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Open OTA workout today so tune in

The 2014 Dolphins squad, at least a vast majority of them, should be at training camp today for an Organizational Training Activity.

If you want play-by-play of the two hours of practice between 10 and noon you should follow me on twitter -- @ArmandoSalguero.

Otherwise come back here this afternoon for the quickie posts on what happened.

Things to look for today?

1. Brandon Gibson's progress from his knee injury (torn PCL) last year. Is he working? To what degree?

2. The offense. What are they running? How much is the classic Air Coryell descendent that you're likely to see as something of a departure from the West Coast offense offensive coordinator Bill Lazor has planned? How much read option will we see (the Dolphins will run some of it)?

3. Starters. Is Ja'Wuan James already inserted into the right tackle spot? How are the guards looking? How are the cornerbacks setting up?


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I cannot believe this crap with AARP. The only hungry seniors in America are the ones who gamble away their money with scratch-offs and casinos.

AARP only wants the attention so they can promote their agenda.

Now I am truly upset with this staff for getting involved with this political grab.


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You can get free episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix. The gals aren't really in high school and we won't tell anybody you were watching it.

Finally a Reel QB, the Jugs machine!

Wallace said

Wallace said hard for me to practice catching the deep ball when Tanny overthrows, underthrows, throws out of bounds to hot dog vendors


Tannehill is awful!

As usual nothing from Omar. Wallace catching from a Jugs Machine. That's only hand and eye coordination. What about the running, as well as a defender or two in your face. Hey Wallace. Off season is over. Time to earn a living.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly
Philbin acknowledged that Mike Wallace feels and looks a lot more comfortable in Miami in year two. Both Philbin & Wallace hint at an issue with Tannehill.

James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL ·7 mins
Good sign: #Dolphins WR Mike Wallace is the last player to leave the practice field.Hitting the JUGS machine to get some accurate deep passes.

Time for tannehill to do the honorable thing an resign

Go back to school

This was another REEL embarrassing day for the fake Qb Tannehill

It's also possible that Tannehill is trying to learn Lazor's offense and is going to take a couple weeks until he has it down pat.

Doesn't explain him missing Wallace but we knew going into this season Tannehill couldn't throw a deep ball to save his life.

Lets see how the new offense looks rather than Tannehill specifically - at least until we get to August. There are a bunch of variables going into the first practice of a new season with a new OC.

Hahaa, come on rdubs, we are all a bit more than curious.

I for one used to chase the ones a little on the chubby side from time to time just becuase I seemed to enjoy it a bit more.

But man, I couldn't tell anyone about it...

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