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The draft picks and their roster consequences

The NFL draft is one week old today and, personally, I'm still digesting all the meat it served up. As you know, no team draft's in a vacuum. There are reasons teams pick certain players and certain positions. Like elections, drafts have consequences.

Today we study those possible consequences.

We look at each pick and follow the intended fallout to see what it means, not only for the position but for other players who were already on the roster.

First round -- RT Ja'Wuan James.

Consquence: This one is easy because it practically guarantees that Miami will get back on track in putting its first-round pick in the starting lineup from the jump. The Dolphins took a detour from that last year with Dion Jordan, but prior to that, six consecutive first-round picks dating back to 2007 had been starters on Day One. James is Miami's starting right tackle on Day One and so we can get past the idea that often-injured Jason Fox will be Miami's starting right tackle. Sure, there will be a competition. That's the right way to do it. But, um, James will win the competition. And if he does not, something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Second round -- WR Jarvis Landry

Consequence: Landry is immediately an option as a slot receiver but he will have to play special teams like the dickens to be active on game days. Here is the reason for the uninitiated: The first three WRs -- Brandon Gibson, Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace -- get their reps on offense. None play special teams. The fourth active WR has to play special teams. Period. This pick suggests the Dolphins will keep five instead of four wide receivers on the roster. Last year Miami kept only four coming out of camp. Or, failing that, one of last year's four -- Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Rishard Matthews -- is gone. Well, yes, one of the last year's four is gone. As I've explained to you previously, Matthews' days with the Dolphins are numbered. Despite his career high 41 catches for 448 yards and two touchdowns a season ago, Matthews is not a favorite of the coaching staff, particularly head coach Joe Philbin. My column explains why. Because Landry is a second round pick, he is almost guaranteed of making the team. So that means veterans such as Armon Binns, Kevin Cone, and Damien Williams are already at a numbers-game disadvantage -- again, unless the club goes with five receivers on the roster instead of four.

Third round -- G Billy Turner

Consequence: The Dolphins have been undecided about which side (left guard or right guard) Shelley Smith will play. The Dolphins have been undecided about which position (guard or tackle) Dallas Thomas will play. Well, Turner not only looks like a guard to me but feels like a left guard. The fact he's a rookie also suggests sandwiching him between veterans Branden Albert (LT) and Mike Pouncey (C) might be a better idea than putting him next to fellow rookie Ja'Wuan James. But here's the ripple effects of that: Dallas Thomas now becomes more valuable to the Dolphis as a right tackle because he can compete with Jason Fox for the backup role. Or he becomes valuable as a swing G/T. If he's the backup RT, Fox suddenly becomes expendable. If he's the swing G/T, that suddenly puts Nate Garner's roster chances on the line, pardon the pun. Turner on the roster means David Arkin, Thomas, Fox, and Garner are in a scramble for a roster spot.

[Peanut gallery: But Mando, you didn't mention Sam Brenner ... Isn't his spot on the line as well?]

Thanks for bringing that up, gallery. In fact, the Dolphins are viewing Brenner as a C/G option. And because center is a big part of that option, perhaps the biggest part, he becomes valuable because Mike Pouncey still faces NFL sanctions for his participation in last year's harassment scandal. If Pouncey misses time, Brenner is likely the starting center.

Fourth round -- CB Walt Aikens

Consequence: The Dolphins committed two early draft picks to the CB position a year ago when they drafted Jamar Taylor in the second round and Will Davis in the third round. The fact they felt a need to go cornerback so high speaks highly of what they think of Aikens but also suggests they are hedging their bet on either Taylor or Davis -- particularly after they signed Cortland Finnegan in free agency. By the way, Don Jones had an awful draft. Not only did he get caught up in the Michael Sam issue, but if Aikens is a good special teams player he threatens Jones's roster spot. Veteran Jalil Brown also cannot be thrilled.

Fifth round -- TE Arthur Lynch

Consequence: This one really, really interests me. At first I viewed Lynch as another Jeron Mastrud -- a role player whose role is an in-line blocking TE grunt. But the more I talk to people about Lynch, the more I hear he's an underrated pass catching threat as well. No, he's not fast. He's not been dynamic in college. But he's got possibilities. And that should worry a number of guys on the roster. Charles Clay is not one of those. He's just been picked as one of the NFL's Top 100 players by a voting of his peers. (The vote means nothing other than it shows respect for Clay but at the point he's ranked ahead of Dallas TE Jason Witten, the vote loses credibility). Anyway, Lynch's addition should worry Michael Egnew. This kid has basically been on scholarship for two years because he was a third-round pick in 2012. But that was a different GM and a different coach, in that that Philbin could afford to carry some dead weight on the roster his first couple of years but he's coaching for his life now. His job is on the line in 2013. I don't see another scholarship year for Egnew. This pick also suggests the team is not as enamored with Dion Sims, a fourth-round pick last year, as it seemed. Again, Sims was picked by a different GM and, it must be noted, is pretty much supposed to be the same kind of block-first TE that Lynch is. Meanwhile, if I'm Kyle Miller, I see the writing on the wall. Lynch does not close the door on Jermichael Finley (I don't see that) or a return for Dustin Keller (his reps say he's healthy although he's not ready yet) but I can see only a crack of light through that opening.

Fifth round -- LB Jordan Tripp

Consequence: People who live in the clouds will tell you this means Phillip Wheeler is out because Tripp is going to start at Middle linebacker or weakside linebacker, allowing the Dolphins to move on. Well, Wheeler may indeed be out after 2014 but not necessarily because of Tripp. It would have to do with Wheeler's performance. No, this picks should be ringing in the ears of players such as Jonathan Freeny, Jelani Jenkins, and perhaps even Jason Trusnik. This pick is immediately about special teams. And that is primarily where Freeny, Jenkins and Trusnik make their bones. Trusnik, you should know, is a fine special teams player. But he's going into his eighth season and he's scheduled to cost $1,071,688 on the salary cap. He gets cut, the Dolphins save $855,000.

Sixth round --WR Matt Hazel

Consequence: Unless Hazel is an epiphany that shines suddenly and violently out of pitch darkness, he will have a hard time making this team's 53-man roster because for all his gifts -- he's long and relatively fast -- he simply is not ready to beat out the top 4-5 guys right now. Maybe he gets the rookie scholarship and makes it just because he was drafted. That wouldn't say a lot for Williams and Cone. At worst, Hazel is a practice squad possibility.

Seventh round -- DE Terrence Fede

Consequence: The Dolphins seemed to have more defensive ends than they knew what to do with last year. With Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby around, there were hardly enough snaps to go around for then-rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan. So how does Fede fit? Who does he beat out? None of them. I suppose he's insurance in case of injury. I suppose he is practice squad material.


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If mouth breather cuts Matthews or Gibson they will be on New England's or Jets roster in a New York minute.

ok, at least a very good #3.

His #s projected to be 68 catches, 745 yards, 7tds.

If Landry can get that next year, I will blog one day here next year in a dress...

Like Home does everyday.

7th round pick matthews outproduced #2 round pick Robert Woods of Buffalo last year yet Philbin sees this as a throw away. Typical Philbin. Instead of fixing what is really bad, he harps on things that are not killing the team.

Proverbs from Ice cube to Michael sam 'Big Dikks in your azzz is bad for your health'

Why is everyone discounting Binn's chances at making the roster?
I recall him being the brightest star of the lot last year before being injured.

Only Wallace, Hartline & Landry are guaranteed slots, the other 2 are wide open.

Landry was the steal of the draft according to NFL.com, just another site that has Landry as a great pick. If politics don't get in the way (play hartline because of salary) Landry could very well be the second receiver. this is a better draft than people think it is.

I will go as far as if Wallace don't get his stuff together than Landry may be 1 wr

This won't be popular...but I LIKED (like you FB F^Gs) this post....

Every once in a while FRAUD...you hit it out of the park......


It was fast and violent and exciting. However there was no
-hand holding
-french kissing
-cake swapping

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | May 15, 2014 at 11:37 AM

However....Hernadez CHARGED with more murder.....I think you will have a hard time defending that.....

Just heard on Rush that oprah cameras had been at the homosexaul's house for two weeks and the kiss and crying were staged for a show.Also Jones has been sent to a reeducation camp per the Gay NFL and your Federal Government.

Posted by: phin4life | May 15, 2014 at 01:35 PM


Heard the same thing on my drive home....

Looks like the NFL is bought and paid for.....

Micheal Sam reality show to follow....After an appearance on Oprah...of course....

I have to admit....I thought something was FISHY when they had cameras @ a 7th rd picks house....

how many other 7th RDers made it on ESPN that day....

Mark, my point in that post wasn't to compare him to NFL's great's, chances are he won't be spoken in that category every again; it's to show that you don't need top speed to perform in the NFL.

I don't know Landry's intangibles, but from what it looks like the guy knows how to run a route, knows how to cut, is intelligent both with and without the football, and has good hands.

What more would you want in your slot receiver?

Take Welker for example:

Welker had a 4.65 40 time. He's 5'9" and 185lbs.
Jarvis had a 4.51-4.61 40 time compared to who's stopwatch you look at, it varies on each site I look at. He is 5'11" and 205lbs.

Welker is smart, has good hands, and is quick. What indications do we have that Landry can't fulfill a similar role as Welker did?

Yes, he had Manning and Brady throwing, two of the most intelligent QBs in history, but if our coaching staff (Bill Lazor specifically) can coach up Tannehill then Landy may not turn into Welker, but he will serve an equal purpose alongside Clay in the middle of the field.

Kris, I'd say they had cameras at his house because "if" he got drafted he was going to make history. If he hadn't come out before the draft no one would have been at his house.

I agree that the entire event was most likely staged, but even if Oprah weren't involved ESPN would have sent camera's to Michael Sam's house regardless. ESPN will now be credited/paid for years to come each time that footage is shown. If nothing else, they cashed in on the summer story (you know how many times they're going to, and already have, shown that shot on national TV....and ESPN's name is attached to the entire thing. Smart by ABC)

Dont understand the Landry bashing at all. You guys watch college football? I jumoed up out f my seat when hat pick was announced, spilled my beer all over the table. He was awesome for LSU. Every time LSU needed something they went to him not Beckham. It was a great pick.


I agree...but I believe the "rabbit hole" goes even deeper....

Just pray that Tannehill does not pull a "Keller" on Landry and throw a ball 2 yards behind him, causing a season ending knee injury.

The ONE thing I will say about Landry is this (because I don't watch College football...nd therefore am not qualified to say anything else about him).....

He BUST that dumb MYTH that Dashi was always talking about...That a "receiver has to be this height...and weigh this much...and PROTOTYPE this....and no SMALL receiver that".....

Thank you Coach Phibin for that....

I guess were @ %89.99999999 now....still not bad for a guy who started @ over %98.....

NEVER type another word....and PROTECT your you're AWSOMENESS.....

quit while you are ahead....


Md20, having an average or below average 40 time is ok if you are

big - Landry is not

have awesome lateral movement to suggest making ultra quick cuts - Landry does not (cone, shuttle)

having explosion to out jump and fight people for a pass - Landry does not (vertical, broad)

I've never seen measureables this bad. If he's going to be a good player he will certainly buck the trend.

I had compared him to Davone bess but even Bess had better #s...



I'm sure it does Kris. In the end, these stations are in business to get more viewers which leads to more $$$. They could care less if it's staged or not. Unfortunately, that's the reality-TV world we live in.

Michael Sam in his own right knew what he was doing. He will face backlash in the NFL and from some people, but the guy just went from possibly being an NFL camp casualty (if he never came out) to being set for the rest of his life.

Football contract + TV contract + Book contract + appearance fees + autograph fees + a cut in how many jersey's he's sold (most amongst rookies already) = set for life. He wasn't doing this to "come out" (yes, it probably played a part in it) but this was all calculated. And although I don't like or agree with what Oprah, ESPN, or Michael Sam did (boost themselves up), I have to admit that they were very smart.

and before Dashi thinks I was talking about him.....and gets all up in arms....


I used Dashi's name....

guess I was talking about him....

7th round pick matthews outproduced #2 round pick Robert Woods of Buffalo last year yet Philbin sees this as a throw away. Typical Philbin. Instead of fixing what is really bad, he harps on things that are not killing the team.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 01:44 PM


I actually think he's trying to fix the team on this one. Our offense was doing fairly well until Gibson went down last year and of course the o-line imploded.

I don't think theres any intention of cutting Gibson unless he can't get past his injury issues. They're very optimistic he'll be ready. You can argue it all you want but Matthews didn't play near as well as Gibson when he went out.

Landry is more depth for the unit behind Gibson and Hazel is probably more insurance on the practice squad.


Since you put it that way....I can't hate....

Still don't agree with it...but I don't hate it....

Why all the hate for Landry? IMO, forget the combine cone drills and look at the game tape. I see a guy who will FIGHT for a ball and runs crisp routes.
Bess comparisons seem off to me...more like a Hines Ward type receiver.

While discussing wr's, this team still doesn't have what can be considered a legit and proven #1 wr. Landry automatically becomes the best redzone wr on this team.

Look for Landry's best work to happen as redzone tds.
Same thought process in Drafting TE Arthur Lynch, this team needs more legit redzone/endzone receivers, period!

Lynch reminds me of Fasano, slow getting down field but a beast in the redzone. Not to mention Fasano was a fantastic inline blocker.


Landy's numbers don't jump out at you, but he can ultimately play the game of football. Numbers on paper don't tell the tale that is shown on tape. On paper the Jets should have been 3-13 and they ended up 7-9. If the coaches can utilize Landy's ability properly then he can be a very good slot receiver in the NFL.

I know the only thing we can go off of "now" is numbers, so it's easy to say Landry will be a 2nd round bust, but he looks like a better potential NFL football player on film then:

Beckham, Cooks, and Benjamin (as per youtube highlights....but seriously check them out for each receiver and let me know who's film jumps out at you - Watkins and Evans are definitely a tier above Landry and the other 3 mentioned)

Fede has "position flexibility"?

Tell me Sam, what positions you think he can play other than DE?

He's too small to play DT. He's not fast enough to play OLB. So you coming up with a new position in the 4-3 that only you know about?

Posted by: Giants stink | May 15, 2014 at 12:49 PM

He ran in the 4.7s on his forty.

I know he is just a 7th rd pick but he could be a productive player for us.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | May 15, 2014 at 01:15 PM

Exactly why I said he could also drop 10-15lbs and play the SAM(no pun intended) if Misi moves inside.

Posted by: SAM I AM | May 15, 2014 at 01:23 PM

I saw the breakdown Charles Davis gave this player given his connection to Marist Univ. This player lined up at DE and at SAM but up behind the DT in Pass Rush mode. His 4.71/40 is comparable to players like Mike Vrabel and Bryan Cox whom were very successful as OLB's in both the 3/4 and 4/3 respectively.

In 05 for example Shawn Merriman posted a 4.68/40 at 270 Pds and was drafted to play WOLB in a 3/4 scheme. This kid is a flex talent who maybe the pick that most intrigues me going into Camp out of the long shots. If he playes ST's he's an immediate threat to J.trusnik who ran a 4.78/40 by comparison at 250 Pds.

I know I am late to the party....

just now seeing the NFL top 100 (sort of).....

Brent Grimes @ #95.....I would have thought he would have been a bit higer on the list....like in the 60's @ least....to me its a slap in the face....

and CLAY ranked higher than GRIMES....WTF....I think Clay is in the right position....but Grimes got a raw deal for sure.....

Who's gonna pay $ to watch this crap team?

NH, I think the reasons are transparent as to why I hate the pick. He lacks NFL athleticism.

people can talk about being a football player rather than an athlete but WTF stops any one of us being able to play in the NFL then?

Because you have to be a minimum athlete to do so.

So if he makes it, eb proud, he will be a trailblazer for all future NFLers. We have our own Rudy here. The ultimate underdog.

He isn't a below average athelte trying to make some up with "superior NFL instincts" like for example the ILb drafted out of Alabama.

He's less athletic than Davone bess. let that sink in a 2nd.

Many guys look good and produce in college but something stops them from taking the next step where the guys are bigger, faster, stronger, have good football instincts.

This guy has a lot to make up for and as many brought up here. A lot of his catches in college were already in traffic. Thos windows will be even smaller next year.

This guy may give us something but as far as being a starter? I don;t think that has much shot at all unless we end up with a hartline/Bess sad sack combo later on down the line sometime.

Marino likes Manziel.....

All we can do now is hope he is wrong....

Marino sounds a bit more LUKE WARM on Tanne.....I fear he is right....

Does pick the best player available regardless of position stir any memories? Isn't that what Hickey was supposed to do?

I think he did that, now Armando is starting crap with the roster.

Oh well, news is slow.


Marino's comments....

Agreed Kris, Zonk, I will

One of my concerns heading into 2014 is the fact we'll have a rookie play caller on offense.
Lazor's emerging scheme looks wide open and very promising...one look of how well the Eagles played last year, especially Foles has me smiling.

...but neither Lazor or Philbin has called a game before in the NFL. Lazor called the offense at U of Virginia, but never in the bigs.

We have new weapons, a new scheme and a new play caller...could make for a nail bitter the first few games.

They better not cut Gibson. Before his injury he was one of the more reliable targets the Dolphins had.

Matthews keeps improving every year. Don't get the hate for this guy. Kinda reminds me of Clay, didn't get a ton of reps and wasn't producing a ton. Then he had a breakout season.

Team needs were identified more or less successfully (still don't know if Aikens is supposed to become the SS we have lacked for YEARS now) but talent evaluation continues to be a big question mark for the entire Dolphins organization.

It was exactly like an Ireland draft to the end. So either Hickey is Ireland's clone, or the same personnel working for Ireland is still making the WRONG talent evaluation now under Lackey (which sounds likely given that our new GM happens to behave like an opportunist underachiever who is happy to limit himself to execute whatever the older employees and Aponte say -as long as he gets to keep his chair- and who obviously lacks the experience, the self-confidence and the leadership needed to build his own talent evaluation team and deal with Ross to be able to bring it to Miami).

Let's take Turner as an example. He must become an OG for the Dolphins, yeah, but the truth is that he is as RAW as latter-round prospects come and not even close to play the position in the NLF (let's not even talk about STARTING) and probably won't be ready until 2015-2016 at the earliest. Which means that the OL is still... a work in progress (sigh).

Again. We should have picked a ready-to-start OG in the 2nd round and Bruce Ellington (a good catcher like Landry, but also a coveted vertical threat) in the third.

It can't even be argued. The FACT remains that both Trai Turner and Gabe Jackson (among many others) were available when the Dolphins picked at #63.

And the FACT remains that the 49ers drafted Ellington as soon as they had the chance early in the 4th round (no Hickey will ever be able to argue that such a perennial playoff contender franchise has a FAR better talent evaluation team than the Dolphins right now).

In the end, drafting Landry in the second round was a hell of a mistake and people should be losing their jobs over this mess right now, beginning with Lackey and the naive guy who hired this feeble excuse of a GM: Ross himself.

Kris, I agree Grimes is probably at least 20-30 spots too low.

I think Clay deserves it. The guy stepped up big for us last year. He is still only 25, the sky is the limit ! The guy was a top 7-8 tight end statistically last year and still has upside.

I think alot of folks are missing the point on the WRs. Either that or I am.

Wallace and Hartline are 1 and 2 on the depth chart. Wallace has his critics but the Fins are stuck with him this season like it or not. I honestly don't think they have a huge issue with him although I doubt he gets another contract with them.

Gibson is #3 and Landry and Matthews will battle for #4. We will see if / or how far Landry moves up the depth chart.

The Fins would like to use all 4 in a rotation depending on the formation and of course 3 and 4 on the field at times.

Knowing the rotation and the formations and where your supposed to be, and the proper read is critical to the offense.

So if you have 4 in your base offense even if their not always on the field, having good depth is a high priority. Thus the high selection of Landry.

Regardless, it's not jsut his speed. It's his size, vertical, broad, cone, shuttle.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 01:30 PM

Here is the thing though Mark, the ball was poorly placed many times between him and a guy that had all those attributes that you mention (SEC talent). And guess what? More times than not, Landry extends and makes the spectacular catch!

He is a football player over raw athlete. That is something that I'm glad Hickey gets because I don't think Ireland did, and it ultimately cost him his job.

NH, I think the reasons are transparent as to why I hate the pick. He lacks NFL athleticism.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 02:33 PM

Like I tell you guys all the time, Mark In Toronto is borderline nut case at least. Every year he has a prolonged tantrum about players he feel should not be drafted NFL perion.

Huh, well, have Nut Case In Toronto explain why Fred Bilitnikoff and Steve Largent would never have been drafted by him as a gm. Both were slow, and combined, you would find they didn't share an athletic bone in their entire bodies between the both of him.

Nut Case In Toronto, please explain how both are now:



Here, here Hydrashock...

Why anyone is gushing over this draft when we picked (not exagerating here - and according to CBS) the 6th best OT in the first and the 12th best WR in the 2nd is beyond me....

So if he makes it he will be a trailblazer for all future NFLers. We have our own Rudy here. The ultimate underdog.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 02:33 PM

I think that's stretching it. We're looking at stats of this guy while he was nursing an injury, and all-the-while completely negating any of the in-game film.

Line him up opposite Clay and see how defenses cover them. Opens up space for RBs if the LBs have to cover Landry and Clay. Also gives us 2 legitimate targets in short-medium routes and over the middle.

I look at Landry as an improved Brandon Gibson. I'm not asking him to be Andre Johnson, an improved Brandon Gibson to line up along Tannehill's security blanket (which is why Hartline stays on this team, the guy makes catches and bails QBs out on the sidelines) and alongside Wallace and that will be fine with me.

WR isn't our team's problem, it's LB and still our OL (I wouldn't even say RB, with Moreno taking over for Thomas we now have someone that can block and run, and we have the speed back in Miller)

With the addition of Arthur Lynch and a hopefully improving Dion Sims, does anyone else here think Clay sees more time at FB?
I know he produced a lot at TE but I think he could be just as effective at FB in run sets with Lynch and Sims at TE. Just a thought.

Fred Biletnikoff and Steve Largent?

You think any of us are old enough to remember these guys coming into the game, you crazy old coot?

Why don't you just bring up the slow leather helmet wearing guy from Notre Dame in 1955 who showed everyone wrong?

Why don't you bring up the guys that I thought should've been picked by Miami last year?

Lane Johnson at 4
Sheldon Richardson at 12 (NFL def rookie of the year)
Jamie Collins in the 2nd with no trade up
Terron Armsted who is now the starting LT for the Saints?
Brian Schwenke in the 3rd who is now the starting C for the Titans?

Surely beats our draft class last year, don't it?

Md20, his pro day #s were poor also

It was a lousy draft but hey its Hickey's 1st.


Play the crappy free agents that Hickey signed or he can play the crappy rookies that Hickey drafted or he can play last year's starters.

I've said it before - it appears that Hickey screwed philbin on poirpose.


If Hickey had drafted a 6'6 250lb receiver with a 40" vertical and a 4.2 forty who was born with no hands, would you want us to draft him?

Let's assume he is very adept at catching with his nubs. ;)

Didn't Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, and Dallas Thomas have good measurables???

Was it worse than Ireland's drafts? Mmmm not sure.

When will the home playoff tickets go on sale ?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 15, 2014 at 02:46 PM

1) that's why the guy works for CBS and doesn't hold an NFL position

2) we drafted the 6th best OL because the top 4 were already taken, and #5 is probably Moses. 32 teams passed on Moses (twice) because of his injury.

3) we drafted the 12th best receiver because the top 10 were picked before him.....

I like the pick of Landry much more than our previous WR drafts (Cunningham, Turner, Gates, Ginn). Those guys were athletes, not football players. Look where Gates and Ginn are now compared to where they should have been.

Is Brock Jensen the starting QB yet?

Because of their position, the 6 and 7 pick are already cut,then why not select players in another position where there they have a better chance to upgrade the team?

Clueless draft, the 1st round starts because the position was totally open (like the GM position was when we had to settle in hickey). The 2nd round pick? His game availability will depend on his ST play..nice, if that is the case, he is screww with his height and speed

These and many other mistakes by hickey. Horrible

catching a ball with your nubs is a stomach ache waiting to happen

Dallas Thomas was broken so have no idea what his measureables were.

Jordan and Taylor were very good.

Jordan also made way more big plays per snap received than any other player on defense.

Taylor played maybe five snaps ... see what he does this year.

At least we desperately needed a RT with good character and James is ready to start from day one.

But Landry in the second round? are you serious???

He is not a bad possession WR prospect, but we already have 2 of those on Gibson and Hartline and STILL no vertical threat WR to complement Wallace and put some hot sauce in the slot.

The only new and valuable thing he brings to the team is some nice blocking abilities. But the truth remains that we could have picked him (or a similar possession/blocking WR prospect) in the 3rd-5th rounds of a deep WR class.

And we lost our chance on a starting OG to reach for the guy...

Kris, Grimes is in the 90s and Clay just about in the 90s because Miami has no national recognition anymore.

Friends of mine compare the Dolphins franchise to the Jests, Browns, and Cardinals. They all think we're permanently a mediocre franchise.

It's because we don't have a QB. We have a team (minus OL and LB) but we don't have a QB (yet?).

I predict Wake and Pouncey are the only other Dolphins on that list.

Actually, I'm surprised Clay even made the list. He deserves it, but who in the NFL respects the Dolphins and Clay enough to throw him in the top 100 players in the ENTIRE NFL

WEll Woodshed, there were two WRS who fit your profile except they have hands who were on the board when Miami picked in Donte Moncrief (Indy) and Martavis Bryant (pitt). Let's see what they do compared to Rudy.

catching a ball with your nubs is a stomach ache waiting to happen
Posted by: Rdubs | May 15, 2014 at 02:58 PM


At least the "first guy with nubs drafted in the nfl" media circus would be better recieved.

As long as we don't have see video of his love life.

Md@0, comsidering we have had 20 years of mediocrity making our draft picks, I applaud your dedication.

Me, I'm extremely skeptical.

This draft I expect to resemble 2010 when we picked Odrick and Misi and a hatful of Pro Bowlers went in slots we could've picked one up at at least.

We will see who's right.

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