hurt.
The LB's, CB's and Safeties in the NFL are a lot faster and hit much harder.

I don't know where this Manziel fascination came from either. SO he beat Alabama. Other than that....???

It is sickening.

And only once at that!

Parcells engineered the biggest turnaround in NFL history in Miami. 1-15 to 11-5 and playoffs....IN ONE YEAR! And it's been downhill ever since he left.

Johnny Manziel > Fran Tarkenton

A few people are mentioning coaches in here. I know f4l was as impressed as I was just listening to David Shaw of Stanford.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 23, 2014 at 09:12 AM

You wonder about College Coaches? Some of the Greatest best ability was selling a kids family on their program while others were just lucky enough to Coach at highly esteemed programs (Like Barry Switzer) were the players from the States of Tex,Cal,Fl just fall in your lap.

During the NFL Net's telecast of the draft they had Shaw on as a guest host and I was very impressed with the way he broke down a team's pick and how that player fit what they did. It gave you the idea that Shaw weighs the players specific talents to his scheme. It sounds simple enough (Starved for this out of the Coach and F.O.) so you like that in a future candidate for the job.

On the flip side after Shaw they had BCS Champ Jimbo Fisher and he didn't sound nearly as sharp got the impression a Rah-Rah type. Shaw seemed smart,assertive and struck me as someone with alot of command! He was on an NFL Net telecast as the guest College Coach and if you were watching and didn't know better you thought he was the draft expert given the way he was rnning it with the crew defering to him.

Downhilll ever since... mostly under his watch or under the watch of people he hired.

I agree f4l, David Shaw just gets it. Whoever is lucky enough to woo him from Stanford - which will be no easy feat since it is now easily the school of choice for top STUDENT atheltes in the USA.

Harbaugh and Shaw did some job there.

Posted by: MiramarDave | May 23, 2014 at 09:51 AM

It's been all downhill since we let Bobby Beathard get away.

I don't know where this Manziel fascination came from either. SO he beat Alabama. Other than that....???

It is sickening.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 23, 2014 at 09:36 AM

Much the same way Doug Flutie beat the UM 83 Champs in 84 with a signature play were they had him for a sack and he wiggled his way out hitting Phalen for a game winning score turning him into the defacto Heisman Trophy winner and Bears #1 pick!

Manziel in that game (happened to see it) was caught behind the line on no less thn 10 plays and got out of it to burn the Crimson tide time and again! To be honest I was more impressed with him this last Yr. and what he did with ZERO D! Told me he was alot more polished than Flutie but like him none the less small and not the best athlete telling me a mediocre NFL talent.

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