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Quickie OTA practice reaction

Dion Jordan, the Dolphins first round draft pick, looked as if he took an air pump and plugged it into his arms and shoulders this offseason. That's how big he looks.

Jordan said he's "a little over 265" pounds now.

"I was definitely too light to go out there against some of those offensive tackles," Jordan conceded.

"This year I had the opportunity to have an offseason where I can take care of my body. I'm trying to move forward and continue to try to better myself in a few areas."

Jordan, who struggled with the rehabilitation folllowing shoulder surgery last year, said he mostly did strength work this offseason. "I'm 100 percent," he said.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin admitted the team considered using Jordan as an OLB this year but decided against it. To hear the coach explain it, coaches don't want Jordan thinking about covering zone or man when he should be chasing the quarterback.

So he's a defensive end.

Interestingly, former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor returned to the practice field today to work with the defensive line. Coach Joe Philbin said Taylor is working strictly on a volunteer basis for a while.

There were several players who are injured and did not work today: KR-PR Marcus Thigpen has a back issue and was not present. Defensive tackle Jared Odrick, rookie fifth-round pick Arthur Lynch and undrafted rookie Tariq Edwards did not work. It's unclear what issues they have.

Wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who tore a patellar last year, was on the field but limited in drills. He did not take part in team drills.

The starting offensive line?

RT Ja'Wuan James, RG, Shelley Smith, C Mike Pouncey, LG Dallas Thomas, and LT Branden Albert.

You should understand this is just a snapshot rather than Miami's Day One starting line. Rookie Billy Turner also got a couple of first-team snaps at left guard.

The starting defense?

Today we saw the Koa Misi middle linebacker experiment for the first time. Philbin said this is a permanent solution to Miami's linebacker problems for today. In other words, this is the way the team is going to roll for now but it isn't necessarily permanent.

We also saw Cortland Finnegan as the starting corner on the other side of Brent Grimes. And Louis Delmas worked at one starting safety along with Reshad Jones at the other starting safety.

Finnegan, by the way, had an interception in the team period against Ryan Tannehill.

DE Cameron Wake, DT Earl Mitchell, DT Randy Starks, DE Olivier Vernon. was the defensive line.

The linebackers were Misi in the middle, with Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe outside.

The secondary is CB Brent Grimes, CB Finnegan, and Jones and Delmas at safety.



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Tanny needs to start hitting Wallace deep.

It's all on Tannehill in a make or break season...let's hope it not a BREAK.

d as always will
be there to
pull tpuke out of the toilet

well sucks to hear Moore was better then THill however it is day one.

Day 1....

All lined up the way we expected except for Dallas Thomas. Could be very good news if Thomas plays well there. Then Turner could be some very solid depth.

week 16 19-0
week 17 20-7

Remember last year in the last Bills game when Tanny briefly got hurt and in came Moore. First pass was a 30 yard strike down field....longer than any pass Tanny attempted all day.
Moore seems to have the touch on the long passes that Tanny lacks.

yes, "hitting Wallace deep" more consistently would help....but for those who continue to harp on that as if its some magic solution, the deep ball is a low percentage pass by definition.....TH needs to improve there, no argument, but its far from "the answer" for the offense--I'm optimistic Lazor will be more creative and effective

Remember after that Moore Wallace TD Moore threw a INT his next play?

fair NH.....except Moore also doesnt have all of the other skills and upside that Tanny HAS.....we've all seen Moore play well for a quarter or two, or a little more....even a game or two....until his weaknesses are eventually exposed--the too-much improvising, the scramble and chuck it downfield for an INT, the decent but not great arm, trying to do too much, etc--I like him, but he's a good backup

Misi at MLB, Wheeler and Ellerbe outside

Lord save them

Three months for Wallace and Tannehill to find the chemistry is very possible with Lazor running the show.

So i guess being 1 for 2 30 yds and an interception is good because he threw down field?

agreed...I'd never advocate Moore starting over Tannehill, but he brings a certain energy to the huddle that Tanny lacks.

Vamos Doplhins!! I am so happy with Dion Jordan getting in great shape! That was one of the few great moves by Ireland.

So if Jordan is better this year, what do they do with Vernon? One of them will have to sit and we are back to the part time player scenario all over again.

agree NH.....Moore has swagger, no doubt, and I love that and I think its the main reason he's successful--one of those guys that thinks he's better than he is (thats a compliment) and plays that way, with confidence--problem is that eventually he runs up against his limitations and tries to make plays/throws that he can't, and it gets him in trouble--love the guys confidence, demeanor/leadership, I'm sure that rubs off on his teammates.....all good....unfortunately he hits a wall because of his good but not great talent--no shame in that

Billy Turner should have no trouble beating out Dallas Thomas. I'm 44 years old, 5'9" and 185lbs and I can block better than DT.

I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up 3 linebackers in next years draft 1, 2, & 3

Mass...what's wrong with rotating Jordan in for Wake/Vernon? It guarantees we have fresh legs to rush the QB on almost every down.
...now if the opposing QB's is running the hurry up offense then who ever is out there is in for the duration. But I have not problems with a part-time rotation on DE.

Hahaa, come on rdubs, we are all a bit more than curious.

I for one used to chase the ones a little on the chubby side from time to time just becuase I seemed to enjoy it a bit more.

But man, I couldn't tell anyone about it...

Mass....they rotate DJ, Vernon and Wake this year, until they let go of Wake (or scale back his time to keep him fresh) next year--think bigger picture....Wake is not young and has 1-2 top tier years left, and DJ and OV are still young--they're the future, so just let it play out

There you heard it from Philbin himself. Thinks of Jordan as a De and just a pass rushing De. Blame Jordan all you want for not playing but Philbinwouldn't know what to do with a stripper and a $20 bill. Get this phenomally talented disruptor and eliminate half of what makes him so good.

What a clueless bastid.

NH, Iwas there in that Bills game and also remember Moore's 2nd and 3rd passes were interceptions.

Deep passing does not make the QB.

Little disappointed with Tannehill today. Yeah, I know it's day 1 and all that. But it would have been nice to hear some better stuff.

Clock's ticking Tannehill, get it right!

Philbin regrets only spending 8 hours on the proper shoe lace tie technique.

You must have consumed a lot of beer at that game to drown your sorrows.

MarK, did you watch Jordan in coverage in college? It wasn't very impressive. Just because he's athletic doesn't mean he's SMART enough to be an OLB

Bill Lazor giving presser now...very impressive. I can see him replacing Philbin next year if Philbin fails.
Guy is clear, concise and well spoken. Reminds me of a young Shula.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 27, 2014 at 01:39 PM

Another example of Philbin's stubborn, my way or the highway coaching.

Home was right

Nothin wrong w drafting Manziel @ #19

Everything was right about

and the Dolphins are running out of excuses for Tannehill by blaming everyone else on the team AND the coaches

If Manziel hits
He's a Franchise Fan Fav QB worth 100 Million dollars

If the fat guy Ju'Wuanda James is a lil good
no one will even notice or care

just another fat guy

Tannehill had no scaks let up in game 32 and stil sucked
just like today w no pressure

It's the QB stupid!

Home 4 GM = $ + Playoffs

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 27, 2014 at 01:39 PM

Couldn't have said it better myself Mark. I mean, I get you like his pass-rushing skills. But he's probably your BEST non-DB cover defender. And you don't want to utilize that (but took him 3rd nonetheless)? I don't get it.

Posted by: cocoajoe | May 27, 2014 at 01:44 PM

In order to keep my sanity until PreSeason, I've decided to take the other angle, that the defense was just so overpowering, NO QB would have looked good against them.

P.S. Just let me enjoy my little fantasy until I get slapped awake.

I JUST DON'T GET IT...the number of prospects to make it to the pro level is so minoote, it is truly a blessing, only a handful of players get to see their dream materialize when compared to the thousands that get passed up, and then you have POUNCEY. every season there is always at least one loose mouthed player that JUST DON"T GET IT...and of all the players on this club, POUNCEY should be that one player who keeps the furthest distance between him and a microphone. in my opinion POUNCEY'S statement of denial is the last thing fans want to hear, fans want security NOT doubt, with all the retooling on the offensive line it really seems as though the fins have finally fixed a unit that has been broken for years, i truly believe TANNEHILL could be the QB with the best protection for 2014....but only if POUNCEY learns to keep his thoughts to himself. as a dolphan of many years i only want the best for my team, no one wants to see the projected anchor of the offense fall out of favor, talk about bad timing, just when the anticipation of what should be a great season for these miamidolphins is on the rise you have a mike pouncey to cast some doubt into the fray.

Matt Moore scored a TD 1st attempt

80 YD TD Pass today by Matt Moore

3 Ints today for Tannehill

Tannehill flat out sucked again like game 31 and game 32 to fold for last season


marc, I can bore you to death with how great his cone and shuttle drills are and how they speak to his agility... however, I will give you this instead...

The highest grade he got in his game last yer was on his pass coverage plays according to PFF.

And he looked plenty fluid covering Gronkowski down the field last year and him tracking Cam Newton in the open field was som crazy shite to watch. The guy is in his element in open space.

Not saying it should be plan A1 to make him an OLB. But when your deepest unit is DE and one of your poorer units is LB and this guy has a lot of experience and success doing it ....

Well geez, doesn;t take a an advanced Calculus Major like Rocket Scientist Manziel to figure it out...

no here should be surprised if Lazor replaces Philbin next year--there were grumblings that Lazor should've taken over as HC THIS year--point is, Lazor seems to have the ability and respect from his peers

enough stressing of Jordan's role, where he plays, etc....kid is talented and he'll get more involved once he makes some plays....he just needs to be disrpuptive and pressure/sack the QB, consistently--that would be enough

Mike Wallace is still open

When you guys read these articles, please consider the source......whether its Mando or Kelly, these guys know absolutely nothing about this sport.......it's Day 1 and I think we can stop the over-analyzing

Posted by: benz | May 27, 2014 at 02:05 PM

Actually, I'd be VERY surprised. If Philbin gets canned this year, it will be because it was another disappointing year. Why would the owner then make the OC (who would've contributed to the disappointment) the HC, when he didn't even has NFL OC experience? That would be the height of stupidity.

I don't see a scenario where one side or the other (o or d) dominates, while the other side is so horrible they tank the Season for the team. Most likely scenario is both sides are mediocre which leads to a mediocre record and a total upheaval. Lazor doesn't survive in that scenario (nor should he).

Good point Silverback. You deserve a banana!

I hear you DC. How about this one: D always looks better earlier.

That's all that Cuban food that Kiko Alonso taught DJ to eat.

if the Fins are mediocre again this year, Philbin gets fired but I again doubt we'll have the best/top tier guys as options to hire as HC....will be the second tier again, as it was when Philbin was hired....no one would blame Lazor this year for anything, even another mediocre year when it was year 3 for the HC and DC--plus, Lazor basically comes with Chip Kelly's blessing, as Kelly immediately tapped Lazor as his QB coach when he was hired by the Eagles--thats a pretty significant vote of confidence from a coach that many feel is one of the top coaching minds out there....and certainly one of the most creative--I'm not saying Lazor WILL replace Philbin, I'm just saying I wouldnt be surprised....and having that thumbs up from Chip Kelly definitely doesnt hurt

budtki....just keep it simple....3 words.....Pouncey can play



Plenty of stories from Russian roadways are the kind you have to see to believe. Dashboard camera footage and the Internet often make that possible. But on this one, you're just going to have to trust RIA Novosti.

The news agency, which operates under the purview of the government, reports that a crocodile was hospitalized last Tuesday following an accident involving a 260-pound woman.

The seven-foot reptile, named Fyodor, was traveling in a circus bus when the vehicle took a sharp turn and sent HOME, who was not wearing a seatbelt, tumbling into his pit, according to the AFP.

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It appears that the crocodile is okay now. Unfortunately, it appears that HOME who was involved had insult added to injury.

The Herald never gives a real practice report. I just read the real practice report over on Sun Sentinel. Tann-excusers guess what? Tannehill was still:


just like last year, in his first OTA practice today. Oh buoy.....;......

benz, you don't think he was disruptive and diverse in his skill set when he played last year?

The Philbin/Coyle connection is the bloody dense...


Criticizing the players/coaches/front office/fans


This is a great team.

Pouncey is the Incognito of African Americans

Posted by: FckFace | May 27, 2014 at 02:28 PM

Pouncey doesn't score touchdowns, therefore he should be least of our worries, as far as field of play issues.

The most pressing issue at present, Tannehill looking like the same "consistently inconsistent" qb he ended 2013 being. If Tannehill hasn't improved it will be a very, very long season. :)

Just one day of practice Sam. Don't jump off the cliff just yet.

Randy Starks completely took Billy Turner's lunch money today, it was reported. :)

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 27, 2014 at 02:44 PM

To the contrary, sir. Read the entire practice report on Sun Sentinel. Play by play, Tannhll looked carbon copy of last season.

Throwing behind wr, inaccuracy issues, and not connecting on deeps ball. Mild success like last season, but overall consistently inconsistent just like last year.

Tannehill needed to come to first day of OTA's "on fire"! Actually, it was reported Tom Devlin looked best of all qb's today. However, he didn't take any first team snaps, so very much can not b made of thi.

Mat Moore did complete a 80yd pass to Binns over Jamar Taylor. :)

Tannehill had one int today, but it was reported db's dropped at least 3 ints. Basically Tannehill threw 4 PICKS today. 3 of them were drops.

Ok jump off the cliff Sam. I'm going to away from the edge until we play some games though.

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