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Live blog here: NFL draft has arrived

The NFL draft has finally arrived. Well, it'll be here soon and these are some things you should be monitoring as the process goes along:

1. Everyone I have spoken to continues to say the Dolphins must get an offensive linemen. They do not buy the idea of a best available player at linebacker or cornerback or safety or whatever. I hope they are correct but I continue to think if the team is locked into the No. 19 pick it will be hard to get a value offensive tackle.

2. I'm hearing the Dolphins may be thinking left guard as well as right tackle in the first round, which is interesting. If that is true, think that perhaps Zack Martin might be used as a left guard or a right tackle. Think that UCLA's Xavier Su'a-Filo might be on the board at some point.

3. If the Dolphins draft a linebacker -- either Ohio State's Ryan Shazier or Alabama's C.J. Mosley -- it will force everyone to await the other shoe to drop. What is that other shoe? It might mean the Dolphins will start trying to trade Phillip Wheeler. Wheeler was a free agent signing a year ago and got a five-year, $26 million deal with $13 million in guaranteed money. He is scheduled to cost $6.4 million against the cap this year. That is outrageous for a non-starter. If the Dolphins can trade Wheeler, he would still cost the team $4.2 million. Getting out my trusty calculator ... $6.4 million is more than $4.2 million.

4. If, and that's a big if, the Tampa Bay Bucs draft a quarterback at some point in the next two days, they may be willing to trade quarterback Mike Glennon. Obviously, Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey has a history with Glennon and the Dolphins have been telegraphing a desire to add a young QB before training camp. The Dolphins are not going to give up a premium pick for Glennon, who threw 19 TDs and 9 INTs as a rookie. And the Bucs are going to want a good pick. But if we start talking fifth- or sixth-round compensation? Well ...

5. If, another big if, the Dolphins try to trade up to grab Zack Martin, a team that seems a likely trade partner is Tennessee at No. 11. Why there? They might be able to land a cornerback at No. 19. They might land a quarterback in the second round. And the Dolphins would have to get ahead of the New York Giants at No. 12. A lot of ifs.



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Who are those idiots on Dolphins Live Chat?

Guess I don't Need to watch Lobstertubez. I just have to think about Odell Beckhams mom. She is hot as hell

I am not an expert on that, but common sense dictates me that the technique of playing RT is the complete reverse of playing on the L.

I don't believe you. Show her to me.

Will be a busy night. Draft, Heat, and my struggling Rays.

But Mando, we CANNOT draft Juwan James in the 1st round, especially if we expect to play him at Right Tackle.

Daytona Shammy even said so! He's told us all for weeks and weeks how NFL Teams NEVER.......I say.......I said: NEVER draft Right Tackles in the 1st round.

Personally, I like Juwan James, I like him even more in a trade Down scenario.

I just hope that Daytona Shammy will allow us this one chance to draft a Right Tackle to play........well......Right Tackle!

Let GOOOOOOOO........Hickey!!!!

Anyone see her on NFL network.good god

Heat has no opponent, bring in somebody else.

Must have been who I seen Rdubs. She looked to young to be a mom.

They mentioned she used to be a track star.

Hell Yeah! Live Blog!

Draft time baby!

Rdubs, I secong that, she's an ex track star and looks like she could out run her son.

We need to draft Beckham and Mom.

My sports teams have never allowed me to be that cocky Oscar.

Even the Heat have been shaky at times. They are working on 3 in a row though.

Funny, someone posted on Twitter that Shazier is wearing aqua and orange tonight.

Trade down with the Browns, pick up an extra 2nd get a guard and a RT.

we are trading down boys, you heard it here, it's going to happen.

High 3rd will do...


We are going to be here live regardless?

In the last days there will be war rooms and rumors about rumors.

Well, I guess I can't see the Draft. Not authorized by ESPN and NFL. Doesn't matter, I'll hear it on the Radio.

Mando know's the everyday losers will be here, he was just letting people that have lives no his live blog is up, ok Exposing?

White Trash,

That seems to be the consensus and its my favorite option.


I would be ok with Shazier although its not my first choice.

Oscar do you have nfl network

We shall see DR..


Was a backup GM for his whole career in Tampa.
In 3 days we will no longer wonder why Philbin/Aponte/Ross all voted against him.


Call me Po... :)

Oscar how is this possible

Anything can happen tonight

Fair enough

Reverse. How is it possible you take good money away from your family on such thrash. I only watch PBS stations.

It's like I'm 9 years old ands it's Xmas!

Bottoms up guys, here's to the beginning of another sorry ass season. Cheers! :)

Ja'Wuan James OT
Gabe Jackson OG
Dri Archer RB
Mo Alexander SS
Josh Huff WR
Jay Prosch FB
Nate Freese K


I don't know how to feel about Shazier.i think I want to trade down and take Moses or Juwuan James. But I am happy with what ever they do. Go Dolphins

Po @ 7:28

Was that when you were fondled for the first time?

I not only See I can also Hear. I can pick BAP by only listening to them, but it takes longer.

Can't think like that SIA...

You are welcome to.

I do get it...

Personally, I like Juwan James, I like him even more in a trade Down scenario.

I just hope that Daytona Shammy will allow us this one chance to draft a Right Tackle to play........well......Right Tackle!

Let GOOOOOOOO........Hickey!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | May 08, 2014 at 07:09 PM

Some talk about taking Su'a-Filo then trading back up 2nd Rd to move on J.James. I think you know how I feel about both these players so then you have to ask yourself if your bounty in the trade down is on the table as well to secure them both or if you take James 1st then go Trai Turner later were we coud do worse? I any event tonight and tomorrow should be fun given the extra time has really made us me (and I'm guessing I'm not alone) very familiar with Top-100!


Come on Hickey, shock the world, trade up for Johnny Manziel!

We'll even let you have a 3 YEAR REBUILDING PLAN if you do it! :)



She had to do what she had to do..

I still don't blame her; when ya got all that...

Well Damn...

No sense going forward with Tannehill, everyone responsible for him being here will be gone by season's end! :)

Ha ha ha ha ha

How did he treat you ETF?

Corn hole I guess...

I tried to check out ESPN's final mock draft but they said I have to be some kind of "insider". I want no trouble, man.

Come on now...

Be nice...


Can you please not be a butthole tonight. I know it's kinda your thing. But the draft is on and " ain't no one got time for dat!"

You will see some eye opening things Tonight.





But remember..

You F**k with the bull ya get the horns...

Rdubs @ 7:36

You are correct.
I have every day of the year to expose what is really going on.
Therefore I will only post positivity for rest of the night.

It will be very fast, perhaps beyond any of you speed's. Take your pills, take your pills.

You go ETF!

Vontae's Grandma sez:

"Dunno fukkin bolly wannabee no dam dolphin!"

somebody said I got a tail

We need to draft Beckham and Mom.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | May 08, 2014 at 07:12 PM

Speaking on the subject has anybody else seen Steph Curry's Mom? The wife of former NBA Great Del Curry and Mom of Golden St.'s Steph is a very sexy lady!

Thanks ETF..now feel free to spark one up

I'm about to puke in my mouth with this BS..


If the Dolphins cant draft Superman they'll stink again.

"Texans expected to stay at #1", and with the #1 pick in this Draft, the Houston Texans select....Jadeveon Clowney! hehehe

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