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The draft picks and their roster consequences

The NFL draft is one week old today and, personally, I'm still digesting all the meat it served up. As you know, no team draft's in a vacuum. There are reasons teams pick certain players and certain positions. Like elections, drafts have consequences.

Today we study those possible consequences.

We look at each pick and follow the intended fallout to see what it means, not only for the position but for other players who were already on the roster.

First round -- RT Ja'Wuan James.

Consquence: This one is easy because it practically guarantees that Miami will get back on track in putting its first-round pick in the starting lineup from the jump. The Dolphins took a detour from that last year with Dion Jordan, but prior to that, six consecutive first-round picks dating back to 2007 had been starters on Day One. James is Miami's starting right tackle on Day One and so we can get past the idea that often-injured Jason Fox will be Miami's starting right tackle. Sure, there will be a competition. That's the right way to do it. But, um, James will win the competition. And if he does not, something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Second round -- WR Jarvis Landry

Consequence: Landry is immediately an option as a slot receiver but he will have to play special teams like the dickens to be active on game days. Here is the reason for the uninitiated: The first three WRs -- Brandon Gibson, Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace -- get their reps on offense. None play special teams. The fourth active WR has to play special teams. Period. This pick suggests the Dolphins will keep five instead of four wide receivers on the roster. Last year Miami kept only four coming out of camp. Or, failing that, one of last year's four -- Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Rishard Matthews -- is gone. Well, yes, one of the last year's four is gone. As I've explained to you previously, Matthews' days with the Dolphins are numbered. Despite his career high 41 catches for 448 yards and two touchdowns a season ago, Matthews is not a favorite of the coaching staff, particularly head coach Joe Philbin. My column explains why. Because Landry is a second round pick, he is almost guaranteed of making the team. So that means veterans such as Armon Binns, Kevin Cone, and Damien Williams are already at a numbers-game disadvantage -- again, unless the club goes with five receivers on the roster instead of four.

Third round -- G Billy Turner

Consequence: The Dolphins have been undecided about which side (left guard or right guard) Shelley Smith will play. The Dolphins have been undecided about which position (guard or tackle) Dallas Thomas will play. Well, Turner not only looks like a guard to me but feels like a left guard. The fact he's a rookie also suggests sandwiching him between veterans Branden Albert (LT) and Mike Pouncey (C) might be a better idea than putting him next to fellow rookie Ja'Wuan James. But here's the ripple effects of that: Dallas Thomas now becomes more valuable to the Dolphis as a right tackle because he can compete with Jason Fox for the backup role. Or he becomes valuable as a swing G/T. If he's the backup RT, Fox suddenly becomes expendable. If he's the swing G/T, that suddenly puts Nate Garner's roster chances on the line, pardon the pun. Turner on the roster means David Arkin, Thomas, Fox, and Garner are in a scramble for a roster spot.

[Peanut gallery: But Mando, you didn't mention Sam Brenner ... Isn't his spot on the line as well?]

Thanks for bringing that up, gallery. In fact, the Dolphins are viewing Brenner as a C/G option. And because center is a big part of that option, perhaps the biggest part, he becomes valuable because Mike Pouncey still faces NFL sanctions for his participation in last year's harassment scandal. If Pouncey misses time, Brenner is likely the starting center.

Fourth round -- CB Walt Aikens

Consequence: The Dolphins committed two early draft picks to the CB position a year ago when they drafted Jamar Taylor in the second round and Will Davis in the third round. The fact they felt a need to go cornerback so high speaks highly of what they think of Aikens but also suggests they are hedging their bet on either Taylor or Davis -- particularly after they signed Cortland Finnegan in free agency. By the way, Don Jones had an awful draft. Not only did he get caught up in the Michael Sam issue, but if Aikens is a good special teams player he threatens Jones's roster spot. Veteran Jalil Brown also cannot be thrilled.

Fifth round -- TE Arthur Lynch

Consequence: This one really, really interests me. At first I viewed Lynch as another Jeron Mastrud -- a role player whose role is an in-line blocking TE grunt. But the more I talk to people about Lynch, the more I hear he's an underrated pass catching threat as well. No, he's not fast. He's not been dynamic in college. But he's got possibilities. And that should worry a number of guys on the roster. Charles Clay is not one of those. He's just been picked as one of the NFL's Top 100 players by a voting of his peers. (The vote means nothing other than it shows respect for Clay but at the point he's ranked ahead of Dallas TE Jason Witten, the vote loses credibility). Anyway, Lynch's addition should worry Michael Egnew. This kid has basically been on scholarship for two years because he was a third-round pick in 2012. But that was a different GM and a different coach, in that that Philbin could afford to carry some dead weight on the roster his first couple of years but he's coaching for his life now. His job is on the line in 2013. I don't see another scholarship year for Egnew. This pick also suggests the team is not as enamored with Dion Sims, a fourth-round pick last year, as it seemed. Again, Sims was picked by a different GM and, it must be noted, is pretty much supposed to be the same kind of block-first TE that Lynch is. Meanwhile, if I'm Kyle Miller, I see the writing on the wall. Lynch does not close the door on Jermichael Finley (I don't see that) or a return for Dustin Keller (his reps say he's healthy although he's not ready yet) but I can see only a crack of light through that opening.

Fifth round -- LB Jordan Tripp

Consequence: People who live in the clouds will tell you this means Phillip Wheeler is out because Tripp is going to start at Middle linebacker or weakside linebacker, allowing the Dolphins to move on. Well, Wheeler may indeed be out after 2014 but not necessarily because of Tripp. It would have to do with Wheeler's performance. No, this picks should be ringing in the ears of players such as Jonathan Freeny, Jelani Jenkins, and perhaps even Jason Trusnik. This pick is immediately about special teams. And that is primarily where Freeny, Jenkins and Trusnik make their bones. Trusnik, you should know, is a fine special teams player. But he's going into his eighth season and he's scheduled to cost $1,071,688 on the salary cap. He gets cut, the Dolphins save $855,000.

Sixth round --WR Matt Hazel

Consequence: Unless Hazel is an epiphany that shines suddenly and violently out of pitch darkness, he will have a hard time making this team's 53-man roster because for all his gifts -- he's long and relatively fast -- he simply is not ready to beat out the top 4-5 guys right now. Maybe he gets the rookie scholarship and makes it just because he was drafted. That wouldn't say a lot for Williams and Cone. At worst, Hazel is a practice squad possibility.

Seventh round -- DE Terrence Fede

Consequence: The Dolphins seemed to have more defensive ends than they knew what to do with last year. With Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby around, there were hardly enough snaps to go around for then-rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan. So how does Fede fit? Who does he beat out? None of them. I suppose he's insurance in case of injury. I suppose he is practice squad material.


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Sean Smith with the Raiders? I haven't seen this anywhere...

AS far as this year's draft I liked Jordan Tripp, Billy Turner, and Juwaun James

But thing is there were much better players than Turner and James available in the 1st, 2nd and third rounds but Hickey mucked it all up crapping his pants about getting a RT and trading about to get one measly 5th round pick.

COuld've netted a lot better in the first three rounds.

And don't get me started on Landry again... it's the first day of the work week for me and I'm still in a good mood.

They're are talking, seriously talking according to Home's peeps

Home believes obviously J. James was a reach and def not a good value
J.James prob would have been there in the mid 2nd round and w lil effort the Dolphins could have drafted this meh pick of a RT
Not many were interested in esp at the lofty level the Dolphins Brainstem GM Hickey reached
Also plenty of options in the 2nd and even 3rd
some that will surely be better than the Dolphins pick @ #19

Prior from seeing w own eyes, live, in person
. . . Home believes Turner will not be a starter at this level since he is used to blocking glorified high school players and not elite NFL defensive lineman

bad pick

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 20, 2014 at 09:17 AM

That's why Ireland is gone. He did not deal with the OL and therefore the Dolphins were vulnerable. Moreover I did not like the Landry pick. The Dolphins needed more speed because other that Wallace they do not have a lot. However I'm going to wait and pray that it works out as a Dolphin fan.

As far as Jordan Tripp

Home sees a poor man's Austin Spitler

nother ST's player

bad pick

I agree with that 100% Home.

KC, Baltimore, Carolina and others really needed a RT as bad as Miami. However all of them went in another direction.

And it speaks volumes that the most wanted commodity right after Miami was Brandin Cooks who was wanted by NO (who traded up), KC, Carolina, and Philly.

If Miami wanted James bad enough, they could've traded up from their 2nd pick using their 3rd as leverage. And like you said if someone picked James there were several others who were close enough to James.

James will be ok. he will be Vernon Carey... but we all know what drafting meh players in the first gets this organization...it's overkill ... just like it was overkill to draft Pouncey where they did... especially considering teh enxt two picks were Nate Solder and Ryan Kerrigan who are elite at positions that are more valuable than center where the rest of the league uses and average of a 4th round pick to fill out the position.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Same old Dolphins.

Dolphins have enuf speed w Wallace and Hartline

Two WR's that Tannehill cannot hit deep and time their speed w a decent long lead pass

Landry is a football player

U all hyped about speed and poor football skills
then resign Clyde Gates. lol

Tripp has the goods Home... it will take him a year or so but you'll see. Same as Turner. Unfair for this team to expect him to be a day one starter though.

If they wanted a dayone starter, they should've stayed at 50 and picked Gabe Jackson.

Expecting a guy to come up from East Debuke St and be a day one starter in the NFL is asking too much.

Great, he's a football player. They drafted the enxt Ricky Proehl with the 2nd pick in a crazy deep draft... stinkers....

Selecting the 6th best OT and 12th best WR with their first two picks...

Hartline is a 4.5 guy


Wallace is a 4.33

Gibson was a 4.59, yet very effective football player, routed runner, sure hands guy prior to injury

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 20, 2014 at 09:43 AM


I think your delusional if you think the Dolphins have enough speed or quickness at the WR spot. They do not and moreover acceleration after the break is the most important factor in evaluating WR speed.

Not expecting a day one starter

Problem is
This early in the game
Home does not see them as a year 3 starter either and prolly never be an NFL starter


If u love this game (Americian Football)

How how on God's green earth
Can u not like Landry !

U will be removing ur foot from mouth for many years on ur poor evaluation of this rugged, great hands WR for the Miami Dolphins

Dolphins have have a good combo of receivers speed, route running, separation and hands

Best group of receivers in a decade or more

Tannehill connecting deep is our main problem

Believe an accurate QB would have had 32 TDs and 4500 YDs last season w the Miami Dolphins instead of the worst deep ball QB of all starting QB's in the 2012 NFL

^2012 & 2013 ^

"awful" Tannehill connecting deep w Hartline & Wallace

I hope you're right Home... but the #s are not in Landry's favor.

And it's not just the speed.

All the other athletic indicators are poor.

Boldin is slow but super strong and big. Landry is not.

Welker is slow but has super crazy lateral speed and agility. landry does not.

Landry does have strong hands but I think he will be too easy to cover.

Landry has all the earmarks of a great college player who doesn't have enough to make it at the next level. If he succeeds, he will be an exception to the rule and I don't like betting on exceptions.

Egnew has 4.6 speed

Good for a receiver - TE

How's that working out ?

Egnew has 69 total yds going into his 3rd season

Being a football player w good speed is better than great combine numbers and speed in your underwear
NOT being a play maker/football player

Landry will fine
Very Tough, very tough indeed

Def will succeed w the Miami Dolphins
Expensive Gimpy Gibson will now be cut

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 20, 2014 at 09:57 AM

The bottom line on Landry and more correctly stated is that he does not have acceleration after the break or cut. Welker has decent speed but his acceleration or ability to gain speed quickly is faster than most in the NFL even in his 30's. That's why he can create separation.

Promichael, yes, that would be the way his poor agility scores would translate in the NFL..

There's a reason they do those tests and that's why WRs, CBs, and LBs most often score very well in them.

Home, there are several players who have great "combine" scores and never did a lick in the NFL.

But there are a lot fewer players that succeed in the NFL and do not have at least one physical trait or a combination of physical traits that are very strong.

This is the part that concerns me.

Hickey made this pick exclusively off game film against college players and completely ignored the test results - both combine and pro day. This is a dangerous strategy.

Home, ok, you brought up Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin... ok, let's compare them to Jarvis Landry and the NFL average for WRS drafted in the last five years...


Boldin 216 lbs
Smith 184
Landry 205
NFL Average 202

40 Time

Boldin 4.72
Smith 4.41
Landry 4.77 (4.61 pro day)
NFL Average 4.47

Boldin N/A
Smith N/A
Landry 12
NFL Average 14

Boldin 7.35
Smith 7.44
Landry 7.59
NFL Average 6.90

Boldin 4.33
Smith 4.25
Landry 4.59
NFL Average 4.24

Boldin 33.5
Smith 38.5
Landry 28.5
NFL Average 36

Boldin 9 6in
Smith 10 1in
Landry 9 2in
NFL Average 9 7in

As you can see, Landry has above average size but the rest of his physical traits trail the NFL average significantly. The long speed is bad, the agility shown in the cone and shuttle are bad, and the explosion measured by the Vertical and Broad are also bad.

Boldin is a monster sized WR that even as a college grad was 14lbs above the average. That is his claim to fame. he has slightly below average agility and explosion but he knows how to use his strength and size.

Smith is small but as you can see has very good long speed and very good explosiveness and this translates into his game tape and he makes his living on the longer routes almost always making big play after big play.

I don't know if this means anything to you but I don't see any physical traits of any sort that gives Jarvis Landry and sort of edge.

he may have intangibles and football smarts that are better than anyone else's ... we will have to see how it turns out.

Mark in Toronto...

Do you work?? Or just spend all day on this page with your opinions on the Dolphins...


Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 20, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Dude I hope Landry works out as a fan but I agree with Mark from Toronto on this one. He does not accelerate fast enough out of the break to create the separation needed in the NFL. The quick DB's may blanket him but we will see what happens; projecting is not an exact science.

So WR Landry is tough and 21 lbs heavier/stronger than Steve Smith coming into the NFL & has great fight & hands

So if Landry is 85% as good as these players and will get fast/stronger = WOW

Landry is a great pick!

Time will tell but I do agree with Mark. Hickey passed on much better prospects. I sat there though the whole draft and watched other teams pick off good players while Hickey was what?
And if they were going to draft a WR, why not try for something we're missing? A big WR who will go up and fight for the ball. Or a fast WR who just might replace Wallace.


I came here to get trade rumors or who Miami might be trying to add to their roster..

Instead read about guys who honestly think in their brain that they are on the Dolphin's staff evaulating players.. Ridiculous.. Let the kids get to camp and perform on the field.. WHO CARES what his cone speed was compared to other players. Let the kid play the game...

If you you all think you know so much about players and how they will turn out then apply for a scouting position with the FINS.

Landry is a playmaker plain and simple


This is just another reason why the Dolphooons
should have drafted the better Texas A&M QB John Manz

Dolphins would have had MANZ LOCKED UP @ 2 MILLION A YR FOR 4 YRS

Plenty of money to then sign elite FA
Do not sign Tannehill in 2015-2016 for 100 million dollars


Home 4 GM & Capalogist

Big fan of mine at 10:24. i earn a nice income that puts a brand new roof over me, my wife, and my unborn child which will arrive in the next two weeks. Thanks for asking.

I believe most of you are fair weathered nba fans , white people are generally not fans of the nba

Browns expecting to steal Fan Fav Franchise QB John Manz
for only 8.25 Million for 4 yrs !!!

Home 4 GM & Capalogist

Congrats Mark on the new baby

Wishing U & UR Fam


I have loved my teams since the early 1970s I have never ever changed the Yankees,dolphins rangers I could care less about the nba

Congrats mark from Toronto best of luck

I agree Joe. the team could've had Brandin Cooks (natural replacement for Wallace who they will get rid of as soon as they can) Devonte Adams or Allen Robinson at 50 or Donte Moncrief in the 3rd ... all of whom add an element severly lacking from our WRs corps.

I'm with MIT, this draft was a dissappointment. The OLine will be improved, but nothing else. 2 huge needs, power RB and MLB, were not addressed. And these small college players won't do squat this coming season except for special team, except maybe Turner who has to learn G at an NFL level!
So who's going to fill in for Delmas when he goes down (please don't get me laughing with Don Jones comments). What about when Finnegan can't play? Are Taylor and Davis going to step forward.
The defense will take a step backward this season. Offense, a little better at best.

A safety is a slow corner

Pryor is Shirley
turning heads at JETS camp

Excellent draft at S for the JETS

Home had Kuechly for us at 12.5 Million total for 4 yrs!

Home had Manz for us at 8 Million total for 4 yrs

Home 4 GM = Franchise QB and Franchise MLB for a total of less than 19 Million in total for 4 YEARS !!!

Home 4 GM & Capologist

Ellerbee has a 35 million dollar contract

Wheeler has a 26 million contract

that's 61 Million for meh LBs for 5 yrs

Home 4 GM

Tannehill looking for a 100 million dollar contract next season

Home says no F!@#ing way!

Home 4 GM & Capalogist

MassD, yeah, I do think they improved the o line but I would've thought that would be a given and I expected them to get most of that work done earlier so they coudl let the draft board come to them a bit more and shore up other areas on the team.

End result, we have the oline with the heaviest draft investment in the NFL and I seriously doubt it will be among the league's best.

I guess my one word description for Hickey and this offseason is inefficient. They left a lot of talent on the table this offseason.


Lockeroom what's next?

Home, you can relax. tannehill's extension is still two years away....maybe three.

I'm one of those that beleive in him and I even think it's way to early to be thinking about that. he has to worry about cementing himself as something better than a 17th or 18th best Qb in the NFL first.

FF, some players may be asking for private shower stalls soon...

The Tannehill experiment is over as far as I'm concerned. The jury is out. Tannehill is not a starter. The only question is when do the Dolphins admit it and get a better QB.

Lauren Tannehill will be looking for her 100 million dollar contract be the end of this season or next season

Should have drafted John Manz for 8 million in total - 4yrs

Should have drafted John Manz for 8 million in total - 4yrs

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 20, 2014 at 11:08 AM

Agree totally. Ridiculous to pass on him.

Prior the regular season Tannehill will be 26 yrs old


Matt Moore will be 30 yrs old

Neither QB is elite or a franchise QB

Manziel is only 21 yrs old

and will be 21 yrs old all season til DEc 6th - 22 yrs old

Manz for 8 million for 4 yrs
a possible starting fat RT w no eyebrows scared of a wooden hand saw?

Manziel > Andrew Luck

Home 4 Miami Dolphins GM = Papale 4 The Eagles

Go Dolphins!

still need
a qb

Home 4 GM & Capologist

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | May 20, 2014 at 10:47 AM

GM - Ghey Moron
Home is a CRapologist.

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2014 at 11:19 AM

still need
a qb

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Evidently Philbin hasnt gotten the message.

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