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Shazier goes to the Steelers

Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, a darkhorse first round possibility to the Dolphins, is gone.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, picking No. 15 in the draft, have just selected the former Plantation High standout.

The Dolphins had Shazier in for a visit and his father is the Dolphins team chaplain. Miami was very interested in him as a weakside linebacker.



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LB? i thought we're going Oline.

What happened to the Jets trading up??

If it's Zach Martin, I think it's a bit fo a reach, but not a horrible reach like JuWuan James would've been.

Presently I have Zach Martin as 7th best on the board.

#1 is Jason Verrett

if Miami doesn't take Johnny Football they should just shoot themselves

Wow, we just lost Martin. Now we need to find a trade partner to trade down. No more OL worth taking at that pick. If they take a OL with that pick it will be an absolute reach. They can get the same OL in the second round. Please no OL. Take Mosley or trade down!

Hickey did say he wanted more picks.

He might get his wish.

Mosley or bust?

Please Johnny "wHO" Football.

Verrett or Brandin Cooks

Good, you can have him

Shazier gone, Mosley gone. All the OT's gone

New blog up, already

Could Ryan decide he wants a QB with a Namath personality?

The table is for the Dolphins to trade NOW!!!!!

Let's go Dolphins!

Johnny Football baby!!

No way its Johnny...be a dumb pick when you can get a better signal caller next year if Tanne doesn't take the next step this year. Johnny wouldn't come in and be handed the ball. Take a 1st rd pick just to sit? NAh.

Fastest wr in the draft going to the Jets. 12 picks in the draft. What did we do wrong.

Here we go!

OK….I want to see a trade down.

If no trade available….then it has to be Denard…His…Moses. I think it's Moses. I think at this point I'd take Hix.


That's a Rex pick with solid Safety play on the backend.

Big deal. 3 INTS's last year. The Jets will turn him into a bust.

Let's see if the Browns or 49ers decide to trade up.

DIX…bourbon kicking in.

C'mon…Hickey…get it right…PLEASE…give us some hope.

I have been saying all day the fans will revolt against Hickey regardless. Picking 19 is not easy. Noboby GREAT on the board in a NEED position. So, lets just wait for the pick and then see fans go nuts trying to castrate Hickey.

Will it be a reach or trade down?

Trade!!!!!!! this pick

Cooks, Dix, Denard…I'm happy with any of those.

Lets see what happens.

Moses or Kuan then we continue to pick OL until the 5 rd. there we take a lb from unknown state then true to form a wr in the 6th rd.

Could it be a true RT if they stay at #19?

They got their true RT.

What a joke. Next pick another OL

Good player but this is a reach in the first round

Tomorrow I'd like to see an extra 2nd round pick by trading a player.

Armando got his with. A true RT not an LT playing RT.

Who are we going to trade that will fetch a 2nd rd pick? No one has that value but Wallace.

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