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Local kid made good Shazier definitely on radar

Bill Parcells once told me he never wanted to tip his draft picks so he would work them out late, often the week of the draft, to get the latest intelligence and also slip under the radar of combine workouts and all the Pro Day and other visits and meetings.

Looks like Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey is applying some of that strategy this week.

On Monday afternoon the Dolphins met with Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier for approximately 90 minutes, an NFL source confirmed Tuesday. The Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten was the first to report the meeting, citing Shazier's high school coach.

Teams meeting with Shazier is not huge news. A lot of them -- Atlanta, Green Bay, Buffalo, Denver and Carolina -- have either met with him or worked him out. He is a latter-part-of-the-first round value player, by all accounts.

And a total of 29 teams attended Shazier's Pro Day in part because Ohio State has talented players coming out and in part because he hadn't worked on the field at the Indianapolis Combine because of a hamstring issue.

At the Pro Day Shazier turned in a 42-inch vertical leap but pulled up during his 40-yard dash with another hamstring issue. But that was as he was turning in an eye-popping sub-4.4 time in the sprint -- while pulling up!

Hard to believe for a linebacker and obviously it was an unofficial time. But suffice to say Shazier is very fast by any standard.

He's also a playmaker and a great kid -- which is a truly special combination. He was an Ohio State team captain and led the Buckeyes in tackles two consecutive years -- joining Pepper Johnson, among others who accomplished that feat.

Character? Shazier's father, Vernon J. Shazier, is the Dolphins' team chaplain and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

None of this guarantees the Dolphins will pick Shazier at No. 19 in the first round if they cannot trade up or out of the pick. But Shazier is definitely among the handful of players the team deems worthy of taking in the first round.

Good pick?

This is what Nolan Nawrocki says about Shazier in his NFL Draft 2014 preview (triumphbooks.com):

"Highly productive, disruptive playmaker vs. the run and pass. Shoots gaps and plays behind the line of scrimmage (compiled 39.5 TFL the last two seasons). Agile to slip blocks. Quick, strong hand to shed. Knifes gaps and flows very well laterally. Striking tackler -- uncoils on contact. Excellent speed and range -- opens up his stride in space and really covers ground."

The problems?

Well, Shazier projects as a weakside linebacker in the 4-3. So Miami takes him in the first round and that automatically projects him to start, or at least it had better because that's what first-round picks are supposed to do regardless of what team personnel will predictably say to cover their, ahem, selves.

So the starting LB corps is Koa Misi at MIKE, Dannell Ellerbe at SAM and Ryan Shazier at WILL? 

Perhaps the Dolphins brush aside the Misi in the middle offseason experiment, as they have previous offseasons, and leave Ellerbe in the middle then play with Shazier at WILL and Misi at SAM.

Either way the odd man out is obviously Phillip Wheeler, who had a terrible 2013.

Fine. But ...

Would this solve Miami's run defense issues? Remember the run defense? Increasingly terrible the past two years? The No. 24 run defense in the NFL? Hard to believe that unit was No. 3 against the run in 2011.

Anyway, Shazier has a history for making plays so perhaps the thinking is he upgrades the run defense. He is, however, an three-down linebacker.

One thing one scout pointed out to me a while back about Shazier: "He had to learn to play before he started to make an impact and in the NFL he's going to have to learn to play at that level before he makes an impact. The light might not come on the first day or even the first season. He'll get it eventually, though."

Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell has heard critics say Shazier is built like a wide receiver from the waist down and won't be durable as a result. He also has heard scouts wonder about Shazier's ability to shine early in his NFL career.

"He's just scratching the surface on his abilities," Fickell told the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel. "That's the thing with Ryan. He could play in any type of system. He could move around. He's not some little, frail speed guy. He can hit you. He can do all the different stuff. He'll be a 240-guy no problem."

Shazier is already in New York as one of the prospects invited to attend the draft by the NFL. It's possible his name is called when the Dolphins pick. 


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Selecting Shazier signals Misi going into the middle, imo. I'm pretty aboard with "almost" any 1st rd selection except for DE, OG, and a TE not named Ebron.

I say OG, because, we could get one in the 2nd rd that isn't a great fall off from Suafilo. So why in hell sacrifice getting a more impactful player at one of the true skill positions?

Great thing about this draft, we use our picks "WISELY", easily we come out of this draft with "3 DAY 1 STARTERS".


Then take Bortles with the later pick. BUT they may not want to trade back past 8 as the Vikings might jump all over Bortles.


What was his options? Trusnik? A rookie 4th rounder? Perspective dude. Consider Wheeler's contract etc. There was many reasons why he was out there and it's not Coyle's call who plays it's Philbin who is not "aces".

Coyle is the best coach on this staff as was Nolan with the Sparano/Henning clan.

Why should I give a flying f*ck where any of these college kids go? How does it impact my life in any way?

Posted by: A Regular Here | May 07, 2014 at 12:24 PM


Yeah Bortles does smack of Ryan Leaf a little doesn't he.

Great QB at a small school in an even smaller conference.


I agree Mack looks the part of a pure pass rusher in a 3-4 alignment but small school over SEC star in Clowney? I'd lean Clowney. I agree with people when they knock Clowney's heart because he mailed it in last year playing not to get hurt and fed into the hype machine but I think both will be good. I see Clowney having a Mario Williams type of career. He will consistently deliver 10 sacks but won't ever live up to the hype of his size and his name will out weigh his play even though like I said will be good.

AMBUSH is on the menu tomorrow! Texans make Bortles #1 overall. They need a qb, it's nuts not to take the best one on the board now. No guarantee to be in the same position next year.

Have to take the best available qb now!

Dolfan Rick with the excpetion of this year have you even heard of Bortles? not me. I wouldnt touch him with a 10ft stick


Call me crazy but if I were Houston, Manziel would be my guy. Generate some excitement and put sone fannies in the seats.

And I would talking up Clowney and any other QB I could think of and then trade down a few spots and get my cake and eat it too.

Shazier's durability issues are a concern, I think I'd pass on him at 19.

Texas, if I'm Houston I go qb. Bortles if you want the conventional pick, Manziel if you want ESPN in your junk all day.

Clowney is not the can't miss prospect everyone projected him to be beause of production and desire concerns.

Perfect out for Houston is drafting a QB. Houston has no serviceable options in the msot important positiion on the team... QB!

Sam, I cannot wait until our lips meet again in trembling passion.

Posted by: A Regular Here | May 07, 2014 at 12:35 PM


Well yeah I have but I live 60 miles form Orlando and UCF are rivals of my sons alma mater USF.

And yes the Bulls suck big time.

Not literally heard of Bortles I really mean his production, the hype, did he constantly put up big numbers in college? I have no idea

Andy, did you not hear me say play Jordan there? A platoon of Jordan/Jenkins would've been a million times beter than Wheeler.

heck, me with my shorts around my ankles out tehre would've looked better than Wheeler.

Jordan covers Rob Gronkowski

Wheeler gets beat bad by MIchael Hoomanawunui

And still people ask who should've been out there..

Mark your nuts if you dont pick Clowney, Im actually shocked you say this since you love meaurables so much.

Clownly mailed it in last year because he knew they werent winning a championship or SEC championship, he didnt want to get hurt so he could make his pay day.

Once he gets his contract, Clowney will be a monster to deal with.

I like Shazier for my offence. Gets us the ball back sooner.


Operated a wing-T offense in high school. The Florida prep redshirted in 2010. Saw action in 10 games in '11 and completed 75-of-110 (68.2 percent) passes for 958 yards, six touchdowns and three interceptions. In '12, made all 14 starts and threw for 251-399-3,059-25-7 (62.9). Was MVP of the Beef 'O' Brady Bowl after throwing for three scores and rushing for another. Earned American Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year in '13 after tossing 259-382-3,581-25-9 (67.8) in 13 starts. Threw for 301 yards (three TDs) and rushed for 93 yards (one score) to earn Tostitos Fiesta Bowl MVP honors. One of only two UCF quarterbacks to pass for more than 3,000 yards in multiple seasons (Daunte Culpepper). Had 195 career rushing attempts for 561 yards (2.9-yard average) and 15 touchdowns. Was 22-5 in 27 career starts in head coach George O'Leary's pro-style offense, which featured option elements.

I take Khalil Mack all day everyday in a perfect world. But any gm who does that will instantly put his job on the line and for career preservation the pick will be Clowney all day everyday.

Lazor's offense

Outside of the obvious need for zone blocking O-linemen I find it hard to believe that Lazor will not be running a run heavy offense. He is coming off a season where he learned under an offensive guru in Chip Kelly and there's no way in my mind I can't see him duplicating at a minimum 75% of that.

With that said does Miami's current roster have those sort of players? That's why I think it's possible we see a curve ball at some point maybe even round 1.

WR - Miami has 1 true game breaking threat in Wallace and a good/reliable Hartline. Gibson is effective as is R. Matthews but not one guy of that bunch has multiple gears to run after catch consistently. Margise Lee? But I don't think Lazor needs much more out of the WR group to make that O work but Miami did have private workouts with Lee, Beckham and Moncrief, M. Bryant so you never know.

RB - Moreno was insurance on a 1 year deal and is probably a mix of last years career year and the draft bust all the previous seasons. A decent player but not a threat teams worry about. Miller is terrible in a zone scheme IMO because he isn't decisive and lacks vision. Miller needs big alley ways in the power run game to explode through and run away from defenders. He's not a fit because he doesn't have stop and go ability. Thomas just sucks, period. If Miami traded back to end of round 1 and acquired an extra 2nd I love to see Tre Mason. I'd even go as far to say if Miami traded back taking Carlos Hyde round 1 and with two, 2nd rounders adding Oline help.

TE - The offense does feature a lot of 2 TE sets and Miami doesn't have any sort of depth at the position. Clay is legit. I love his game but that's why the Ebron rumors could be legit.


there's a tropical storm brewing over south Florida due to hit tomorrow evening.
Dark ominous clouds, hail, gale force winds,
torrential downpour with a dash of lightening followed by:
The Winds Of Change!

Thats right. Bortles MVP of the Beef O'Brady Bowl lol.

Mack played at Buafflo are you kidding me?? Give me Clowney all day everyday. Mack wont know what hit him when a NFL G locks up on him.

Ill still pass on Bortles

Mark, Rick and Andy,

I have a feeling the Texans trade out of the 1st spot. If I am them I trade for the best I can get, doesn't have to meet trade chart but I wouldn't want to fall far.

1. Yes I am nuts

2. I love measureables Clowney's measureables in some areas left a little to be desired considering his hype. Mack killed eveerything across the board. I also love production Clowney didn't play hard, mack did.

Mack going back and comparing physical profiles from teh last five years matches up almost idential to Von MIller. It's almost scary how close they are actually.

So if I have the decision between a guy who will be very very good in Clowney for msot of his career or a guy who killsit like VOn Miller ... I take Mack.

I do think Clowney will at least be Mario Williams like... will he re-write the record books? I have a hard time being convinced.

Seriously I'm not sure Texas. I think you start with a QB when your building a team but if I didn't have the warm and fuzzies I'd have to go with Clowney like MIT said.

I think the consensus is he's the real deal and those don't come around often.

The advantage of a trade down though is there are several decent QB options in this draft. Elite ones idk.


I've been saying Beckham is a huge possibility if there for a while. Beckham pushes Hartline and Wallace for starting time right out of the gate.

I've also been saying 1 additional WR also. I understand this all depends on how the draft pans out but would love a combo of Beckham for reasons above and Bryant to challenge Matthews for playing time.

Besides the obvious 1st round WR's I like here are some others I wouldn't mind seeing Miami pick. Not in any order.


Regular if you think mack will be outmatched in the NFL or big competition - review the Ohio State game last year. Single greatest individual defensive performance in the NCAA last year.

no draftnik but obviously have heard plenty of good things about Shazier, and seen him play numerous times--very talented, no doubt....would be fine with this pick....but only if he starts day 1--dont care who, what position, what planet he lives on....our 1st rd pick this year must start right away--Fins have too many holes and mediocre players to let our top pick "develop" for 2 years--so OK with Shazier....IF he starts right away.

I can agree on that benz.

So where the heck is F4L and our mock draft???


I would love to see Jordan as a weakside LB I actually think he'd succeed there but the coaches don't and it wasn't even an option. Jenkins obviously wasn't better or he wouldv'e been out there after Wheeler got exposed vs Saints again, again, again and again.

But again that wasn't Coyles call who plays. That's the HC job. Coyle calls the plays and that's it. Coyle's defense was 8th in scoring defense and as I already said 2 games were solely on the shoulders of the D players and they failed.

I'm no GM, but, just watching the kids highlights I see a ton of speed and a ton of solo tackles

Decided to do a mock for the Dolphins real quick since we are only a day away here. Might do a first round mock if I have time. I tried to pick guys I thought would have at least a decent shot at being there in the round.

1. Ryan Shazier LB Ohio State- Gets Wheeler off the field and hopefully upgrades our run D.

2. Juwuan James OT Tennessee- Plug and play right tackle that solidifies our line. I think there is a good chance he lasts to 50. If there is a run on tackles trade a day 3 to go up and get a decent one in round 2.

3. Phillip Gaines CB Rice- With Grimes soon to hit 31 and Finnegan 30 and a question mark I had some insurance. Will push and compete with Taylor and Davis. (Was tough picking him over a WR here.)

4. Billy Turner/Laurent D-T/Brandon Thomas- This will be a developmental lineman pick. I see all 3 having all high upsides. Thomas could be a steal if he recovers from the ACL. The goal for this lineman would be to compete for a job next year and add depth this year.

5. Robert Herron/John Brown- Both are fast developmental WRs. Can hopefully add something at least on special teams in year 1.

6. Jerick McKinnon RB Georgia Southern- Very raw. Had an insane combine. A good lottery ticket in round 6 though.

7. Brock Coyle MLB Montana- Had a good pro day and had good production. My Northwest scout DD gave me a good review on him.

There it is, just my 2 cents. I tried to have a nice combination of needs and BPA. Hard to predict how the picks will fall, but I think a lot of these players could help the team.

Andy, if Jordan wasn't heavily considered doesn't that g back to teh coaching and the inability to put the best 11 guys on defense?

The DC has say on who starts. The dc has say on how each guy is deployed.

Coyle is not innovative and shows the poorest trademark a coach can show and that is adjusting his gameplan or tailoring it to his opponenet.

We played the same defense except for one or two snaps not matter who we played and when we played.

The one saving grace this guy has is he obviously works well with DBs which makes me feel good about Taylor and Davis' futures.


I dont see Beckham happening with us. Only 2 surefire day 1 starting wr's this draft. Watkins and Evans.

Marc, that is what you'll see.

102 solo tackles in a 12 game season

144 overall

23.5 tackles for loss

7 sacks

Combine that with an elite set of athletic measureables

and yet some people still think picking the 188th best o lineman is the better option for this team.


Benjamin is my #1 guy I think will bust. Not a fan at all of his game. My least favorite round 1 probably guy. He is Mike Williams USC clone if I ever saw one. He's so slow footed and his ability to get in and out of breaks with NFL caliber CBs draped on him doesn't look favorable to me. His route tree is so limited to me. Red zone threat? Sure. His hands are so so as well. I see him being a 40-50 catch guy at best.

Last year my most hated was D. Jordan and we drafted him and in 07 it was Ginn and we drafted him lol. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me this time around.

NeMo, take that mock and send it to Hickey. Might swap Bitonio for James and Pierre Louis for herron but yeah, I sign off.

Instead of reaching for the forth or fifth best tackle take the number one guard prospect how difficult is this rational cooper and warmack went in first last year what's wrong with getting a ten year starter with your first rounder


We are going to have to agree to disagree. Philbin makes the calls. Sure Coyle gives his 2 cents but when it comes to who plays and who plays what position thats all Philbin. He was adamant Jordan is a DE only.


I like it except I don't think JuWuan James will be there but if he is I like it. I do want to see a RB added some how who is capable of taking away carries.

Im not6 a fan of an olineman 1st rd either unless Martin falls to us. Lewan scares me as most likely to be a bust 1st rd olineman.

I'll shoot the tv screen if we draft Lewan 1st rd.

Funny to hear Mel Kiper talk about Clowney. Calls him a once in 30 years type player. Has him pegged for FIFTEEN sacks this year. RIDICULOUS!

Not sure there is a more over-hyped person in the sports world than Mel Kiper. Crazy!


I like Benjamin just fine but not at 19. I would prefer if available in the 2nd but that also depends on what happens in the first and what is available. I like other WR's more.

Last year my favorite was Jordan. I think he's going to be a great player if the coaches ever get him to LB. He'll be good and double digit sacks at DE but feel they are missing the boat.

In last nights NFL analysts mock Anthony Barr was available at 19 and for a short period I had images of Miami taking Barr and switching to a 3/4. I'd rotate Vernon, Wake, Odrick, Mitchell and Starks for the front 3. Then at LB we'd have Misi and Ellerbe inside and Jordan and Barr outside. Well, looks good to me.

Parcells told you? What did he really do that benifited this team? He put a loser in as head coach and a bigger loser at GM. Then he took his money and abandoned ship before all the proper blame could be laid on his decisions. Stop sucking him off like he's God. He's done nothing since leaving NE accept cripple the Dolphins and Jets franchises during his tenure.

Is it really so hard to actually look at his #'s and speak the truth? Controversy is how you earn your paycheck.

So if Mosely is gone on the 19th Shazier will be ours?!!

Bortles is the real deal. Johnny football is Flutie Flakes

He will be gone by 19. Mark my words

Bortles at #1 overall pick. hehehe

Terrible choice. He CANNOT shed a block against NFL-quality OL. Evidence? Put on the Iowa tape. Brandon Scherff practically rag dolled him in the run game. Anyone who watched the NFLN mock draft last night, that's who Charles Davis was eluding to.

I really don't know much about LB Shazier, he is one of the players that just went under my radar

No way!!!

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