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Joe Philbin answers media questions at OTA

Joe Philbin hadn't spoken to the media since the first day of the draft.

Today he fielded questions about center Mike Pouncey, the offense, the chemistry between quarterback Ryan Tannehill and reciever Mike Wallace. Here are the answers:

(Opening Remarks) – “It was great to get back on the practice field today.  The one thing I would tell you that we’re very, very excited about is the participation that we’ve had throughout the offseason program.  This is the start of our sixth week, as you guys know the offseason is divided up into different phases.  We had phase one for two weeks.  Phase two for three weeks and then we started the OTA phase which is phase 3.  Our players (should) be commended.  I think they’re in good physical condition and I thought our energy, our effort on the field was very good today."

(On Mike Pouncey and his role on the team) – “The one thing without question about Mike Pouncey which is important is he wants to be a great football player.  He wants to make a valuable contribution to the Miami Dolphins and he’s not unlike any other player that we have in terms of there’s an educational process that every player goes through, but love the effort and energy that he brings and that he’s put forth into this offseason and today is day one, it’s a long, long process but he’s off to a good start."

(On Mike Pouncey saying he doesn’t feel he needs any medical clearance and if he’s correct)  --  “Well again we’re in communication with the National Football League and when we have additional information we’re in constant communication with them and when decisions are made we’ll certainly inform you guys when that occurs."

(On Brandon Gibson) – “I think you mentioned one thing.  We’re looking for progress on a daily basis  with Brandon.  He’s been very diligent in his preparation for the offseason.  Spent a lot of time here.  The training staff, the medical staff, (has) done an excellent job with him.  But it’s a process.  It’s going to take a little bit of time and you know there’s going to be steps forward and probably as people return from injury, not uncommon, steps backwards.  So we’ll take it one day at a time but his dedication has been exceptional.  He’s a bright, bright guy that keeps picking things up well.  So I think he’s off to a good start."

(On whether Koa Misi being at inside linebacker is a long term or short term move) – “Yes and yes.  You know we’re kind of looking at it.  We evaluate it as you know.  We went through a thorough evaluation of the off season.  Watched a lot of tape.  I think we played about eleven hundred snaps on defense last year.  And so this is a lineup for today that we wanted to take a look at that’s not written in stone.  We have to see have everybody…the pieces fit together but we certainly feel like he’s a guy that’s capable so we wanted to provide that opportunity."

(On Jason Taylor being at camp today) – “Well I told him at our seven o’clock staff meeting, I don’t think he really knew what he was signing up for (laughing).  So we hope he’s back tomorrow.  I think he’s going to be around a lot in the OTA’s.  He’s approached us about working with the defensive linemen.  I don’t know if there could be a better mentor for our young players than Jason Taylor.  He’s energetic and enthusiastic about helping out and contributing and so I’ll have to check with him after how he felt about his first practice.  Player hours and coaches hours, players on a six hour day.  Coaches aren’t.  So we’ll have to see how that goes."

(On whose idea it was to bring in Jason Taylor and if it’s salary job)  --  “Well it’s the one day, kind of a one day at a time on a volunteer basis right now.  We’ve reached out to a lot guys.  We anticipate other former players getting a little bit more involved.  We love to have them come back.  We were fortunate last week in Phase 2 that Nick Buoniconti came by.  Hometown boy from Springfield, Massachusetts and he had a chance to talk to the team.  So we’re going to encourage that.  Get as many former players out here as possible.  How many want to put the whistle on that’s another story.  But as you guys know we have a tremendous alumni group.  These guys have been very, very supportive of our staff and certainly want to involve them whenever we can."

(On finding more playing time Dion Jordan)  --  “We consider every single option.  There’s absolutely truth in that statement.  The thing that at the end of the day, the thing that we look for with him when we drafted him was it a guy that was going to be able to put pressure on the quarterback.  You know one of the big things we feel that’s important to for our defense is to continually pressure opposing quarterbacks.  And that was really the mind set when we took him.  And we feel like to develop him in those skills requires a time commitment and if you’re always wondering about pass drops and who you have in zone and who you have in man, not that we haven’t used him in there and not that we won’t.  Third downs its own kind of animal.  We’ll do whatever we have to do on third down to get off the field.  That was kind of the thought process behind, how can we develop this player the best and that was the decision we came to."

(On Marcus Thigpen) – “I’ll be glad to talk about anybody that was out there at practicing today."

(On Bill Lazor’s offense) – “I would describe it as the Miami Dolphins offense first and foremost.  It’s not one individual.  I’m sure if Bill were here and you asked him that question, my reaction would be that he would say everybody’s contributing. We’ve got a talented offensive staff.  We’ve got guys that have worked very hard.  They work well together.  I’m really pleased about where the staff is at this particular point in time.  But you know we talked to Bill, the same things that Bill and I talked about in January are things we want to see.  We want to see an offense that plays fast with tempo.  We want to see an offense that does a great job taking care of the football and we want to see an offense that’s explosive.  So those are really the parameters.  That hasn’t changed and it’s not one individual.  It’s not mine, it’s not Bill’s, it’s not Dan Campbell’s or Ken O’Keefe’s, it’s the Miami Dolphins offense and in fairness to Bill this is day one of seeing eleven players on the opposite sides.  So we have to find out, he has to get a better sense of what exactly these players can and cannot do."

(On Ryan Tannehill’s and Mike Wallace’s chemistry developing) – “Well I think Mike, if you ask, Mike’s, his attitudes been outstanding.  He’s been working hard every single day that he’s been here.  I think he feels a lot more comfortable just as we like to say, parking his car in the parking lot and coming to work.  I think he feel better about being a Miami Dolphin.  I think he understands the expectations that we have in the offseason and so forth.  So really like what he’s doing.  He’s getting extra jugs on his own.  He’s doing a lot of things on his own and I think it’s improved but certainly today’s day one and we expected that it will continue to develop."

(On Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Dallas Thomas contributing from scrimmage) – “We’re going to provide a ton of opportunity out here on the practice field, in the preseason for these guys to earn playing time.  And so I think if you look at Dion who wasn’t healthy and wasn’t physically present here in the last off season, this has got to be a beneficial that he’s here.  If you look at Dallas Thomas who was able to participate only on limited basis last offseason, he’s been one of our hardest workers throughout the offseason program.  So those two guys in particular, we’re going to provide these guys a lot of opportunity and then it’s really, the films should be able to tell us what decisions to make and how much playing time that they earn."

(On what was said to new members of the Offensive Line) – “We didn’t really say an awful lot.  I mean we want them to make their own decisions when they walk into the building.   When they feel the energy, the excitement that the coaching staff has.  Working with these guys every day.  When they see the way these players are treated by our equipment staff, by our security staff, by our medical staff, by our food staff, by the fields, probably forgetting people, but I don’t really have to say a whole lot.  I mean the people that come to work here every single day create an outstanding atmosphere that’s, I think is outstanding and I think the players feel that.  Again if you have to talk about it a lot you probably don’t have it."

(On John Benton) – “Well John’s a professional.  He’s got very, very good experience.  He’s been in the league, I believe this is his eleventh season in the league.  He’s run the offensive line on his own.  He’s been an offensive line assistant.  He’s been in a number of different schemes.  Obviously he was with Coach (Gary) Kubiak for eight years.  They had a lot of success both running the ball, protecting the quarterback.  John’s a teacher first and foremost and I think when you watch his film the techniques and the fundamentals that he teaches show up on tape.  And often times I’ve told the players a lot, it’s not what I can tell you I know at the podium or on the chalk board or in the classroom but really my resume and John’s resume is the film.  When you turn the film on how do the offensive linemen play and I’m confident he’s going to do an excellent job." 


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Sherman could not deliver the promises Philbin made when hired...good luck to Lazor.

its not ripping off the Eagles, its hopefully just delivering the original vision. obviously crappy OLine leads to 3 & outs...

Tannepuke is just as good as Henne at QB

Which means he's bad LOL

r u a writer?

Got a problem?

2 b or not 2 b

is not
what Moore is
gimme more Moore

fans must realize there QB is crap and abandoned hope. can't blame you fools tools and toadstools

Glad to hear Jason is working with the DE's...I'd highly recommend Philbin invite Nat Moore to drop by and school the CB's (other than Grimes) about not turning their hips...I heard him comment last year that he spent a career trying to get CB's to turn their hips and the Dolphins' CB's were turning their hips on every pass play. And how about bringing in Paul Warfield to teach the WR's how to run routes....we have a lot of Hall of Fame players...pay'em some bucks to pass along their knowledge during the OTA's and during camp....I also think Tannehill could use some sessions with Bob Griese...I would say Marino too but Danny's ball skills were other worldly, which I don't think they'd translate to a "normal" QB.

Posted by: DJ Baracus | May 27, 2014 at 06:10 PM

Everybody rips off from everybody else in the NFL, it's a copycat league.

Sam I am has mommy issues....

I've been waiting for years for us to get an OC that would run the air coryell playbook...or an adaptation anyway....I hope that is what Lazor is planning to run...I saw it work in the old Cardinals years and I saw it work in the old Charger offense...both prolific offenses.

Love that Philbin is reaching out to former Dolphins star players to be involved with the current team. Good reminder for the players that this franchise once represented excellence.

Smart and classy move.

Same old shyt from Philbin. He was born more to be a diplomat than a good football coach. We continue to be hopeless in 2014.

Did you guys see "Home-O" blasting Tannehill all morning and praising Johnny "The D-Bag" Football....?

Home-O disappears..........and.......Wah-Lah!!!!

Daytona Sam picks up right where he left off!

I can't be believe we passed on;

Johnny Football

this year. Exactly why Hickey will fire Philbin at season's end for telling him Tanne-coaster was ok.




Posted by: SAM I AM | May 27, 2014 at 03:34 PM

Really Shammy........REALLY....?

Why all the "Home-O" name changing guy....?

It couldn't be more obvious and you couldn't possibly make yourself look any "STOOPIDER"!!!!

Pick a name and make it stick! Then **MAYBE** someday, some of the others might start taking you seriously(I doubt it though-ROTFLMAO).

Posted by: odinseye | May 27, 2014 at 06:47 PM

Not likely Odin the guy is a tool. Anyone who would act the way he acts is only an object of derision.

Don't waste your time or breath on him, I used to rip this guy and now I'm just bored to death of his antics.

What on Earth would make you think Lazor is going to employ an 'Air Coryell' style offense or any other similar pass-first attack?

Did you not see the Eagles last year? Despite all the talk about their quick tempo and no-huddle, Philly RAN the football more than any team in the NFL last year

If you wanted pass-happy then you should have LOVED Mike Sherman. Miami threw the football at the second highest rate in the league last year.

Lazor will be using the run a LOT more than Sherman did, you can be assured of that.

Why do some of you guys persist in this silly belief that Lazor favors a wide-open attack, anyway?? He doesn't.

Some thoughts on Philbin's comments today: First, he said that Mike Pouncey WANTS to be a good Player, so it seems Joe does not consider Pouncey a good, let alone great Player yet. Second, DJ seems destined to be strictly a third down pass rusher, in whatever shape and form. Third, CBs Will Taylor, Jamar Taylor, seem to be in hot water. More to come.

Hickey "rolled the dice" in the draft, praying Tanne-coaster had improven.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 27, 2014 at 03:45 PM

If I had a ruler I would break your stupid fingers boy.

Love that Philbin is reaching out to former Dolphins star players to be involved with the current team. Good reminder for the players that this franchise once represented excellence.

Smart and classy move.

Posted by: JRS | May 27, 2014 at 06:45 PM

Agreed. I like all the positive stuff coming from Philbin thus far. Getting the players to buy in is half the battle.

Philbin is such a tool, he won't give credit to the new OC because he's being a big baby.

I can't wait until he's gone.

Oscar, you should patent your ability to come up with nonsensical and baseless "hidden meanings" in the most innocuous statements. I've seen you do this before and it's always comical.

No wonder you practice "medicine" at some strip mall in Hialeah where they're doing Botox injections a few doors down. If you went any lower down the totem pole in your profession you'd reading palms at a carnival.

It is good that Armando has a spy in Jason Taylor at Dolphin's Camp. Then we here can be better informed.

LOL @ 7:05!!!!!!!!!!

I can't answer for the other People at my place of work, Duriel. I do that, gather what other people think or feel from their few words. By the way, you sukkked as a WR.

Sister Mary Elephant lol. Awesome we are breaking out with classic Cheech and Chong now.


Custodian at Dolphins HQ.
He does not need any help from Jason Taylor thank you very much.

Holy crap, I'm stuck with this image of Oscar wearing a turban and reading palms at a carnival. LOL, Durial Harris!!!!


In 3 short months the whole world will witness how much progress we've made.

I do that, gather what other people think or feel from their few words.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 27, 2014 at 07:08 PM


Any chance you could re-post that in English?

Are you Cuban, Sin Barreras? I bet you are Republican.

Just by being near you, I can perceive what your whole life has been like. Nothing to do with Psychiatry. I have been that way since I was 3 yrs old that I watched People go by from my carriage. And I used to laugh at the images that many of them projected unto me.

I never wanted to be a Psychiatrist, I wanted to be a Pediatrician. But I learned early never to go against what has been Written.

Some thoughts on Philbin's comments today: First, he said that Mike Pouncey WANTS to be a good Player, so it seems Joe does not consider Pouncey a good, let alone great Player yet.

Oscar Canosa

Another great example of the crap bloggers in this blog. Can't even comprehend what he's reading. Joe Said Pouncey wants to be a "great" player. He didn't say good. And he wasn't commenting on how he thought Pouncey plays. Are you drunk?

He was saying Mike is working hard as ever because he wants to be great. There are very few great players in the league, Pouncey wants to be one of them. And somehow you didn't understand this and think there's something wrong with what was said?

Another idiot who isn't capable of being a fan because he doesn't understand the game, or simple phrases for that matter. What a dummy.

Crap Blog, are you Cuban? I bet you are Republican.

Second, DJ seems destined to be strictly a third down pass rusher, in whatever shape and form.

Oscar Canosa

Then he gives his opinion on a player that has no basis in reality. Everyone is saying Jordan is huge now and that he's in great shape. Jordan said he wanted to get bigger and heavier so he could take on offensive linemen to the best of his ability. But somehow you are guessing he will be a third down pass rusher. Yes, the third pick in the draft will sit on the bench for most of his career because you said so.

It is good that Armando has a spy in Jason Taylor at Dolphin's Camp. Then we here can be better informed.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 27, 2014 at 07:05 PM

Th funny thing is you can read everything that is written and still be uninformed because you just don't get it.

Oscar 15 more minutes and the room is going to start spinning. You should make yourself throw up now and get it over with.

Don't nobody here worry about nothing. What little Philbin says about the Season will be evaluated yes or no after the bye.

There is poor sense of Humor among many here in this Blog. No wonder, you are mostly Republicans.

Well, oscar, we're not communists. Did Philbin need his 3x5 cards to address the media,,,,

We talk about what we think about Pouncey and his few transgressions as well as his involvement in the bulliying scandal! We tell you what we think he should do and why he didn't get kicked off the team! http://phinsnews.com/mike-pouncey-the-center-of-controversy/

Do or die for Philbin or he's FIRED TOO!!! #1 figure out how to beat our division losing to the Jills twice & the junk jets is unacceptable atleast we did beat the patsies once but all the experts say it's just a fluke!!! Tired of hearing how bad the "experts" say the Fins are so Philbin better coach 'em up start winning!!! GO FINS!!!

fork it

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