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Signing rookie class not THAT difficult

Less than two weeks after the NFL draft and approximately 27 percent of the players selected have already signed with their new teams.

The Chicago Bears have signed all their draft picks. The Ravens have signed seven of their nine picks. The Patriots have signed seven of their nine picks.

Four first round picks have signed, including Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who was picked 20th overall or one slot behind Dolphins first-round pick Ja'Wuan James.

The Dolphins, according to NFLPA records, have not yet signed any of their draft picks.

They will. Eventually.

My guess is Dawn Aponte, Miami's chief contract guru, will get some signatures on deals by the end of this week before rookies begin a mandatory rookie minicamp on Friday. Aponte is known in agent circles as something of a tough negotiator (she really, really stuck to the offset language thing in her rookie deals years ago) and has been applauded in league circles for authoring the compromise to the offset language thing (done in the Ryan Tannehill deal) by making payments sooner.

Despite all this hero-villian characterization of Miami's lead contract negotiator, rookie deals are pretty straight forward. Everyone gets a four-year deal with the first round pick getting a fifth year team option.

Every pick after the third round will only earn compensation that is equal to the minimum salary for each year. That means base salaries of $420,000 for rookies, $510,000 for second-year players, $600,000 in Year Three, and $690,000 in the fourth year over the course of the contract.

Yes, later round picks will fight the idea of split salaries that guard teams paying a total bill for a player that lands on injured reserve. But this stuff isn't rocket science, folks.

Indeed, most draft pick deals can be estimated to within less than five percent of the actual deal.

Below you'll find the Dolphins' seven draft picks and what they are likely to sign for, according to overthecap.com's solid estimates. The actual contract will likely be (+-) two percent from the figures shown.

All that remains is for the Dolphins to actually get it done. Giddyup!

Round    Player                Overall pick    Contract estimate

1.          Ja'Wuan James     19                 4 years, $8.45M with $4.5M signing bonus.*

2.          Jarvis Landry        63                 4 years, $3.48M with $847K signing bonus.

3.          Billy Turner          67                 4 years, $3.1M with $700K signing bonus.

4.          Walt Aikens         125                4 years, $2.63M with $416K signing bonus.

5.          Arthur Lynch       155                4 years, $2.41M with $191K signing bonus.

5.          Jordan Tripp       171                4 years, $2.38M with $162K signing bonus.

6.          Matt Hazel          190                4 years, $2.35M with $105K signing bonus.

7.         Terrence Fede      234                4 years, $2.27M with $56K signing bonus.

* denotes fifth-year team option.


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cheap ross wants to
pocket the daily int.
of the unsigned

Landrys contract is OK, but he should ask for an incentive bonus.

Our only hope is that Brock Jensen will turn into the next Marino.. His long ball is already much better than THill

Not a big deal but I guess Mando has to write about something.

Miami is always the last team it seems to get this done. But with the new CBA there isn't much ot negotiate.

Maybe 2 watt is right, Ross is pocketing the extra intrest...

Nobody Ja'Wuan James 4 years, $8.45M

or John Manz Franchise QB & Fan Fav 4 years, 8.25M

Home 4 GM

Finally the blog is back..I have missed everyone's beetching!

Landry & Aikens are players Home expects to contribute and do well on this team

All the rest won't amount to a hill of beans

the fat reach guy at the meek position of RT might be adequate

Dolphins compete for last place w three very bad drafts in a row

Home 4 GM & Capologist

2 watt, you're an idiot if you think Ross is cheap . IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landry is a BEAST

Aiken is what the Blind Sheeple wanted in Sean Smith
Never got

Home believes in Landry & Aiken

Will cheer for them while in Miami Dolphins Kuechly jersey
Miami Dolphins Manziel jersey

(Home 4 GM - shakes his head and drops the mike)

have a HAARPy day !

Can't wait for training camp!!!

Home, keep an eye on Arthur Lynch, the TE from Georgia, and that Utah State kid Tyler Larsen from Utah State. You don't hear much about them but I think they have a chance to make the team and maybe contribute. Larsen was the only interior lineman who could handle Aaron Donald at the Senior Bowl. He will eventually replace that idiot Pouncey.

No roof
No Super Bowl

Sorry, didn't mean to repeat...Working and blogging, not a good mix...LOL!!

The Dolphins always take forever to sign their rookie class...WTF is up with that?

trow ross
a few pennies
he's to cheap to
put a roof on the joe


Play here for 4 years.

Minnesota just signed Bridgewater...

the time ross
is awarded another sb
the new roof will be
torn to chit and as useless as
a tpuke long ball

Just posturing to justify her (Dawn's) job.


Contracts. A HC who wasn't allowed to call plays when he was the the OC in GB and a QB that was only allowed to play WR in college.


Any day now we'll be undefeated again.

Mark in Toronto. from ESPN, this is for you:

Packers sign Colt Lyerla after tryout.

Lyerla, along with the 27 other tryout players at the Packers' rookie camp, was not available to reporters over the weekend. At the combine in February, where he blew away NFL personnel with a workout that included a 4.61 40-yard dash and the highest vertical jump (39 inches) by four inches among the tight ends, he said all he was hoping for was a chance at the NFL following the premature end to his college career last fall when he and the Oregon football program parted ways.

q card

Is Brock Jensen the starting QB yet?

agent saw tape of
the tpuke career crippling
paxxes to keller/Gibson
and will demand quadruple

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

Sometimes I wonder if keeping the salary cap so well under check in the face of such a lack of roster quality and playoff competitiveness is really a good thing.

Maybe the whole talent evaluation part is just getting sacrificed to make cap management look better than it is (instead of adjusting cap management to talent evaluation needs).

I mean, everyone is perfectly capable of keeping well under the salary cap as long as you keep hiring mostly cheap players for a losing team. So it makes me wonder. What is the "heroic" thing about Aponte's performance so far???

We all know about her alliance with Philbin, her selfish professional ambitions and Hickey's primordial desire to avoid pissing anyone who can take it out of his chair; after all.

more to
cheap ross'

Travelle Wharton is still available in free agency. Pro Football rated him the 5th best guard last year...Maybe take a chance?

If that kid TE from the U, Erik Swoope replicates his performance so far in practice on Sundays, it would be just unforgivable that another Phins front office -yet again- misses evaluating talent right in their own backyard. SMH.


Harrison's house. His father was sitting on the sofa drinking Shmidts when I came in. I said, "hey Mr. Harrison". He replied, "You don't have to call me Mr. Harrison, you can call me Bob or FckFace".

I recalled this encounter last week and immediately changed my handle to

I think Omar has the better reason why Miami doesnt pay their rookies early

Young dumb and a short drive to south beach

Keeps the chillrin' from spending up all their money and getting in trouble

LOBSTERTUBE is free for them and you only have to worry about paper towel babies!

Montreal, don't think this team is signing anyone else period. Why sign 3 mid tier FAs to the line when you combine their salaries and you could've signed an upper echelon guy and just have one hole to address in the draft on the o line...

That would be another thing for me to biatch about...


PhucYu. I couldn't lose.
Last week I upgraded it to FckFace and ever since I can't win.

axe the snitch
in the pant suit
y didn't the phins sell
3800 new season tix on
the 1st nite o the draft
like the browns did

Home, keep an eye on Arthur Lynch, the TE from Georgia, and that Utah State kid Tyler Larsen from Utah State. You don't hear much about them but I think they have a chance to make the team and maybe contribute. Larsen was the only interior lineman who could handle Aaron Donald at the Senior Bowl. He will eventually replace that idiot Pouncey.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | May 20, 2014 at 12:21 PM

Dolphin Fan in Montreal,
Agree on Pouncey being an overrated idiot
Home 4 GM had a Center - Martin picked in the draft

However believe our awful draft pick of a 5th round Lynch is going to be a laughable practice squad player at this level

Dolphins should have drafted a TE or Two in FA
not addressing the TE need= dolphins Epic Fail

At 260 TE Amaro is going to play well for the JETS

Home will take a looksee at Larsen

Good point, rdubs...

Mark, LOL!! Don't worry, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Dolphins this year...

The center they let get away was last year in the 3rd round in Brian Schwenke. Already a starter for the Titans. instead we drafted Will Davis to play CB ... when we had already selected jamar Taylor in the previous round to play ... CB ... and then none of them played....


Team. 3 of them will start for us:


Mark, good point at 12:45...Thankfully Ireland is gone...About bloody time!

so why is this article/topic relevant again?

I really really liked Jace Amaro too but he never reached Miami in the 2nd so it's a moot point with him.

I thought at one point he would've been an outisde possibility in the first but his stock never got that high...

Rather spend a two on Amaro than the 10th overall pick on Ebron .. not sold.

When Tenn took Taylor Lewan in the first they didn't even need him he was BPA. I wonder what Hickey refused to give up to move into that spot?

By drafting Manziel and Kuchly for 4 yrs and under 19 Million combined for 4 yrs

Home could have stepped up and traded away two firsts for
that TE from New Orleans ;)

Sounds expensive
Butt w Franchise MLB Kuechly & Franchise QB Manz + TE Graham
w Wallace,Clay, Hartline & Landry

plus an o-line



Marist? Were we afraid that he would not be available as an UDFA?

James? He hasn't even played a down yet and he's not qualified to play for a winning team? Now that's pretty retarded...

Jonathan Martin > JuWan James


Was the Lobstertube the giveaway? Like the new name or should I stick o the original?

I know there are plenty of rating/ranking sources/sites, few if any really count for squat in the big picture....tons of mock drafts, all sort of pointless as well....but we all check them out at least, out of curiosity/boredom, and to get some sense of consensus--cbs sports rank the Fins players almost exactly where each was drafted.....slightly higher or lower in some cases, but not much--including the kid from marist....they actually rated aiken the 10th best CB

I actually like what Home said @12:50 tht would be a great team

Home, I think Lynch will surprise a lot of people in training camp. I think he's an underrated receiving TE. Hopefully I'm right and all of you are wrong. LOL!!

Only shows 6-7 million of salary cap is allocated to sign rookies.

Another blog please?

ETF, you know my thoughts on Lewan, he and Donald were as close to sure things in this draft in my opinion. Rare, rare athelticism for players in their positions. In lewan's case he was the mix of BPA and position of need for the phins. Considering the question marks we drafted in the 2nd and thrid rounds, would anybody be really upset if we traded either Landry and James or Turner and James for Lewan?

Tennessee showed Miami how to rebuild the o line. You don't reach for players ... you take them when they fall to you in a draft.

Warmack in the first last year, Schwenke in the third, Lewan 11th overall and Oher as a decent free agent signing. None of them reeked of desperation and all of them full value where they were drafted. The guys they already had were decent but near the end fo the line. That's how BPA works for you. Now they have a cheap, young, ultra talented, and upper echelon o line.

Reaching for need is for chumps.


rdubs, the Dub in phins was an indicator... LOBSTERTUBE made it obvious.

The choice is your my friend but you'll always be rdubs to me.

durability is extremely underrated, almost an after thought.....until its not

Mark, we'll see who wins more games this year...Miami or Tennessee...

I'd rather have the 2 good players (and you're assuming you know which one is the best, 2nd best, etc)--you dont.

2 good players....offsets the durability/injury risks--1 good player does not.

You all remember Jake Long, dont you?.....

Ross was too cheap to pay Jake Long fairly. Same with Soliai, B Marshall, Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, Carpenter etc, etc.

I don't know who will win more games between Tenn and Miami but Miami would've killed to have Tennessee's draft with Taylor Lewan and Bishop Sankey.

In my opinion, best OT and best RB...

Throw in a decent ILB prospect in Avery Williamson and a true developmental Qb who played in a real school in Zach Mettenberger....

And that doesn't even factor in DaQuan Jones who will play in the NFL at DT

Yeah, I think we would flip theirs for ours in a second.

And they didn't even have a third round pick.

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