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Dolphins looking at possible first-round trades

The Dolphins are open for business.

One day before the NFL draft's long-awaited first round gets underway, the Dolphins have fielded and initiated multiple phone calls to other teams to "set the table," as one source said, to trade down or trade up in the first round, according to multiple NFL sources.

The Dolphins hold the No. 19 overall selection in the draft. The fact they are telling teams they are willing to listen to trade down offers from that perch is not surprising. The fact Miami is a possible buyer in a trade up scenario is somewhat surprising.

In trade down scenarios the Dolphins have had preliminary discussions with Philadelphia (No. 22), Cleveland (No. 26) and New Orleans (No. 27), among others. One source said the Dolphins have also spoken with San Francisco (No. 30), although dropping behind Carolina (No. 28) might expose the Dolphins to losing their top OT option.

It makes sense.

The Dolphins have a handful of players they are comfortable taking in the first round and several of those may be available later in the first round. Although no one knows the names on that list outside general manager Dennis Hickey and probably the rest of the leadership structure that includes coach Joe Philbin, executive VP Dawn Aponte and owner Stephen Ross, it is possible to speculate which players the Dolphins like and need.

The team loves Tennessee offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James. The team loves Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier. LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr., USC WR Marqise Lee, Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller and Virginia offensive tackle Morgan Moses are also on the radar.

Several of those players are expected to be available later in the first round and perhaps into the second round.

So it stands to reason the Dolphins may be preparing to trade back in the first round and pick up an extra pick perhaps late in the second round in the case of San Francisco or sometime in the third round in most other cases. Dropping back three spots to Philadelphia's No. 22 might only yield a fourth-rounder.

The idea of the Dolphins trading up in this draft is less conventional.

Miami is not exactly loaded with draft picks as it was last year when then-GM Jeff Ireland rocketed from the No. 12 overall selection to No. 3 by giving up his first-rounder plus one of his two second-rounders.

This year the Dolphins have seven picks -- one in each round.

So why would the Dolphins even consider moving up?

The team might be eyeing a move in case Notre Dame offensive tackle Zack Martin or Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews drops to within shouting distance. Michigan's Taylor Lewan will likely be gone well before the Dolphins are within range to trade up.  

Many mock drafts have the top tackle prospects -- Greg Robinson, Lewan, Matthews and Martin -- gone as early as the first dozen picks.

(Again, I have no source giving me specific names.  The Dolphins might have other players they value in a trade up.)

But that they've done their homework on the possibility of trading on Thursday? That is apparent.


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Trade Down Yes. Trade up No. More picks are needed not less picks.

Trade up surprising only perhaps to you Mando and those that don't want the team to trade up... I've only been saying it should eb considered for weeks now.

Surprised the team is looking for a WR

Surprised the team may consider trading up for an elite O line prospect instead of settlign for 2nd best

seems a lot surprises you even though they are painfully obvious.


Sup Conkey.Would you be mad if they trade up for Matthews or would you only do it for Lewan?

Trade down get the Browns 3 #2's and cs ll it a day Hickey !!

Surprised the team IS LOOKING FOR a wr? We do not have a #1 wr on this team. Wallace is a highly overpaid #2 wr.

No way does Wallace ever take a paycut. So, actually, we're in the market for both a #1 wr and a #2 wr. Wallace is probably dumped next year. I do not see any team paying 10M a year for a #2 wr. Meaning I do not believe we'll ever be able to trade Wallace if he's unwilling to take a pay cut.

Just go for Ja'Wuan James and call it a day. Seriously. Priority #1 for thursday and friday should be a diminished OL that already sucked even when we still had Martin and Incognito in the roster.

We have many needs, right, but none nearly as critical as improving protection for our QB of the future.

In a deep draft and with teams potentially passing on QB's in the early first, the dolphins are in a great position to trade down. The only players I see them trading up for are one of the OT's and perhaps Ebron.

Shazier is the guy if we stay at 19

I would try to trade Dion Jordan for a 20-25 first round pick and get the OLB from Ohio State. That kid would help us more than Jordan alternating with Wake and Vernon. And I would stay at 19 and pick Zach Martin IF he was still there. If not trade back and pick JaWuan James.

MIA might also trade up to steal Ebron from the Jets.

Mark why don't you add anything in your comments? All you do is give Mando snark. Got news for you, you saying this the past few weeks means it has been heard by no one because you have no sources, you have no forum and you have no ability to confirm any facts. Get over yourself hater.

This is a DEEP draft. You need to stock up. Giving away draft pick's for an OT is silly.

This team is always trading down, that's how they missed out on Earl Thomas and Dez Bryant. They are clueless.

Excellent reporting Mando. As always.

I also appreciate you tell us what you KNOW and where you are speculating. Most reporters don't do that.

I hope the Dolphins trade down and still get their guy.

If costing more than a 6TH RD picks, Dolphins are unwise to trade up. DE, C, and LT are the only 2014 STARTING POSITIONS on the entire roster that could not use a HUGE UPGRADE at the position.

We need to get at least 3 STARTERS from this draft, not value picks, just to add more ROSTER CLUTTER.

Even Ryan Tannehill's a HUGE QUESTION MARK coming into his 3RD SEASON.

Actually, it IS surprising the Dolphins would consider trading up if you are aware that last week Hickey said he wanted more picks rather than higher picks and you realize they don't have a ton of ammunition to go up as Mando said.

One more thing is the Dolphins are not one player away. They need A LOT of help so I don't agree with the idea of trading up for one guy.

The reason our STARTING ROSTER is what is today is because of FAR TOO MUCH value shopping over the past 6 season. You only end up with a bunch of backups as starters, with a couple true starters sprinkled in.

Which = 6-10 to 8-8 over a span of 5yrs.

We need QUALITY, not an endless mix of average wannabes and potential busts.

Just stay put and prioritize the OL in the first 2 rounds, for God's sake.

Trade back with the Saints. Pick up a late 2nd or early third. Draft best OL available in 2nd with both picks. Draft bpa in the 1st.

Very low odds Miami would find a trade up scenario that made sense. I'd say it's 90% or more they stay where they are or move down.

And whoever they pick, count me OUT on the whole "instant analysis" bullcrap. Nothing is a bigger waste of time.

Fans who DON'T do that are the ones I consider smart, to be honest.


Dolphins really haven't much to gain in trading down either. Is "WATERING DOWN" your first pic really worth gaining a "glorified 3rd rd pick" at best? That's if trading down with SF. Their 2n rd pick is pick 30 in the 2nd rd.

That's no a true 2nd rd pick. The price you pay in the 1st rd is getting a player that's a contributor not a starter. Then the glorified 3rd rd pick may contribute even less in year 1. So, in the end, will it all worth it is my issue.

Whats the fascination with Odel Beckman Jr. hes 5 ' 11 195 not a burner according to his profile but ppl seem high on him, anyone on the board thinks hes worthy of a first round selection?

Now, if Hickey feels he absolutely has to trade down to get a very late 2nd or 3rd pick to greatly increase his chances of drafting the Georgia qb 3rd rd. I really couldn't fault him for that.

Understood that fans will obviously focus heavily on the first round but I would never discount the benefits of acquiring extra picks by trading down.

How do you suppose the Patriots have done so well in the draft for so long? It's not that they don't miss on players as much as anyone else (they DO)..but they also have a long track record of stockpiling EXTRA picks in the full knowledge that they will hit on some, miss on others. It simply tilts the odds in their favor by having more room for error.

Making a huge "splash" on draft day may be fun for fans but it is really not how the best franchises get things done.

what up rdubs...

I'd prefer Lewan.. but would understand martin or Matthews and prefer Matthews to Martin.

Call me crazy but I see no guarantee Moses or james woudl be better than jason Fox in 2014, beyond 2014, yes, but not next year and certainly not to start the year so i see it as a waste for all those poeople who advocate need over BPA.

Don;t think there's a guarantee with those secondary guys.

This is one of the deepest drafts in a long long time. If they trade up for give up draft picks for next year and not this one.

tim burke, i do add comments all the time besides berating mando.

In that comment you hate, i actually refer to the fact that I said I could see trade up weeks ago.

And I ahve no sources and say this, can see it from a mile away given teh right cuisrcumstances.

yet mando and his sources are surprised by this?

Imagine if I had the same sources?

hater??? What are you, 6 years old??

I think Odell Beckham could be a great #2 NFL wr. I like 6ft or taller, no less than 205lbs with speed as my #1 wrs.

Many under 200lb rookie wr's have to learn getting of the line against press coverage before becoming good at their craft. Big wr's have the physicality to do it right away.

In college, wr's get a "free pass" off of the line of scrimmage.

Lewan will be an "average at best NFL OT". You heard it first here!

Scourt, actually in the outakes from teh presser, he did say he was open for moving up or down and was considering all circumstances. Said right there in the blog... yet mando took that to say Hickey's preference was to trade down for whatever reason.

i called him out for it then.

And week later, he is "surprised"

I think he's still surprised Christmas will be Dec 25 this year.

I believe the trade up scenario/surfing on Hickey's part is based on both T.Lewan and Z.Martin, I really do! He's checking what it would take to move way up while gaging what he can get by moving way down. At the end of the day I feel were moving down. The consensus seems to be we take either M.Moses or JuWuan James with a fear ( expressed by Mando) the Panthers may target our guy. I don't see it because the Panthers lost starting LT Jordan Gross to retirement and are replacng him with a guy names Byron Bell while starting former T.E. at RT. The starters at WR are Jericho Cotchrey, Tiquan Underwood (former Buc scab) and Marvin McNutt (yeah! that one who couldn't crack Sporano's group here)

They run a POWER scheme and there best shot might just be Morgan Moses in Rd-1 who they toss in Day-1 as there LT. We all know our guy JuWuan James projects exclusively at RT and probably not there target given this team likely dipsback into the pool and takes a rt in Rd-3 after they grab BA WR in Rd-2 at there spot where is were I see them trading up in Rd-2 out of pick-60 moving up on a WR which that team needs desperatley! To many HUGE holes opened up in FA on that team for them to package any picks on one player. They need 2 starters and a serviceable day-1 WR out of the gates!!

Trade down with San Fran and get their second. Then get Tre Mason!


You know me. I said I would take Moses RD 1. A few of the people I respect who do extensive film studies, have me convinced he could be a great player. I think with him being a UVA player, I could see B Albert becoming like a big brother. I could see Moses as our LT after a few years.

As far as Ju'Wuan James, I really like this kid. Watching him at the combine, he was the one OL I became infatuated with. I dont do extensive film work, so my opinions dont carry a lot of weight.I make my opinions on what I read and gut feeling and my gut is is wrong a lot LOL

I see alot of talk about Shazier, from all my research, he seems to be a fast explosive player with great character. I think he could be really good, but I could also see him being so so. It saddens me how much we need an ILB and I am not sure he is the answer on the inside

Sam, if you are bashing lewan, makes me feel all the better about his prospects.

The broken clock on the wall is more right than you per day...

If we trade up for Zack Martin. I will be sporting , not just a sad weiner, but a super flacid super sad weiner

Dennis Hickey transcript:

(On if he feels it is better to have more picks or higher picks in this draft) – “It’s a little bit hard to say, but I always like more picks. I always want to have more picks.”

You are embarrassing yourself Mark.

f4l, i do agree that the trade up is for Martin and Lewan, preferably Lewan given the UM connections and unreal post season he's had.

what they will do given they can't trade up (which I think Chicago would be the natural partner) I'm less sure of.

I could see thems ettling on position (whihc would unleash negative mark) or taking BPA which looks to be that they've zeroed in on Shazier.

No matter what, we will have an awesome discussion tomorrow night/friday morning.

With the 19th pick in the NFL Draft The Miami Dolphins select

Mark in Toronto!

With his super human streengths, benching more than 300 pounds Lineman and his explosive lower body squating 700 pounds. He'll be the strongest water boy in the NFL!


rdubs, I'm good with james at some point but not in the first.

Moses I'm less sure of.

And my opinion is just that, opinion, counts for nothing.

I'm just of the opinion settling for jsut being able to be good enough to get on the field is something this franchise has done way too much.

scourt, post the whole transcript and you will see the quote where he said he is preparing for all options, trade up/down/stay put

everyone else here read it

i also wonder why you only show up when I take a shot at Mando.

hmmm, you're the Pokeroo of this blog...

I would try to trade Dion Jordan for a 20-25 first round pick and get the OLB from Ohio State. That kid would help us more than Jordan alternating with Wake and Vernon. And I would stay at 19 and pick Zach Martin IF he was still there. If not trade back and pick JaWuan James.

Posted by: albert | May 07, 2014 at 01:36 PM

If we did this I might quit rooting for this team till sold all together on principle alone!!

We traded the 12th and 42nd selections of the 2013 draft for Dion Jordan and some here want to trade him (gift wrapped) to Chip Kelly for his 22nd selection!

Heck forget Philly while your feelng generous send Jordan to G.B. for their pick-21 to pair opposite C.Matthews then when both light the NFL on fire we can come back and discuss how we passed on Matthews in 09 for Vontae who we traded for a 2nd only to see him turn in a Pro Bowl Yr. for Indy (Insteadm of Coaching him up!) while packaging a freak athlete our Coaches didn't figure how to use for a late #1 after trading a Kings Ransom for him in the Yr. before's draft!

It would take a couple of picks or a pick and a player for me to even consider it and since you won't get it I'll just assume take my chanes with him using him properly as the ROVER like Saban did with JT, thank you very much!

We definitely explore all avenues that we feel like we can help the team," Hickey said. "We’re in contact with other GMs to see where they stand and what their ideas and thoughts are going into the draft. We’re exploring all avenues – trading up, trading down – and we’re prepared for that

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/05/quickie-reaction-to-dennis-hickey-draft-presser.html#storylink=cpy

I await your apology

anyone else gonna have to watch some lobstertube for the draft? You know to relax and settle down, for the whirlwind of excitement that is the NFL draft! unfortunately I need to get up at 4 am this Friday. My wife decided to have surgery this Friday. How selfish of her, am I right?

no surprise they're considering a WR, as Wallace's cap hit would be reasonable if let go after this season--plus uncertainty over how Hartline and Gibson come back from major knee injuries, never know--but I also cant see trading Dion as some continue to suggest....I'll say it again....Cam Wake has only 1-2 top tier years left, bottom line.....just a fact, age catches up with all of them--so in 2 years, Jordan and Vernon could very well be our starting DEs, or both could see signifioant time in a 3 way rotation at the very least--Jordan, not Wake, is the future.

all nighter, rdubs!

Ill try and trade Wake for a first round at worst second round pick

and while it would be a bummer, dont be surprised if Miami trades or shops Wake after this season, while he still has fairly good trade value--just the reality and probably smart, if they think Jordan and Vernon are ready to take over full time.

Go fish !

Posted by: fin4life | May 07, 2014 at 02:14 PM


I believe you are absolutely right. If there looking at trading up it's for Lewan or Martin. Probably looking at pick 16 and getting ahead of the Ravens.

I would be nice if Martin is there at 19 but I hope we don't have to give up a pick for him even if its fourth.

I personally would feel just fine with Bitonio, James, or Moses in a trade down but its easy for me to say. My job doesn't depend on them finding a sure starter in the draft.

We need to get at least 3 STARTERS from this draft, not value picks, just to add more ROSTER CLUTTER.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 07, 2014 at 01:46 PM

Here we agree 100% the only difference is I like the trade down and extra selection in Top-100 while you feel there is more upside staying @19 as opposed to 30 or even 27 (Saints spot) given they need a DT badly in there 3/4 with Rob Ryan and maybe looking to jump ahead a bit to secure their player.

I don't see any action with Philly making sense for us and they want to move on Cooks and may need to get ahead of Pitt. if the LT's are gone were St. Louis moving back (If Manziel is really in there plans and he falls to 13 he'll keep his free fall going between pick 22) might be the likely willing partner.

Mando hasn't really done his homework here, Car. trading up?? Really! they haave more needs at LT,RT & WR than we do as of today. Outside of the Dolphins I don't think Mando is a Big NFL fan because I can see alot of these moves he's speculating making ZERO sense given what teams need. My opinion might not generate any interest but I watch the NFL as in every team and (with the extra couple of weeks) have looked this over!


Im staying put if I'm Miami and taking BPA that fills a need/ If it's Z. Martin then or Lewan, beautiful but if not I'm all over Shazier, Mosley, Ebron, Clinton-Dix, C. Hyde, O. Beckham, D. Dennard etc.

There is a need for an OT for sure but whats the difference between reaching for JuWuan James or Moses in round 1 vs waiting and getting Zack Mewhort or Antonio Richardson types in round 2?

That is why Im not pressing and reaching in this deep draft in round 1. If Im going to reach it's going to be in round 2. There are too many good players that can help this team immediately and have star quality to them to simply reach for a RT because we need one when the guys in round 2 and 3 are neck and neck with them.

Posted by: benz | May 07, 2014 at 02:37 PM

I beg to differ. There's Definite certainty concerning HARTLINE:


Healthy or not.

Even if we ever fine a "true #1 wr" Hartline needs to be upgraded as a #2. Like clockwork, he almost always DISAPPEARS in the REDZONE.

Posted by: Rdubs | May 07, 2014 at 02:28 PM


The only way we excuse her is if its augmentation. :)

they might get a 2nd for Wake, but would be surprised if they get a 1st.....MAYBE if they traded him before the season, but even then I doubt it--he turns 33 right at the end of the season, and we've all seen DE's/OLBs fade quickly at times, at least from an elite level--trading him before next season should net a 3rd I would think, possibly a late 2nd--just saying that Miami fans shouldnt be surprised if it happens, and that the "trade" Dion camp is way off base....makes no sense.

Why is everbody worried about trading down hasn't everybody been saying this is the deepest draft in 20 years! Let's try and get some of that extra depth and get 2 or 3 linemen and somebody on defense who can stop the run and knows how to tackle #russdfinsfanfor 48 years

I just do not get the Hartline love over having a 1000yds receiving yet only producing a CAREER HIGH 5TDS.

Too many NFL 3rd and 4th wr's had as many td catches as Hartline in 2013. Yet, he's our #2 wr. Screw the yardage, TDS win games.

Its not everybody Russ.

Amen AndyNJ, AMen

Also what's to stop Miami from trading up in the 2nd round to get the OT they like?

Why must it be the 19th pick and only the 19th pick to address a secondary position like RT...

all the stars that play RT in the NFL, raise your hand...

You can not trade Wake until CONFIRMED what you have in Jordan. Meaning a Wake trade is at least a season away.

Can not trade Jordan until finding what we have in him in 2014. Or risk totally giving him away. Because right now, it's tough to get a 2nd rd pick for him. Trade him now and he becomes an all-pro, you've only hood-winked yourself.

If he becomes a bust, the blood isn't on Hickey's hands anyway. So keeping Jordan for now, is a win-win situation for Hickey all the way.

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