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Dolphins thinking going into Night Two of NFL draft

Spoke to a source familiar with the Dolphins thinking and this is what I'm hearing as the NFL draft continues into the second and third rounds tonight:

Tonight, think more offensive line and wide receiver as the priority needs.

The Dolphins realize they are not done on the offensive line because they definitely could use a guard and the idea that center Mike Pouncey will be available for all 16 games in 2014 is a bit of stretch considering he missed time last year and there is still a harassment scandal sanction possible.

So the team is eyeing Nevada tackle Joel Bitonio and USC center-guard Marcus Martin, among others.

Bitonio is a no-brainer. He's big (6-4 1/4 and 302 pounds), he's nasty, he finishes, durable, and he has excellent personal and character qualities. Yes, he played mostly out of a two-point stance at tackle at Nevada and will have to acclimate to left guard (for the Dolphins) with his hand on the ground. But if he is there at No. 50 in the second round, the Dolphins will run to the podium with his name.

It's more likely Bitonio will not be there. And that's why Martin is a possibility.

He played mostly center at USC. That's where he might be able to serve as a backup to Pouncey.

But the Dolphins also like him at left guard, where he started for the Trojans as a freshman in 2011 and throughout 2012. (He moved to center as a junior and started all 13 games there).

At 6-3 3/8 and 320 pounds, this kid looks the part. Indeed, he has something of a Richie Incognito-type body minus some of the strength. That's his knock. He's not very strong right now for an NFL lineman. He bench pressed 225 pounds a modest 23 times at the Combine.

Martin is said to be a little short on the nastiness and grit factor, as well. But he is very talented in his ability to get on defenders and stay on them. He is a good system fit for the zone-blocking scheme.

The Dolphins are also going to be eyeing the WR position today.

No, they're not replacing Mike Wallace (they're stuck with him is the way it was portrayed to me), Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson. But Miami would like to upgrade from Rishard Matthews as the No. 4 WR or at least would like to create so much competition for the youngster that he gets things right more often.

It seems Matthews is being held back because he sometimes "loses focus" and is more challenging to teach than others. So he's got to improve that to thus improve his play to thus stay on the roster.

So who might the Dolphins get?

Marqise Lee is available and the Dolphins think highly of him but it is hard to fathom he'll be available at No. 50 (the 18th pick of the second round). The Dolphins have viable wide receiver targets on their radar that should definitely be available at No. 50 and probably later into the third round.

Mississippi's Donte Moncrief, Clemson's Martavis Bryant are two likely targets.

Moncrief is a whopping 6-2 and 221 pounds and he has "stretch the field ability," according to one scout I texted with this morning.

"He's a top 50 pick," the scout added.

Well, the Dolphins have the No. 50 pick so ...

Bryant is 6-3 and 211 pounds.

Are you seeing a trend here with the length of these guys?

The Dolphins on Thursday made Ryan Tannehill's life easier by promising to protect him better. If they add a wide receiver with a big wingspan today they'll make his life easier by helping him complete passes that may not be perfectly placed or accurate.

Bryant is definitely not a second round pick. He's more a third-round possibility in a draft that is deep on receivers. His most troubling aspect is that he has undependable hands (troubling for a receiver). But he has good linear speed and has return ability, which is important to the Dolphins because if he can serve two purposes that makes him more valuable on the game-day 46-man roster.


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Good pick last night now lets go get some more help for THill in a WR. There should be some really good ones available.

MIT there was also the part in Mayocks high lite reel of that CB getting handled by larger receivers..may have been an issue with Watkins in future.

Not a word about Su'a Filo? WTF?
OK, didn't like the 1st round pic but it's done. Yes it would be nice to fix LB. And improve at WR but stop the bleeding at O-line first. Hickey, do what you have to...get Filo. He's as close to a sure thing as you're gonna get.

Listened to James' interview in FS. Like the kid, good attitude, said his best attribute was smarts, can't coach that.

His last words which will also be mine till tonight's round..

"Phins Up!"

I say lets grab a WR in the 2nd depending on who's available. If Moncrief is there that is when we need to run to the podium. Bitonio and Sua-Filo will not be there.

We can always grab a Charles Leno G Boise St. later on Saturday.

What happen to best available player? I thought Hickey had some stones, he now looks like a puppet. OT James was a reach, and we could of traded down and pick up another 3rd pick. He does not practice what he preaches. A rookie GM who is making all the rookie mistakes. Safety HaHa Dixon should of been the pick, and then takes James in the 2 nd rd. Philbin will be gone next year and so will Hickey the way he is approaching this draft.

I just hope the line is better run blocking and pass blocking words cant describe how horrible they were at both.

Donte Moncrief

Moncrief is a really high reward kind of pick IMO. Size, speed, athleticism. Miami has a major weakness with guys who can RAC. Hartline does it like twice a year but doesn't have multiple gears to ever do it consistently. Wallace is a deep threat RAC kind of guy unfortunately Tannehill doesn't throw the deep ball well to make that marriage work. Gibson is solid and Matthews is solid. But a true RAC big WR like Moncrief adds a dimension this O lacks.

Per Armando:

"If they add a wide receiver with a big wingspan today they'll make his life easier by helping him complete passes that may not be perfectly placed or accurate."

This is exactly what I've been trying to tell you internet goons for the last week now. Tannehill needs "BIG WR's" not small ones. He needs guys that can fight for his inaccurate throws and ball placement.

Now you see even Armando knows the same. :)

Dolphins thinking going into Night Two of NFL draft??

The Dullfins always make the wrong moves.

I hate Hickey and I hate Philbin but I hate Ross so much more

solid pick, should of traded down and still got him but solid

A weak, wimpy 2nd round west coast living offensive lineman named Martin, does anyone else see a problem with this picture? Really, what would be the point of getting this guy to play o-line in the NFL. And what happened to the need for a LB or S. WR before RD 4 or 5 seems way to early.

Now we know why Tampa fired Hickey.

How many more seasons do the Phins have to draft offensive lineman only to have to draft more offensive lineman the next year because they never get on the field the year they are drafted

I like Moncrief too.

That being said another lineman named "Martin"? who's "a little short on the nastiness and grit factor". Hmm, that sounds familiar cough cough. If we get Marcus Martin that would also impact our cap money if we let go Pouncey via trade. Same w/ Moncrief vs Mike Wallace, might be replacements for high cost players here. The irony w/ Moncrief is he also attended Mississippi like Mike Wallace.

Bitonio, Martin, Su'a Filo....one of them has got to be there at 50

Bitonio and Sua-Filo will be gone. Martin was picked by Dallas last night.

I have Moncrief left as the top wr on my draft board right now.

Hickey did screw up my draftboard by now drafting a 1st rd graded player. Juuwan James was my top graded player for us 2nd rd.

So, if Hickey continues to follow my draftboard, minus the first rd, Moncrief will be our next selection. However, like Armando said, he could throw a monkey wrench into by selecting OG.

Man it sure would be a boring draft if we select 2 OL in the first 2 rounds

. Juuwuan James
2. Morgan Moses
3. Antonio Richardson
4. David Yankey OG
5. Trai Turner OG

RD 3

1. Dontae Moncreif
2. Bruce Ellington
3. Jared Abbrederis
4. Tre Mason
5. Bishop Sankey

*Would use a 2015 3rd or 4th to trade up if Dontae Moncrief is still in the 3rd rd when it begans.

RD 4

1. Charles Sims rb
2. Tyler Gaffney rb
3. Terrance West rb
4. Aaron Murray qb
5. Stephen Morris qb

RD 5

1. Aaron Murray qb
2. Stephen Morris qb
3. Kenny Ladler S Vanderbilt

RD 6

1. Kenny Ladler S Vanderbilt
2. Alden Darb S AZ St

RD 7

1. Jeff Janis wr Saginaw Valley St
2. All Returners

Ross is a bumbling cheap baffoon of an owner. Pray for new ownership.

Oh wrong Martin. I would take a pass on Martin C and see if Richburg would be there at 81. If they are needing someone to play G or C.

If Moncrief is still there 2nd rd, Hickey needs to pounce no matter what. Grab a OG 3rd rd if he has to.


I think Janis is gone by round 7 but if not he would be worth a look. For round 7 if still in the market for WR I would take a long look at John Brown out of Pitt St.

stephen morris, hilarious go get jean baptiste and a murray

This team stil does not have a #1 wr. Wallace is a #2 and Hartline is borderline #2. Mncrief finishes off the starting wr corps because he has the speed and body type to be an NFL #1 wr.

I HATE the fact of getting a #4 WR before a #2 TE. What the H*$# are they thinking over there? Egnew, trash. Simms, blocker. We need another TE to compliment Clay. You know, what's becoming the most important skill position on offense (after QB)?

Here are the WR's that could go in round 2.

Lee, Marqise
Moncrief, Donte
Bryant, Martavis
Adams, Davante
Matthews, Jordan
Landry, Jarvis
Robinson, Allen
Cody Latimer

jordan matthews easily the best of those. but we dont need a wr, wait till next year after they cut wallace

Lindy's slates Marcus Martin as a 5th-6th rounder. Perfect fit for the Phins in rd 2.

As I predicted, regardless of what happened last night many here would vent and bemoan Hickey's selection. Do I think it was perfect...No. Do I need to vent about it...No. It's done. It's in the books. It is time to move one folks. They went for NEED vs. BPA. That wasn't so hard to predict. Heck, even Mando was able to predict it.

Lets focus on Rounds 2 & 3 tongiht. The reality is many are going to be disappointed again as Hickey selects a Guard. It's again about NEED vs. BPA. Again, it's easy to predict...this is not rocket science.

This team has compotent QB, RB's, WR's, CB's and S's. They NEED OT, G, LB and TE. Gee, let me guess what they will take this weekend????

Marcus Martin is a BEAST. ASJ, Martin, Bitonio and Lee are probably the targets

ASJ or Martin I think are most likely

Bitonio and Sua-Filo I'd be happy with to finish off the line. Close to BPA. Also Gabe Jackson in round 3 would be nice.

Sankey at RB I would be happy with round 2, probably Tre Mason too. Andre Williams, Terrance West, Charles Sims and others might good round 3/4 options.

WR we can still get a good one in rds 2-3. Latimer, Matthews, Moncrief, Bryant, Ellington, Robinson, Adams are all good.

TE- Amaro and ASJ are intriguing.

CB I like Phillip Gaines no one else really.

S I liked Deone Buchanon and Jimmie Ward in this round, but they both got snatched up.

LB- I like Tripp in round 3 the most.

D-line- Hageman, Kareem Martin, Jernigan could all help, but we are stacked here. If it wasn't obvious before last night it is now, we won't go BPA.

Hoping for a good day 2 !

If the Phins get a really good G in rd 2 that is fine with me.
But, along with G, the biggest current need is MLB. If Phins don't get a good one in this draft... not good.


I agree that I'd rather see Austin Sefarian Jenkins more then any other WR other then maybe Moncrief who to me has equal value.

But outside of ASJ I don't like no other TE in round 2. Not big on Jace Amaro. He's a finesse/flex TE which is basically what Clay is. I'd like to see a complimentary TE. I haven't studied Niklas from Notre Dame enough.

Armando, you enlightened me yesterday with the lt tackle vs. rt tackle argument. Thank you. It is always good to learn.

With that in mind, I will accept Ja'wan as the player we NEEDED to get. And if you can find a NEED in the first, you have to take him.

Now move on and get us some skill players who can score in rounds 2 and 3. Moncreif, a bruiser RB, or an inside LB. We need some inside toughness and strength on both sides of the ball.

jordan matthews easily the best of those. but we dont need a wr, wait till next year after they cut wallace

Posted by: dusty bottoms | May 09, 2014 at 12:14 PM

We need a #1 wr this year. Wallace isn't one. Lucky for us a #1 wr still can be had 2nd rd. Moncreif.

When we let Wallace go next year we still need a #2 wr. Im done with Hartline with 1000 yds but you can count his seasonal touchdown passes on a single hand.

I rather have a #2 wr with 800yds and 8tds.

We don't need a wr! LOL! After this draft we will have the worst wrs in the AFC. Dusty what makes you think the same wrs who couldn't get separation or get yac will do any different this year? Getting tackled as soon as you catch the football isn't an o-line issue.

Hartline Gibson and Matthews all suffer from the same disease. IF they were all in this draft do you think they would go before any of the above seeing as how they are all not big...aren't elusive and all run high 4.5 or slower. Jets are guaranteed to two go ones in the next few rounds.

With all these really good players still on the board, in multiple positions where the Phins have needs, does that not underscore how important it was to get an additional 2nd or 3rd rounder this year?

"His most troubling aspect is that he has undependable hands (troubling for a receiver)."

If you want to be a receiver you need not good hand but great hands in the NFL.

So it's troubling to me that Miami considering him.

Jordan Matthews needs to be the 2nd round pick. Size and speed. Catches the ball with his hands, not his chest. Makes Wallace expendable after this year.

u might now sam , now that our qb could actually have time to throw. and moncreif isnt a one

Anyone with "Martin" in their name should be banned for all eternity from the team and the city!!! (specially...Ricky Martin!!!! That little ballerina gurl is the root of all freakin' evil!!!!)

JPao who merely wants avg skill players. That's basically what your saying. You can't win that way. Multiple players have to be better than avg to accomplish any thing unless you have an elite qb or a outstanding offensive scheme. We aren't blessed when any of the above.


I like your list for the most part. Not big on Amaro or Jernigan but wouldn't hate it. Like the rest epecially Moncrief and Adams at WR. Ellington is intriguing as well.

Current needs for Phins:
G, MLB, RB, 2nd TE, S, big bodied WR, maybe even CB.
Not enough picks to fill all those.
If I were Hickey I'd be thinking of some kind of trade to get an additional 2nd rounder tonight.

How about the Lions selecting Ebron,wasnt there offensive explosive enough they couldnt stop anyone and they steal Ebron in the draft, unbeliveable

NO good MLB for day 2 there all day 3 guys like Preston Brown in RD 4

What do you all think of G Gabe Jackson - Mississippi?

Chris Boreland at 50


your team needs are spot on. But no way at this point no way you can acquire another 2nd. You can possibly acquire a 4th at best with a trade down in the 2nd where Miami is picking.

A Reg...difference in philosophy. Green bay can't stop any one either but they are always in contention because of the offensive firepower. The day the phins can lineup with 2 serious game changers at wr and a real te and rb they will finally have arrived. Until then continue to sleep on this team that has no clue how to evaluate the offensive side of the ball.

Why do people keep whining about the trade down? The team loved the kid and there were a number of teams behind them that could have taken a RT. Chiefs (23,) Bengals (24,) Cardinals (27) all come to mind. So you trade down, run the risk of getting a player you don't covet, and just to take another gamble on a 3rd or 4th round pick?

They had to make this pick.

Tim Tampa,

Gabe Jackson 6'3 336 lbs
Scout's take from Nolan Nawrocki's book says Gabe Jackson is a "short area mauler, strong and powerful but he's going to ger exposed outside a confined space."

Complete non fit according to this Bible/book of the draft.

Tim, I like Jackson, but I'm not 100 percent sure he's a scheme fit. I think I would like him more in round 3 than round 2.

They didn't have to but they did. Not much diff if any between Moses...Kuan and James. Teams like New Orleans that come up and make bold moves for actual impact players like Cooks are good for a reason. While we draft offensive and defensive lineman thru rds 1-5 every year. Some teams actually target skill players high in the draft who can improve there offense.

I'm not seeing them picking a WR and I'm thinking that might be a smoke screen to scare teams ahead of them into taking a wr instead of a player the Dolphins might be interested in.

We need an ILB, TE, S, and Guard. All of these positions are almost a must have because we don't have competent starters at the positions. Clay yes, but if he gets hurt we're screwed. And we have no one on the other side for two tight end sets. Sims isn't enough of a talent.

But they're going to pick a WR to play the 4 spot? Whhhaaaaaaaaat? How about picking players that could plug in as the one or two? I just don't see this happening , doesn't make sense. Wait, that's right, I'm a Dolphins fan, nothing ever makes sense. Go get a WR that we don't need so he can sit on the bench for 75% of the season. Go Dolphins!!! pfffttt

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