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James or Moses at RT for the Dolphins?

As is tradition, with tradition being defined as something I've done for five years or so, I participate in an annual writers mock draft that includes some of the brightest minds covering professional football today.

(I have no idea why I'm part of this exercise.)

Nonetheless, in today's edition I represented the Miami Dolphins and when pick No. 19 came up, my choices were limited.

C.J. Mosley was gone. The four consensus first-round offensive tackles -- Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan and Zack Martin -- were gone. Cornerbacks Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert were gone. There are no trades allowed.

I picked Ja'Wuan James.

I picked the 6-6, 310-pound right tackle from Tennessee because he's going to be the starting right tackle for someone from Day One. "He's a plug-and-play guy," one scout told me. "He' has some issues, particularly in the running game, but nothing catastrophic. He's going to be a good NFL right tackle and maybe in a pinch he will be able to play left tackle in a year or two."

In defending his "plug and play" comment the scout referred me to the number of starts James has at Tennessee. The number is a whopping 49. And that against Southeastern Conference Competition.

I know this is not a popular pick at No. 19.

I assume the Dolphins would rather trade down if they're planning to make this move and I've been told the Cleveland Browns, who own the 26th overall selection, have been inquiring around about possibly moving up from that spot. Apparently, other teams are looking to get ahead of the Browns to take a QB so the Browns may be feeling the need to rise to stay ahead of those teams.

Another right tackle that is similarly inviting to the Dolphins is Virginia's Morgan Moses.

He also looks the part at 6-6 and 315 pounds. He also is very experienced with 43 career starts. He is also probably better in pass protection than run blocking.

And, this should not be overlooked, Moses played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor when the coach was at Virginia from 2010-12. Moses started at right tackle and left tackle for Lazor and I'm told the coach truly does like Moses.

So that, I'm assuming, had weight within the walls of the Dolphins facility.

One thing to consider about Moses, he had some sort of left shoulder injury at the Indianapolis Combine.

I don't see Moses as a No. 19 value pick, either. But if the Dolphins trade down?

James or Moses, folks.


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James but still not at 19. rather not draft a starting RT than pick James there.

Just a question, are you only allowed to take offensive linemen? Are we to assume every other position is great except for the o line?

Ju-Wuan James all day.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 05, 2014 at 02:06 PM

Right. We need better starters so that our current starters become 2nd string and yet have experience. Thats how you build depth. Acquire better players but KEEP your current starters as 2nd string.

Posted by: LINCOLN CONTINENTAL | May 05, 2014 at 02:10 PM

Nail, meet hammer!

If that's the only choice then neither. Go for BPA and take OT in round 2!

Well Mando there is 1 other OL you may have overlooked and he's plug and play ready and a better prospect than James. He just plays OG. Sua-Filo is a higher rated player. I am sure there were other positions as Mark points out too but everyone gets that feeling Miami is ONLY going OL. Kind of like last year when we took Jordan. Hmmmm

From the last blog,

Mark, I like all 5 of those guys as well. Cooks will be gone by 30 for sure, might be gone at 19. Shazier there is a small chance he is there at 30, but he will probably be gone.

Verrett, Roby, and Ford I could all see being there at 26-30.

Other good players that might still be around late first: Hageman, Bitonio, Sua-Filo, Amaro, Benjamin, Deone Bucannon.

There will still be good players at 26-30 for Hickey to take. Granted, this is all if he picks the right player and not Moses or Cyrus.

MarK. Last week you were all over the idea of drafting linemen early. What gives?!

if mosley not available, nor top four tackles than Calvin Pryor!!!! Don't reach for 5th best tackle in first round


IMO Roby will be gone between 23 and 25. And a humble fan opinion at that.


James or Moses? How about Noah or Jesus?

Another question is where does Kouandjio go? Can he be a plug and play RT if healthy?

If so I would feel safe going bpa in the 1st and hoping either Moses, James, Bitonio, or Kouandjio are there when we pick at #50.

Then we could draft a stud at 19 like Beckham Jr or Pryor.

I we trade down I think the value picks are Su'a Filo or Shazier.

I still think there will be run on QB's and martin may be there at 19.

Texas, we're basically splitting hairs at this point. Apparently Roby got busted last week for being high while operating a vehicle.

I think he might slip a bit due to character concerns. Good news is we only have to wait 3 more days to find out !

No mention of Donald falling Armando. Any rate, if Donald's not there either, I take Carlos Hyde.

Why do so many feel we're "pidgeon-holed" into taking the olineman 1st rd? This simply isn't true.

Part of Clabo's issues last season was having a "VERY UNIMAGINABLE OC". In known passing situations, Sherman could have either gave Clabo help, or called more 3 and 5 step passing plays to help Tannehill get the ball out of his hands more quickly.

These things could have helped mask some of Clabo's deficiencies. But, Sherman kept doing some of the same old dumb things hoping for different results.

With a more creative OC, and I hope that Lasor is, many of the RT deficiencies can be "MASKED" with this alone. Clabo's greatest pass protection issues seem to be "7 STEP DROPS" in known passing situation against some of the league's best pass rushers.

Too bad Sherman was to numb in the brains to see this.

I wouldn't be disappointed if the phins made that trade w/browns then traded back again to the top 5 of the 2nd round to have multiple picks in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. Both of those tackles should be available early 2nd round...dare to dream...

Just build the damn line and don't try to outsmart everyone don't get too cute with trades and all that crap sometimes the only one you outsmart is yourself trust your board and go with it

I like kouanjo take the big man and you set for 6 years

bang on neMo @ 2:48

Ka'Deem Carey should be the phins focus in the 3rd or possibly 2nd round.



If the Dolphins had not pissed away 5 Million Dollars in Cortland Finnegan and about 1 million in OT Jason Fox they could of signed ORT Austin Howard and had their RT position set.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 05, 2014 at 02:56 PM


Sam were you the one who mocked Santreal Henderson in the 2nd?

These tackles will be gone at the end of the first and very early second after that your beat and all you morans will be saying we should have picked this one or that one

marc, has to be the right linemen.

Lewan I think will be a better player than Nate Solder going forward and Solder is arguably the best OT to come out of the draft in the last 4 years.

Martin will be a pretty good guard I think and not my personal fave, I would much perefer him over the alternatives discussed at 19.

james, Moses only became first round options in the last two weeks only because perceived demand for linemen have gone up recently. Too much, IMO.

I never approve based on position, I look at the player and how much better or worse he is than the alternatives at the same position.

So yes to lineman at 19 but only to a select few.

Smoke some weed man pass the blunt seantral

all you morans

Posted by: Marc from nj | May 05, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Don't use words that you can't spell MORON!!

ding, ding, ding, Albert.

Been pizzing and moaning about this since day one of free agency. Hate the idea of compromising your draft board because the team wasn't smart or officient enough in free agency.

I like Moses or kouanjo then we can get a guard or two later

Yep you got a problem with dat

Sam were you the one who mocked Santreal Henderson in the 2nd?

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 05, 2014 at 03:04 P

Hell no! Oscar's or someone's been impostering me here. Just us common sense man, when you see a post TOTALLY OUT OF LINE with what you commonly see from a certain poster you know its an imposter.

I think we should have signed a free agent tackle as well but we did not

Honestly Cyrus and Moses just scream John Jerry to me. Good enough to start, but not very good, and certainly not good enough to impact the game.

Really hoping this is a smokescreen.


Circumstances dictate that the Dolphins do what Shula did in 1990. He drafted Richmond Webb in round 1 and Keith Sims in Round 2. Along with Tim Ruddy (later on) our OL was set for a decade. (He tried the same thing in 1995 with RT Billy Milner and RG Andrew Greene and failed miserably)


I'm not sure what those charges are for Roby but he's clearly denying all. Says he wasn't driving, wasn't arrested.

So I'm not sure what happened.

Sentreal Henderson is a 6th-7th rd pick at best. We have enough project olinemen on the roster already.

If we cannot get the RT we want at 19, definitely pick BPA. Look later in the draft and resign McCinnely or Winston or Clabo at RT for depth or leadership. A top notch TE or WR or ML at 19 would be welcomed

Texas, here is the article about Roby. I'm not too sure what to make of it. Personally, I think character concerns may make him slide a bit. Just a hunch.


We are looking for a right tackle here boys not a left tackle and a guard

We are not PIDGEON-HOLED into selecting a RT 1st rd. We're NEEDY at several starting positions. Grab the best available that upgrades any of those positions and do not take a guard 1st rd either.

One of at least 5 immediate starter guards could be available at pick 50, if the right LT isn't there. So OG or RT in 2nd rd based on BPA of those two positions.

Which ever of these two positions are addressed in 2014, the other can be highly addressed in 2015, if sill need be.

At the end of the day the Dolphns have to draft players in the 1st and 2nd round that will be starters for them this coming year. To draft an OL just because "we need one" and have him sit like Dion Jordan and all the 2013 draft class is stupid.


The below is from that article.

"While a 911 caller claimed that Roby “almost hit a bunch of kids” while driving at 3:00 a.m., the prosecutor obviously believed that it would be impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Roby was indeed driving under the influence.

Roby ultimately was found behind the wheel of a parked car, with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.008 percent, one-tenth of the legal limit."

hahaha, I think that was Kyle Fuller and Verrett calling Roby in as he sat in the drivers seat, not driving but had maybe 2 beers.

Ans thanks for the article NeMo.

Carlos Hyde is an IMMEDIATE STARTER any team that drafts him except:

1. Vikings---- A-Pete
2. SeaHawks---- Beastmode
3. Packers----- Lacy

Maybe 1 or two more. He's still a BIG TIME upgrade on the Miami Dolphins starting rb corps. He's one of the biggest upgrades the Dolphins can do to any of their starting positions.

Texas, good one haha. We will see on Roby you may be right. It will be interesting to see if he slides at all or it doesn't affect him.

Where is this "writers mock" located? I would like to read so I can see who was actually available.

Sam I Am,

I would take Carlos Hyde in a New York Minute.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network whom I think is OK as an evaluator has Miami selecting Shazier at 19. I could live with that. I worry about how much he may start first year and contribute. I have no doubt he could be a great pick next year and years to come but has lots to learn to catch up.


Totally forget Dolphins drafting players with slightest hints of "CHARACTER FLAW", at least this year. Pay more attention to what Hickey said in his presser. This s just one of many things he's hinted at that suggests this:

"With that, it is all about evaluating each player independently, not only evaluating the players’ talent but the player’s makeup adding into the medical evaluation. With that we come up with a ‘Dolphins Value’, and that’s how we rank according to that ‘Dolphins Value’. That’s how we will pick players."

After last season's Cogs issue, I anticipate every draftee being "squeaky clean". At least out of this draft.

I stand corrected Sam. Come to think of it I think it was Dashi.

Isn't a New York minute refer to a short period of time where more things happen that thought possible happen in said time?

Don't think that's the right analogy.

Texas, it's on a bar napkin or on a soft copy of an excel spreadsheet located on Mando's laptop by his pool

I think Shazier can beat out Wheeler, haha...

he mentioned Lazor and Coyle but not Philbin. What does Philbin do here?

Posted by: oscar canosa
From last post.
He picks up little pieces of trash. Duh!

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | May 05, 2014 at 03:33 PM

I like Shazier, but the knock on him is getting off of blocks when running right at him. He does have great speeds to chase down plays. If he can not get off blocks when running plays are coming right at him. Best believe smart NFL OC's will greatly exploit this.

With Shazier, you just may have to put him at olb. maybe weak side, because strong side really needs a guy that gets off of blocks right at him and holds the edge.

like some others here, I'd really have no problem with James at 19, just based on ratings/rankings/comments that we all see--might not be a great value there but that term/idea is hardly easy to define....yeah, maybe there are (supposedly) better players there but we wont know that for sure for several years, and James is highly regarded and considered a likely immediate starter--and please, no guys with injury concerns....not in the early rounds at least--we need starters/contributors, dont have the luxury of "projects with potential"


This coaching staff and GM do not have the luxury to draft a number 1 and a number 2 that will "develop down the line" cause they wont be here next year if the guys they draft Thursday don't make an immediate impact.

SAM, you are probably right about character.

Texas, would love Shazier at 19. He would make an immediate impact on special teams. 2 blocked punts I remember off hand just on the highlights.

I would see linebacker being an open competition. Ellerbe, Wheeler, Misi, Jenkins, Shazier, and even Jordan would be fighting for playing time and spots.

I think Shazier would be getting significant snaps if not starting at least by the end of the year.


Wheeler was always a journeyman type player. He will always be that. What Ireland saw in him is baffling. Maybe he liked his long hair.

Here is players from the Tampa Drafts Hickey was involved in for the last 3 years. Doesn't tell us much as he was not GM but to me it looks like the coach was doing the picking more so than GM.

Adrian Clayborn, DE
Da’Quan Bowers, DE
Mason Foster, LB
Luke Stocker, TE
Ahmad Black, S
Allen Bradford, RB
Anthony Gaitor, CB
Daniel Hardy, TE

Mark Barron, S
Doug Martin, RB
Lavonte David, LB
Najee Goode, LB
Keith Tandy, CB
Michael Smith, RB
Drake Dunsmore, TE

Johnthan Banks, CB
Mike Glennon, QB
Akeem Spence, DT
William Gholston, DE
Steven Means, LB
Mike James, RB

no RBs in Rd 1 please.....with a few exceptions, dudes are shot by 28, at the latest--take RBs in the mid/late rounds because you're getting a 4-5 year player in most cases--just dont hold up


I would hate to spend another 1st rd pick on a player that isn't a day one starter, unless he's a qb. Havent we played this tape more times than we can count already?

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