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All the first-round OTs are gone

The four consensus first-round offensive lineman are off the board in the NFL draft.

It started, as expected, with Greg Robinson going to the St. Louis Rams with the No. 2 overall pick.

Then there was a lull until the Falcons, at No. 6, but they did the right thing and got Texas A&M's Jake Matthews to protect quarterback Matt Ryan.

The Titans, who picked guard Chance Warmack last year in the first round, are turning their offensive line into a strength as they selected Michigan's Taylor Lewan, a Jake Long clone, with the No. 11 pick. The Dolphins did not try to get up to the pick.

The Giants passed on the tackle Zack Martin to take receiver Odell Beckham Jr. But a few picks later the Dallas Cowboys, keeping twitter in business on the Internet, passed on Johnny Manziel and took ...

Zack Martin.

It's time to trade down, folks.


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Stop the new blogs i cant decide where to post

Manziel to Miami


AYE Carumba!!!

The last of the more sure fire OT types.

I am NOT a fan of any other OL at 19.

Hopefully there can be a trade back and get a pick or two
Maybe take Su'a


Our trade downs are based on need, do the 49ers need Mosley?

Trade down? Pick Manziel and give Tanny some competition? Trade Moore for another pick? Hickey said he was picking best player on board in early rounds. Hickey in tough spot

I wonder if Shazier wore those colors cause he thought he would be the Fins pick if he got there?

Manziel to the Dolphins...Bye Bye Tannecrap!

People now more acceptable of Manziel.


No CJ Mosley!,


I would LMAO if the jets pick Manziel

There are still very good players to be had.

Mosley gone. Armando? Juwan James? jejeje

My new favorite is Su'a Filo Oscar.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | May 08, 2014 at 09:59 PM

I would really like to see Pryor if they stay here...

Jason Verrett

Brandin Cooks

Just the Jests to get past now fellas...

Pryor would be a solid choice Rob.

I can see the Jets going Cooks

Jets will pick WR I think. New GM who doesn't want Johnny or his baggage

Hopefully the Jets forget to pick.

DarkJoke and Dashwad, it's Adult night.

Come back tomorrow.

This pick by the Jets is important to us. They can fukkk us up like Buff just did.

Yeah Cooks makes sense.

Jets are picking cooks

They got to find a new city to conduct this draft in. Jets fans degenerates. Undesireables.

4:00 Minutes to fins pick.

F*ck the Jets!

We can trade totally out of 1st rd now, unless drafting a qb. LMAO.

From what's now left, Hyde doesn't look all that bad at about pick 30. :)

Mel may have started the Drafnik craze, but he sure is the worst of them today.

Just sayin...

I hope the Jets take Sams though.

Take Johnny Manziel 19th. :)

The spot light is on Hickey. If he reaches for an OL here, we are going to wish Ireland was back.

They have to trade out of this pick or take BPA. That would be a safety: Pryor or HA HA.

And with the #18 pick they take old salami and cheap beer!

Where's the FF button here, have to sit through the whole NYJ 10 mins, sheesh

Sambo, did you know it requires a partner to trade back?

If the Steelers and Ravens picked those 2 LBers they will be good!

They better NOT select Johnny foozball

If the Dolphins pass on Manziel it will set back this franchise 10 years

I hope they take some deodorant...

WHo cares about Manziel, we are talking about first round talents here

Well hello Orlando. It's been awhile.

Pick submitted

Dashi, at what age did you pull the ears of your first boy sucker?

They almost forgot the pick

Hurry it up already!!!! Please no reach for OL Hivkey

jets need 20 picks to fix this team.

Just wait. Mandy will def post a new blog after our first pick

Calvin Pryor

There goes Pryor.

Hickey legacy good or bad will begin shortly...

Let's hope the fact that the Fins are due some good fortune from the football Gods means he can pick'em like no other.

I smell trade back...?


How many teams will eb picking O line after Miami until they pick tomorrow?

1,2,3 tops?

Just wait until 50

Miami picking Manzbum would be teh shock of the draft. How well would he have handled all those sacks? He'd be in IR for two years. He's a little boy in a mans game.


Now I REALLY wanna trade back.

THis guy stinks, congrats NYJ

Now Miami, pick Verrett or Cooks, please.

We are up next!!! I hate the Jets, they just took best safety in the draft. Great pick!

Poor bastard..

Hope you buy a lot of soap..

Ju'Wuan is probably the next OT to go. I just hope the Dolphins stay put and forget about trying to outsmart everybody else by risking our QBs future.

Let's go Hickey, grow a pair, draft Manziel, trade Tannehill for a 3rd rd pick, let's do this!

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