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Signing rookie class not THAT difficult

Less than two weeks after the NFL draft and approximately 27 percent of the players selected have already signed with their new teams.

The Chicago Bears have signed all their draft picks. The Ravens have signed seven of their nine picks. The Patriots have signed seven of their nine picks.

Four first round picks have signed, including Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who was picked 20th overall or one slot behind Dolphins first-round pick Ja'Wuan James.

The Dolphins, according to NFLPA records, have not yet signed any of their draft picks.

They will. Eventually.

My guess is Dawn Aponte, Miami's chief contract guru, will get some signatures on deals by the end of this week before rookies begin a mandatory rookie minicamp on Friday. Aponte is known in agent circles as something of a tough negotiator (she really, really stuck to the offset language thing in her rookie deals years ago) and has been applauded in league circles for authoring the compromise to the offset language thing (done in the Ryan Tannehill deal) by making payments sooner.

Despite all this hero-villian characterization of Miami's lead contract negotiator, rookie deals are pretty straight forward. Everyone gets a four-year deal with the first round pick getting a fifth year team option.

Every pick after the third round will only earn compensation that is equal to the minimum salary for each year. That means base salaries of $420,000 for rookies, $510,000 for second-year players, $600,000 in Year Three, and $690,000 in the fourth year over the course of the contract.

Yes, later round picks will fight the idea of split salaries that guard teams paying a total bill for a player that lands on injured reserve. But this stuff isn't rocket science, folks.

Indeed, most draft pick deals can be estimated to within less than five percent of the actual deal.

Below you'll find the Dolphins' seven draft picks and what they are likely to sign for, according to overthecap.com's solid estimates. The actual contract will likely be (+-) two percent from the figures shown.

All that remains is for the Dolphins to actually get it done. Giddyup!

Round    Player                Overall pick    Contract estimate

1.          Ja'Wuan James     19                 4 years, $8.45M with $4.5M signing bonus.*

2.          Jarvis Landry        63                 4 years, $3.48M with $847K signing bonus.

3.          Billy Turner          67                 4 years, $3.1M with $700K signing bonus.

4.          Walt Aikens         125                4 years, $2.63M with $416K signing bonus.

5.          Arthur Lynch       155                4 years, $2.41M with $191K signing bonus.

5.          Jordan Tripp       171                4 years, $2.38M with $162K signing bonus.

6.          Matt Hazel          190                4 years, $2.35M with $105K signing bonus.

7.         Terrence Fede      234                4 years, $2.27M with $56K signing bonus.

* denotes fifth-year team option.


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And does anyone here really expect James or Turner to be as good as Lewan in the NFL? Geez Louise, I know you're supposed to support the home team but come on...

And i rather have the one player with the potential to be great than two players who start and do little more than even their battles for a few years...

Jake Long's growing list of injuries made "paying him fairly" difficult at best, and unwise at worst....evidenced by his most recent injury in St Louis, where he again finished the season on IR

do you think the fact that the Rams used (were forced to use) their 1st pick on a LT is a coincidence? Yeah, he might play RT for 1-2 years, but we all know where he's playing soon after.

I consulted all my pre-draft publications and it appears we got the 9 and 10 rated tackles in the draft.

Considering our draft order, I think we got as good as expected. James being a RT might have been picked a little early but would he have been there in the second? We needed a RT and we went out and got one.

Turner went where he was projected. If there was a reach, it was Landry. But this was a matter of character and Landry had IT. Toughness. Adding another wimpy speed guy would not have helped. We have speed and route runners, we needed toughness. Maybe it will rub off.

Mando, ask Ross why he always gets rid of his star players. Hard to buy a jersey or even be a fan when he gets rid of the best players every friggin year. And he only uses 70% of the cap space. He had 30 MILL in cap space last season. He isnt even trying to win when he doesnt use the cap space. He pockets it.

I wouldnt rule out an exception, but I'd have a hard time EVER drafting a RB in the first 2 rounds again.....Ryan Williams, an early 2nd rd pick just a few years ago, was recently cut.....Daniel Thomas stinks, and is injured....we can all name several other RBs drafted early that stink, are injured, are cut after just a few years--they're shot by age 26-27, so unless you only want a near guaranteed 4-5 year player, draft a RB in Rd 3 (preferably 4) or later....again, with a few exceptions

Mark, maybe, but at the end of the day, it's all about wins. If Miami wins more games than Tennessee, that "great" draft won't mean a thing. I like our draft and I like what we did in free agency. My biggest concern is not our o-line, it's not Tannehill, it's not even our running game. My biggest concern is Joe Philbin. I'm really hoping he learned a lot from last year and make the proper adjustments. If that's the case, we'll be ok...We showed we can play against anyone (Seattle, NE, Cincinnati, Carolina, etc etc...)

Mark, you insist you know "who has the potential to be great"....how is that, exactly? Because you saw these players ranked on some meaningless list?

Did you/many others know if Brady had the potential to be great? Richard Sherman?--Burfict?--R Wilson?--Joe Montana?--Zach Thomas?--Jason Taylor?.....should I go on?

Is Jon Gruden really Home's Bro?

Montreal, I would say Tennesse would a slightly better roster but we have the better Qb... in the end both teams are even (average).... maybe if Home was consulting with Tennesee, we might have been able to swap with them and they could draft Manziel at 19 and we could've got Lewan, haha...

benz, I will tell you why Lewan has a high probabilty for greatness.... over the last five years, only these guys had as good production as Lewan in their positions, outscored the average by as wide a margin as Lewan did for all his athletic measures, and had first round grades on them. They are as follows...

Luke Kuechly
Patrick Peterson
J. J. Watt
Von Miller
Julio Jones
Aaron Donald
Taylor Lewan

So you see the company I put Lewan and Donald in... the trend analysis suggests these guys will be great.

Khalil Mack is the next guy on the list too actually. These three players will perform very well in their positions in the NFL. Only thing that can hold them back is injury...

Is Lewan suspended fro Roid Rage or PEDs, yet?

just sayin

Mark, yeah, where's home when you need him? LOL!! But in all seriousness, you said "the better QB". That's huge. And I like our WRs and our d-line much better. Anyway. later man, I got to work!

One things for sure if the Canuck Mark picked him
he won't ever be on our team \
Ark will put down the good picks and trump up losers like Tannefail

Clearly Lewan is an out of control idiot and the Dolphins were never considering this arse clown

Richie 2.0

OK Montreal, be safe!

Since Home 4 GM & Capologist
locked up Manz and Kuechly for 4 yrs in total for under 19 Million

Wow !

Then Home is gonna treat Dolfans to a one yr contract w Adrian Peterson this season

and next season after the franchise tag is off Jimmy Graham
Home is gonna also sign TE Jimmy Graham to the Fins

Home has managed the money well
NOT spending 61 Million on meh, LBs Ellerbee and Wheeler
and def not keeping Tannehill when the price goes up next yr

Home 4 GM

Tannehill trade in 2015 would be prudent
since Home drafted Johnny Football for 4yrs, 8 Million in total

Get rid of the 2013 worst dep ball QB QB that cost us the Play Offs
save 4 M plus 4 M Cap hit

the kid cannot throw deep

Ryan Tannehill 35 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014. Mark it down!!!!

Is Zonk dead yet?

Healthy CB Patterson prolly 8-10 INTs w the JETs and safety Pryor this season

Tannehill 20 INTs this season

3rd place AFC east

Mark it down

The oline will allow Tannehill more time to throw more INTs this season


Go Fish!

Home your imagination matches the virtual reality world of Madden Football. I vote for Home to be on the cover of this years Madden Football.

So you see the company I put Lewan and Donald in... the trend analysis suggests these guys will be great.

Khalil Mack is the next guy on the list too actually. These three players will perform very well in their positions in the NFL. Only thing that can hold them back is injury...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 20, 2014 at 01:39 PM

Where is this trend analysis you speak of?

Home has never been right Never!!!

so einstein gm, how did you end up with both Tannehill and keuchly on your roster?

Some kind of jedi mind trick?

Woodshed, did it myself in my spare time.

I have a five year tranding done now. I'd like to expand it to ten years and also see if I can draw correlations between draft grade, measureables and nfl success by the time the season starts...

In 2015 Home 4 GM

trades Wake and Ellerbee

saves a cap hit of almost 20 Million dollars and gets some better players than ol arse Wake w hamstring injuries
mentally slow to react Ellerbee

20 Million Folks!

Home 4 GM

When Home Realizes that Tannehill will be the QB of the future in Miami, he will then move to another city to root for a black qb. He can't stand it. that Miami has a white qb. cause he's racist.

I would agree with that one.. Ellerbe and Wake will have a tough time sticking to this roster barring re-negotiations...

No one was really interested in Tannehill in the top 20

Only the Dolphoons

U know Home had Kuechly @ #8
Foles in third instead of Egnew (Foles went 10 picks after Egnew)

wake only has 2 more years on roster

Tannehill will be working at Jiffy Lube or Chic Fillet in 2016

. . . just sayin

not true home. eagles, bills, chiefs, were all suitors for Tannehill. get your facts straight. and stop making up jibberish

Home your imagination matches the virtual reality world of Madden Football. I vote for Home to be on the cover of this years Madden Football.

Posted by: dbo the great | May 20, 2014 at 01:55 PM

Should be as the Dolphins best GM ever - Home 4 GM

Home, that's not true at all. Several teams had Tannehill in the first round...

And if you believe what Mike Shanahan said, he would've taken Tannehill at 6.

TannePuke would be an UDFA if he came out this year.

Home I'm not sure you can run a taco bell for the life of you

Lincolncontinental does it make you mad that Tannehill makes more than you and can be a better father than you

Lets see

Eagles - doing much better w o Tannehill, foles 27 TDs to 2 INTs

Bills - doing much better w o Tannehill, Thad Lewis schooled him twice in the sweep, one game for a shut out

KC - doing much better w o Tannehill, Excellent WIN record 2013

and the Dolphins have not had a winning season yet w Tannehill and this year 7-9 again

Nobody wants Tannehill except Dolfan Tanny loving hard Heads



lets judge that in 10 years from now home-o

That was a mirage of misdirection

Everyone knows Tannehill sucked in college losing all but one game against a formidable opponent

Tannehill had 32 in-completions against Texas in one game alone and could as usghe do nothing in the 3rd and 4th Q to close

The FBI would call that a clue

Tannehill Sucks

I'm sure if tannehill ran chip kellys offense he would of put up 36 td passes, ran for 7, and 1 pick

he had no recievers a texas dumby.

Lauren Tannehill is rumored to be sleeping w Mike Wallace

how's your llama doing home? take her out lately?

DBO, Home will just change his name, AGAIN

Soon fired - Tsnnehill, Bazooka Joe Philbin, Lazor (he always gets fired in the NFL) Ellerbee & Wheeler

Franchise set back 5 yrs by drafting Tannehill instead of Kuechly


HOme, Tannehill beat both Luck and Griffin in college, just like he beat Luck in the pros

Maybe Joe Philbin can go back to Green bay as waterboy or fake non play calling OC again


Yea because Linebackers score points on offense. SMDH!!! we had Zach Thomas the best Linebacker dolphins had. we only been to the playoffs once.

Tannehill has done nothing but embarrass this once proud franchise

what a waste of a pick

I wonder who Home was last year?

Johnny Football would piss all over Tannehill the fake

Edwards, who is 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, has been an inside linebacker and outside linebacker for the Hokies. Last season he finished second on the team with 74 tackles (11 TFLs), also adding 3.5 sacks, seven hurries, a fumble recovery and an interception.

Seen this guy in action as a season ticket holder.. Hope he makes the roster.. Diamond in the rough.

Home and Lincoln Continental sound a lot alike.

H- him
O-Oscar conosa
M- meets
E- every night

Dansby + Kuechly = Playoffs

Did u buy ur Lu'Wuanna Latisha James jerseys yet?

Home got an NFL Manziel on the black market for only 30 bucks

J.James w no eyebrows looks like one of those scared black guys that saw a ghost on the old 3 Stooges episodes

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