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Jason Fox slowed by 'minor' leg injury

The Dolphins selected Ja'Wuan James to be the team's starting right tackle in 2014 but before that was to happen there was supposed to be a competition between James and veteran Jason Fox.

That competition will not necessarily start immediately in the offseason conditioning and OTAs because Fox is nursing a leg injury.

Fox was wearing a walking boot on Saturday and obviously is not doing any running in the offseason program. But a source characterized the injury as "very minor" and added "He is fine."

Another source said Fox has been in the boot for some time and it will be coming off soon.

Fox has been plagued by injuries during his career. He was inactive early in 2011 and was eventually placed on injured reserve. In 2013, Fox won the starting right tackle job in Detroit but suffered a groin injury in the opener and lost his job.



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Oh. Well that's important. Thank you. Fox competing for a starting position? I had forgotten he was even on the team. Glad to know he compares to our #1 draft pick. Awesome.

And there goes Bryant
*Carl Bradford
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Rashaad Reynolds
Gabe Ikard
Chris Smith

Logan Thomas could not have gone to a better team for him If Arians can't get it out of him, nobody can.

Carl Bradford please...

Did we trade back AGAIN??

Agreed here Montreal, Carl bradford has to be the #1 option here.

The big man from la belle Province has to be the next best choice.

Well, there goes Bradford to the Pack

David Yankey? Not saying I want yet another lineman but I don't know that they can resist

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Rashaad Reynolds
Gabe Ikard
Chris Smith
Jordan Tripp

I would love a linebacker just I can't stand Wheeler...I also love Powell but that's a HUGE risk...

Got to go defense. LB or CB...Maybe Aikens...

It's time to pick a Canadian ... let's go!!

We traded down again.

Nat Berhe SS
Trey Millard RB
Dri Archer RB/WR
Nate Freese K

Make it happen Hickey!!!

Why a CB? WE NEED LB!!!!

we got Aikens MIT

pff, don't like this one either.

What else is new?

Well, he did have a very good Senior Bowl game...

good pick... great value

WEAKNESSES: May not possess elite top-end speed. Gets a little grabby down the sideline, as he's highly aggressive and will extend his arm. Tracks the ball well but shows only average ball-skills overall.

Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft charges in July 2010 and served two weeks in Champaign County jail for possessing a computer taken from a dorm room.


I guess this means they see no potential for last years two CB's


None of these picks willl be starting.

6"0 5/8' 4.47 40 on this Aikens, so a decent size/speed combo.

A CB that is slow and was kicked off Illinois for stealing. He was also projected to go in the 6th.


An arrest for theft prompted then-Illinois head coach Ron Zook to kick Aikens off the team ...

Another physical player...Not afraid to mix it up...

I would of preferred LB but whatever...Maybe if Bradford would of been on the board...Who knows...


Nate Garner
Dallas Texas
Billy Injun

I was right! lmao,,, they drafted a wr,,,,dont need,,,and then I said what now, a de or cb? And sure enough they draft a cb.

Meaning they are going best player available.

NOPE, because the players they've taken have all been projected to go in later rounds. So they aren't drafting for need obviously, they aren't drafting bpa. WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? We just drafted two cbs last year and signed Finnegan this off season!

ILB? TE? OG? HELLLOOOOOOOO? Surely they will find starters at our positions of need in the 5th through the 7th. lmao

Nothing new on that account. But you will love me one day, count on it.

Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty
Height: 6-0. Weight: 205.
Projected 40 Time: 4.49.
Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

5/5/14: Aikens stood out at the Senior Bowl and showed some man-coverage skills. Teams that like big cornerbacks will be intrigued with him. At Liberty, he had seven interceptions and 15 passes broken up across four seasons. Aikens didn't participate in the Combine, but a lot of teams showed interest in Aikens and brought him in for pre-draft visits.


Was the backup for his whole career and not the starter.

Oh nice....the team trying to improve its public image drafts an admitted, convicted felon.....


Now there going to be some real competions with the cb's I like that.

I like very much this pick!

I gotta agree with Phins78 we drafted 2 corners last year WTH are we still drafting more corner??????? What is Hickey doing we need a LB!!!! Telvin Smith is fast and I'm sure he has more instincts than Wheeler who's horrible!!

Telvin Smith shoulda been the pick! I don't like drafting another CB after we got 2 last year??

1st RD selection Ja'Wuan James RT Tennessee

2nd RD selection Jarvis Landry WR LSU

3rd RD selection Billy Turner OL North Dakota State

4th RD seletion Walt Aikens CB Liberty

5th RD Kenny Ladler FS Vanderbilt

5th RD Max Bullough ILB Michigan State

6th RD Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford

7th RD Colt Lyerla TE Oregon


Now we know why

1st RD selection Ja'Wuan James RT Tennessee
2nd RD selection Jarvis Landry WR LSU
3rd RD selection Billy Turner OL North Dakota State
4th RD selection Walt Aikens CB Liberty

5th RD Kenny Ladler FS Vanderbilt

5th RD Max Bullough ILB Michigan State

6th RD Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford

7th RD Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

sounds like mcshay and keiper love him..... no saying much..

Well... At least he has sticky fingers

Gonna be a crowded DB drill.....

So much for picking clean players for the Dolphins

Ohhh please ETF, go make yourself some brownie weeds and chill

So, the Dolphins just drafted a player who spent 2 weeks in jail. Glad to see they aren't concerned about his character!!!!!!!

We need some LB bad or DT!!

We couldnt stop the run or run the ball

Go figure we get a guy late in the 4th rd who was projected to go in the 3rd and CBS gives it a C.

nice rush to judgment. " he baught a laptop from a friend and didn't realize it was stolen" school wanted to make example of him. can play S

CBS Sports Loves The Pick

Walt Aikens | CB, Liberty
Aikens possesses natural athleticism, fluidity and instincts to be an impact press corner at the next level. He comes with some character questions after an arrest early in his college career though, and doesn't possess elite long speed. A potential starter down the road if he can prove mature.

Oh well

Wasted pick, now watch N.O. get Aaron Murray.

Dolphins continue their assault on the "DUMBEST FRANCHISE" World Title.


Every poster on here since Thursday has been brought to tears, either from laughter or despair.

How is that you single me out?

The only way that makes sense is if you are all the charaters on this page.

So far this has been a product of all the people involved. Coaches and scuts and not to mention this new system and grading players that Hickey has brought in.

What do you guys think so far?

Trade back into the 4th and grab Vereen or Skov. Give a 5th and 6th rounder

They are on to compensatory picks, not trading.

How can he be slowed by injury if he's not playing games? Who cares? It's the off season...let the guy get healthy.

I know we have only model citizens on here that never made mistakes and broke any laws.

We have 2 picks in the 5th round. Who's excited to see who we get?

Scratching my bald head. I guess Goodell's edict to draft only choirboys doesn't extend past the 3rd round.
This is almost a total "in your face, Jeffy" draft. Drafting the same positions as last year. The bad blood must have been worse than we all thought. Why else do you draft a CB 4th round, when there are already 6(?) CB's on the roster?

Both ESPN and the NFLN's treatment of an 8-8 team, the Fins has been shameful. They spend 20 minutes on a QB Logan Thomas who won't be in the league in 2 years as a QB, and ZERO time on Fins picks, other than a comment about Liberty's recruiters. Not a whiff of film on the guy.

Sure!! I once took some beer from Wynn-Dixie, That I just forgot to paid for it

I love all our picks so far. They filled a need. I like that they don't fit what the experts believe because that tells me that Hickey got players he targeted and that he actually has a plan. I have a good feeling about the draft this year. That doesn't mean 100% of our picks will be great. Just means we finally see a pattern in the draft.

Jason Fox is another like Jake Grove the center they took back then remeber? Came with an injury history, red flags everywhere, and they still took him out of desperation. The only two players worth anything in free agency this year are Albert and Moreno. Every other one is garbage. They just simply did not do enough in free agency, thus, that is the reason why they HAD to go need in the draft instead of BPA. And that will describe the season they are about to have.

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