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Quickie OTA practice reaction

Dion Jordan, the Dolphins first round draft pick, looked as if he took an air pump and plugged it into his arms and shoulders this offseason. That's how big he looks.

Jordan said he's "a little over 265" pounds now.

"I was definitely too light to go out there against some of those offensive tackles," Jordan conceded.

"This year I had the opportunity to have an offseason where I can take care of my body. I'm trying to move forward and continue to try to better myself in a few areas."

Jordan, who struggled with the rehabilitation folllowing shoulder surgery last year, said he mostly did strength work this offseason. "I'm 100 percent," he said.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin admitted the team considered using Jordan as an OLB this year but decided against it. To hear the coach explain it, coaches don't want Jordan thinking about covering zone or man when he should be chasing the quarterback.

So he's a defensive end.

Interestingly, former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor returned to the practice field today to work with the defensive line. Coach Joe Philbin said Taylor is working strictly on a volunteer basis for a while.

There were several players who are injured and did not work today: KR-PR Marcus Thigpen has a back issue and was not present. Defensive tackle Jared Odrick, rookie fifth-round pick Arthur Lynch and undrafted rookie Tariq Edwards did not work. It's unclear what issues they have.

Wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who tore a patellar last year, was on the field but limited in drills. He did not take part in team drills.

The starting offensive line?

RT Ja'Wuan James, RG, Shelley Smith, C Mike Pouncey, LG Dallas Thomas, and LT Branden Albert.

You should understand this is just a snapshot rather than Miami's Day One starting line. Rookie Billy Turner also got a couple of first-team snaps at left guard.

The starting defense?

Today we saw the Koa Misi middle linebacker experiment for the first time. Philbin said this is a permanent solution to Miami's linebacker problems for today. In other words, this is the way the team is going to roll for now but it isn't necessarily permanent.

We also saw Cortland Finnegan as the starting corner on the other side of Brent Grimes. And Louis Delmas worked at one starting safety along with Reshad Jones at the other starting safety.

Finnegan, by the way, had an interception in the team period against Ryan Tannehill.

DE Cameron Wake, DT Earl Mitchell, DT Randy Starks, DE Olivier Vernon. was the defensive line.

The linebackers were Misi in the middle, with Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe outside.

The secondary is CB Brent Grimes, CB Finnegan, and Jones and Delmas at safety.



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Hallo, Ik ben in Nederland waar er veel aanhangers van de Miami Dolphins! Het is mijn droom om Florida te komen en zie de dolfijnen spelen een voetbalwedstrijd in eigen persoon! Mijn favoriete speler is Cameron Wake en ook Mike Wallace. Ik zou graag hun enorme penissen zien en ruiken ze ook!

Dank je wel!

Our defense will be the most physical unit we have had in a long time

zonk u live in a cave? nobody has won a playoff game yet, season hasnt started

Count Down Til Kick off #@95Teamjordan

"He(Devlin) is my kind of QB", Joe Philbin on his first year here.


Why change from Home to Sam I Am? We all know you are here all day. No need to go back and forth.

An Afrikaner here, no less. You have lost your Country, you poor coot.

So if Jordan is better this year, what do they do with Vernon? One of them will have to sit and we are back to the part time player scenario all over again.

Posted by: MassDolphan | May 27, 2014 at 01:30 PM

The way they played "The Big 3(Wake, Vernon and Jordan)" last year downright SUCKED!

Although, trying to figure out what to do with 3 great pass rushers **IS** a good problem to have.

All I can say is, I hope......**HOPE like HEII** Coyle does a better job of maximizing their talents and playing time.

Personally, I suspect Coyle has Jason Taylor there just for this specific reason. It would be pretty Fvcking awesome seeing Wake and Vernon on the Ends, with Jordan roaming around in JT's old "Cobra Position".

I have no way of knowing any of this. But if I were Philbin, that's EXACTLY what I would have JT doing. JT and Wake, along with The Coaches, schooling our youngsters(Vernon, Jordan and Shelby).

well oscar looks like philbin loves third string qbs then

I don't know, dusty. Ask Philbin.

no thanks oscar, talk to that idiot at all and ur iq starts to drop quickly

Oscar, please stop trying to sound educated. It's painful.

I speak a little Dutch and the poster stated he is from the Netherlands, not South Africa you halfwit.

Devlin actually looked pretty sharp today.
Matt Moore had a few deep balls.
Vernon looked good.
Tannehill showed off his arm strength.


Per Mike Wallace, "I am far more comfortable than last year. And in command"

every player says that every year during otas.

Cortland Finnegan = INT machine which makes up for Patterson.

Tanne-coaster = 8-8

It's the qb, stupids. Eh? :)

Who's the last player to say it in his 2nd year?


You're 1940s jargon just cuts me up...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 27, 2014 at 03:24 PM

MIT, I was using the word "jargon" in the late 60's, and it was used in several Max Schulman and Damon Runyan novels. great word, but definitely a 30's /450's word.
Just messin' with ya!

BTW, who won that fight between Tom Devlin and the rapper?

fins just turn on interviews, basically every player. u hear the most "im in the best shape of my life"

Billy Turner should have no trouble beating out Dallas Thomas. I'm 44 years old, 5'9" and 185lbs and I can block better than DT.

Posted by: T. Martin | May 27, 2014 at 01:34 PM

AMEN! No dobt, My Brother-LOL!

Daytona Sa........ah........I mean, "Home-O" has Turner labeled as a BUST depite it being the very FIRST OTA of the season. The FIRST NFL OTA's for Turner and his FIRST time being an NFL **Left Guard**. He played Left Tackle EXCLUSIVELY at the collegiate level!

Starks is/was a Pro Bowl-NFL DE/DT. I would HOPE he schools a 3rd round rookie on his first day of Mini-Camp! Christ Almighty Daytona Sa....er.....I mean, "Home-O", Turner will improve, get better, adapt to the NFL, etc, etc. But if your starting Pro Bowl DT doesn't school the later round draft picks, then something is terribly wrong.

PS: You never post as HOME-O and your other aliases at the same time anymore. I know it keeps you from busting yourself by forgetting to change your sign in names back and forth. But it also makes it pretty obvious, Home-O is here-Daytona isn't. Home-O disappears-Daytona shows up, etc, etc......

Oh well....I guess it's the lesser of two evils....Eh?

Guys, I know we're all desperate for football but you gained about as much "insight" into the state of the team from today's practice in shorts as you would looking out your window and guessing what the weather is like in Helsinki right now.

Please calm down.

And we get it, Salguero.You finally made 1 analogy which was halfway decent. No need to regurgitate it ad nauseum. Only problem is you took an analogy that people use towards you and tried to pass it thru as your own. "looked as if he took an air pump and plugged it into his Stomach and Neck this offseason." Ever heard that one before? Fatboy.

I will apologize in advance for my comment. Since I know certain people are sensitive to what Dashi says.

You're 1940s jargon just cuts me up...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 27, 2014 at 03:24 PM

MIT, I was using the word "jargon" in the late 60's,

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 27, 2014 at 04:24 PM


Idiot In Toronto, what a moron. Same thin he calls a poser out for and shows his vocabulary even more:


Geez, what a bloomingfeld idiot he is. :)

Odin, I would have said the big 3 last year (Wake, Starks, and Soliai) did not live up to expectations. I wouldn't say Vernon or Jordan are part of a "big 3" yet; Vernon has to duplicate last year and Jordan has to show his worth.

Not to mention, when Shelby is your worst DL player you're doing something right.

I wish a group of powerful lesbian businesswomen would buy the Dolphins and restore our franchise to glory.

Well, I think he is a queeer nonetheless, Basic Geography. You know, some fahgs like othet fhags, of their opposite sex. I have them in my office. I try to get rid of them ASAP. Nothing I can do for them.

Idiot In Toronto,

Is jargon anything like jogging? I hear Canadies go "jargon" on bright sunny days after the winter has surpassed.

Would anyone here like to go jargon with Idiot In Toronto? :)

Idiot In Toronto

Isnt ice fishing more your sport? :)

sam are u as dumb as u act on here? serious question, curious

RT still missing Wallace, should have had THREE interceptions today (two were dropped)....held ball too long was nearly sacked.....long season ahead

did biLLy turner go crying to hi mAmA 4 some mo lunch money?

Looks like we have options/flexibility this year!

who cares about ota's?

sam are u as dumb as u act on here? serious question, curious

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 27, 2014 at 04:35 PM



Being called dumb here is a serious compliment. Especially when it comes from guys like you who are afraid to call the "real idiots" here out.

Happens right in front of your faces everyday but you seem so unawares. There are 3 major cliques in operation on this blog:

1. The Idiots
2. The Simple Idiots
3. The Chicken Sh!ts

Now get I where you fit in. :)

i see andre johnson refusing to show up to texans

"get in"

"seriouly" there u go again. come on dude is it just an act, just come clean

Actually there are 4 Major cliques here:

1. The Idiots
2. The Simple Idiots
3. The Chicken Sh!ts
4. The Realists

Get in where you fit in peeps! :)

we still need a better qb

OMG, someone calling himself "dusty bottoms" requesting another poster "come clean".

Boy is he dumb. A dusty bottom is a dirty bottom. :)

I find it unusual that even the old regulars AND trolls are being impersonated, and in bad form

MarcinNJ, is DEF not MarcinNJ of past
dusty bottoms used to be funny
I have doubts about odin

Can't forget the homers Sam...as a lot of people in one of those 3 categories would exclaim each time they hear a positive opinion

Posted by: MiamiD20 | May 27, 2014 at 04:55 PM

I didnt MD20/20. List two categories of them:

1. Idiots
2. Simple Idiots.

at about covers it my man. :)


I was wrong about Spo. He is proving to be a great coach with all the adjustments he makes.

dusty bottoms is a character from a classic movie u silly sool

How many mountains can the pretend fans make out of these anthills?

So glad JT came in today as a volunteer. PhinsUp

and sam u never answered the question

This is a REALLY Bad Team.

dusty bottoms is a character from a classic movie u silly sool

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 27, 2014 at 04:59 PM

Doesn't make the name itself anyless clean you silly "sool".

BTW, wth does "sool" mean, is it even a word? :)

and sam u never answered the question

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 27, 2014 at 05:00 PM

It would really make me a "SOOL" if I "came clean" to someone's "dirty bottom", now wouldn't it?

End of story! :)

what movie?

SAM I AM, "dirty bottoms, SAM I AM! :)

sam u cant answer, im still on the fence. i think much of it is an act, but u still have to be somewhat dumb to act like u do

chevy chase 3 amigos

We will build an amusement ride n honor of Ran Tannehill. We shall name it:

"The Tanne-coaster 8-8."

sam u cant answer, im still on the fence. i think much of it is an act, but u still have to be somewhat dumb to act like u do

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 27, 2014 at 05:07 PM

I'm sure that somewhere in Mizzou, there are those who fell your mother would have fared better sparring the afterbirth and throwing you away.

We're all entitled to our opinions, Eh? :)

3 amigos was classic?


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