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Quickie OTA practice reaction

Dion Jordan, the Dolphins first round draft pick, looked as if he took an air pump and plugged it into his arms and shoulders this offseason. That's how big he looks.

Jordan said he's "a little over 265" pounds now.

"I was definitely too light to go out there against some of those offensive tackles," Jordan conceded.

"This year I had the opportunity to have an offseason where I can take care of my body. I'm trying to move forward and continue to try to better myself in a few areas."

Jordan, who struggled with the rehabilitation folllowing shoulder surgery last year, said he mostly did strength work this offseason. "I'm 100 percent," he said.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin admitted the team considered using Jordan as an OLB this year but decided against it. To hear the coach explain it, coaches don't want Jordan thinking about covering zone or man when he should be chasing the quarterback.

So he's a defensive end.

Interestingly, former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor returned to the practice field today to work with the defensive line. Coach Joe Philbin said Taylor is working strictly on a volunteer basis for a while.

There were several players who are injured and did not work today: KR-PR Marcus Thigpen has a back issue and was not present. Defensive tackle Jared Odrick, rookie fifth-round pick Arthur Lynch and undrafted rookie Tariq Edwards did not work. It's unclear what issues they have.

Wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who tore a patellar last year, was on the field but limited in drills. He did not take part in team drills.

The starting offensive line?

RT Ja'Wuan James, RG, Shelley Smith, C Mike Pouncey, LG Dallas Thomas, and LT Branden Albert.

You should understand this is just a snapshot rather than Miami's Day One starting line. Rookie Billy Turner also got a couple of first-team snaps at left guard.

The starting defense?

Today we saw the Koa Misi middle linebacker experiment for the first time. Philbin said this is a permanent solution to Miami's linebacker problems for today. In other words, this is the way the team is going to roll for now but it isn't necessarily permanent.

We also saw Cortland Finnegan as the starting corner on the other side of Brent Grimes. And Louis Delmas worked at one starting safety along with Reshad Jones at the other starting safety.

Finnegan, by the way, had an interception in the team period against Ryan Tannehill.

DE Cameron Wake, DT Earl Mitchell, DT Randy Starks, DE Olivier Vernon. was the defensive line.

The linebackers were Misi in the middle, with Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe outside.

The secondary is CB Brent Grimes, CB Finnegan, and Jones and Delmas at safety.



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You idiots comparing a career back up (Moore) To our Starter, and future ( Tannehill) ?? Are you guys that stupid?? He's the QB.. Go root for another team if you're unhappy.. WE have some Jet fans , pretending to be Dolphin fans on this thread! No QB in the NFL would have done better then Ryan last year, with that god awful off line. Crap run game, so defenses always played the QB every snap! A banged up WR core and Wallace who just runs straight and don't ever come back when his QB is being chased. Wallace isn't a true #1 Wr and News flash idiots.. Most QB's don't always throw the deep ball too well.. Moore hitting Binns with Taylor, a back up at best cb. in a soft drill? You idiots got a woody over that?? LOL!!! What a stupid fan base we have! Counting drops, and Ints at PRACTICE now? What a tool..

"fell" there u go again u silly sob. didnt think u would answer the question, u like to keep us guessing. hey least ur free entertainment

lol oh yeah 3 amigos great man, how can u not like the singing bush

Ryan Tannehill, worst starting QB in football?

Plenty of QBs would have done better, and would have gotten rid of the ball, rolled out, tucked and ran. Lazor is already upset that he holds the ball too long. I see a Henne era buzzer coming any day

Get Mike Wallace a better QB.

TannePuke ranked 37th in yards per pass attempt. And there's only 32 teams!!!!!!

Well, Wallace was spectacular with Big Ben. Hmmmmm

Three Amigos is a painfully unfunny movie, just like 90% of everything else Chevy Chase is in.

Even the good ones like Caddyshack are saved only by the rest of the cast overcoming the dreaded 'Chevy Effect.'

Jordan said he's "a little over 265" pounds now.

That was my favorite part of this blog post as he's at the weight he needs to be to be a successful DE. Hopefully Coyle can set him up to succeed.

I am glad Lazor will be dumping that wide-open, pass happy attack that Sherman was wedded to in favor of a far more run-oriented attack.

Most of the best teams in football last year were run focused. This stupid fan notion that it's a "passing league" is a proven fallacy."

The teams that run best and STOP the run best are the most consistent winners, just as always.

Dion Jordan = Another Irescum bust

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Mike Pouncey has less than a 2 watt bulb. We need another lineman there to set the OLine responsibilities during a play.

Oscar, a pesar de que estamos consiguiendo un divorcio Trato de recordar los buenos momentos que pasamos como marido y marido. El viaje a Disney World. Las noches románticas paseando por las calles infestadas de basura de Sweetwater. El olor a "Mistolin" limpiador de pisos en su cuarto de baño.

Voy a tratar de olvidar su higiene atroz y el olor corporal desagradable, así como la grasa y las nalgas arrugadas que me hizo vomitar sin control.

Hemos tenido algunos buenos momentos cariño.

Juh, Juh, somebody got pissed here.

Sorry you and Pepito split up, Oscar.

"IF" RT Ju'Wuan James ends up being any good, I would like to coin the nickname "Hotel JuWuanda".

'Cause it take a lot of effort to run around a Hotel.

Toughest part of the offseason...the drought before the Pre-Season.

Forced to live off tidbits of how a player prospect looked in a non contact drill vs air or no real competition. I dunno how much all this light practice BS from the CBA is helping??...Ask Sean Lee! It sure seemed like there were as many or more injuries last year than most any in last decade.


Blame Jordan all you want for not playing but Philbinwouldn't know what to do with a stripper and a $20 bill. Get this phenomally talented disruptor and eliminate half of what makes him so good.

What a clueless bastid.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 27, 2014 at 01:39 PM

I hate to agree with you on this............BUT......

Hopefully Jordan proves us wrong and Philbin right with 17 sacks and a few scores off some strips.

Speaking of which, I don't know how you work "Strippers" into so many of your posts.


"IF" RT Ju'Wuan James ends up being any good, I would like to coin the nickname "Hotel JuWuanda".

Posted by: Rob in OC


Not bad at all, but I doubt more than 5% of the mentally deficient imbeciles on this blog would get the reference at all.

Oscar and Pepito broke up?? Aw, sorry to hear that.

All you T-hill bashers, why even bother following the dolphons. You guys are talking like he's the only reason the dolphins collapsed last year. Go route for cleveland, so next offseason you can complain and moan about Mr "bust" Football.. All last year, even after games, and games of getting pounded.. T-Hill never got happy feet, or took off running for his life. The last 2 games... he was done to throwing to who? overrated one trick pony wallace, who has less football awareness then mike pouncy, and Rishard... the running game sucked, the OC blew, like he did all year.. and we have a head coach who thinks he's the Parcells.. no adaptability what so ever.. Keep ragging on T-Hill, so maybe they will cut him after the season, so NE will pick him up, and will be looking up miserable at NE for the next 10 years...

Just went back and reviewed Dallas Thomas's college scouting report...Walter's football had him rated as a solid 2nd round pick and instant starter at LG (they even mentioned him being an improvement over Icognito for our Dolphins) on a zone blocking team...his only weakness was that he needed to add some bulk and strength...now with Philbin saying he has been one of the top off season workout players it sounds like we may have our starting LG...I'm starting to like our OL...now if the coaches can identify the starters and keep the OL together all through camp it may be a strength as the season progresses.

Philbin plans 8+ hours of proper candy wrapper picking up techniques.

last year week 15.- tann 325-521-3,627 ysds.-23/14/ 6.4%- 86.6 rate. after o.l. bad year.

Tannehill will get 4000+ yards passing, 30+ TDS, and the team will get 10+ wins, and for some fans,it will not be enough . Also, the "my way or the highway"attitude, is exactly the way Shula coached. Philbin will be a candidate for COY, by years' end.

It does not really matter what RT does now.He should be ready to lead us once season starts and he learns new offense.

Posted by: jim kiick | May 27, 2014 at 06:16 PM

Thanks for the shout bro....at least you got it.


After watching t-hill throw long to Wallace last year seems most of those passes were just a bit short making a defensive play on the ball quite easy. I have to wonder if t- hill has the arm to put the ball in front of a speedy Wallace for a long reception. GO FINS
I refuse for the time being to get to up any more this time of year - we are conditioned to expect not much more than an 8-8 season.

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