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Local kid made good Shazier definitely on radar

Bill Parcells once told me he never wanted to tip his draft picks so he would work them out late, often the week of the draft, to get the latest intelligence and also slip under the radar of combine workouts and all the Pro Day and other visits and meetings.

Looks like Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey is applying some of that strategy this week.

On Monday afternoon the Dolphins met with Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier for approximately 90 minutes, an NFL source confirmed Tuesday. The Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten was the first to report the meeting, citing Shazier's high school coach.

Teams meeting with Shazier is not huge news. A lot of them -- Atlanta, Green Bay, Buffalo, Denver and Carolina -- have either met with him or worked him out. He is a latter-part-of-the-first round value player, by all accounts.

And a total of 29 teams attended Shazier's Pro Day in part because Ohio State has talented players coming out and in part because he hadn't worked on the field at the Indianapolis Combine because of a hamstring issue.

At the Pro Day Shazier turned in a 42-inch vertical leap but pulled up during his 40-yard dash with another hamstring issue. But that was as he was turning in an eye-popping sub-4.4 time in the sprint -- while pulling up!

Hard to believe for a linebacker and obviously it was an unofficial time. But suffice to say Shazier is very fast by any standard.

He's also a playmaker and a great kid -- which is a truly special combination. He was an Ohio State team captain and led the Buckeyes in tackles two consecutive years -- joining Pepper Johnson, among others who accomplished that feat.

Character? Shazier's father, Vernon J. Shazier, is the Dolphins' team chaplain and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

None of this guarantees the Dolphins will pick Shazier at No. 19 in the first round if they cannot trade up or out of the pick. But Shazier is definitely among the handful of players the team deems worthy of taking in the first round.

Good pick?

This is what Nolan Nawrocki says about Shazier in his NFL Draft 2014 preview (triumphbooks.com):

"Highly productive, disruptive playmaker vs. the run and pass. Shoots gaps and plays behind the line of scrimmage (compiled 39.5 TFL the last two seasons). Agile to slip blocks. Quick, strong hand to shed. Knifes gaps and flows very well laterally. Striking tackler -- uncoils on contact. Excellent speed and range -- opens up his stride in space and really covers ground."

The problems?

Well, Shazier projects as a weakside linebacker in the 4-3. So Miami takes him in the first round and that automatically projects him to start, or at least it had better because that's what first-round picks are supposed to do regardless of what team personnel will predictably say to cover their, ahem, selves.

So the starting LB corps is Koa Misi at MIKE, Dannell Ellerbe at SAM and Ryan Shazier at WILL? 

Perhaps the Dolphins brush aside the Misi in the middle offseason experiment, as they have previous offseasons, and leave Ellerbe in the middle then play with Shazier at WILL and Misi at SAM.

Either way the odd man out is obviously Phillip Wheeler, who had a terrible 2013.

Fine. But ...

Would this solve Miami's run defense issues? Remember the run defense? Increasingly terrible the past two years? The No. 24 run defense in the NFL? Hard to believe that unit was No. 3 against the run in 2011.

Anyway, Shazier has a history for making plays so perhaps the thinking is he upgrades the run defense. He is, however, an three-down linebacker.

One thing one scout pointed out to me a while back about Shazier: "He had to learn to play before he started to make an impact and in the NFL he's going to have to learn to play at that level before he makes an impact. The light might not come on the first day or even the first season. He'll get it eventually, though."

Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell has heard critics say Shazier is built like a wide receiver from the waist down and won't be durable as a result. He also has heard scouts wonder about Shazier's ability to shine early in his NFL career.

"He's just scratching the surface on his abilities," Fickell told the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel. "That's the thing with Ryan. He could play in any type of system. He could move around. He's not some little, frail speed guy. He can hit you. He can do all the different stuff. He'll be a 240-guy no problem."

Shazier is already in New York as one of the prospects invited to attend the draft by the NFL. It's possible his name is called when the Dolphins pick. 


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That's excellent news! He is really the only defensive player I would look at taking in the 1st Rd at 19.



Finally we're getting some good players on the team.


#18: Pro Bowler
#19: bust
#20: Hall of Famer

This guy is a super athlete. I have no problem with his acquisition. I have a problem however, with the people that are positioning players on our D. We gave the D the draft last year, and it got worse. Some are on injury, but I think mostly our problem is application. I don't think our problem on D is our players as much as the way they were played.

I say draft for the O. Get OL and WR while they are there. This draft has riches to be plucked, don't scrape the bottom of the pickle barrel.

-If Mike Evans was there and you were a GM, is there ANYBODY out there that **WOULD NOT** pull the trigger?

Posted by: odinseye | May 07, 2014 at 01:21 AM

Someone posted/Mocked earlier that the Bills would take Eric Ebron leaving M.Evans on the boards for Det. @10 and I thought to myself that the entire Div. would be pleased as punch, we should be so lucky and the Lions so grateful! This is the type of kid that turns a "MEDIOCRE" talent like EJ Manuel into a modern day D.Culpeper (In Vikes stint were he was all World with Cris and Randy) Just throw it deep or over the middle and he'll fight his way to the Ball making you a ton of money in the process!

Football is football, doesnt matter what league, if you can play,,you can play. Its not rocket science.

Lots of dreams about people dropping that won't the only way anyone unexpected drops to us is if the QBs are all over valued. If we stay at 19 I would rather draft a potential 3 down LB superstar than over-reaching for a second round olineman.

Sorry, but I had to make sure "Daytona Shammy" see's this.

This is why I love Dik Slapping "The Monkey Boy" around. This is also a very good way to identify him as he uses a MULTITUDE of fake names(he's the ONLY idiot here that Armando has PUBLICLY "OUTED" for using SO MANY fake aliases).

The Dead Give Away for our Resident Troll Tard is how often he completely misses the point of the posts he responds too. He then makes a total and complete idiot out of himself by commenting on some comprehension-ally challenged delusion he dreams up in his "Warped Noodle-LOL"

His comprehension skills are lacking.......at best and below is a prime example. This is how he ultimately EXPOSES HIMSELF REGARDLESS of any Fake Aliases he may be using at any given time.

Would anybody **NOT** take Mike Evans if he was still there?

I think Evans is the exact type of WR we need to add.

Posted by: odinseye | May 06, 2014 at 01:53 PM
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Hey refried beans hot pocket brains, Not a chance Evans falls out of top 10. Also, Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley St, could possibly be one of the biggest draft steals of 2014, so I damn well would not trade up for Evans.

-I never mention, suggest, allude to or hint at Evans sliding, falling or dropping in this draft.

-But somehow, somewhere deep in Daytona Sam's mind, that's what he comprehends-LOL.

-Then, taking it over the top, into Lah-Lah Land, Shammy's Twigh-Lite Zone Brain comes up with a Trade up.........Huh? Never mind that it's completely delusional thinking, never having been mentioned by........wait for it.......wait.........by ANYONE-LOL.

-Somehow, he takes a simple question and turns it into all that(snicker, snick)all in his own mind(and he THINKS he's borderline Genius-ROTFLMAO!).

-If that's not enough, he takes a complete and total "LEFT TURN" and goes off on some tirade about Janis Joplin or some dang thing-LOL!

-And were supposed to put stock in Shammy, despite his pronouncements explaining how/why Tannehill doesn't need Great Receivers and how Tony Sporano would be the most sought after Head Coach in the NFL and how Mark Ingram will be the next Jim Brown, etc, etc.......


Janis has all the measurables to be a very successful NFL wr and probably goes around 4th-6th rd because of the level of competition he played against at "SAGANAW VALLEY ST":

Jeff Janis, WR, Saginaw Valley State

Height: 6-3. Weight: 219.
40 Time: 4.42.
Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 06, 2014 at 02:17 PM

-Having said all that and giving up some prime examples of the delusional routine that exposes "The Resident Troll Tard", I will say that Jeff Janis is an interesting prospect. Especially considering where he COULD BE HAD. Janis has a skill-set very similar to Evans, to the point I would call him a "Poor Man's" Mike Evans". No comparisons of course. Evan's has put in the work at a high level and against top competition.

-I know Evans won't slide. I know we won't trade up for him either, despite what Daytona's Delusions tell him.

-I think Evans is the EXACT TYPE of WR we need to add to our corps. Before Shammy's ADHD twisted everything all out of shape, my original question was:

-If Mike Evans was there and you were a GM, is there ANYBODY out there that **WOULD NOT** pull the trigger?

Draft so close we can smell it!!

Interesting that DT Marcel Darius of the Bills gets arrested for felony possesion right before the draft. I wonder if it alters the Bills plans for the draft?

I would be OK with Shazier. I like Borland a lot as well. He has the speed to turn into a pretty good chase LB. It seems like the Fins are starting to pile up at the outside types. Jordan needs a home. Wake and Misi (though he may be tried inside?)

Ahhhh the unpredictability that is the draft.


night y'all.


I hated the extra two week wait. But it did give me more time to familiarize myself with more of the top Prospects.

I definitely went more in depth this year and it was definitely a result of the extra wait time.

I feel like I could go toe to toe with Kiper and/or McShay...........RIGHT NOW!

I got this.........I GOT THIS............

I'm still saying my prayers. Drop down and pick up a late 2nd rounder.

1. Sua-Filo, G.

2a. Juwan James, T.

2b. Kelvin Benjamin WR, Florida State 6-5 240

3. Jack Mewhort, T./Gabe Jackson, G.

I made poo just now.

Don't know on what basis People like Shazier. Must be on his metrics. If you watch film on him, he has very poor instincts for a middle LB and when the run comes straight at him, he gets plastered by the blockers. Good luck if you select him.

This is a bountiful Draft of outside OLBs starting with Khalil Mack, of course. You couldn't find Ryan Shazier in that group.

Not at 19. If they trade back & he's still there, fine

These mock drafts by writers is the most asinine thing they have ever come up with. Do you mean they have calculated all the permutations that could deviate this Draft, especially this Draft, into very unknown territories. Bull Crap. It will be madness tomorrow.

GMs better be prepared to make a decision on a Player in nanoseconds. It will be fast and chaotic. Fortunately, Hickey has his Magic Tablet, exclusively for that purpose.

im not so sure…this is beginning to sound like Ginn and Beck…good guy, good family.

Assuming Mosley and Martin not available take the safety Pryor….tired of getting burned and he can also help on the run.

With the exception of left tackle, corner (Grimes), and punter-every position on this team could use an upgrade. Draft the best player available.

I want ASJ if we trade back. Big red zone threat. O-line can wait, we have a rb in Moreno who can block and ASJ who can then help block too, while o-line sucked it doesnt begin and end with them. Get a guard or tackle in round 2, theres always a few free agents left who can be a band aid for a year for the remaining one position on the line, if we cant get a late round gem.

Is Clabo still available, he wasnt that bad for the 2nd half of the season except for the Bills game. Would open up the draft a bit more for BPA rather than need

I would love to add McKinney as that transition guy he is a mountain of a man very physical very good at the point of attack

Nothing against Shazier, but if the Dolphins do grab him in the first round, it explains why this team is stuck in neutral year after year after year...After all that money spent last year on linebackers, you would think it would be very low on our priority list...And we have a guy on our roster by the name of Dion Jordan who could be an excellent outside linebacker but our clueless defensive coordinator obviously doesn't see that...Typical Dolphins. Very depressing. What was Ireland thinking when he signed that useless stiff Wheeler we'll never know. The only thing we do know is his time in Miami was a major failure. How can Hickey be possibly worse...

even if you dropped from 19 back to 30 i'm not sure you'd get a 2nd of that. maybe a high 3rd.

I have a feeling the pick will be Kouandjio...

bob greise 12
i'd say we're pretty set at DE too. wake, vernon, jordan and shelby.

i live in pittsburgh and was kinda hoping aaron donald would get to us. i've yet to see a mock draft with him making it to 19. he reminds me of a higher revving justin smith.

jaison, Donald would be awesome. Him, Mitchell, Odrick and Starts rotating in the middle of our d-line. No way he makes it to 19 unfortunately.

I do not know the answer to this question. I have heard it often enough to believe it has merit. Have even heard it from A & M people. Does Manziel HATE Evans because of a perceived lack of intensity? I am not being a troll but would like an answer if anyone else has heard this.

If you look closely at Evans, he drops a lot of balls---->lack of intensity.

We need a smart LB, one that can call the Dline alignments.

Get Kelvin Benjamin somewhere in the Draft.

I seen someone say that it was like SHEW bills only took Embron....... That is scary considering Bills got stevie johnson and Mike williams pencilled in as the starters to bigger WR with solid speed and big play ability a good 2nd year guy they got in 2nd rd in Robert woods for the slot or challenging to start and then Goodwin and Graham both quality WR with deep speed and young ...... Bills got a nasty group of WR's Adding Ebron who people are comparing to Jimmy Graham even if hes 80 % of graham ..... With Manuel big Arm ability to scramble and CJ spiller and jackson running ..... Looks like a scary offense starting ... Oh yeah they got a good defense comming together too Elite DE williams Darius comming into his own as a beast DT kyle williams still really good they got jerry hughes and there going to draft one in 1st 3 rds so great front 4 and There LB's are pretty good to Alonso outside now Spikes a run stuffer in middle ... And they do got pretty good corner in gilmore now without the cast AAron williams Corey Graham Searcy solid ...... Starting to have a whole lot of Talent by Far more for us to worry about then the Jets and in the long run the patriots because face it. ITs a rat race between Miami and buffalo to build up and become that young Wild card team with brady having 2-3 years left

mark, I agree that Buffalo has a bright future, BUT, in the end, their team is no different than any other team in the NFL...It will all depend on their QB...If Manuel has a solid season, chances are Buffalo will be in the playoffs...If Manuel is average, they'll be 7-9 or 8-8 at best...

We need to win this Arms Race with the bills AFC is Weak Broncos and Patriots are REALLY GOOD but not Great .. Colts obv got Luck but the team is good and Bengals are decent great team held back with AVG QB ........ Miami And Buffalo can def beat bengals Ravens and Colts which are only 3 teams besides top 2.... Considering Miami was 2-1 vs them beating colts and bengals .... bills beat ravens and should of beat bengals......... Ryan Tannehill is a Franchise QB i think we got the Edge at QB but i think Manuel is going to be franchise QB too ........ All this Said we got a ALL pro DE in Wake who just turned 31 obv from 23 when he graduated he played a training camp then no football for 3 years then Great 3 years in CFL which he jsut pass rushed and honed his skills but they dont run much so he didnt get alot of beating or tread on tires there in 08 he was 3rd guy so didnt play much ...So with the great shape he stays in and lower miles then the avg 31 year old .. I think he has 3-4 Elite years left and prob two decent years i think he plays to 36-37 with his shape the years he didnt take beaten and still dont take alot.... But im Def comfortable with him being my Starter for 4 more Seasons and i bet he gets 50-60 sacks in that time .. Peppers Played 5 more years and is 2 and half years older and still getting double teams and 8-10 sack ..... Vernon just turned 23 clearly has great speed and pass rushing skills but he's building up his body and high motor and tough making all kinds of plays agaist run and pass and i think he will have a 10 year more career here in miami for the next 2-3 years he will be second guy getting less blockers and getting 10 sacks and i think will be pro bowler next year and take torch that Miami has had since Trace Armstrong in 96 10+ sacks every year since he passed it to Taylor who was second man until 02 when armstrong went to OakLand then he carried 10+ sacks all the way thru until 08 Porter joined him in 07 then Carried the torch 08 when Taylor was gone a year w 17.5 and him Taylor and Cam in 09 porter got to 10 even in 09 taylor had 8.5 wake 5.5 but then wake did it 10' 11' 12' then his one year battling thru injuries and being double teamed still had 8.5 sacks and lead the league in hurries 41 and hits 27 even tho he basically played only 13 games and was only healthy for about 10

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | May 07, 2014 at 07:35 AM

EXACTLY! Pick the position really: OL, CB, S, WR, QB, every position but defensive end really. That's the #1 reason Miami is mediocre, they hardly ever get it right. And even when they get it right, it a temporary right, and not a huge bang-for-the-buck right.

Let's hope Hickey is a different sort of animal. Let's hope the coaches can do their job and coach up the personnel and put them in the best positions to succeed. Otherwise, we'll be looking forward to 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 all over again.

Agree with Montreal and Mark. The Bills are accumalating a lot of talent but I'm not sure if Manual is the guy at QB.

Even if they they just use him as a game manager though with a short passing game they could be dangerous. The battle is still won in the trenches.

To add to our Fins issues the JEts will get a couple of good wrs out of this draft. Maybe Lee probably Cooks. We will easily have the worst offense in the AFC East. No real elusive..speedy playmaker at rb. No dynamic playmakers at wr outside of Wallace. No legit TE. Hype Clay all u want but he will not duplicate last season. He is an H-back with a fb's body that can't win a jump ball, break a tackle or consistently catch passes on vertical routes.

All those thinking we are set at wr are nuts. We keep drafting them in the 6th round we will continue to field scrubs. Hartline and Gibson are both underwhelming and never command extra attention from the defense. Looking over the Fins offensive personnel I would sleep very well Saturday nights as a DC in the NFL.

This team needs so much help and has so many holes they'll stink for years. There is no talent and it will take years to clean up the mess Ireland made.

On Shazier, If we're talking about getting some impact with the 1st rd pick the hamstring thing is worrisome.

I know it's not a long term issue but I'm seeing shades of Jamar Taylor, Dion Jordan all over again.

And i also agree with some about trying to put a square peg in a round hole again.

It would be wonderful if a run stuffing beast of a MLB was sitting at 19 but that doesn't appear to be the case. I actually think Mosley would be the better fit although I'm not sure he would be my choice either.

They do have to come up with something though. Trade backs certainly aren't guaranteed. Call me crazy but I would rather go with Su'a Filo or Bitonio at 19. At least we would be filling a position with the type of guys we want for our system.

Of course I still say best case scenario is Martin falling to 19. Assuming nothing crazy happens like Lewan, Matthews, or Evans sliding.

Heat win, Marlins win, Dolphins still stink.

Our biggest problem is our coach he is not a real nfl head coach he is in way over his head , expect the same this year one thing we are great at is making bad decisions on head coaches Steve Ross must leave this on his football people oh yea forgot we don't have any

Can we draft a head coach with our first pick

That's the #1 reason Miami is mediocre

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 07, 2014 at 08:27 AM

Not ONE winning season in 7 years is NOT mediocre!!

Mr Ross joe must go

This coach sucks his players don't respect him they think he is a joke

Mr Ross joe must go

Posted by: Marc from nj | May 07, 2014 at 08:46 AM

Ross has to wait 5 years and organize a committee before any decisions can be made.

How many QB's do you think go in round 1?

5 QB's in rd 1. A great draft for QB's.

The WR position is the worst % of return for the money, only 37% have a nice career in the NFL

How many in the top 10 in round 1?

I see 6 QB needy teams but a lot of other talent to pass up if QB is taken.

This coach sucks his players don't respect him they think he is a joke

Posted by: Marc from nj | May 07, 2014 at 08:50 AM

they KNOW he is a joke

Texas, that's the million dollar question. I don't know how many QBs will go in round...But it will have a HUGE impact on the Dolphins...In regards to who they pick...

There's about 20 teams that need a QB.


Philbin hasn't set the world on fire so far but neither did Belichick in his first stint with Cleveland.

Philbin has more NFL experience than me and you ever though about having, I just hope he can figure out how to have a greater sense of urgency and get the guys to buy in.

The Starks and Grimes resignings are a good sign. I haven't seen reports about guys complaining about the coach yet. Hopefully with Sherman gone he'll be a little more hands on.

Bestcase scenario for us imo is he figures it out. Our success rate at hiring new coaches hasn't set the world on fire either.

Philbin = Cameron

I guess my point is Personally if im running a 3-4 i'd Take jordan over Clowney because he can get u 10+ sacks but also cover TE's and WR's also 6'6 250 easily got the frame to get up to 260 runs a 4.57 has a 41" verticle and 43 " arms including hands so he can swat so many passes or defend the ball in redzone plus ex TE has hands down the best hands ....... but Clowney is better but i think Jordan can do everything Mack can do did it all in pac 12 instead of mack and he runs fast 4.57 to 4.65 same weight but Jordan also has more burst 4 inches and unlike clowney jordan has a higher verticle then mack with the 6'6 height 41" to 40" and much longer Arms atleast 6-7 " and being a Ex TE great Ball skills.. He can be a 10-12+ sack a year guy but also cover TE's and WR's especially Redzone..... We got 2 pro bowl DE's plus Oderick and Shelby can fill in solid at DE too and dolphins can easily draft another good DE in 3rd or 4th like a Chris Smith from Ark whos a great 4-3 fit 6-1 266 explosive great speed leverage and power think he can be that 3rd guy who can develop and come off bench and get you 6-8 sacks.

Posted by: Jay | May 07, 2014 at 09:01 AM

Dog Crap > Jay

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